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Fake Waitress

How The Scam Works:

(with demonstration video) You're out at a bar with a group of friends. You have your drinks on the table and a tab open; you are ready for the best night ever.

Just as your evening is starting up, a waitress comes up to your group and says that there has been tab mix-up with one of the tables from the other side of the bar. No big deal, but she needs your name and some proof to sort out the issue. How does the scam work here?


Watch How The Scam Works:

Watch the video below to see in action the Fake Waitress Scam pulled perfectly:

Fake Waitress Scam Video

You provide the waitress above-mentioned your name (or the name the tab belongs to) and go on with your night. Two hours later, when you pick up your tab, you are charged with a bunch of very expensive drinks that you never ordered. What happened?

You were made a victim of the Fake Waitress Scam. This is pulled typically by somebody who pretends to be an employee (dressed and acting accordingly) and asks to verify a large party's tab. After getting the name of the tab, they go to the bar and order drinks on group's behalf.

They even return to the table to say that the problem's been sorted out, and then leave with their free drinks.

How To Avoid:

Do not trust any identification with a stranger, even if they look to be employees. If someone says there might be a mix-up with your tab, check it out yourself.

On the other hand, here are 7 bartending scams you could also be a victim of.


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