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Mirror iPad/Laptop Scam

How the scam works:

(with video below) You're filling your gas tank and you're thinking of what you'll be doing next today. While you're finishing up, another customer passing by you politely says hi. You respond, so there is a quick chit-chat going on. After referring to the gas price, he shows you a brand new shiny laptop that he has for sale.

Watch the video below to see in action the Mirror iPad/Laptop Scam exposed on NBC5 or read further.

Mirror iPad/Laptop Scam Video

You're still not very interested in the offer, but he continues. "I ordered for my company eight of them and they sent me and charged me for 10. I have them in my trunk. I would sell you one of the two extra ones for the face value, $400, instead of sending them back".

The laptop trully looks good and the price seems right. "Here, he says, they are all sealed, in mint condition", while he opens his car trunk. Indeed, the trunk has a bunch of FedEx boxes wrapped in protective plastic, as they were just being shipped.

This happened to a couple of victims in Arlington and Charlotte, US, who both paid scammers a couple of hundred dollars after negotiations that made them feel victorious about their glorious discount. As soon as they paid, the crooks took off, leaving them opening the box and finding a mirror with the silver back that resembled an iPad (in the first case) and a cord and two clipboards wrapped in a bubble wrap (in the second case).

The scammers parked their cars outside the video surveillance area, as well as made sure were leaving in the opposite way from the victims, so they wouldn't see the license plate.

How to avoid:

Never buy things in a parking lot or outside of a gas station. Period.   

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