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Glass Eye Drop Scam

How the scam works:

The Glass Eye scam is a confidence trick. It is a variation of the Antique Resale one, as it requires several con men working together against the mark. How does it work?

The first criminal walks into a store and pretends he has lost his glim. Everyone looks around, but the eye cannot be found. Desperate, he informs the workers that he will pay $500 (or any other amount) as reward for the return of his eye. He leaves his contact information and off he goes.

The next day, the second criminals enters the store and 'luckily' finds the eye! The clerk, thinking of the big reward, offers to take it and says he will return it to its owner. The finder insists he will return it himself, and demands the owner’s address. Eventually a scene is being caused. Thinking he will lose all chance of the reward, the storekeeper offers a hundred dollars for the eye. The finder bargains him up to $200, and departs. The one-eyed man, of course, cannot be found and does not return.

How to avoid:

Call their bluff. Let the 'finder' deliver the eye himself. At the end of the day, it's all about people helping good people. Or is it?

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