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How the scam works:

If you are a writer, you might encounter the following scam. Crooks register themselves on specific writer job boards and say they need a little test example, for which they are willing to pay for, which in turn could lead to a larger project if they like your writing.. 

Victims are required to write short paragraphs on a specific topic. Once the small assignment is done, the scammer is “happy” with the paragraph and pays the writer. 

They leave positive feedback for the writer on the website, and require the writer to do the same for them, upon receiving payment. All done, now proceeding to the second deal: the full project.

The writer gets tons of info about the project and starts working on it for the next few weeks. Once that is done, they send the material for approval. Of course, the beneficiary has some changes to suggest and – when everything looks perfect – they will take it.

Now the scammer vanishes without paying for the complete job. The feedback, however, cannot be changed, since it has already been left by the victim. The writer’s project will be used for print distribution, so the writer will probably never find it online and file a complaint.

How to avoid:

Very tough, since the “employer” paid the first time and might have positive feedback online. The best thing to do is to require a deposit, as well as being paid a portion every time a milestone (a chapter) is reached.


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