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Black Money Scam

How the scam works:

(with video below) This might look as if it is taken from a mafia movie, but it happens around the world on a regular basis. After developing a quick friendship, the scammer shows the victim a car trunk full of millions of dollars in banknotes. "All the banknotes are painted with a black coat so that the money was able to pass through customs undetected", the scammer says. Sometimes white paint is used instead of black. The problem now is the removal of the paint. The only substance that will remove the coat while keeping the notes intact is very expensive.

Watch the video below to see in action the Black Money scam exposed on WCPO:

Black Money Scam Video

They suggest you give them cash for the remover – which has to be several bottles since there are a lot of banknotes, and they'll give you a percentage of the entire amount of banknotes. To be more convincing, they might have a “sample” of the remover in a mini bottle.

In front of you, they will pull one of the bills and use the magic substance. A real banknote will reveal, nice and clean! You decide to take the risk and, knowing that you will receive $8,000, you pay them $1,000 to buy the chemical from one of their “connections”.

To show they are fair, they take you with them when buying the substance (meeting with the seller in a different parking lot). After several bottles have been purchased, the crook gives you a couple along with your “part of the deal”, from the trunk.

Excited, you go home but as soon as you start washing the notes, you realize it's all just junk paper. The scammer had only a few bills painted when they showed you how it works, while the secret chemical is nothing else than colored water.

How to avoid:

There is no such thing as painted money recovery, so really if you get caught, it’s your own fault. But to be kind, can we say, yet again, never strike a deal in a parking lot? The image provided for this page features real props used to pull the scam, captured by the police.

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