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Moving Furniture and Shipment

How the scam works:

(with video below) If you are looking to move all your belongings to a different city or state, use only reputable companies that have good reviews. Do not fall for the lower prices that some online ads will offer from obscure companies you have never heard of. If you do, this is what might happen (it happens more often than you think):

The moving company gives you a quote of, say $2,600. The movers come, have you sign the contract, pick up your things and depart. Upon arrival at your new destination, they tell you that you have more possessions than expected and the charge is now $4,300. If you refuse to pay, they threaten to drive away and drop your belongings at the first donation center – and they are not kidding. They justify the new price by saying the shipment has “extra cubic feet”.

What’s perhaps even worse is that they could tell you about the “extra cubic feet” as soon as they upload all your belongings in their trucks. “Sorry, it’s going to cost you $4,300”. When you try to call their bluff with “I don’t need it anymore and to just unload it”, they will say the charge for uploading is $1,900, so you are left with no other choice. Basically, you are caught, as the “uploading fee” is mentioned in the fine print of the contract you signed the second they came to your house.

Watch the video below three variations of the Moving Scam, as covered in the news.

Moving Scam in the News Video

How to avoid:

Hire only companies whose reputation can be checked beforehand. Internet forums are great for this. When it comes to shipping, try to use only reputable services. Use social media to ask your friends (on Facebook or Twitter) who they used or if they have any recommendations.

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