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Air Duct Cleaning

How the scam works:

(with video below) Don't get us wrong. There are many legitimate air duct cleaning services out there. However, many times questionable companies that look reputable will burn your bank account praying on naivety and your lack of knowledge when it comes do air duct cleaning. Don't be a victim. The unwanted air duct cleaning experience comes in two ways: inflated fees and robocalls.

Watch the video below to see in action the air duct cleaning fee scam, as it was featured on KY3 News:

Air Duct Cleaning Fee Scam Video

Typically, this one works like the bait-and-switch scheme. Scammers advertise themselves as professional air duct cleaners, dropping flyers in your mailbox advertising services as low as $45-50, while a regular price is around $300. You hadn’t thought about it before but now you start wondering if you should have the ducts inspected, so you call them in.

The scammer comes in and starts cleaning up your ducts. As he works away, he may become very concerned and say: “You are very lucky I found it in time. There is a lot of mold there. You better stop it now, otherwise you'll be down a few thousand dollars”, he says. Some scammers might even bring mold with them, in order to show you proof!

Convincing you that there was nearly a catastrophe, he offers his “reduced” price services to fix up your perfectly sound ducts. Say, $700. Very appreciative, you think he is your life saver and pay.

The second variation of the scam is more of spamming issue. Several companies were fined in the past for hiring telemarketers to call you all day and selling unwanted services. The spammers even spoofed telephone numbers, so your call display would show you a local number, while in reality they were calling from abroad, including India and Pakistan. Some victims even booked appointments and had to pay various fees first, over phone.

How to avoid:

Always use recommended workers for home improvement. But if you do bring in someone unknown and he tells you he needs to do extensive repairs, tell the scammer you will need to think about the offer, and after he leaves ask for a second opinion. Ask your friends if they ever used air duct cleaners and how much they paid for the services.

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