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eterneva scam

Eterneva Scam: Yes Or No?

Many consumers are turning to us asking about a potential Eterneva scam. Eterneva Diamonds is a company that claims to turn the ashes of your loved ones (even pets) into a diamond that you could keep forever. The price? Eterneva’s “Cremation Diamonds” start at $3,000 and can go up to $10,000 for a larger stone. Are the claims true? Let’s see.

Up until recently, people buying diamonds had only one concern: how to tell if a diamond is real. Now there is more to it. Eterneva got an investment last year from Mark Cuban on the Shark Tank TV show. Soon after, the media was quick to report that, in fact, Cuban joined the Eterneva scam.

eterneva diamonds

According to Page Six Style, “diamond expert and gemologist Grant Mobley, the company and its claims are actually totally fraudulent.”

“Companies like Eterneva that claim to make synthetic diamonds out of human ashes have been around for more than a decade. But after further research into the process, it has become well known within the jewelry industry that these companies are nothing more than a scam, which is why investments have come from outside the jewelry industry.”

Eterneva Cremations Diamonds Face Serious Expert Opinion

Mobley said to the same media outlet: “While these companies may be manufacturing synthetic diamonds that look similar to natural diamonds, they are not using ashes from your loved ones to do so. In fact, the carbon that is leftover from cremation is not near enough to produce a synthetic diamond and not in the correct form.”

“Possibly worse, he added, is the cost such companies charge for these sentimental stones. They’re charging a fortune, much more than the cost of a natural diamond of the same size and quality. The consumer is left with a synthetic diamond with no value and no ties to the ashes of a loved one. These companies are taking advantage of consumers when they are grieving and vulnerable and leaving them short thousands of dollars.”

Eterneva Diamonds Has No Government Oversight

Page Six Style also quoted geologist Robert James in a previous investigation:

“Currently, the cremation diamond industry operates with no government oversight or review, and without any formal control regarding the claims being made regarding the actual creation of diamonds using carbon obtained from cremation ashes.”

“The documents go on to point out that carbon burns at 1,405 degrees Fahrenheit, while cremation furnaces operate in a temperature range of between 1,600 and 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, thus destroying the approximately 18% of the carbon that makes up the total weight of the human body.”

Interesting, right? Here is more:

“In fact, the only way to obtain enough carbon from the cremation process is a (a) only do a partial cremation or (b) add outside carbon from other sources to the ashes,” the report concludes. “They cannot guarantee any of the loved one’s carbon is in the cremation or memorial diamond.”

Eterneva Scam: How To Report

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