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How the scams works:

(with video below) This scam hits a little too close to home for some. Imagine waiting to hear if you have gotten a job, only to figure out a month later that you've been scammed. There are great staffing agencies out there, but there are also bogus companies that will stoop low enough to pose as potential employers.

They ask for your personal information to do a credit check and use this information to commit identify fraud, sometimes racking up credit card debt in your name and illegal loans. Talk about a nasty wake-up call! How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see an explanation of the Background Check Scam on camera:


Background Check Scam Video

The latest background check comes as a phone call you might receive. The scammer says he’s from the HR department of a well-known airline. He says they are looking to hire people to collect boarding passes, work at the ticket counter, or handle luggage. The job pays $18 an hour, which is great for a lot of people.

However, he also promises to pay you a referral fee of $150 for every person you refer to him. As people without jobs that you might refer will most likely call him right away, he tells them to pay a fee – between $200-$300 – to pay for a background check or uniforms. So people wire the money, but the job was never there in the first place.

How to avoid:

The best route to protect yourself is to make sure the company and representatives are legitimate, before beginning the process. This means doing serious research online, such as looking for answers to: Who is their HR manager? How are they operating when it comes to employment? Where else can you find testimonials other than their site? Don't be afraid to ask questions. They might be prepared with many answers, but having your homework well done will eventually pay off. Always go an extra step.

In the meantime, if you are really looking for a job and seek to make some money until you find the next ideal job, there a couple of other options for employment online. They are trustworthy and have a great online reputation:

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