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Carpet Measuring

How the scam works:

You call a professional to give you a quote for your carpet installation. He starts measuring the surface that will be covered, while having a nice conversation with you.

After he’s done measuring, he will give you the quote: “let’s say a promotional $9/ square foot, for all your 200 coverable square feet. That means $1,800.”

You decide to be smart and think it is a good idea to shop around to see if there is a better best price, so after he leaves you start looking for another quote and find out the average price is $12/ square foot – so your man was the best!

What you haven’t realized is that your coverable space is only 100 square feet not $200, which means only $1,200 at the average price (the scammer is actually charging you $18/ square foot).

How to avoid:

Buy a tape measure and measure the length and breadth of the surface yourself (multiply them together to get the measurement in square feet). Then ask around for quotes for carpet installation for that measurement.

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