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Kid Panhandling

How the scam works:

We’ve all heard and seen fake moms begging on street corners for cash to buy food for their imaginary children. The reverse is when a 10-year old kid approaches you on a sidewalk or, more often, in a mall.

You are walking with your girlfriend or boyfriend and a child pulls your sleeve. “Sorry, could you please help me? It is my parents’ anniversary on Monday and I would like to buy them a gift. I have only  $7 so far and I think I could really make them a nice surprise if I had a few more dollars. If you have a couple that you could share it would be great…if not, that’s okay…Thank you!”

Your partner might pull an “Awww…” and that’s when you stick your hand into your pocket or purse and give them your change…thinking it’s for a good cause.

How to avoid:

Cute, but don't support panhadlers. It’s a difficult one because it’s just a little kid – so just think of the damage you’re doing to their character and harden your heart.

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