Crypto Info Submitted. Now What?

Crypto Info Submitted. Now What?

Thank you for sharing such important and personal information. We have received your request. There are thousands of crypto victims made every day, so please be patient while we analyze the submissions. Scam Detector has partnered with one of the most powerful recovery asset agencies in the world, ScamHelp, to fight fraud. Therefore, one of their reps will contact you in the following days to work together with you on the recovery.

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206 thoughts on “Crypto Info Submitted. Now What?”

  1. On Paymorebit I deposited 30 USDT to test the withdrawal system and i got the returns instantly so I proceeded to invest 500 USDT and the withdrawal status shows cancelled, I was never able to withdrawal and the admin who is usually very responsive stopped responding to my emails

    1. Have anyone heard of nexcapital I’ve invested like 1500 but saying I have to pay 2490 for US Department of Labor to release funds of 95000 profit

    2. Cartclick is a fraud
      When you order an item they send you which is supposed to cost you £15
      They send you items you don’t need and charge you over £70
      When you returned the item with a tracking number
      They tell you that the tracking number is not valid even though I send them a photo of the receipt and someone signed for it
      This cartclick shouldn’t be allowed to trade while they’re scamming the public

  2. I got scammed by Itz Tina Garden with FB & Jessica Swidish Olivia as the manager with FB sheshu.umarbaruga Name: Carolyn Pamisas
    Gcash: 09999647902
    Name: Cael Mitcell Fenrendaz
    Gcash: 0997-073-0293
    Name: Jonbert tampos
    Gcash: 09676716689
    Name: Meginel Mirami
    Gcash : 09367634596
    Name: JENELYN C.
    Gcash: 0905-663-3583
    Name: Junery J.
    Gcash: 09080822585
    These people have no conscience at all! The are evil!
    I was really hesitant at 1st but they are convincing. I tokd them I am risking for this for my mom is sick and I’m broke. They even ask me to barrow to my friends because if I will not pay for the taxes and fees and comission I will not get my payout or profit. I have lost $238 or Php13,000. They lost contact once you need to withdraw your profit. They should be punished. May God punished them. Karma is real!

    1. I got scammed by
      They told me to invest in their company and in the end i got profit but to withdraw it i got conditions to invest a gain and either my income or other money i invest. All was taken by them. I invest $1500

    2. Hi I’m John Mecoy and was scammed by! I bought 7 TH/s worth 58$ usd in BITCOIN and after a week or so, their app and website was not working at all! I tried sending mails but there was no reply in return.

  3. On Facebook I was offered to invest money on the website I transferred $1000. But they approved me $2000 as a bonus. This immediately alerted me. I asked why they did this. I was told that I supposedly made two requests and the system automatically credited me with two deposits. I immediately asked for my money back, but they said that I had to deposit another $1000 and then I could get all my money back.
    None of my arguments help and they are not going to return my money. These are absolute scammers.

  4. Dimitrios Sevastos

    I entered cryptocurrency market via
    Invested a total of 23750 euros and made profits up to 58309 euros (according to their platform). When I decided to close my account and withdraw my money they disappeared… no response at all. The financial expert vanished in the thin air and never responded to my calls/texts thereafter (she used to call me every day in order to convince me to put more money in the platform via Kraken). I made peace with the fact that I was scammed and lost my money…

  5. Richard R Poelman

    I deposited $250 can. to, contacted by the account Mgr. Helga Kinsky. She told me to work with the success Mgr. Peter Jankowski. Later they changed to
    Gradually he asked to deposit more funds totalling $19000 can, making already $34000 US but I never received a penny from it but he asked to deposit more funds into it. He said to help me “he will put his own money in” as long I keep putting mine in. I complained”. Why is there no money coming into my account” NO answer”. I stopped doing this, he got really mad! No contact with him anymore!

    1. A girl named Kelsi on WhatsApp was my recruiter for the company You do fake reviews to earn commissions on products. You need to ‘load’ your account with $500 by buying Ethereum on a cryptocurrency website. I knew nothing about crypto. Kelsi ‘taught’ me how to buy the currency and deposit the money by sending screenshots. Long story short I completed all of the tasks and deposited over $14,000. I was supposed to receive 9,000 in commissions. The money has been lost and Kelsi has disappeared from WhatsApp. Some of the most stress ever. I do not recommend at all!

  6. is an online marketing is a fraudulent system to take money out of you. job consist o click on a series of random clicks on films described as a virtual service offered to merchants, to increase rating and attractivity of their films on the Mojo chart, and the jobber get paid for each click, being able to increase Level of commission and receiving a basic wage on a regular basis. The electronic platform seems a global one. In the UK I could identify more than a hundred people participating, French and German editions being available probably in France and Germany as well.

    1. Anup Kumar Sharma

      Dear sir/ madam,
      A woman named Christiana morrison who took some amount of dollar $1346 through binance from me and deposited in evolute mining company
      But, when I wanted to withdraw my profit from my portfolio, she is not ready to give me my profit. She asks me to pay for signal purchase.
      The money I deposited in evolute mining company took as a loan from the bank. I requested her to please give me my investment company if you don’t want to give me my profit, but she is not ready for that .
      Her contact and WhatsApp number +447939605104
      I request you to please help me get my investment money.

      Anup Kumar Sharma
      From India

    2. Firephoenix is a fraudulent company. Do not invest. I lost thousands of dollars. Customer service blocked me.
      WhatsApp numbers 209 690-0891 and 209 274-4298. Scammers.

    Adresine para yatırdım 1000usd çekmek istediğimde bana vip 2 olmam gerektiğini bunun için ekstradan 1000 usd ödemem gerektiğini söylediler benim hesabında 3400 usd olduğu halde benden ekstradan 1000 usd yatırmayı istediler kesinlikle dolandırıcılar

  8. I invested around 2000 USDT in the crypto trading platform They told me that I need to pay 40% as their commission on profits. However, I earned profits of up to 28000 USD. However, I paid only 1004 USDT as commission so far and requested them to release the profit according to the commission paid. But they are hesitant about paying the part profit.

    One more important thing to be noted is trading on that website, you will definitely end up in profits only. That makes it mandatory to pay big commissions in order to withdraw your profits. Currently, I’m one of the victims due to greed. I request all of you not to fall for easy-earning Apps or Websites.

    1. I found this guy on telegram Ryan Harless. His ig is r.ha547247.

      He convinced me to invest in I am Haitian I invested 140 USD this is 30 000 HTG, they won’tlet me withdrawmy money say that I have to give $100 to get an id card to prove I am not a robot…He promised me he would help me leave my country but I just found out that he stole the identity of Cirio Arman Acosta. I am totally crushed please help me get my money back…

  9. There is 1000cryptotrust true scammers using different platforms , after you are done they will want you to buy a certificate which cost more than what you invest , +39 350 959 5506

  10. rhea lei abellera

    i got scammed by, at first, they will look for part timers then will ask you to register and pay Php100.00, once registered and done with first 2 tasks they will allow you to withdraw then after will give you Php400.00 bonus and give you another 6tasks but the price of the item will be more expensive until you reach the point where they ask you to recharge more money. once you recharged up to Php10,000.00 and send them screenshot they will disable your account and won’t be able to contact or reach them. and won’t get your money back.

  11. I actually have 2 sites to warn about. Both claim to work as or with BTC mines. ElitePlox and Advanced iq Trades. Both ask for a small investment up front, 300USD transferred to a wallet as BTC. After a time frame 1 day for Advanced and 1 week for Elite, the 300 matures into 3000 and you can withdraw. Long story short I am into each about 1500 usd. Elite has blocked me all together. I can not log into my account at all. Advanced well they keep asking for more money. Over and over have told them no but lost in translation, I guess. Avoid both sites and any offers like that.

    1. I also a victim of scam thru cryptocurrency. I lost 10000 php, and that money is already a big money to me. Please help me to get back my money. According to the person who contacted me, after I completed my payment ,I can withdraw my profit but when I completed it, they email me saying that my account need to be upgraded and reactivated and I need to give 20000 php for upgrading my account.
      Please help me get back the money I lost from those scammers. The name of the website is

    2. Warning I was scam $2880 US by wtibit and a Asian woman who goes by the name of Bella on WhatsApp very convincing and patient but they’re serial scammers. I hope I will get my money back

  12. QFS appears to be a scam & is listed as a scam. I didn’t find out until I had invested a large amount of money.. They are supposed to have a card to access your money on the site. They kept changing the requirements for the card until I ran out of money.

    1. I was going to withdraw funds at htyps:// 2000 dollars, but I entered the wrong 20000 dollar withdrawal pending and could not be changed. I was told to deposit 1500 dollars so that my funds could be disbursed. And I don’t have the funds to deposit, so the pending withdrawal status can’t be retrieved.

  13. I was scammed by a company called Tara their emails they sent me were from and Each time they sent me a email after I was asking for a refund they were sent with a different name. I lost $24.57 I know every one is probably thinking no big deal. But when you are on disability every little bit helps. I ordered a coat and never got it. It was for my granddaughter and she really needed it. I will never order from those advertisements on Facebook again.

      1. Am investit in Octopusenergymining in 2022 si am nu pot sa retrag suma de 17000 $
        Din 19 August imi cer banii in continu. Am platit taxe 1800$ .Sindicat #Domeniu 300 de dolari. Apoi au urmat alte taxe si alte taxe cerute de Valerie Angela si Thomas T. Acestia m- au escrocat.

        1. Hi Algerians and Great Maghreb people
          I’ve been scammed by frauders who convinced me to deposit money then they would give me my money back with some profits. The work was not basically crypto. We’re supposed to do some missions (subscribe and like some YouTube links) then we have to finish a prepaid mission to get money. They start asking for small amounts then they trip you to make error and oblige you to give more money.. personally I made debts to reach a deposit of 290000dzd which is a great amount!! I get normally a benefit to have 574620dzd. That was just a number they promised me to withral immediately after adding a 3rd big amount,that what i did in fact in order to withdraw but they deduced my points to prevent me from withral!! They asked me to add more 380000dzd the amount that I can never afford!! I felt shocked even went to hospital 🥺 so be careful their site is EMC
          They contact people through telegram

            Scam site. They have 68000 usdt of mine and want me to deposit 15000 usdt into my account so that they can ‘verify’ me. I am refusing to put any more money into crypto.
            They are adamant for me to do so reassuring me i do not need to send the funds anywhere. They got me to join a site which seemed unusual

            Customer Service

            4:40 PM

            You need to prepare the specified verification funds in TRUST WALLET, take a screenshot when ready, and then contact us to provide your wallet address. Make sure the verified funds are ERC20 USDT. We will confirm the balance on the blockchain. Once confirmed, risk control will be lifted within 30 minutes Designated funds: 15,000 USDT ERC-20

    1. I got locked out of the trading account in EXmoEX Exchange when trying to withdraw. They were holding all my BTC assets. When I tried withdraw nothing and I get a indication of under review process. The process never completed and cleared . I tried contacting customer support and they never replied back. It’s been over a week now. Later to find out the Exchange 💱 platform by some other people was saying it was fake scam platform. I’m totally bummed out with $311K BTC assets locked 🔒 in that exchange 💱 platform. I can’t even withdraw a penny of it. The only thing I can do is see all my Bitcoin assets sitting in that trading EXmoEX Exchange 💱 platform.

      1. I can’t even see my capitals… from the platform I invested them…
        Everything disappeared…
        They told me that blockchain blocked the transaction in order to pay 17% taxes of total amount (my capital + profits) and that there was a time limit otherwise total amount will be lost … as they said finally that happens because I never pay them the taxes they asked for…

        1. I have the same problem Biki I have about 2800USDT and when i go to look at my assets page my total assets is 0. I cannot see my deposits, transfers, or history. They tell me that i need to deposit money because my account is blocked. I just want my money returned to me, its my money and I want it.

  14. If you can be able to help I will be glad, first I was told to deposit $40000 in which I made $60000 as my profits thank God it went all successful but after that I went ahead to deposit another money in which I deposited $254000 on it I get my profits but since I re-invested it with a little amount making it all the total of $1,500,000 till today I couldn’t withdraw from them. Oh my gosh please help.

    1. Almost the same thing happened to me. They lured me with easy and quick money and I lost 2500 for $150. With each stage I had to deposit more and more until I ran out of money and they blocked my account

  15. is a scammer that got around $40k USD from me. I was approached on Telegram cold and was in my own right looking to get back into crypto after selling 100 BTC @ around $600/BTC in 2012, my last trade. They seem to have a team of cold calling sales sharks. Dont trust them’they use the same old play as mentioned here but have said they are a the decentralised arm if Inc. I’m sure Inc do not know this and are not part of this scam. The more these stories are put out there the better.. It would be good to have a register on these corrupt people.

    1. Vyzerá to tak, že komplet celý krypto sektor je založený na podvodoch . Krypto peňaženky doslova kryjú finančných podvodníkov a nezverejnia zámerne ich identitu a vyhovárajú sa na zložitý proces . Tak sa pýtam, ako sa aplikuje v praxi zákon proti legalizácii príjmov z trestnej činnosti, resp. zákon proti praniu špinavých peňazí ? Nech to krypto peňaženky zdôvodnia, prečo poskytujú anonymitu finančným kriminálnikom ? Prečo nie sú nápomocní obetiam finančných podvodov ? Alebo akú úlohu zohrávajú pri týchto podvodoch ? Lebo či je to Binance resp. Moon Pay Limited v princípe všetko jedno .

    1. I have investment of 120000 USDT and made it to grow by trading on Banocoin 330000 USDT then their customer support suddenly message to deposit 7% CGT within 24 Hrs that not possible for me and they restricted trading then freeze account. Now even login not possible.

      CGT they are not considering previous losss that should be considered as per tax law.

  16. Beware of PlanOff Investment company

    They are big-time scammers that will lure you into nice ROI programs and will eventually propose you an even better program with admission capital of a minimum of $5000 and then will ask for unannounced brokerage fees and from there, it’s a downward spiral, you’ll never get the chance to withdraw!

    Stay away from this parasitic company whose only purpose is to milk people with their hard-earned money.

  17. Jexiwallet, first ask invest minimum usdt500, then show you on the screen huge of amount BTC. and if want to withdraw, then deposit more money like 1.5ETH then again usdt 2500.

  18. Daha önce
    Yatırım borsa şirketine yaklaşık 4 ay önce yatırım yaptım.
    Fakat bundan 1 ay önce yatırımcıların bilgisi dışın da bu web sayfası isim değişikliğine gitti sonraki adı
    adı altında devam etti ve en son dün bu iki web sayfasının sunucularına ulaşım sağlanamadı.
    Ve şu an http://www.coinzoom. Cloud
    web sayfasını kullanmakta ve bana ait 1.500$ dolar bu şirketin hesabın da ve ben hiçbir şekil de ulaşım sağlayamıyorum.
    İlgili hukuk işlemlerini başlatacağım.
    Ve ayrıca bu durumu sosyal medyaya taşıyacağım.

  19. Do not use they are scammers lost 3000,00US
    Do not use they scammed me for 4000.US
    I have to wonder if there are any legitimate mining platforms

    1. First Trade Mining ( Company added me Whatsapp group and lured me for crypto investments.

      I have made various investments from my Binance Wallet to their crypto wallet address: TXVH7SzUESFKnLuJZod1Y15Swcpcxq9Tfd
      (USDT TRC20).

      Below are list of my payments to them.

      1) $250 : April 8th (through Patricia Account)
      2) $1000 : April 21st (2X Plan 2022-4-21 20:49)
      3) $2000 : April 26 th ($1001 (2023-04-26 00:46) + $650 (2023-04-26 17:25) + $350 (2023-04-26 12:01 Promo)
      4) $1305 : April 28 th (MMM Fee 2023-04-28 01:02)
      5) $1800 : May 1st ($1500 (2022-05-01 01:46) + $300 (2023-05-01 23:30) Reconfiguration Fee)
      6) $650 : May 3 (Penalty Fee 2023-05-03, 18:24)
      7) $1001: May 20 (Penalty Fee 2022-05-20, 16:06)

      Now they blocked me and asking for another $2400 to deposit in account to complete KYC and for withdrawals $22000.

      Please help me to retrieve my original hard earned money $8005 from them.

      1. This sound very similar to my experience with another platform

        Same…add to finish the task and add a add…now is sitting in their website (my account) and waiting fir more money so I can withdraw my money…they also have whats up group to encourage people to put money in because you are so “lucky” in for 1670 CAD…They use crypto currency ETH…just find out hour ago their website company is registered only 1 week and that is when i was recruited by them…to me was presented I will be working for KAYAK whoch is large company for booking hotels etc.

        Have you be able to recover anything from your investment?

    2. First Trade Mining Company (
      added me Whatsapp group and lured me for crypto investments.

      I have made various investments from my Binance Wallet to their crypto wallet address: TXVH7SzUESFKnLuJZod1Y15Swcpcxq9Tfd
      (USDT TRC20).

      Below are list of my payments to them.

      1) $250 : April 8th (through Patricia Account)
      2) $1000 : April 21st (2X Plan 2022-4-21 20:49)
      3) $2000 : April 26 th ($1001 (2023-04-26 00:46) + $650 (2023-04-26 17:25) + $350 (2023-04-26 12:01 Promo)
      4) $1305 : April 28 th (MMM Fee 2023-04-28 01:02)
      5) $1800 : May 1st ($1500 (2022-05-01 01:46) + $300 (2023-05-01 23:30) Reconfiguration Fee)
      6) $650 : May 3 (Penalty Fee 2023-05-03, 18:24)
      7) $1001: May 20 (Penalty Fee 2022-05-20, 16:06)

      Now they blocked me and asking for another $2400 to deposit in account to complete KYC and for withdrawals $22000.

      Please help me to retrieve my original hard earned money $8005 from them.

  20. Hello
    I’ve been scammed.
    Has anyone used and trader name Errol Timothy McCoy.
    I’ve lost $6000.
    Like everyone else is saying,,,same for me,,,put this money in to make a withdrawal and then it is put another amount of money in to pay for your withdrawal and it goes on and on.
    Has anyone had any experiences with this company.
    Can someone please help me recover my losses?

    1. Yea there’s mining company! I was introduced to when I attended a crypto convention in Miami. Thankfully I have recovered half of my portfolio lately! But I don’t trust any other crypto mining platform expect from the one I was introduced to when I attended the crypto convention!

  21. I have been scammed on the following platforms
    1. Berry or Berry max
    2. Coinfintech
    3. Carnelian 12 or C12
    4. Bitbrain
    5. Revenue 13
    6. FLT Investment


    1. Mikołaj Paprocki

      the same me i lost 1000 usdt on cobtoken com
      i wanted witdraw my money they told me i must 80% od my money trading


  24. Please do not invest in Coinone or ZTK as both of these sarted on Whatapp and telegram with pretty asian woman named Alice Chow from Singapore (COINONE) as she says she works for IDG in Boston, MA for her aunt who lives in New York and Susanna Su from Korea (ZTK) who said she currently lives in Manhattan, NY and works for her Aunts clothing store supposedly as both of these started chatting about how much money they made with Crypto and once you get so called accounts set up on the websites it looks legit and then we start doing trading and on both instances they say they have an Aunt in New York that helps them to analyze the trading trends and it seems like every nite around 8:30 pm you do trades and you look like you make money and so they try to convince you to deposit more money to make more money and I did this for both of them but when went to do a withdrawak I was told I had to pay $10,360 for a verification fee for ZTK and for Coinone had to pay $10,860 withdrawal fee for operating costs … I haven’ t paid this fee as I realize I was scammed as this is not real money earned and these Asian women are very good about showing pretty pictures of themselves and sometimes naked pictures of themselves but if you look closely these are photoshopped and Ai enhanced fake photos so please stay away from these sites and block and report any Whatapp and Telegram texts to you from Asian women as these are fake and fraud. I have reported them to Coinbase and Crypto so they will be blocked from receiving any deposits to there fake websites as these are manipulated by them to make it look like you are making profits. They manipulate these themselves to simulate real looking trades and profits but these are fake, I have reported them to the FBI and SEC as well

    1. Something very similar happened to me. I lost my entire life savings. Asian woman claiming her Aunt had advisors and told me when to make trades. It looked like I was making money. Then when she told me to withdraw funds, they were frozen. She said we had to pay the taxes on it before it would be released. I sent money for the taxes and she told me her telegram was hacked and the money was gone. I lost $366,000 and don’t know how to get it back. I am devasted. Any assistance would help.

  25. A team of scammers wants only to rob you they took from me 500$ as what I thought it was investment for a good profit in their platform( fake platform controlled by them to steal your money, in their dashboard you think your growing your profit more but that’s an illusion to make your pay more beware of them a team full with scammers !!!!!!!!

    Don’t trade or put your money here, it’s absolutely scam, there’s girl from Philippines who recommended this platform to me when i want to withdraw, they sent to me nothing to my wallet, please trade in a safe platform of trading which a lot of traders use.

  27. I was also scammed by The lady contacted me on Telegram(@LesLinaJ and @KaneDanieF)claiming that I can make R2000 a day by just doing tasks. I started with her doing those tasks and just in the middle of the tasks I was sent to this website to do trading. I was then told to put R12600 to recover what’s already lost. They kept on telling me to pay more to recover my money and lastly I was told to pay tax so I can withdraw. Withdrawal did not happen but they kept on saying I must pay until I ended up losing R322 193 to these guy. I really need help to recover my money.

  28. Have filled out the form 3 times now and still waiting for a reply – have got roughly $45k about sitting on an exchange I can not withdraw from super upset and hoping for the best outcome.

    All the best,

    Regards CJ

  29. scammed at…was promoting apps for this company,,,had bonuses coming to me….had to pay up front to the tune of several $1000 to get paid…everytime I sent money to reset my account…they tripled my buyout ..first it was $1600USDT….then $3270USDT and now $8000USDT…they threatened with a lawsuit..if I didnot reset acct…I told them take a hike…now out $6500CAD…need help recovering my money

      1. Same thing happened to at usdt 7100 now they want me deposit usdt 4000 to get my money back.

    1. … lost 25K to the actual platform and who knows how much else in fees on legit platforms… They approached a friend of mine and he put in 2k. they offered referrals for him to get paid on the people he brings in. he put in 2k and showed me how it all worked trading usdt/btc contracts. he took it up to 6k in a week and paid 20% commission and they sent him his money. i put in 8k. grew it to 93k for a profit of 85k over a couple weeks. i asked to take out 42k in the middle of the week. they said sure just pay 10% on the 85k profit. You must send from external wallet in coinbase or you cannot use money on the platform because they say the withdraw channel is closed and opens automatically once you pay your commission. So i sent them the 8.5k. then they told me since i exited the trading plan on a wednesday and since i didnt wait for the plan to conclude on a friday that i needed to pay 20% comission. so i needed to pay 8.5k more.

      i was already in for 16.5k. So the idea of putting in 8.5k more to get access to my 93k seemed like a worthwhile risk. i sent the next 8.5k. they said it was successfully received. they changed the 42k withdraw on the platform to say successful….

      once i told the account manager who gives me the signals i paid she said to wait until it says successful and then i can choose to continue trading with the remaining 51k or withdraw it all…. at this point it looked like it was all working just like it did for my friend.

      i then told her id continue trading since this was working. i took a more aggressive approach over the next three days and ended up making 120k profit. however i never received my initial 42k. i asked their support team what happened and they said that since i continued trading that the withdraw channel was closed and they are returning my money to my account. it was put back in ecxbitcoin platform as Tether (usdt).

      Now i decided to halt all trading and ask for an early out. they said sure just pay 10% on the new 120k you made and you have access to all 212k of your funds. they said if you dont want to pay 20% then wait until friday night when the plan concludes. i decided to not pay the 12k and insist they send my money back. they basically said we dont care. go to the police, the fbi, the fcc, the sec and good luck. we will counter sue you for defamation. also your account is now being charged 1% of the total value of your account every day that you do not settle your commission. Please dont trust these scammers. they have a very sophisticated system in place over whats app and their platform. they are based out of hongkong and run the company out of the cayman islands per their website.

      hoping someone can help me get my 25k back.

  30. Hello. I was equated with a chines woman named Li Ting. she asked me to invest money in the platform named TES one-stop digital asset management platform and its website is
    she thought me to trade but when I wanted to withdraw, they locked the money and asked 20 % of the amount while they didn’t tell it before. there was not anything about that 20% in the platform too.

    1. Same happened to me with the website

      A lady approached and asked me to do some tasks, then asked me to create an account. They gave me 20$ as bait to start working but after i hit a large amount they asked me to transfer a big amount of money and must finish a specific number of tasks to be able to withdraw.

      Be aware everyone

    2. The same thing happened to me, met someone on a dating site, they convinced me to get some crypto for trading on antconz .vip and now that I’ve tried to withdraw crypto from them there’s suddenly a 20% “tax” on it that needs to be paid for me to withdraw, nowhere on the platform said anything about the tax.

  31. Hey
    I was approached by a guy named tyson smith on IG. looked legit. real profile and new posts. he turned me towards a site he said he and his partner developed to trade crytpo called $1000/day on average. i thought that was do-able.

    i put in a btc. the profits were going up. got scammed into purchasing an a.i bot for better trade indicators to reduce the loss.

    then after some time without authorization they shifted some of the profits into a different trading account. one was for short and the other traded long.

    i thought it made sense. fast forward 6 months. profits are in the 216k range. mind you i did inject a little bit more moneys along the way… great time to get paid…

    first i had to a capital gains tax of 7% on the profits. after i did that they hit me with another 3% commision.

    okay… but they claim my last payent was not recieved and it remained pending. very unlikely…

    then an assistant take over the withdrawl procedure. says they cant send the profit back to me via btc because its a large amount. they doctored some pictures to make it seem legit. they said theyre going to send it straight to my account via

    they even showed the receipts claiming its been sent… absolute bullshit.

    after they so called sent the funds, i get a debreifing saying that i had to still pay $3710usd to release the funds. i didnt pay that.

    the guy tried to barter with me saying that he will pay half and i pay the rest of the fees and that he will take 50% of the profits. straigh out extortion.

    i got hit hard and im sharing this today so that no one goes through what i did. i have a newborn and i really thought that this was going to pay off so we could get a bigger place and pay off out debt.

    stay safe

  32. I felt scammed on this platform readymadesignal after they ask me to deposit $4500 USD, it generates an income of up to $36000 USD, but cannot withdraw and run for almost nearly 2 years, the reason why? my account is still engaged in some trading. after the trading then I can perform a withdrawal. meaning there’s no withdrawal happened because they said there is a bonus that the company allocated to my account, in order to qualify for the trading event, until such time I monitored, my $36000 USD keep going on dropping up to the time becomes less $2000 USD and still cannot withdraw, saying I need to deposit for at least $4000 USD in order to recover my loses,
    But I refused due to I sense of scamming are already happening. I’m still hoping that I can recover this amount of $ 4500 USD soon.
    But the problem here is from time to time they are changing the fund manager starting with Rey Bautista / Kristine Lopez/ Bryan Cortez and the contact no. they are using is changeable sometimes UK/Singapore/Philippines/US and according to them, readymade signal is based on Singapore.

  33. I got slammed by i have lost 2600$ and now they are blackmailing me if i don’t pay more, i will lose my money
    +17868875244 this is the phone number that I talked with.

  34. DEX-CRYPTO.COM is a scam
    It is a scam. You buy crypto currency on a legit plateforms and they ask to transfer crypto currency like Etherium to do mining when you have finish your mining period and want to withdraw your money they freeze your account and ask you to pay taxes or fees.

    Date of experience: May 11, 2022

    1. This is exactly what happened to me and my friends. We transfered USDT to do mining, and when I decided to withdraw the money they asked me to pay some fees. At first I thought it was legitimate. My friends and I eventually have been scammed out of $164,000. Can anyone recommend a company that can help us recover our money. The website that scammed us is Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

  35. Got scammed by Dealt with a “Mr John”. I invested 200 then they asked for 500$ withdrawal fee, and again for 423$ maintenance fee. When I paid all via bitcoin, my “Account Manager” disappeared and is ignoring me since then. So they stole 1123 $ from me. Fucking scumbags.

  36. I was scammed by First time I was recharge 2000MYR (almost 466USDT) to complete the order. Then they were allowed me to withdraw small amount of money for first time to gain my trust. After that, I was put in 16000MYR (almost 3500USDT) they were freeze my account and fake customers were keep pushing to complete orders and put in more money. After the orders get completed, it asked to maintain credit score and even if my score gets 95 from 100 they did not allow to withdraw money, it is a total fraud… Cause I was lost my emergency money…. Hope anyone can help me recovery my money..

  37. I was scammed by numerous people. first it was INVcenter where I lost $86000. this case was refered to a company called Audiba audit & consulting. very ligit company. they suggested that i must make use of a company called walletsafe where the funds will be available which they can retrieve for me. funds were retrieved and also a compensation amount was paid into my dashboard on walletsafe. when the withdraw came then it became very interesting, i had to pay walletsafe all sorts of amounts from commission fees to transfer fees from btc to dollars and so on. finaly the amount arise to the sum of $350 000. this amount was executed to me and paid into a bank account that does not belong to me. now according to Audiba I must pay a further $9000 so that the cyber police can trace my funds.

    secondly I was contacted by a person called Jeff Garzik who explained to me that protradefx247 can make good profits as they have an expert who trades for you. profits will be for ZAR 1000 you get ZAR 10000 within 7 days. I took a chance and deposited ZAR 3000. Jeff then introduced me to the company expert named Sam Bankman Fried. On my dashboard the profits look very nice, so I asked for a withdraw. then it started to escalate. First I must make a ZAR2
    40 000 deposit to upgrade my account in order to withdraw freely. I did that and then I had to deposit a 10% fee for the expert trader. I did that als. Then the company made a so called mistake and added my ZAR 40 000 to my trading account. Now I had to pay ZAR60 000 to retrieve my profit of $69300. now the profit was released to my bank account but I must pay ZAR 38 000 to the IRS release the fund within an hour to my bank account. No details were sent for the IRS nothing. All contact from Mr Bankman Fried ended this morning. no message are being read. You can try and contact the so called support team via email on a 24/7 basis but to no avail.

  38. I traded with and was duped of Rs. 210000/- by this company. First I got a call for depositing Rs.30k then subsequently Rs.100k then again Rs.80k now they are demanding Rs.50k towards delayed payment towards PIN generation. I enrolled their program through to their telegram channel named Akhand Partap Singh.

    I request all not to enroll or subscribe to their telegram channel or share your valuable money, because you are ultimately going to drain your money without your calls attended to and without any response.

  39. Good Evening Everyone,

    After reading everyones comments I assure you these scammers will get what’s coming to them. They have drained peoples accounts. Stolen peoples lives and they sit back behind their computer monitors while drinking their coffee. Karma is a real bitch and these people will suffer once they are in front of God.

    I have been slammed from a company called I first got this information from someone I was talking to on twitter. That should of been my first red flag. But I decided to listen to this individual and go to this website. The second red flag was that I had to put my bitcoin id from my ledger. I asked why and they said for security reasons. I decided to first put in $50 and see if I would get anything in return. I got $350 back in bitcoin that they put in my ledger account. Red flag now they have my personal information. I continued to put more in my account. Then I put in $3000. That is when Sh@@ hit the fan. They said I needed to add more bitcoin to get my portion back. $6000 later. Ouch!!!

    I learned my lesson and hopefully these people get hit with a bus because that is what they deserve.

    1. Hi Roy,
      Please would you be kind to let me know how do i get to let people know about another company who is taking money from people in promising them with £1,000 they can make just under £18,000 in 7 days. It happened to me exactly the same way you described it in your email. They asked for paying their commission in front but they dont want to take it from the profit!!! What scam bags there are….and still text me if i am ready to pay the com to get my profit….Please give me more website where i can add the screen shots on emails and messages we have had….to show people to be aware on these scam bags…thank you. And how strange now i get more and more funny calls and messages to say that I have won ££££££ but i need to reply to their messages with a special code….unbelievable!!!!!

    2. I am scammed through binance send usdt to amazon mission hall they freeze my 354$ and asking more money to release the amount kindly help me to recover my money. Thanks

  40. Please, I beg you help me with this! I was escammed by with USDT 969.8. At first, There was nothing wrong with the transactions. Made 2 deposits and two withdraws for crypto arbitrage. Won some coins and decided to make a larger investment. Bad idea. When I tried to withdraw my money, a message popped up. They said my transactions are suspicious and that I need to make a deposit of 1 ETH in order to release them. They have already stolen approx 0.56 ETH and now they ask for more? I contacted the support and they say this is automatic and that I need to make the deposit, but that is not written anywhere. Were they legit, they should have written this somewhere, and it’s a customer’s right to know that before hand. I learned about this platform by a YouTube video and now I regret the moment I decided to watch that d@mmed video. Just now I noticed it’s an stolen channel. Feel free to send some hate to

    1. Hi. I know this feeling because I have been a victim myself it took me time before I was able to find help out there. But I tell you I was able to get all thought was lost returned back into my blockchain after contacting @activecfi on Twitter and joined their group on telegram where the supervisor spoke to me directly and followed up my case until I got all my funds I thought was gone returned back to me. Join the group and see for yourself

    1. I have 47500 USDT in vastcryptotrade site but they are not releasing my payment inspite of getting 800 USDT for generation of PIN (purpose unknown to me) inspite of their promise of releasing the amount after getting 800 dollar. They say to pay them 50k dollar more for delay in submitting 800 dollar which they never disclosed earlier.

      Vastcryptotrade does not has its support team and only one person is handling the affairs and does not receive payment direct in his account and share different parties account quoting his teammates on pretext of avoiding income tax.
      I request for getting my outstanding payment of 47500 USDT lying in my vastcryptotrade application, if possible, on an urgent basis.
      I also request to put this site under RED FLAG immediately lest they deceive innocent people like me from across the world.

    1. I received a warning on from Microsoft that cash had been taken on my online bank for $8,000. I should not have answered it, but I was so concerned. A man named Matt said he was an agent from Microsoft. His phone number was 602-726-7346. He then said a woman called Eliza would call me from my bank telephone number to tell me about the fraud. She was so friendly, and said she could help me by transferring $20,000 from my bank account in an investment that would eliminate fraudelent. Stupid me: I said yes. So it ended up with me paying $20,000 of gift cards & to call her & give her the number on the card. She invested the money into Coinbase (Crypto) and said the company would be in touch. Turns out the company did not have my investment name. All the money was under Eliza’s name. Lost $20,000. My Bank was horrified to have lost that much money. I found out later the scammers were from Russia, but calling from the U.S. Please help.

      1. I was scammed by trading website called growing Forex. I deposited 106 dollars it made 2800 dollars profit and they told me to pay 220 dollars before I make withdrawal I did not pay because I realized that it was a scam. When you trade you don’t have to pay for withdrawal

  41. I was scammed $300 by expert coins ltd
    They told me to deposit $20 which gave me a profit of $107 and I was told to upgrade my level to $300 , I stayed for a week and did as I was told ,after I was told inorder to withdraw I have to deposit more $250 as a late fee

  42. I was scammed by 363trading by someone ania fedina fx after i regustered in this flatporm i deposited 60usd then after 24hours she said i cannot widraw the money since i need to deposit 200usd for company maintenance. After that still i didnt get the money asking me again 400 usd for the upgrade of my account. Then another 555usd for the company commision so that i can widraw the money. Idid all of thus just to get the money now shes asking me another 200 for widrawal deposit.

  43. Yes I’m also scammed by
    At first they approach you with sweet talking girls and give you 10 usdt and also their own demo account, and than show how u wins a money,
    When they wanted they make you winner, and daily 2 times they send a message in telegram to win, in few days suddenly make plan to make u loose, and all know everyone lost money, than sweet talk girls coming in telegram and asking u to deposit more money and they can help to make money from 1000 to 1500 and can give profit in mins, mostly they using telegram, they don’t have any other sources to contact with people, same situation with me, a sweet talk girl got my all profile details, than she asked me to deposit 1000 and she can help me make in 1200 in just mins, after 1200 making she asked to deposit 3000 and can earn 600 in just few mins, and suddenly all money loss on their suggestions, and the girls saying deposit more and can get back all losses in 30 mins, and yes me loss more than 4000 usd in just 2 days with them when ask from them, they blocking in telegram and runs away
    If any one reading please be aware

    Here telegram id’s of those evils
    They using telegran group
    Bitbye short-term trading 7 group
    George Howard is owner
    And these all are admis and top members

    So be aware from these evils

    1. Join that group on telegram that is where to get help instead of complaining take action I was able to recover my asset that was stolen by binary-trade a fake and scam exchange. I feel victim and sent all my hard earned money to their private wallet over 52eth but then when I reported to CFI INTELLIGENCE called @activecfi on Twitter they did helped me out and fix up the situation I was able recover all my stolen asset back into my blockchain account am still grateful and you should contact and even join their join on telegram I think it’s faster because I see people say a lot of good stuff on the group

  44. I was watching another day one of my favourite youtube bloggers President BTC, He advertised this project Azimuth finance. By the way they still ON and collecting more BNB`s. I felt to this scam as from first view it looked so legit. KYC verified – at least 4 audits. LinkedIn accounts of owners even stating they are ex Ripple workers. SO many YouTube bloggers advertise them (seems paid for doing that). AT that time i could not realise it is all fake – even this audit companies (TechRate, SolidProof, Solidity.Finance) is a scam factory by approving all this token projects. I lost myself 2246 $ and i funded my wife for another 1.300 $ and all was in BNB`s. Beware this guy’s still active they still did not delete all their socials. Still looking for Victims. Hopefully Scam Detectors would somehow be able to help.

  45. Hi there, a lady from china approached me some months ago claiming to have sent a message to the wrong person. Her name was called Lucy. she started on a friendly note and within weeks we became friends. She introduced me to a platform named BitPFEX Global and claimed their legitimacy and asked me to first invest 500 dollars for a trade. After the initial investment, she made me do a live trade on the platform by guiding me with signal reading and I made a profit of 150 dollars on that platform. After this event, she insisted I step up with the amount I am trading with by another 500 dollars and offered to give me 4000 dollars as a loan just to trade on the platform. She transferred the 4000 dollars to my account on the platform and then put pressure on me to try a withdrawal if I am not convinced. Even if it was a small amount, I withdrew 10 dollars and the amount successfully hit my binance wallet so i felt the platform was authentic. After putting in my 1000 dollars and trading for a while, I decided to make a withdrawal but was told I had to pay taxes since the first withdrawal was always a bonus one. the demand amount was 500 dollars for the amount i was withdrawing, I contacted Lucy and she expressed her dissatisfaction and offered to give me 400 dollars while i raise the remaining to pay off. After paying the 500 dollars, the company insisted I breached their with withdrawal policy and now demanded 500 dollars to enable withdrawal. I hesitated and left the issue hanging for more than a month. After a month, I approached the company and asked for a complete withdrawal of all my funds plus profits and I was told in order to do so, I have to pay an amount of $ 1,875, some for taxes and the rest to remove the limit on my account to the withdrawal policy i defied from the last time. After a week of discussions, I decided to pay the amount and paid it to the company. The company promised to give me back my losses and compensate afterwards. However, After all these payments, I issued a withdrawal and it was denied. Upon approaching the company, I was told that the person who referred me to the platform in this case- Lucy, has accused me of fraud and so my account has been blocked. To unblock, I have to pay 4400 dollars to Lucy. On the meanwhile, Lucy insisted in conversations, the amount was given as a gift and when these chats were forwarded to the company as proof, the company still insisted Lucy still tagged me as fraud. This was a solely one-sided baseless story but the company would not consider proofs and went ahead to defame me and my rights. I am looking for platforms to file complaints against the company for defamation and fraudulent activities as well as Lucy. All suggestions are welcome.

  46. Hi There

    So how this started was, I was browsing on the internet looking for a good GPU to buy at a fair cost, that was when i came across a bargain that was too good to pass up it was an Asus GeForce RTX 3060Ti Stix Gaming OC V2 8GB GDDR6 graphics card that was 50% off from $599 to $299. I decided I was going to purchase it.

    The best part was that the platform accepted crypto through the service called Coinbase Commerce, so I didn’t think anything fishy as Coinbase is a respectable exchange and wouldn’t be associated with a scam. Long story short, I selected the USDT option and paid over $301 USDT (little extra to cover fees) and after payment was received, I got an email receipt (As the platform asked me to input my email address as a required field) and basically was a generated Receipt of purchase.

    However, the platform claimed to use DHL Worldwide shipping, but in my receipt I have yet to receive a tracking number and cannot get in touch with anyone using this site’s supposed Support email (, I have also tried replying on the Receipt email, as it came from a different email ( but have also been met with silence in response.

    I have contacted Binance Support, as my funds were transferred from Binance, but they could not assist me. I then tried contacting Coinbase support, but was also met with a Brick wall as I am not a Coinbase user, thus they refuse to assist me, even though I provided them with explicit details, as well as my Coinbase Commerce reference number. they even went as far to Lock my non-existent Coinbase account due to my me emailing them for answers.

    The only things I have to go on is my etherscan transaction (
    A few screenshots of my receipt, and that’s it, the thing that makes this difficult is as soon as there is a new checkout payment, the wallet you send the funds to is a completely new wallet, to make it more difficult to trace.

    This is my last and final attempt at retrieving my hard earned money, are you able to help me?

  47. Hi, I had someone come to me telling me they knew a great way to invest my bitcoins to get me massive returns. I took them up on the offer and invested $800,000 bitcoins to the platform called my deposit went from $800,000 to $960,000 i was very pleased to see that, it was $160k profit so i decided to do a withdrawal of $5,000 to my bitcoin wallet on cashapp. My deposit continued to say pending so i contacted support through chat because they had a whatsapp number. The guy told me i needed to deposit $700 to a given bitcoin wallet address and provide a photo copy of my identification to validate my account. So I asked why cant they take the $700 from my account to proceed with my withdrawal and he said that amount have to be paid from a different wallet, so I have $800,000 just sitting on this platform that i cannot recover

    1. Invertí en alrededor de 1000 USDT y cuando fui a retirar las ganancias no me lo permitió por mantenimiento y ahora me piden hacer un depósito de 800 USDT para desbloquear los retiros y acceder a mi cuenta .Estafa

  48. I live in Austria and I invested the sum of $ 78,400 in Bitcoin with Coin Flip, a cryptocurrency company I met online. My initial investment increased from $ 78,400 to $ 152,700 after a week. This felt so good as the investment grew swiftly in just a few weeks. When it was time to retire, my withdrawal request was denied, all effort to make withdrawal declined, then I realized I had been ripped off. All thanks to
    henrywalter5530 @ g mail . COM for recovering my money back.

    1. Hello, Joshua I’ve also been scammed after depositing N$2000 I was told that I won N$ 209,000 o was so excited that I’ll pay my own school fees but it wasn’t like that until I was requested to send N$ 6500to upgrade my trading account later I was surprised that it has increased to 309,000 then told to pay another 18,500 I stopped. I just hope I get the same help you got.

  49. A woman reached out to me through FB and requested my friendship her name is Lisa Yang and she got me involved investing crypto with her through investing $3000 i realized the site was a total scam after they would not allow me to withdraw any of my funds and the woman Lisa laughed at me so she was in on the scam also.She told me her uncle had great trading tips for crypto and she had made hundreds of thousands investing with his tips.If anyone know’s any information on this company or has a similiar story as mince please contact me at

  50. and sre all the same company. Licensed out of Hong Kong. AAA Trust Asia audited and verified… But they are a scam… I’ve lost $95,000 USD

  51. Hi,
    I have been scammed by

    They are a scamming company. They have taken alot of money from me and never gave me my profit. They never give full information about the process. I have proof of the scam.

    They have texted me from 3 different numbers.

    After I invested $100, and they notified me to send my profit, and asked to pay 10% commission before receiving my profit which was never informed to me. When I paid the commission they said I have to pay a bank charge to receive the money, which was also never informed. And after I paid the bank charge, again they said to pay for a connectivity fee, which I was not aware of.

    When ever I could not pay they will offer some kind of help so that I would keep up with them.

    Now they have deactivated my crypto account and even the person who texted me through instagram has deleted his instagram account. I don’t know how I am going to get my money back.

    Please make people aware of this and save people from falling into this business scam.

  52. it is totally fraud company. We and our relatives have invested our hard earned money, more than 20000 $. They claimed to have multiple offices in India (Odissa, Banglore, Mumbai.) and Head office in USA as mentioned on website. They offered different investment plans expiring 45 days, 90 days , 180 days and above. My 45 days plans are maturing. Now their mobiles are switch off. No reply to our Support Tickets. No reply to our emails to Readers are advised not to invest even a single penny in this company. If anyone can help me to recover our money.

  53. hello, I was robbed by a very big network of lies, they use telegram, they have a chat group in which they write fake profiles, how they made money and are very satisfied, but at the moment, those who ask for their profit start to invent all kinds of rules and ask for deposits, then when you fulfill they delete everything. the admin stops answering you, their page support ignores you and you can’t do anything, they are mentally harassing you, they even threatened me

  54. Hi I’ve been scammed for about
    1000 USD the company is
    I put the initial amount of 500usd
    and after they started to ask for
    more money in order to get the
    investment profit. Be aware of that
    company it’s a fraud!

  55. I lost $40k to Fan Zhang who lives on the East Coast somewhere. His “niece” contacted me through LinkedIn to talk about the connection that she said that LinkedIn had suggested, but after some conversations she wanted to switch to WhatsApp. Then she shows the “money” that she made through her “uncle” and his investment strategies…
    Started to look like I had increased the $40k to $56, but then when I asked to get the money back he balked and then stopped talking to me at all. I filed a complaint to the website host and they suspended the account. Anything to do with the MINE name is suspect as are any Chinese women who suddenly reach out for contact, then switch to the investment scheme. Jin Ling was in Toronto and was the supposed niece… It was a very sophisticated scam from start to end…

    1. Hello my name is James Plymale and my email in and my phone number is 954-240-1245.I had a similiar run in with a chinese woman that said she had an uncle with good information on crypto leads and she is from toronto.Call me or email me,lets see if this is the same woman and mabey we can find her.

  56. Hi I was scammed by fortunately I only put in $150 Cad but it still hurts. I did my due diligence but still got caught out. Now they are trying to get more out of me. Wont respond to chat requests, are rude if they do, not helpful. Can’t withdraw. Be aware people and use a proper financial planner. If anyone knows how I can get my money back that would be appreciated. thanks
    I was also scammed by someone pretending to be a BTS member I had put down $2000 US to book them for a meet and greet… but it wasn’t real. Be aware. I paid through Paypal but they wont help me. Again if anyone out there knows how to help me get my money back, I really need it badly.
    I was also scammed by Google Play… bought a $75 play card from Shoppers Drug Mart to give as a gift. It won’t load. Been back and forth with Google they refuse to help. They know about the issue, others have been ripped off too. they wont provide a solution or refund the lost funds. It’s been months now, so can’t get help.
    No way to win these days. If anyone has any solutions, real honest solutions.
    let me know

  57. I was also scammed, after 5 months with my money without being able to withdraw, they required me to make 2 deposits to be able to release the money, I made them and I’m still waiting and they keep giving me long, they tell me excuses and lies and I’m still waiting to be able to withdraw my money , the invested and the supposed gains for all the time I have waited. Please help me.

  58. Sad to see that we are all scammed by this heartless people who dont work fair and love to cheat people.
    I’m scammed by this Ludomir Shikarov and his CEO with whatsapp number +44 7780 307230. I had a profit of $33000, but before it reached that profit they ask so many fees like upgrading account $ 800 then I can withdraw after I pay another withdrawal fees of $500 then I pay again. I was transferred to CEO asking me again an activation of trust wallet $400 now I pay again he asked me to pay another $500 for international bank charges.

    This is where I already refuse and ask to return my money instead and I dont mind the profit already.

    Now no one wants to reply to my message any more.

    Beware of this 247cryptomarketstock.con if you want proof you can email me.


    Lost $3350 with those scammers I was stupid enough to deposit 1500$ more to withdraw my main invested money which is $2000

    You should never go through this. A complete scam. They will add over $10,000 to your account and ask you to pay the TAX fee before receiving any money. In this case, your main invested money will be lost too.

    They will always develop new excuses to scam you and make you deposit money more and more until you are literally broke. Don’t ever trust these scammers. You earn $100. Then you end up losing $3,000.

    I advise you if you lose $100 don’t deposit more than that or you will continue to lose the rest.
    I have proof and have hired a lawyer to continue this until this company is closed.
    Never deposit money with them. Their YouTube channel has one video and it’s full of purchased likes and comments.

    If you want evidence, any proof, I will provide it to you just contact me. I’m not a company that tries to take down this scam website it already has 0 popularity and that’s the reason it’s not closed yet they have a target to reach.

    I can email you the proofs
    Here is my email


    Stay away people, they advertise big profits, like all the above. But when it is time to withdraw, there are extra fees to be paid. Actually the fees never stop. IBPC certificate that can only be issued from them, activation fee, blockchain fee and so on. You can start with 500, but because they blind you with 20X profits, they convince you to pay more and more….until you are in the hole for a few thousands.

  61. Hi, contact me by Telegram the user @clara2441 (Clara Winkler) she told me about I opened account and invest just only 30usdt on the basic Plan. one, two and tree times…then I tryed withdraw fund to binance and itsn’t possible. They told me this:
    Dear Javier,
    I’m sorry a restrictions was found on your account for reinvesting multiples times on same plan probably your first investment also . Reinvestment uses an automatic reinvestment Intelligence which get actives once you start your first reinvestment, to release this your required to upgrade your investment account to the Gold plan. Once the system database detects your deposit your account will be reactivated and you can process withdrawals.

    So they told me that invest 200 or 500 usdt more to reactivate my account. I will not put more money on this…
    I need help to get this fucking scammers to help anothers users arround the word that not lost money.


  62. I got scammed by:
    They will get you to plan 2 then the CEO Peterson Wilson (Contactable in telegram on their channel: crtominersx), and tell you which plan are you investing in, then he tells you go ahead send. After you send & inform him he tells you that theres a issue with plan 2 invest more for plan 3. Then when you ask your money back from plan 2 he makes all kinds of excuses and concentration is focused on trying to get you to invest in plan 3 even after numerous requests for withdrawal. He then tells you that you can not withdraw and that its better to deposit more to invest in plan 3. I hope you can arrest these scammers and also they use agents to ruse you into investing more.

    1. My message got cut off. After investing, they applied $200 extra to my account. Within a few months, I asked to withdraw my initial investment of $1,000. The Chat Guy said, “Why only $1,000?” I responded that I didn’t care about the additional $200. I just wanted my money back. He replied that I had over $270,000 because my money kept reinvesting. And, all I had to do is pay a 5% flat fee (over $13K), and then they would give me the $270k. I responded that if that money is really available, then just take the $13k off the top and send me the balance. Given the status of crypto, it obviously didn’t pass the common sense test. They quit responding to me on chat, so I wrote to the company via email. The guy responded that all I had to do is pay the $13K, and they would release my funds, but they couldn’t take it out of the profits because they didn’t have access to my money… duh…. I replied that if they were a legitimate company, they would just send me back my initial $1,000. They returned with “We don’t respond to foul language…blah blah”. I didn’t use foul language. My point of contact, Lorraine James, continues to say it is legitimate. The guy I used via Paypal to make the original investment, Marvin Roberts, wrote and told me he lost $34K and that it is a scam. Lorraine claims he is lying.

    2. Sono stata truffata qualcuno può aiutarmi su telegram uno ha il nickname come Phoenix Crypto l’altro Giordano reale. Aiuto 😔

    MY CONTACT: Paulin Bashizi. (Says he’s American but communicates with non-American, possibly Eastern accent.)
    Appear to be based in Watsonville, CA, but they don’t show their street name.

    Very friendly. Showing huge returns on bitcoin/forex investments. But they transfer nothing. They only keep asking for fees and commissions and never transferring even a penny. Empty promises.

    My contact communicates with the smoothness of a professional rapist. Lines like:
    “You won’t regret this.”
    “We can take care of this in 30 minutes.”
    “I come from a good family. I have never hurt anyone.”
    “Let’s get this done.”
    “So let’s put heads (sic) together.”
    “I can always assist you.”

    These phone numbers are connected to them: 317-662-4927, 470-610-0481.

  64. got to me. I started with 10k which grew to 15k in a few “investment strategies” then I increased it to $40k. That grew to $56k with a few sessions, then they started to want me to bring in new investors and were looking for people who had $100-500k to invest to make big profits. Suddenly, the opportunities dropped off as they said they weren’t making enough fees from my paltry $56k, although they were only putting in $30k at a session. With all of the spooky talk about crypto lately, I told them I wanted to cash out and sit it out for awhile. THEN they sent a message that said for me to remove my funds from their system, I had to add 5x that amount “to ensure that I wasn’t money laundering” They allowed me to withdraw funds to pay their fees, but then I was locked out from making any transfers to a wallet or other platform. Fan Zhang was the director. The website was full of masked entries when you tried to discover who they were at a whois inquiry. They claimed that the platform was from Australia but when I signed in on Google it asked if I always wanted to translate to English from Chinese….. Currently, the site is off-line so I can’t even do anything with my funds and they won’t release funds to my bank or another platform. I’m planning on filing complaints with the local police, fraud units, FTC and even seeing if I can check to see if the participants are even US citizens.

  65. Scammer Website:

    We got an invite from our family friend about this website for investment on funds! First we got USDT from Paribu (like Binance platform) after that we send our USDT from TRC-20 Network to scammer website TRC-20 network (USTD trc-20 wallet) . We start investment on short term funds total amount was $2000 and we got daily $36. We got it 6 or 7 days and after that they caught me with big profits and increased the percentage interest of the projects. After that we invested like $20000 and it was for 9 days but what happens during the wait! They set there some constraints and did not give us to pick our money and send to back our Paribu (like Binance platform) account. Because they started scamming and the website just look like fake. They increase everyday project profits and more things. So we are feeling very bad and we are so sorry! Could you help us please 🥺

  66. Scam Scam

    My WhatsApp 1-352-682-0145
    Can email you their scamming email screenshots

  67. scammed £6000 by Bridgeway Consult Ltd, based in Cyprus & London .Finland and Germany
    extremely clever scam but a bunch of thieves nonetheless, they changed one letter in an email making the bitcoins I had bought previously to an unknow wallet which they now control, to be able to get the stolen bitcoins back to my wallet they demand another 8000 GBR. not prepared to pay any more money into this scam
    so it has all been stolen

  68. The name of the platform is BTM, the website is they make us download the app and make us register. also make us transfer funds through they will firstly help us with buy sell recommendations. and make our trade profit. Then they will offer on to one trading recommendations for which they charge 30% of the profit. I tried with a small fund and was successful. They will allow us to withdraw fund via binance to our bank account. After which they said that the commission they get from my trades was very less as i am trading with less capital. They asked me to increase my capital to 1000 USD. The condition for withdrawal is that i can only withdraw after paying their commission. I traded accordingly and my total profit has come to USDT 9345 so i was supposed to pay 2803.5 as commission to the analyst before i could withdraw the funds to my account. I paid 2803.5 USDT to the analysts wallet after arranging additional funds. After which I tried to withdraw 8001 USDT to my binance account, they refused the withdrawal. when i interacted with the support team of BTM they asked me to pay 30% tax of the entire profit to their wallet first, then only i can withdraw the funds. I told them that it is not possible. They say in india i need to pay 30% tax for crypto gains. I went into the income tax department here and they say i don’t need to pay the plat form the tax money. I can pay the money later. But the BTM support team insists i pay them 30% then only they will release my USDT which is lying in their wallet. I have 10364.69 USDT in my BTM wallet. Please help me in withdrawing the USDT to my binance wallelt.

    The BTM support persons number is +91 9773487131

    My number is +91 9895015107

  69. Hello please check this website for expert_coins ltd they are scammers they claim it’s a crypto currency investment company but it’s just a scam.when you send your money to invest they will hold your money and keep demanding more money and block you from withdrawing your money back

  70. Beacon capital investments.. do not invest.
    They pay you so you feel comfortable, they have amazing customer service at first and they
    Really seem to care about the “investor” I built my account to over 220k US only to find the day I was supposed to collect my profits my account goes “inactive” which means I have to deposit an extra 7% of the 220k to reactivate. I’ll post shit all over the internet about these fuckers… pay me!

  71. I got scammed by www// the name of the bastard scammer is Marteen but the real name is WALTER RAUL
    I lose with Him more than 60.000£ The other scammer is Mauro di Maria this bloody bastard insure me to rescue my money but he stolen me more than 30.000£ and he keep calling me he want more money for the tax
    I have all documents but the police can’t do nothing in this world of shit

  72. I got scammed by I have invested 2300$ and since a week the website is disappeared. First they said there is some maintenance is on going and later the said it will reopen by a new name as the ownership has been changed. Before that I couldn’t withdraw my balance and the website disappered.

  73. Unfortunately I fell pray to someone posing as someone I knew on Instagram. Avoid anyone that is from equitypips. They have you deposit money into an account, and then there is no way to access your money. Their support email contact is a joke – very generic and no one ever answers it. Do not have anything to do with EquityPips

  74. I am new and naive to this new financial realm. I was contacted and guided by an individual from Telegram social media site to transfer my XLM in Trust wallet to Again believing these individuals I did. I have contacted Ledgercryptoindex by email more tan once. They have failed to respond. I did, however keep all correspondence , screenshots, etc. I need to recoup these funds some how from this so called trading site.

  75. Me han retirado 4.95€ euros sin mi autorización, deseo el reembolso del dinero.
    Dgfun.Net deseo que me devuelva lo retirado.

  76. Charles Brown

    I got scammed, stupid fucking me… $24,000 USD invested…. Income approx $143,000USDt (if its for real), Says I owe taxes in the amount of $33,000 USDt (I am rounding off for the purpose of this post). DEFIOEO.COM. I sam still maintaining a relationship incase it helps busting them. TOS-KET $2900 USDt, but I have to pay $1000USDt in order to withdraw the $2950 USDT – really, still maintaining a relationship. DCEX approx $3000… havn’t tried to withdraw yet, maintaining the relationship. Meta Trader… no investment, she got pissed at me, still have her contact. OLME/LME about $5000 Maintaining relationship, unable to withdraw, let her put my earnings in mining.. ,aintaining relationship. One common denominator other then the wrong text introduction, they all want you to keep adding more funding inorder to realize larger gains. Yeah, Im hurting, but I will live. If I can recover, great… but If my maintaining these relationships can bring down some busts, I will feel good. ps: It blows my mind these scammers can still operate and get away with this shit, some for 2 years, 2 god damn years! what does that tell you.

    1. I have been hit with two scammers the same way and have lost $20,000 to each ( fraudulent) crypto investment platform the same way. Thses individuals are ruthless and operate with impunity because they know they cannot be stopped or discovered.

  77. JoAnn Quackenbush

    I am PRAYING you’ll take my case to help me recover $256,000.00 from Snowball Investment/ They made huge promises that they’d trade my small investment of $5000.00, which they claimed they mined Bitcoin with. They said they made over $250,000, but kept demanding I send “commissions” to be able to withdraw my profit. I was so stupid to fall for this and am so angry with the amount of money I gave them.

    PLEASE…I’m begging for your help in recovering this. I’ve been in email communication with someone there, but they’re now claiming that my “contact”, John Abraham, if that’s even his real name, was the one who scammed people. However, this person – won’t state their name – is trying to get another $10,000 out of me claiming they’ll then send me $2.5million.

    The address that I sent the money to is ” bc1qzj93ch2hfsvtyve8c30w23fe684y9kus8amsyd ” from my Coinbase account.

  78. Stay away from this platform. I won but it won’t let me withdraw parities, it wants me to pay tax in advance on the entire profit 5%, also for the transfer they want another 5%. The platform is:

  79. they suck my 49.737 usdt from my trust wallet with dapp with a smart contract from when i try to withdraw my money back, thry have said that I have tried illegal withdrawal my money, now they want to have that I should deposit 10.000 usdt to my connected trust wallet again. 100 percent scam!

  80. SCAM Company Name:

    Denied Withdraw Amount(My ID): $7,375.36
    Denied Withdraw Amount(My referral ID): $1,613.48
    TOTAL Amount=$8,988.84

    Company Request: Reinvest $500 We will release your amount and your referral also.

    Reason why I don’t reinvest and stop invest:
    Ever since I opened an account with the said company till date, whenever I want to make a withdraw, they refuse to send the money giving some false reason. They asked me to pay like this 10 times. After receiving the money they will find another reason to ask for refund. We pay more and ask them to leave with the intention of getting it somehow…and keep paying. They also give new excuses every time to make money. So guys don’t get fooled by such fake company.
    If you think I’m lying. Find out the details about the company I have mentioned on this site itself.

  81. is very bad prfom I invest in 10006 usdt after 24 hours lock my account and demand for unlock 20% assets in deposit after account unlock. It’s scam

    1. I was asked to deposit $100 of investment that I withdraw 75% of the amount after 3days next thing say I have won and when I said please can I withdraw what I put they refused..

  82. Daniel Svensson

    I trusted a investor and transfered bc worth 500$
    On his site, a fake and built to scam it showed that i had profited but he wanted more money to pay out.
    I was stupid enough to pay him 1500$ more but no cashout was made
    He just wanted more money
    Sites name is
    Traders bcadress is

  83. I downloaded a trustworthy platform “Meta Trader 5” application. On the application, the broker “Aly Financial” appears. I did forex trading for $7,500.00 through them and I now cannot withdraw the funds.

  84. Mohammed Zahir

    Those people ask you to invest first. $100 After that your profit is ready $2550 Clarification fee for profit withdrawal $290 If you pay the clarification fee, they ask for pay trading tax of $ 230 but do not allow your withdrawal….

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