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How a Lovely Family Abroad Can Scam You With The Pet Sitter Job

You love dogs, you always did. You might even think that you can make some money dog sitting, so one day you post your resume online looking for a job on sites such as Pet Sitter, Indeed or Craigslist. After a few days, a lovely family living in a different state sends you a message. They say they are planning to move to your city next month. They are contacting you about their Bella, a beautiful Golden Retriever who will need sitting.

You start chatting, exchange pictures with each other's dog, and become friends. Most importantly, earn each other's trust. More exactly, he earns yours. Little do you know you are becoming a victim of one of the most notorious scams of the week. How does it work?

Criminals use the exact same tactics of an old scam, which has been targeting caregivers and nannies. If you are not familiar with the Caregiver trick let's take a quick look at it so you would understand the Pet Sitter approach.

Watch the video below to see the scam exposed in the news:

Caregiver Scam Exposed Video

The 'employer' is not a family, but a cybercrook who sends an initial email just like the one below:

"Thank you for your response concerning the Pet sitting/Dog walking job.

My name is Jefferey Martins, I am married with a daughter named (July) and my Wife Elizabeth then our Pet dog (Bella). We are a devoted christian family coming in to the United States am planning a vacation to the states with families and our adorable dog for few period of time in USA from Ontario, Canada.

We have located it and decided to have our family work on all we need before moving into your neighborhood ,we have a very adorable dog (Bella), she is cute and adorable (Golden Retriever) she is very friendly and playful. She is also very much comfortable with other dogs and cat too he enjoys being indoors with US.

Going for walks is Bella's very favorite activity. She plays well with other dogs too. Bella is house trained and crate trained... I would be needing the service of a caring with positive personality to take good care of Bella because i want her to have a wonderful stay and will like to make provision for you to take good care of her for us. More so,I will be making arrangements in renting an apartment close to you but it depends on your location as i will be needing your services.

I need you to take care of Bella around the hours of 2 - 6 pm from Mondays through Fridays or anytime you are convenient with,you just have to let me know your time schedule as for us to fix a time that won't be a problem or inconvenience your other daily activities.

You would only be needed for 20 hrs per week at your convenience and will like you to get back to me with your available hours. We will be arriving in The states next month on the 7th, which means if you accept to work with Bella you can begin to work with us on the 8th or the 9th..

I will be needing your service for up to 2 months or more, and willing to offer you $400.00 per week with benefits as compensation for a trustworthy and honest candidate. Also i will like to know if you can also help us run little errands before our arrival too.. if you agree with us, our location will not be far from you which are the reason why we want to secure a pet sitter before our Agent get us a house the Keys and the description of the house will be mailed to you as soon as possible.

We have a financier that is based in the states and will be handling the payment and as well as our other expenses, so he will be the one that will be taking care of your payment. I will instruct him to pay for the first week before our arrival so as to secure your service.

As soon as we reach a concrete agreement, I can instruct our financier to process a cashier's check to you for the payment i will be waiting to read from you with Your schedule and other questions which you have to ask us.. Will be waiting to read from you,

Regards Jeffery Martins and Family"


So how does the scam work?

They proceed by sending you a check of, say $300, just so you can get the house ready in time for their arrival. They may ask you to buy a lot of pet food so they don't have to waste time doing it when arrive.

What happens is that as soon as you receive the check you will notice that the amount of money on it is $3,000, not $300. The 'employer' will 'admit' that made a mistake and ask you to deposit the full check into your account, then send them back the difference of $2,700 via Western Union. Little do you know that your were the victim of the Fake Check Scam - meaning that the check they sent will bounce in a few working days and you'll be in debt a few thousand dollars at the bank.


Pet Sitter Scam: How To Avoid

Besides 'Jeffrey Martins', scammers also use the names 'Gary Abston' and 'Daniel Santiago'. Report below under 'Comments' if you were approached by someone else with the same pitch. Keep in mind, never accept checks in great amounts from companies you don't know anything about.


Pet Sitter Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Dog Sitter Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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