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Cutlery Presentation

How the scam works:

It has been reported that this scam is growing rapidly, especially in the United States. The crooks organize beautiful neighborhood presentations, advertising great cooking systems and high end cutlery. They really are, but only the ones displayed at the presentation, not the ones delivered.

Once the victims order a set of 8 knives for $250, for example, they receive poor quality knives, and most likely not even 8.

The hook in this scam is represented by the great presentation – advertised on the community boards – and a contract that the buyer has to sign once they are convinced of the amazing properties of the product. Refunds are very hard to get, as the scammers have moved to the next neighborhood.

How to avoid:

Presentations are fine if they are given by a reputable store in your area. If you get an invitation to a “traveling presentation”, make a couple of phone calls to your friends in town or search on the Internet by typing “Cutlery Presentation Scam”.

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