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Edmonton Drivers Alert: Teenager Jumping Into Vehicles For Compensation Claims On 137 Ave


Compensation Claim Scam: Edmonton Parking Lot Injury

A new parking lot scam is happening these days in Edmonton.

Beware of a young male, around 17 years of age, running into cars on the North side of the city, feigning injuries and demanding cash from naive drivers. He is tall, skinny and of Afro-American descent.

A couple of victims/witnesses contacted Scam Detector to report the teenager today. The suspect is targeting vehicles that are either moving within parking lots situated by 137 Ave (Superstore area) or turn right onto the same avenue as they come out from those busy areas.


The Scammer Hides Into Drivers' Blind Spots

The teenager makes sure the cars are not moving fast, so he is not really injured. However, he is placing himself in the blind spots of the drivers, so the impact cannot be easily prevented.

"I was coming out of the Part Source parking lot on 129 st and turning right onto 137 Ave", says Brandy Albulescu, the first person who contacted us.


"As I was paying attention to my left side making sure no cars are coming, I heard an impact on the right side. This guy hit my car with both his hands. I freaked out. I got out of the car in a second and asked if he was okay. After he mumbled some pain words and saw me scared, he asked if I have $100. I said no, and then he mentioned his arms are very sore. I suggested we go to the hospital right away, but he refused. After a minute of debates, he asked me for cash again. Initially, I felt like I really hit him, but at this point, I wasn't so sure anymore. What do you do in this case? With an accusatory look, he asked me again about the money. I gave him $60 and off we went."

"When I went back into the car my young son, who was in the back seat, told me that the teenager literally threw himself into the vehicle. However, because I jumped out of the car so fast he didn't have the chance to inform me, while probably not even comprehending that this could be a scam. I am sure the teenager didn't notice my son in the back, otherwise would not have been so confident", adds Albulescu.


The second scenario of this compensation claim scam is narrated by Vali Ruse, resident in the same area. "I saw him in the parking lot at Superstore hiding behind a car.  I thought it was weird in the beginning, but as I stopped to watch what he does, I saw him throwing himself at a Porsche Cayenne. The driver didn't stop, whether he noticed or not. Maybe the kid is known in the neighbourhood."

If anyone else in Edmonton has witnessed this scam, please share your experience in the Comments section below (or send us an email to: info at scam-detector dot com for any other YEG scams).

People jumping in front of cars for cash is not something unusual, many scammers trying to get money not only from the drivers but from insurance claims as well. However, with the increase of the dashcams use the number of failed claims has also grown.

To end this article on a lighter note, watch the video below to see a funny compilation of failed insurance claims caught on camera:

Insurance Fraud Fail Compilation Video


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