Your Info Has Been Successfully Submitted. Now What?

Your Info Has Been Successfully Submitted. Now What?

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139 thoughts on “Your Info Has Been Successfully Submitted. Now What?”

  1. Pamela P Woolen

    I don’t know who my scammer is & probably never will. Police r not even trying.
    In Oct 22, I fired my personal assistant for shooting up fentanyl in my home & totalling my brand new car. Shortly after, I found money missing from my checking account thru CashApp, PayPal & Facebook (Meta) Pay. B4 I knew it they were getting up to $500 / DAY in small increments ($20, 30, 50) but the bank didn’t even catch it. I ended up changing banks twice, accounts 5 times & 8 debit cards. I just opened an account at my 3rd bank 2day so time will tell if that gets hacked. My old bank notified me last week I had 10 days to get my money out for they r closing my account due to excessive claims. They didn’t care that I was the victim! They refused to refund the last $1500 in claims. WTF is FDIC for?
    My credit score is 533. More than 200 pts below what it was b4 all this started. I’ve worked SO hard after the death of my husband to raise my credit score for the last 20 yrs! Since I had no credit score basically, I had to pay cash for my new car after said personal assistant totaled my brand new car.
    They have opened credit cards or hacked into the ones I had when we were able to stop them, then after I opened new accts, they started all over again. I don’t understand why CashApp can’t find these ppl if I have access to at least their first names!! I can’t believe CashApp can’t shut this activity. This is a nitemare that won’t end. Every single day, the 1st thing I do is check my bank activity, then my credit cards. It consumes my every thought, every single day. I cry myself to sleep almost every nite knowing I have to start all over again when I wake up for the last 6 mos. They have scammed me out of $13K, which thankfully most was reimbursed.
    I need a hero!

  2. In april 2019 I invested 7500 eur to ccxcrypto and everything was good til the I think november 2019 when the site dissapered.In 2021 Called me from [email protected] and then I paid 9000eur to return my money but they were scamers too.I reported everything to Court and hightechnology police but nothing happen still

  3. Got scammed by a person I met on instagram! Talked about a lot of things, she understood me! With all that I have been through. She got a business model. Same as most of the persons as I read all the reactions from you. This website: Dormantaccountinvestment! Checked everything, looks genuine and everything. I’ve lost 7500 to this scam. Hopefully I can ge this back, it’s really needed.

  4. I just got scammed by an online marketing website called Maliluka. They have ad in IG for online part time job. There will be 3 people, 1 per tier that you will have to chat with. First one is via whatsapp and the second and third tier is in Telegram. It’s a online purchase where you get to grab an it to boost the sales of a specific products..The first step is they would ask you to add money for 100 pesos and ask you to grab an item. Note, the item will not be shipped literally. but you get to earn a commission for every completed item you grabbed. Second tier, you is when you have to add additional amount and they will even walk you through on how to withdraw your earnings after. When you get to the last tier, you’ll get a item worth 1k to 50k plus, and once you grab the item you won’t be able to change, or cancel and you will not be able to withdraw your money too..I am willing to go as far as borrowing money from a friend but it’s too late for me to check if the site is legit or scam, when I checked in google if it’s legit, a lot has already commented that even if you complete the last task, you will not be able to get your money I didn’t risk adding more money. I hope someone could check and get these scammers pay and penalized. I should’ve checked first before pursuing.

    1. Same goes for me, but their platform is called Promenadesupply. The same scenarios happened to me, I can’t withdraw my invested money . Hope someone can help me recover my money.

  5. Hello, I invested about 1000 dollars on ghooda site and they have not returned my money for almost two months. Please help if possible.

  6. HELLO, I have experienced another fraud, this time a company that operates in England is called ALFATRADE.CC, it is a company that exists but it deceives people of good faith, a month ago a lady Tessa Allison called me to invest 250 that you get and give a bonus of 250 but I invested 500 euros and they gave me 250 bonus so I started with 750 euros until April 13, 2023 it went well the profit rose to 1097 euros and I wanted to withdraw 1080 but the surprise after I filled out the form withdrawal, he said that my financial expert would contact me the next day, I talked with the expert MACRINA KGILL, who refused to make the transfer to me, she said that it was undeclared money, so I was left with no money. Are there no laws that punish these scammers, how can they continue to cheat without any problem, without anyone being held accountable, I will go and report to the police, I have a lot of evidence

  7. In February, a lady called me to invest in AMAZON, the lady said that it is real and that the investment will be traded and that she works at OCTAFX EUROPE — OCTA MARKETS CYPRUS LTD I deposited the 200 euros the next day the expert contacted me financially he didn’t say his name but he used these phone numbers 034 919 93 08 50 -034 633 78 09 72 everything was fine I withdrew I deposited the first time 1300 euros after 2-3 days he said he has a financial plan and he convinced me to take out a bank loan of 15,000 euros and made a transaction with bitcoin from which a total profit of 36,618.85 euros came out. the rest to give a down payment for a car, the money had to be transferred to my COINBASE account and then to my account that I have in Spain and from here it went, he kept saying that the money would come in at 13:00, it didn’t come in, he said to wait until 14:00 they still didn’t enter, after which I received an email saying that the money was blocked by COINBASE because the amount was 26,200 euros and in order to unblock it I had to submit a guarantee of 7,600 euros which I have nowhere to get, that’s about it now I think it was all a scam

  8. Dear All,
    There is a telegram group named ADHRIT INDIA and they are providing crypto trading platform http://www, where they are booking order for you after taking money ranging INR 3K to INR 255K. They are operating from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm (ISD). They are giving task / mission at 11:45 AM, 03:05 PM, 05:35 PM and 08:05 PM asking the group members to select any amount. Now the higher amounts have multiple orders which they don’t disclose beforehand.
    eg: You select INR 185K and after the 3 min task in website you can see your amount is 221K. But then they will say you cant withdraw fund because there is another order which value is almost double to four times higher than what u won, ranging from 475K to 975k. Then, after this task you will again see a remarkable profit in the portal but then they will again hold your account and ask to deposit double to four times ranging from 900K to 1500K. They will try to convince for money and then they will threat to cease your account.
    I already lost INR 660K in the process and now I am struggling to arrange fund to run my daily wellbeing and repay other EMIs.

    1. Dear All,
      There is a telegram group named Earning Crews and they are providing crypto trading platform where they are booking order for you after taking money ranging INR 11K to INR 200K. They are operating from 10.30 am to 10.30 pm (IST). They are giving task / mission at 10:05 AM, 01:08 PM, 06:36 PM and 09:04 PM asking the group members to select any amount. Now the higher amounts have multiple orders which they don’t disclose beforehand.
      eg: You select INR 20K and after the 3 min task in website you can see your amount is 55K. But then they will say you cant withdraw fund because there is another order which value is almost double to four times higher than what u won, ranging from 70K to 140k. Then, after this task you will again see a remarkable profit in the portal but then they will again hold your account and ask to deposit double to four times ranging from 400K to 600K. They will try to convince for money and then they will threat to cease your account.
      I already lost INR 200K in the process and now I am struggling to arrange fund to run my daily wellbeing and repay other EMIs.

  9. Please help me to return my money back,this wicked woman,she take 717000 Lakh (Indian Rupees) ,and thats all my credit from people who are now filing me a case. because i did not return them money. in the time of withdrawal process. i shock because theres another payment which is Rs. 200k (2 Lakh in Indian Rupees) ,just to continue my withdrawal process. i am only the one earning persona in my whole famiy with my parent and 3 minor sibblings ,and i dont know from where to give them food,allowance in school,pay the bills etc.i dont have anymore work and no one wil help me.i am begging please help me to return my money.thank please help !!!

  10. it was started on telegram. she said that ” we gain $18,000 daily with all my friends.” Then I asked her how you do it, and she sent me link ( to register. Initially, I have sent 100 USDT from my binance account, then another 100 USDT. It seemed on website that my 200 USDT deposit has already reached 1000 USDT with daily transactions. after few days he told me if i want to continue and earn more i need to increase the balance to 5000 USDT. Then I added 4000 USDT from my binance wallet. so you have to add it so that we can catch the new wave and earn more each time I already transferred 13,357 USDT in total. A month later, my balance on tehaa was already 300,000 USDT. And when I want to withdraw, I am required to pay a tax of 10% of the balance.
    Please help me to get my money back.

    1. Seems like we lost money to the same fraudsters,I was told to open an account and deposit to deposited via binance too some 2070USDT,the money grew through fictional trading but I couldn’t withdrwa unless I paid 10% commission.i didn’t pay up because I realised I had been scammed

  11. Help me get my money back from a girl was texting me about investing and I have someone else I put on It and I lost $1500?? and that was my college money for this year and can someone help me to get the money back please because of this money is for this year to go to my college and then I was saving up for this year but they say if I put 1500 I will have a more the phone number is 770-835-5691. If you see this number text you that’s mean they’re going to scam you

  12. Guys, please dont invest in or person named Peter Holland. I was cheated for 7000$ USD

    I got in touch with a funds manager on Telegram. His name is Peter Holland. He says he’s a funds manager who trades on
    I was speaking with this person on Telegram since January. Here’s what he asked me to do and I followed his instructions:
    1. He asked me to create an account on, which I did.
    2. I could see a trading account registered in my name.
    3. There was a cryptocurreny wallet address on this account which I used to transfer initial 100 USD through virtual currency.
    4. 5 Days after the amount grew to 173 USD out of which he helped me withdrawing 170 USD and I paid 34 USD (20% of total transaction) as commission
    5. Next he asked me to invest in next plan for one month, and I followed the same process with 500 USD
    6. Over one month from 17th Feb to 17th March, the amount grew to 40000 USD
    7. After completion of one month, on 20th March he asked me to deposit virtual currency (USDC) to his wallet which was (20% of total withdrawal) which i did from my Crypto wallet
    8. Next day I received email from saying that I need to pay 2000 USD more (5% of total transaction) as tax towards US Government, which i sent from my Crypto wallet in form of USDC
    9. In the mean time, this person kept on talking about problems in depositing crypto to my wallet because I am based out of United States
    10. Today he asked me to send me my Canadian bank account information so that DanenTrades would deposit the amount to my bank account which I am refusing as I did payment through Crypto wallet.
    11. I approached this person imitating another customer and he smelled something fishy and he deleted all Telegram chat history.
    12. I have all my telegram chat screenshots, all payment done screenshots and also recorded call audio (which i did from my friend’s phone)
    The telegram account has Display Picture of white person but when i heard on call, he did sound like Negro person with heavy black accent.

    Please try to catch this person and help me getting my money back as this person might have cheated with many others

    1. There’s a scumbag who calls himself Joshua Garrett. He will befriend you happily coach you how to withdraw funds from your checking and into a crypto wallet. From there, he guides you to open a browser that mimics Stormgain, when you put money in, you will not get it back. The dude is a real chickenshit coward. Do not invest with third party sites. Most of them seem to be scams.

    1. I invested 250 at – same , couldn’t have withdrawal. This scam goes on social media everywhere under different web site names !!!

  13. Do not, I repeat do not invest with Ashely Hoffman of Tradefxmining and Kim Burgess of Digital Global Market. These are bonafide scam artists. They promise that there are no fees required upon completion of trade and withdrawal. But once you go to make your withdrawal, the hamster wheel of fees starts to spin, and next thing you know you’re applying for a loan just to cover not only the required fees, but the network fees associated with the transfers. It is absolutely ridiculous. So if you’re on IG and you get DMs from these two, avoid them like the plague!

  14. Hi. Unfortunately, I have fallen victim of Solanding. After some initial trials with small amounts, it shown to be a high yield opportunity and I decided to put my savings into the platform. However, in December 2022, when I try to withdraw some of my funds, I was requested to start paying different fees to get my funds unlocked: 1. Paying fee to the broker: 20% of the total amount in my account 2. Pay to the platform “income taxes” 12% of the total amount in my account After those payments, I was supposed to get my funds unlocked, but based on their procedures (which I was not told before), they only attend 300 withdrawal per day and mine was around the position 56,000. So they asked me to pay again, this time $10,000 to get a vip green line to get my funds unlocked within 2 hours. But after paying them, now they said that my transfer request was wrong, and now I can only get paid by check, but I need to inject another $9,000 to get the minimum amount for check payments. And this must be done by Monday Feb 20th or they will give my money to their charity fund. Now I would get paid only in check, but then I need to get complete$50,000 that is the minimum amount they can submit a check for. All the money transfer to the site and the payments has been done in USDT from my coinbase account, except from the broker fees which were requested to be paid in bitcoins. I have requested to the site to have an alternative to get my funds released but there is no positive feedback; they even commented that, if I don’t pay soon, they will send my funds to charity. I haven’t been able to speak to any customer representative other that the broker I got assigned whose name supposed to be Wendy Lee and is located in California whose number is 213-564-9796. I have presented claims to different US Agencies looking for help without any success by now, but if all of you can also present your claims this could lead to a serious investigation to this site and, eventually, recover our money. The sites I presented claims are as follows: – FBI – Federal Trade Commission – econsumer – Consumer Financial Protection Bureau – Securities and Exchange Commision: The broker I got assigned supposed to be Wendy Lee from California. Her number is +1 213-564-9796 Let’s expose them wherever is needed to secure that nobody else fall in this scam and to have our authorities investigate and prosecute them.

  15. I got scammed by platform they cheated me. I have lost more than 1000 dollars on this platform. I still have 260 dollars in my account but my withdrawal status is closed. Can anyone help me please?

  16. Anybody heard about I got scammed in the amount of $280 cdn. The guy name James Anderson from instagram message me if I want to invest in crypto binary. In three days I will get my profit that is what he said. I deposited the amount to him and I can see in my dashboard after a day the investment amount and the gains in trading. The first the gain is $800usd, the second day the total to $2800 usd. The third day the James guy messages that that I need to deposit another $900 cdn to upgrade my trading status as my starter status can’t work anymore as it earn too high. So the James guy said I need to upgrade within 24 hours to continue my account. Told him just withdraw the $2800 usd gain and pay the upgrade fee of $650 usd. But he said he cannot and I need to pay the $650 first before I can withdraw the gains. I said I won’t do that, as you said first that I can withdraw the first gain in three days time. But still he said he cannot do it. I said I won’t deposit another unless the first gain of $2800 must be withdraw first, then I will do the upgrade. He never replied after, and my $280cdn deposit is gone.

  17. Got scammed with tesler, the one you see on YouTube. I deposited $250 usd as it was the minimum amount required. After that, they set up my account. A few days later, this Indian accent guy said I needed to deposit another $15k USD so that I could start trading. I said I don’t have that amount of money, the guy replied, and I need to deposit money as $250 USD is not enough and won’t earn anything at their trading flatform. I told them I want money back, but they never reply after. My $250usd is gone, I could be scammed more if I give in to their demand to deposit more.

  18. Tenho 10673.981468 usdt na fiz a solicitação de resgate eles não me deixam retirar o dinheiro, eles falam que tenho que depositar 50% do valor total da minha conta para liberar o dinheiro, isso é um roubo golpe não caio nessa furada!

  19. I was also scammed by,they also got a lot of my money, 8,000 riyals, I hope they can return my money because I worked here in Saudi Arabia as a cleaner. They say a lot that I will pay so that I can withdraw my profit in 7 days. please help me me to get my money back.

  20. Do not invest using this website :
    they’ll only allow you the first withdraw ($200USD), after your asset getting big they’ll issue some email about anti money laundering where you have to pay exact same as your account,
    and if you paid, you’ll probably got scammed again.
    A korean girl contacted me through IG, so beware of pretty lady that will slowly ask you to invest more and more.

  21. scammed me of £2000 telling me to complete a premium order by depositing $4k if I want to withdraw my money. I’m so angry right now and feel stupid. This lady from telegram @kattymolly scammed me, I don’t even know if it’s her real name or picture. All they were concerned about was how I can look for $4k to complete the premium order. They scammed me of my hard earned money.

  22. Empece a invertir en con ayuda de una persona que conoci en internet y ahora la plataforma no me permite retirar mis ganancias que ascienden a 36500 usdt, me exigen un pago que es un porcentaje de lo ganado en dicha plataforma, aún tengo la cuenta activa con las ganancias pero no puedo retirar

    1. Yo también tengo esa misma situación pero con mucha mas cantidad. Me siento bastante avergonzado y estupido pues invertí mas de 90k y la ganancia es de 259k y me exigen pagar el 18% de un supuesto impuesto y si no los pago no puedo realizar el retiro. La plataforma es CAE exchange



    I apologize in advance for spelling errors

    more or less 3 months ago I put my number on a site to invest in Amazon, I was contacted by you, who immediately asked to invest in amazon and if there was a way to do something automatic without taking time away from my family, I the girl immediately said yes … she asked me how much she wants to invest, I replied 250 I was, she tells me if you can get to 500 you would have given me 750 … I said okay …. made the first transfer .. .then he tells me that Manuel, his manager, would contact me shortly for a chat …ok

    after a few minutes she called me

    kind and friendly he tells me if I had put in another 2000 euros you would have given me 5000 so I could operate more even though I had told them that I just wanted to invest in amazon and I had time for this type of thing … but I trusted … and I made the 2nd transfer

    that she had me followed by one of her best brokers Cristian and asked me for my trading objective, I answered them 150-200 euros a month to get rid of some whim from my daughter

    Cristian calls me and has 12 small protected operations done to show me how it works

    I told them that I just wanted to invest in Amazon, he replied that Amazon needs a few months to see any results, I replied I’m not in a hurry …. but nothing

    after a few days he contacted me and told me that there was an investment that he thought was very profitable (bitcon) but I had to invest another 18,000 euros, I was reluctant, I didn’t want to do it, after a few insistent phone calls he convinced me and I made 2 trances 1 (6150) and more ( 11850)

    August arrives I was on holiday he contacted me he told me that there had been some control problems that they would give me back the wire transfers on the 1st (6150) he came back (6142) the second no after 1 week

    he asked me to do a bank recall, so I rushed my wife (since she doesn’t work) to the bank

    we did the recall which was successful (11842)

    Cristian tells me we’ll send you another bank transfer, I did the 6150 one but I didn’t want to do the 11850 one anymore, I said to myself that’s enough I’ll stop here …. After some insistence from Cristian I didn’t give in I didn’t want to put them anymore

    so one Monday Cristian called me and told me that he wouldn’t grind me (I would have preferred he had grinded me) he made me open the ngas (buy and sell) and he told me that we would raise 11850 by doing those operations I said to myself (fine) and I asked them what should I do

    he replied “how do you see that either the buy or the sell in profit plus 500 was closed and reopened”

    so I did

    after a week or so and a little more I received a message

    Hello Mohammed,
    I’m Vittorio Costa.
    Cristian will be out of the office on a company trip until day 12.
    He left me your account “in custody”.
    Do not hesitate to contact me at any time, and write to me when it is more convenient for you to hear from us during the day. At least one appointment a day.
    I hope all is well, he told me Cristian that you have lost some faith and enthusiasm in the project.
    I’m so sorry, I take the blame for everything you went through.
    I await your contact.

    and my absolute decline

    he made me open the oil same speech buy and sell without explaining anything
    then dowjons then they abandoned me a week

    came back he told me that things were not going well that I had to put 11850 to close the negativity so I did

    but instead of closing, he made me open the grain without explaining anything to me, always the usual buy and sell discourse

    after a week he called me and said that the transactions are expiring I had to put another 20,000 in order not to lose the money … I said make them expire I won’t put anything more
    he told me you’re crazy I replied that it’s my fault if I was put like this I have nothing to do with it
    he said “please don’t let the operations expire he would have lost his job”
    after some insistence telling me we’ll give you 125 percent at least we can close something ”
    I made the transfer
    but the credits hadn’t gone up
    I asked why he told me that he would have Stefano call me ….
    Stefano my name is and he told me that I had to put another 20,000 as they come in we’ll make you return 10,000 also said by Manuel
    I hallucinated ,,, I wanted to close everything and file a fraud report
    I didn’t have any more money, I replied
    nothing to do I would have lost everything
    believe me I never asked my wife for money (and I did that day)
    humiliated and demoralized
    I put another 20,000 but the credits only 60 percent
    and tell me the other 60 percent were served to open trades (which I didn’t want and didn’t know they were expiring)
    I only got 3000 back
    I just told you the plain truth

    Do you think it’s not a scam?
    Do you think I was wrong?
    Do you think I’m crazy?
    do you think I have not been bypassed?

  24. i was scammed by a company named Kraginal, they promised me a 20 pc set of iron cookware for $19.99 plus tax and the fee for international which i didn’t even know it was over seas, like a dummy i fell for it, that was in October 2022, never got the cookware but they got their money, please help

  25. We recently got scammed on Instagram on 1/18/23/ out of $1500 in blok, fake account for Bloktopia CEO offering “help” fake investment opportunity using this phish site would like to know if you can help recover?

  26. I got scammed out of 7k USDT on
    I got lured into it by a pretty young woman who got into my DM’s on Instagram @lucianaeve144
    Long story short. You deposit money and your money is magically multiplied. You can’t withdraw unless you recharge your account with various amounts and with various reasons including “tax” on the profits taken.

    1. I am scamed for 530$ in bitcoin and this is my first and last work with crypto because of this scammers. I am scammed on site I have phone numbers of that menagers.

    2. Literally the same story here. I got scammed by 8k USDT.
      A young woman lured me who matched me on Tinder (Audrey), she is placed in London but comes actually from Japan.

    3. I was Scammed to at I lost all my money to these scammers pretending to be legit. I lost a total of 1700$ and my currency is 56 lesser than USD. I feel so stupid and devastated. When they let me withdraw all my money to the platform, they changed the wallet address which is not mine. Beware of this website: as it will really scam you over and over again.

  27. I am a victim of a scam from MTBCoin. The total amount I lost was 410,956 Philippine pesos 7487 (US Dollars).

    Upon making 21,312 Dollars from the MTBCoin trading app, I chose to withdraw my earnings. I got in touch with customer support and they referred me to a LINE ID with the username qiao74.

    This qiao74 then told me that in order for me to withdraw my funds, I have to pay them a total of 280,956 pesos as a “20% fee”. I paid the money since I thought that it would be the only step for me to fulfill so I can claim my money. But after paying the 280,956 I was then told that I need to pay a total of 130,000 pesos as a “Service fee”. I still managed to pay the money, albeit it drained almost 90% of my savings.

    After 24 hours of paying the so-called “service fee” I then got a message from qiao74 stating that I have to pay a “20% tax fee” of 277,056 pesos in order for them to “successfully wire my assets to the bank”. This time, I completely gave up because their actions were too dubious already.

    I am still holding on to the hope that I regain the money I lost, albeit if I don’t, I count it as a lesson to never fall for “get-rich-quick schemes”. Let this be a warning to whoever reads this.

  28. Hello, I’ve lost around the 1000£ on this platform called They asked me to pay the withdrawal fees when I paid it they asks me for account upgrade fees and when I payed that they asks me for tax and ipe fees and all about 500£. Please help me get my money back.

  29. me ha estafado con 1500usdt, en las cuales me pidio multiples transacciones, ademas al investigar, se veque esta afiliado a la pagina, la cual tiene un formato de imagen identica, al confrontar a los dueños no responden, y me dan las siguientes wallets respaldandose en ellas

    espero que pueda tener devuelta mi dinero, y espero que a ninguno de ustedes les pase. has defrauded me with 1500 usdt, in which they asked me for multiple transactions, in addition to investigating, it is seen that it is affiliated with the page, which has an identical image format, when confronting the owners they do not respond , and they give me the following wallets relying on them

  30. Hello,
    I have 520K in the account at, now the money can’t be paid out because I’m supposed to transfer 87K in taxes (20%) to, so that my money can then be paid out. That’s cheating. there’s nothing like that. I need help urgently

  31. I am from Bangladesh. I have lost my 1500 usd at platform ktbmine. ktb mine’s account manager name is
    Kai sa
    What’s app number +1 (585) 480-7579
    Telegram link
    I want to return my money and panisment of that thief.

  32. I invest 1k because she sai my money in 24hrs it will become bigger so after 24hrs i saw in my trading account that my profit ybecome 51k. Pesos when im trying to withdraw i received a email that i will send my money worth of 15k. Pesos for (IDP) so i send it via Gcash at all through sending money when im ask to my account manager Mrs. ARCHIE M. STEVE i want to withdraw it because my profit became $4820 she teach me step by step how to withdraw when im trying to withdraw it its pending so i received again a email that k will send $500 for ugrading my account into Gold or silver so i stop it ask my account manager that i want my money back she said my money back wants i send the $500 so i ask a help in my account manager if its okay i need her gelp financially she ask me if i have 2k in my wallet so i send again 2k. Via Gcash wallet after that i sens she said i look 10k. So that i withdraw my profit ut i ask me i want my money back she said my money is not refunded… Until now she always chat me that she it not a scammer.. My profit in my trading account its still there… But i want my money back even if my profit is not its okay only 18k pesos back…somebody help me

  33. I deposited 1st deposit of 10000INR in but i got 1st superior task and had to deposit more 29500INR to receive my all amount and then instantly i got 2nd superior task and my money became -102240INR. Customer service told me to deposit this amount and i deposited it also then my amount became -442581INR in 3rd superior task. Now they are saying if i deposit all this amount then after my whole amount will be returned.
    I’ve lost my all savings.
    Now i want my whole money.

      1. they put my money in cointracker then all of a sudden my money disappeared. now they got my money up to 12,000 riyals I paid them I hope someone helps us victims of the scam.

    1. I have lost php. 135,000 money through at 1st and 2nd task I did received my withdrawal cause it was only small amount php.450 – php.800 the 3rd tasked they told me I need to send recharge or add my balance so that I can complete the task I spend 103,250 total for that task then when I want to withdraw they said I need to pay another php. 31,750 for tax and I send them the payment for tax. But after that asked another php. 22,222 again so that i can withdraw my balance acct in their platfrom. I just want my money back. By the way our transaction was only on gcash. It was a platfrom known here in philippines.

  34. Hello ,I want to report with mentor Isabella if that is real name . Was applying for job work from home and she invite me in this platform. Make bookings for hotels and earn ,but from second day starting asking for deposit through wallet adress in USDT ,first 35GBP,and every next bookings more and more. I’ve deposited 2296.44 in total and they still wan
    ts 1444.00 GBP for refund my deposit.
    Don’t believe
    Please for help

  35. J’ai commandé une machine à raviolis le 28 novembre 2022, que j’ai payée 23,80 euros, mais je ne l’ai jamais reçue.
    J’ai envoyé d’innombrables e-mails au: contact @bluelaky .com mais pas de réponse jusqu’à présent. Pas de numéro de téléphone non plus, je pense qu’il s’agit d’une arnaque certaine de BLUELAKY.

  36. Pls help get my money back from amaner they make me deposit to grab and pay the items. The problem is you cant widraw your money unless you are going to finished the undone task that never done? they make u recharge and recharge and no money back i dont have any funds to recharge so i request to get my money back. But they said it cant be no matter how hard i try? pls help me get my 4400 pesos in that amaner188 ?

  37. The guy who sent me the link to ptop Manning I registered that link And many people have registered the man’s link Now that man has gone out with money from Dubai When we transfer money ptopmining llc to Binance Money is transferred from the ptopmining llc The man whose link I have registered The money goes into this man’s account Unlink this guy from my account That I can transfer my money?

  38. The forbid me to withdraw without charging up to 2000$ ( which Ive only did 800$), they give me 3 days to charge up before freeze my account. Please help me

  39. I had $23831 on the website. They didn’t let me withdraw money. They wanted me to deposit 20% of foreign exchange fee (3971usdt) + 15% of personal income tax (3574usdt) and the last one of miners fee (1897usdt) before they could transfer all the money to me. I said them to deduct this tax from my account on the site, but they did not accept it. ? This all totalizes $29406 and I have deposited cent by cent and than they have robbed absolutely the entire ammount (29406). The scammer suposed name is “Tojlo” from Malasia. He/she supposely works to Ali Express and phone number is +60 148893144. Please help me.

    1. I was scammed by out of $1500.00 US . I believe these crooks have created a web address that shows up 1st when you type in “Coinbase help telephone number” . The phone number come up in large bold font at the top of the page after you hit search. The number is 1877-493-6605 and says it is help line and has a webpage sidebar showing the same number and address Allen Park Michigan. These crooks helped me alright, the Sean at the “apparent” Coinbase help center convinced me to allow him to help me get $250 from Bank of America account into my new Coinbase account. He said he would have to change some problems with my security system on my computer so that the funds could be transferred. He said he is a high level security person with and convinced me of it. In the short run, he stole $1500.00 US from me in without me even knowing until I checked on another computer and things were not right. He bailed out stealing money from me.
      When I had an IT guy go through my computer, the money was deposited to this email address ” [email protected] ” and to telephone number 404 218 6875 which pings in Atlanta Ga. Also, this scammer calls back from 806 451 4649 because we got a dropped call and he called back to finish his scam.
      These bastards need to be stopped because they are continuing to operate this scam even today. None of the agencies seem to be interested, including the FBI, Altlanta Police precinct 5, Bank of America, Zelle, or any of the police fraud departments I called.
      I am going after Armstrong the fat cat who owns Coinbase and brags about how safe it is. Crooks!!

      1. Not safe at all I all lost 1000usd to a mining scam on coinbase and coinbase does not give a shit about scammer operating on there platform they told me it was bad luck and they cannot do a thing I have the email from coinbase to prove they just wiped there hands of it coinbase is a very unsafe wallet the scammer just cleaned my wallet out left me with 2 dollars with out even doing the the verifications coin base is no better than the scammers

  40. This is a total nightmare. I don’t know what to or where to turn for help. I lost all my savings of over 43,000 plus 3 loans over 37,000 ( about 80K ) I’m so made and upset I took out loan I cannot afforded to pay.
    I am victim of fraud and scam . I was comminuted with a guy named Jay ( Li Jieyu) participating in an online chatroom on the topic of cryptocurrency EXNOW ( web site we texted for a few months on whatsup app. becoming friendly. After some time, we done some trading successfully made about 427,000 usdt. He agreed to help me, claiming to have put some of his money in if I put some money in so we can make bigger trades. (he also claims he embezzled $34000 form his company to do this) We agreed I would pay him back once we are able to withdraw the funds from the exchange company EXNOW . (as of today 11/18/22 we have been unsuccessful) He agreed to pay 20,000.00 of the take amount but the EXNOW exchange company would not allow someone else to pay the tax. it was just deposited to my account. Then he claims he barrows the 20K from a friend and wants me to pay him back. (Then started threating me again with threat and suits and to come after me.
    I fell victim of this fraud and scam. investing in cryptocurrency through EXNOW. At Jay ( Li Jieyu) step by step direction, we created a wallet with, ( EXNOW ) exchanged USD to Etherium, and then transferred the Etherium to a crypto wallet Once the funds were at EXNOW, the account was managed through a EXNOW application downloaded from the Apple app store. per his step by step direction (have about 2000 + pictures of how he was directing me on how and what to do and when to do it)
    Jay ( Li Jieyu) directed me on how to make investments by buying, holding, and selling tokens over the web for a period of time. In a few weeks, the balance reached over 427,414.12USDT investment of about 14,000 grew to 427,414.12SDT
    When we went to withdraw the money from the account, I was met with demands to pay tax of over 56K. EXOW said if I do not pay this amount the funds, would be lost and they would keep my funds. Then I was being threaten by Li Jieyu ( Jay ) saying he was going to come after me and have his attorney track me down. He made (numerous threated of suit and attorney’s) after I took out 3 loans to pay this tax amount under duress, threats, and extortion tried to withdraw the funds again then was met with other demands to pay an addition 29,995 in cert fees. They said when this is paid, they will release the funds to crypto account. Li Jieyu ( Jay ) agreed to pay 27K if i pay the 3K. I did so in hops to recover my money which FAILED. Total loss at this point is about 83,000 (paid about 10K to tactical-rabbit ( they have stop responding to me 11/30/22 ) to see if they could help recover my funds. as of today, no luck and lack of response from them.
    After gaining the trust with Li Jieyu ( Jay ) and on the websites and apps they promise fictitious returns even when making further payment, they still have not released the funds as promised. I have picture and video of the conversation between Li Jieyu ( Jay ), Exnow, and myself, please let me know if you would like them, I’m happy to turn everything over (I have them on a flash drive)
    they are still making demands to send another 43,000 to them. The minimal amount of 100,000 or the full amount if the 427,414 USDT. in my exchange account plus the 56Kusdt in tax, 3K US funds paid in cert fee, and the 10K US funds paid to tactical-rabbit and the additional money for my pain and suffering over the past 2 months as of today 11/18/22 (496,414.00 plus pain and suffering)

    1. I am deeply sorry to hear about what you have experienced. It is clear that you have been a victim of fraud and scam, and it is important that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself and try to recover your funds.

      Firstly, I would advise you to report this incident to the authorities, including the police, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Provide them with all the evidence you have, including the pictures and videos, and any other relevant information.

      Secondly, I would suggest you contact a lawyer or a legal aid organization for advice and assistance in recovering your funds. They can guide you through the legal process, help you explore your options, and provide support and representation as needed.

      It is understandable that you may be feeling upset, angry, and frustrated at this time. It is important to prioritize your well-being and seek support from friends, family, or a counselor if needed. Remember that you are not alone, and there are resources available to help you through this difficult situation.

      Please take care and know that there are people who are here to support you.

    1. Please someone help me to get my money back from there is task need to complete to withdraw the money but when i complete the 15 task they suddenly send me a new rule since i completed the 1-15 task and she said the system won’t allow her to confirm the withdrawal it start on 1-10 task the amount is 5, 000 pesos need to complete 1-15 task to finish the task and withdraw my money i deposit 10, 000 pesos please help me to get my money back

  41. So, I was told Ascon Partners, and Armon Partners are the best investments you’ll ever make wow…! what a bunch of scammers I lost $18.000 between the 2 of them. every time you want to make a withdrawal, they have a different story because you can’t. there last excuse was I first have to pay $3.600 tax, then they had this silly upgrade and first want me to pay in $3.000 before you can withdraw, then after you make a deposit, they tell you they haven’t received your deposit but after tracing my transaction through the blockchain it shows clearly that they have received the funds. If you are thinking of investing with these characters don’t do it, you will lose your money they are a bunch of scammers.!!

  42. I have $22750 on the crypto website. They won’t let me withdraw money. They want me to deposit $3766 in tax to make a withdrawal. I say deduct this tax from my account on the site, but they do not accept it. 🙁 Please help me.

      1. I am currently in the same situation. First they asked for more money before I can withdraw then when apparently I had enough balance they started with “tax” game. I paid $1500, then they asked for $5,000, then $10,000 now wanting an additional $10,000 for a total of $20,000 to withdraw. Each time encouraging to pay up so I can withdraw. Then oops, sorry, kindly pay the next amount. Well I’m maxed out, feeling stupid and discouraged. Please help.

  43. Hope you will help me recover my $372.7 stolen by @Annie01869 ebaysc company in the name of getting commission. I will be grateful

    1. please help me to recover my money from a certain they say I have to pay the tax first to widraw my money I told them I don’t need the commission just return my capital by they are firm that I have to pay it first but I am not comfortable to do so.i have a big that is a fraud.they did not disclosed what is inside the company I ask for their website but she say I will get to know it once I completed the task and sign a contract that I am hired a part time employee.She also show their DTI certificate and the address in Singapore and here in the Philippines .business owner s name.Suspicious because the higher the amount the harder to get back the money I spent.hope you can help me

  44. Know days in India investment plan going on somebody giving double money in 1 day or 2 days return on investment daily 40% to 3000% . Youtuber are promoting those kind of investment plan I also victim of those plan only because from last 4 months I am un employed no work or job I also invest my money in few application which very well name organization like Cargill (best, Engie ( Tetley ( I am lost of ₹2 lakh from that kind of application. I don’t know how the youtuber get the link and what indian govt. Doing

  45. Arkadaşalar shopping bir dolandırıcılık sitesidir. Çevrimiçi mağaza açmanız için whatsapp üzerinden size geliyorlar. açtığınız magazaya sürekli sipariş geliyor gibi sonra gönderilen malın parasını çekmek istediğinizde size iade etmiyorlar. Bunun için çinli bayanları kullanıp ekran görüntüleri ile sizi inandırıyorlar. Sitede kural yok, muhatap yok, istedikleri zaman cevap veriyorlar sizi yıldırmak için her türlü yolu deniyorlar.. şirket merkezi ve hiçbir bilgisi yok, anlaşmazlıklarda hangi mahkemelere gideceğiniz yazılmıyor. Tüm kurallar onlardan yana satıcı korunmuyor. içeride 30.900 usd olmasına rağmen hiç geri ödeme yapmadılar ve dolandırmak için 4.000 usd daha istiyorlar. Bu mesajı tüm dünyaya yaylım ki başka insanlar dolandırılmasın. Paranıza el koyuyorlar iade edeceğiz diyerek yeniden para istiyorlar. Aman dikkat

  46. I’m being scammed by 4 people on telegram.
    @Colly_JAMES, now @Colly_SMART asked me to deposit $200 to gain 10% profit in 6 hours. I became greedy n invested $200. Post 6 hours invested $220 (investment + 10% profit) n so on.. for 3 days. Was about to refer my friends, so informed Colly about this n he aasked me to wait for a week to participate in Promo plan where investing $2500 will return $3750 (50% of principle) in 6 hours.
    So, I did invest more amount there total 824$ till now. Now, he’s saying I cannot withdraw single penny until I invest entire $2500.
    Later a friend of mine invested $200 n gained $650 on website itself, couldn’t withdraw n announced her as a highest trader with bonus of $2500 n asked her to pay the remaiming 1800$.
    So, in total we both lost 750$.

    @frankamber on telegram asked to pay min 100$ n returns 20% of principle post 24 hours.
    Me n my 4 friends have lost total of 1000$+
    trader’s destination group on telegram does Forex trading, asked to pay 200$ to gain 5400$ INR post 12 hours. I had invested 200$ n could see 5400$ post 12 hours, when I asked him to let me withdraw the amount he asked to pay 400$ as registration fee, then he couldn’t pay me on my wallet due to technical issue so asked me to open an account on (which tracks, do not store coins) to withdraw my amount. I opened n then I was asked to pay 1200$ to withdraw. Since I took little more time to withdraw, I was asked to pay $250 more as a late fee. The last but not the least was a final fee of $650 which I didn’t pay upon realizing the actual cointracker.

    Digital-finance.CC where I had invested $1280 to gain profit of 65% = $2112. Upon maturity, I was being told that I won a promo bonus of $33000 n have to pay 10% of it which was impossible for me.

    So, this way I n my friends lost more than 4000K

  47. is a scam
    I deposited 3200$ and then they want me to deposit more to be able to withdraw and get my money back. If it’s to good to be true it is. is a scam!!!!!!

  48. I stupidly met an Asian woman through facebook, established an online friendship on Whatsapp, started investing hard earned money+ 401K in crypto with her guidance into what seemed a legit website Nardofx, withdrew funds without an issue and was steered to a new exchange BTG/ Was relatively successful with trades, went to withdraw…no dice. 20% tax on $499K USD.
    Reluctantly paid it + penalty bc it took time to source $ 98K+ 8K penalty. Account unfrozen, asked to remain patient since Aug 4, 2022. Queue # eminent, checked in with support 10 days ago, now required to join VIP club for 10% of asset value ( $49990 ) additional to receive assets. Not happening after all I’ve read “too late”. Hopefully I can source a reputable recovery company, but I’m not counting on it. I hope this helps someone else, DO NOT GO TO, back ended controlled scam exchange BTG app on your smartphone

    1. Hello William…same here! I met an Asian woman through Tinder, established an online friendship on WhatsApp, started investing in round about 50.000 EURO. And yes, with her guidance I earned money every day because of investing in FAO assets. Tried to withdraw funds, but nooo way – wants me to buy 1000 TEHA assets ( and each will cost 88 USDT plus/minus, so in total 88.000 USDT ) just to get my account free (of course it´s blocked right now)! As we all know now, nothing will happen and I can say goodbye to my very hard earned 50.000 EUROs… I lost all my savings…everything! Guys…never ever trust women on social media platforms who will ask you for trade in crypto currencies! Ya´ll learn from my (our) mistake(s)!!! Be smarter!!! This will cost my life!

  49. pls help me to recover my money, I Was investing Php 117,000.00 to hero mining, I started to invest last november 8,2022 I invite my whole family and friends but the application will not exist anymore november 22,2022 the application disapear at 9:45 pm. . please help me that is the only money that i have, i know i am wrong to my decission to invest in that kind of family needed the money.. please help me….

  50. I hope you can help me get my money back because I was promised that when I finish the task on that website, I will be able to withdraw it along with the commission I got from the website. I have a screenshot of our conversation at telegram and he replied to me today saying that the promotion of the site has closed, I have no other wish but to get back everything I deposited on the website, please help me, I got 1760php, it’s not a big amount but it’s important me because it’s for my only daughter I don’t have a bank acc I only have verified gcash and that’s what I use to deposit on the website where I was scammed

    1. have lost php. 186,000 money through at 1st and 2nd task I did received my withdrawal cause it was only small amount php.450 – php.800 the 3rd tasked they told me I need to send recharge or add my balance so that I can complete the task I spend 154,000 total for that task then when I want to withdraw they said I need to pay another php. 48,080 for tax and I send them the payment for tax. But after that asked another php. 30,009 again so that i can withdraw my balance acct in their platfrom. I just want my money back. By the way our transaction was only on gcash. It was a platfrom known here in philippines.

  51. Pls help me I was scam on coinvv.9 I loan to CommBank then I put on it cause a lot of promises on it when I want to withdraw a lot of penalty to pay.then even you pay you can’t do withdraw also in. Pls help me to bring back my money again

  52. So I joined a program called and I feel scammed I lost $2029 in this program it’s a postcard mailing program it costs $1,000 to join plus $299 Admin Fee and in exchange you get a so-called Genuine Diamond a Marketing kit and 10,000 Opportunity Seeker leads plus some other stuff THE PROBLEM IS I ORDERED 2000 POSTCARDS FROM THIS PROGRAM OR NUTTY MIKE WHICH IS HIS NAME ON THE SITE AND THESE 2000 POSTCARDS INCLUDING THE REGISTRATION FEE TOTALED $679 SO THE $1300 THE COST TO JOIN THE PROGRAM PLUS $50 RUSH FEE AND JUST RECENTLY THE $30 HE TOLD ME TO MAIL HIM IN ORDER FOR HIM TO RESHIP MY POSTCARDS TO MY NEW ADDRESS 3 WEEKS AGO AND STILL NO POSTCARDS He EQUALS A GRAND TOTAL OF $2059 SO ON SEPT 16, 2022 I ORDERED 2000 POSTCARDS AND UNTIL NOW NOVEMBER 25 2022 OVER 2 MONTHS LATER, STILL NO POSTCARDS AND HES NOT ANSWERING MY EMAILS.

    He told me last month my postcards returned as undeliverable and I’m like that’s impossible because I still receive mail there so I said what’s the tracking number he don’t give me any tracking number and he don’t answer my emails

    the only time he answers my emails is when I contact one of the high paying members and then he replies but he hasn’t replied in over 3 weeks now to me so then the next reply he told me my postcards are on the way to my new address but I have to pay a $29 money order for him to re-ship it to my new address I gave him and that was over 3 weeks ago and still no postcards and no reply to my emails no tracking number and this time even though I contact the higher paying members to contact him this time hes not responding to me at all and this is unacceptable

    so at first I only wanted my money for my postcards back but at this point the way he’s being shady and not answering my emails regarding my postcards order NOW at this point I just want my whole money back cuz now I don’t trust him because the whole program is mainly postcards that’s why I ordered them so I don’t know why hes specifically singling me out and treating me like this and not answering my emails or not giving me what I paid for but this is very unacceptable and now I want my whole money back no communication no tracking number no postcards just give me back ALL my money he’s not answering my email and then he’s lying saying my postcards are on the way and still no postcards at this point I don’t want the postcards I just want my money back for the whole program

    because if you can be Shady with a simple postcard order then he can be shady with the whole program regarding me I don’t trust him now Hes not answering my emails hes not giving me what I paid for so just give me back ALL my whole money back at this point.

  53. I lost 98k Kenyan shillings which I was to pay school fees ??? am asecond year student at the University please ? kindly anybody with the idea help

  54. HFA Consulting out of Miami, FL is a new business ran by a so called self made millionaire named Anthony Agyeman.
    His company is refusing to refund my 35k USD. He is now dodging being served papers from my lawyer.

    1. is the online job that helping the person daw but when the money is withdraw kaylangan pa daw Ng tax fee, then I ask to deducted to my income the accountant said I need to recharge money again..


  56. In JULY 2022 I received a message on Facebook from an old friend (which turned out to be fake) telling me of a Grant he received of $ 50,000.. You pay$1,500. to see if you’re eligible and if so you pay taxes of $3,500.., I went through ‘ZELLE’ and ‘PAYPAL’ five times for the $5,500. [ 2x $ 500, to ‘Jessica Garcia – [email protected]‘ (one payment was received but not recorded/lost), $ 500. to ‘Angela Jones – [email protected], and $ 500. to ‘Jennifer Rivera – [email protected]‘, and a ‘Cashiers Check’ of $ 3,500. to ‘Robert Pedreira – Horton Bank – Check # 1000200113 Routing # 75905622, 47 N. Macy Street # 5002, Fond Du Lac, WI. 54935. ‘SUPPOSEDLY’, My Grant with others was involved in a FedEx Delivery accident in shipping (with perhaps 11 other Grants), and for some reason – ‘Homeland Security’ got involved and ‘Confiscated’ the Grants/Shipment, and from what I was told charged an additional $ 2,300. to RE-reship – which I could not do – SO THE WHOLE THING FELL THROUGH !? NOT EVEN A REFUND OF ‘AT LEAST THE TAXED MONEY OF GRANT’ – NOT RECEIVED ! I have written to: IR.S., F.T.C., and Atty. General, but have heard nothing to date. I’m a 70 yr.old, 70% Combat Disabled Vet. , perhaps ‘JUST’ another Elder Groomed/taken in a ‘Grant Scam’ with no recourse (?)

    ” GRANT CEO/Leader ” – ” PAUL WOODGATES ” (, (edd benefits), ( and/or ( (662) 989-1057
    You sent
    Neither E-Mails you gave work

  57. Please help me to get my money ??? I dont know what to do huhuhu that milestone mall is all scam!!! told me to grab orders and recharge the amount in real money. At first it was 100 php and they said that I must need to complete the task in order to get the refund but after I grab orders the amount of recharge is getting higher and now it’s almost 59000php and they would not allow to refund my money if I don’t pay the last recharge of 16000php I’m helpless right now that money is for my businee of my sister and they gone please help me I’m begging you please ??? I have all documents and that was yesterday transaction

  58. I ordered a fabulous cabinet from Qayyumi for $52.00 I did receive a confirmation email and tracking number. I tracked it for 2 weeks coming from China. When it showed up today it was a small (credit card size) plastic box with a charger cord in it. That’s all, nothing else and now I can’t get on or find the site. Buyer BEWARE

    1. Don’t approach them. It is regrettable that so many of us have fallen for this deception. We are simply fortunate that many cybersecurity authorities are recouping much of our losses. After submitting a formal complaint to [Austrac. org], I was able to get my money back. If you have conducted any business with this con artist, you will undoubtedly require assistance.

      1. I have been ripped off by the remote fold up four wheeler scooters and sandque for blankets and a car that was air conditioned that was $100.00 and for two vintage 4wheeled scooters that was $50.00 and Walmart for a 4whelled scooters remote control and a realistic dog tha scammed me to even with confirmation numbers they say I never ordered

  59. I am a victim of pdd grab they told me to grab orders and recharge the amount in real money. At first it was just 10 dollars and they said that I must need to complete the task in order to get the refund but after I grab orders the amount of recharge is getting higher and now it’s almost 600$ and they would not allow to refund my money if I don’t pay the last recharge of 500$ I’m helpless right now that money is my savings for my mother’s medication but now it’s all gone I cant able to forgive myself yet.

  60. I also agreed to the offer of online investment with the intention of getting rich and made a deposit, the first time they returned it with profit and the second time they told me to deposit more and get a big profit! Of course I believed and deposited more! but they didn’t refund my money after the investment period! (I bet all my money) and the support made all sorts of excuses! In short, I lost my money!

  61. Please do Not get a loan through Red Arrow. We did and we were stupid. They told us we got the loan to give them codes we were stupid. We did everything they asked of us. Even my husband thought is was legitimate. It was not! they had us go to Walmart to by a gift certificate which Bank Of American declined. When it did not go thought they put the money in our account, so we thought is was legitimate. we did what we wanted to and then they pulled the money out leave my bank account in the hole $1004.87. My ignorance deserved what it got. Do not let it happen to you!

  62. Am victim of bitcoin scam(bitfury),I register through a family member who was winning looking ah hia withdrawals I was convinced that the platform works,unfortunately two to three months after i register the admin exit the whatsapp group,we tried to withdrawal without success eventually they shut down the platform,it’s nolonger accessible

    1. Está plataforma fue creada Hace unos días según informa Pero el día de hoy se fue a hacer los retiros y no permitió y tampoco nadie contesta ni responde por nadie entonces pues quisiera no es poner este caso Gracias

  63. I got to know about this website through Facebook. I placed order for a shoe cabinet. Haven’t recieved a copy of receipt or any kind of confirmation.

    1. Im a victim of pdd grab they told me to recharge 100 at first then 500 at the second…now i recharge about 40,000 almost so i can have commission but i cant withdraw the said commission because the order is not yet finished..They want me to recharge 40,000 pesos again so i can get a commission..pls help me

      1. Please help me to return my money back,this wicked woman,she take 100kpesos,and thats all my credit from people who are now filing me a case.because i did not return them money. in the time of withdrawal process. i shock because theres another payment 70k pesos,just to continue my withdrawal process. i am only solo parent for 3 minor kids,and i dont know from where to give them food,allowance in school,pay the bills etc.i dont have anymore work and no one wil help me.i am begging please help me to return my money.thank you9

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