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Credit Card Use at Till

How the scam works:

You are a cashier in a store and sell something expensive to a new customer. He pays by credit card and - as the law requires - you check his ID to see if he is the owner of the card.

He admits the card is not his, but his best friend’s, who is in a wheelchair at home –he is just doing the shopping for him. To clarify the situation, the customer will ask you to call the owner to have his permission to charge the card. You call the number and his crook partner answers, expecting the call. He will confirm he is the “handicapped friend” and will give you the green light to do the transaction.

This is actually a stolen card and your store will later be penalized for having put through a transaction on it, which could cost you your job.

How to avoid:

Never charge a card whose owner is not there to sign it. It’s the law.

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