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Did You Lose Money To Crypto Fraud? We Can Help

Many crypto victims have been asking us how to recover the money they invested in cryptocurrency platforms that turned to be scammers. If you’ve lost money, we may be able to help. Besides the Federal Trade Commission, Scam Detector has partnered with some of the most powerful recovery asset agencies in the world to tackle the criminals together. We’re here to help, if possible.

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got scammed on crypto

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  1. I’m Kraft L. C. Stein from Contra Costa County, California. United States, my special greetings to everyone reading this letter, If you are into Crypto currency investment then this message you need to read carefully as it will be of a great impact to your knowledge. myself and my family have been into crypto trading legitimately for the past 5 years and we haven’t had such a great loss like the recent loss whereby we got robbed of our coins by a Chinese broker exchange scam who made away with our funds amounted to $1.850.000.
    We have tried all our best to make report and get our funds back by seeking help from the force department in charge of handling fraudulent cases but nothing happen, we just only wanted the Chinese broker to help us in mining some coin so that the sudden falling or decrease of bitcoin won’t affect us much but we later end up being scammed.
    I told a friend at my office and she directed me to a hacker from Upwork and freelancer site then i did, the good thing is that a very good trusted hacker opens up to me that he has a trusted person who works anonymously for security reasons and he is the only one who can get the job done so he introduce me to FASTFUNDSRECOVERY and I gave them all the details about how I fell into the scam, they told me not to worry, his timing was 72 hours, he actually kept to his word and I confirmed the funds on my wallet. All thanks to this Hero known as FASTFUNDSRECOVERY

  2. My mom got scammed of all her savings by a Chinese crypto trader she came in contact with on social media account and he went away with all her savings, we involved funds retrieval engineers who then helped to track the transaction, got back the funds from scammers. If you’ve fallen victim, don’t hesitate to reach out to fundsretrieval1@gmail team

  3. My 600000 INR stuck in Acst trading app. they were demanding for 100000 commission to release 13000 USDT so I contacted octafexrecoveryexpert and they help me recover my money .

  4. Mine 1.6L$ in BitCoin Trade Fraud account. they are not accepting withdrawal. till now i paid 27500$ as commissions. Still they are asking 10k$ to deposit TEX account as hongkong money laundering act. When i contact Hongkong law team they told there is no such act in Hongkong. They ask me to file a complain with CRYPTO HOUSE via telegram: OCTAFEXRECOVERYEXPERT behold I got my recovery from Crypto HOUSE .They asked me not to trade with BitCoin Trade Fraud and any other company with confirming from them

  5. first time i knew about usdt mining by a person named Lisa/ @qazw1238/ on telegram, and she said that you need to do usdt mining through trust wallet Dapp. It has a very high return, so you can invest a lot and get profit. Then I invested and worked normally for more than a month, and suddenly one day all the money, 3920.4usdt, disappeared from my wallet. I told to Lisa about it, but she said that you need contact customer servise and then I contacted customer service @minig8899 via telegram and asked what happened, they told me that you are one of the top 3 winners of trust wallet, congratulations, now you invest another 3920.4usdt to claim your prize, after that we will refund you 3920.4usdt with the prize fund. And they told me that we will transfer back to your wallet 3920.4*3=11761.2usdt in 3 minutes. I transferred as they said, but again they told me that there was an error in the system and all your money was locked, so now you need to reinvest 7840.8usdt again, but I said I can’t. But about minute after they blocked me on telegram And then I realized that I was scammed. Lisa also blocked me on telegram because she herself was in contact with customer service. Their site is still working. I was also invited my friend with my refferal link and he also lost 1999usdt.

  6. – They have locked my 3400 USDT and are saying you need to deposit additional 5000 USDT to unlock the account.

  7. Mohammed Shakeel Ahmed

    I have been cheated by using TELEGRAM APP by a person ID: @Marco_Ray1 , he make you believe that he has mining 19pro s super computer mining programming and offers various plan with Antiminer address ask Email address for generating ANTIMINER ID of individual through EMAIL ADDRESS of him Genesis Mining • [email protected]
    And send detailsas

    Dear: Mohammed Shakeel Ahmed

    Welcome to CLOUD MINING

    Your mining ID: MA34med

    username: sh156

    Antiminer address: TVaU295DeU1MGiKjHT4BYAHcAA6wknHJqC

    Use TRC20

    You will be required to make your id available during investing and withdrawal.


    Thank you for choosing GENESIS CLOUD MINING PLATFORM

    and 3 to 4 days give good profit through BINANCE APP after he ask MACHINE RUN DEPOSIT BY EMAILING AN UPDATE ON YOUR MINING

    Dear : Mohammed Shakeel Ahmed

    Note your Mining cycle has been completed and you have a Total profit of 1114usdt

    You are required by the s19 pro antiminer machine to make a deposit of $500

    This fee is for the TEST RUN of your machine ,it is a deposit made once to be able to mine for life time without encountering any other issue.

    Kindly note the test run deposit will still return to you within 30 minutes with 40% profits of the plan you mined before test run is required

    Your expected total profit would be 1114usdt.


    He ask DEPOSIT for 3 times and block you and run away….. He offers like this….

    Below are our available plans and percentage profit for investment
    ?20% + your investment — after 24ʜᴏᴜʀs ?
    ? MINIMUM DEPOSIT — ?100?

    ? 40% + Your investiment — ᴀғᴛᴇʀ 24 ʜᴏᴜʀs ?
    ? MINIMUM DEPOSIT — ?500?

    ?50% + Your investiment — ᴀғᴛᴇʀ 24ʜᴏᴜʀs ? 2000

    ➡️ VIP PLAN
    ? 60% + Your investiment — ᴀғᴛᴇʀ 72 ʜᴏᴜʀs ?
    ? MINIMUM DEPOSIT — ?5000?

    ? 80%+your investment–
    After 5 days

    ?90%+your investment $15,000–After 14 days


    ? Swift deposit confirmation and payment

    [  ] ☎️ ᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ 24/7 ʟɪᴠᴇ ᴄʜᴀᴛ sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ sʏsᴛᴇm For any complaint or assistance please contact our support team @Marco_Ray1

  8. Man money is easy to come by is a lie I am a victim of an accident that rendered me unable to work. I gave my trust to a broker that said she could make me some money. I gave up 400. Dallors and now look like a fool to my hole family just trying to pay for my house and kids. Smdh I’m so dumb

  9. I dealt with the store shop site to buy a play station from February 2022
    and I have been asked several times by e-mail and every time I get the answer that it has arrived in your country, but it needs time to reach your city or now on its way
    Today, when I try to send another email, Gmail reply
    Address not found

  10. Hello, I’m from Kenya I was scam by , I lost $5000 by a lady called Miss Josephine, according to his phone number she fro Texas USA . please be careful about scammers.

  11. So I was contacted by a person named Doris Smith on Instagram. Her id is @doris.smith1o1. She said we will invest your money in stocks and after 7 days you will almost 8x times returns. She said that her commission would be 10% of the profits which I agreed to. After 7 days, she first told me to send her commission then asked money for a international certificate and then gave me the number of the Chief financial officer which is
    +1 (262) 864-1145. I talked to him he said some more money has to be sent then only the profits will be given to you. I have not sent that money bcoz I think I have fallen in this scam. Someone please help and if anybody knows about this. Please reply

  12. Hello guys is a scam company never invest with them i lost $4000 to them.Don’t believe in fake reviews. Its complete scam.Don’t get Deceived by the Reviews they are all Gang, I don’t know why some websites like trustpilot cant Detect Fake the beginning they gave profits as shown in the plan and
    With in few days when i placed my withdraw request they cancelled it and demanded extra Deposit before i could withdraw. When i paid that they kept on asking me more and more deposits by giving different different reasons.
    Who does That? Only New Investor will make such silly Mistake.
    I sent them the Screenshot of our initial Conversation which is Contrary to the Present Action but he has no way to defend it.
    This is how they Deceive People all the Time on their hard earned Money.
    If you people cant trust me then give it a try you guys will come to know

      1. Y lograste recuperar tú dinero? Que te dijeron porque yo estoy en esto desde noviembre pasado y me pasan de un administrador a otro y lo único que hacen es pedir más y más dinero, no sé que hacer

  13. I was scammed by Crypto Swap ( I sent for exchange BTC 0.002 to ETH in Crypto Swap platform but they did not send ETH. I contact through the telegram address mentioned in the Crypto Swap. They said that “here was a system failure on our site, you need to refresh the page and repeat the payment, then I will make two payments in manual mode, the only way I can complete your transaction. If you do not repeat the second payment, there is a chance of losing your transaction”. I contact with them, but not respond after the above mentioned comment.

  14. Captain Ahmed Azab

    I was scammed by Supremeship . . I invested USD273 in Supremeship platform waiting for it to grow after a 10 days. The platform closed When try to login I couldn’t and I contacted with them. ( customer service) they told me to add USD100 to upgrade, and they don’t want to give me back my money.

  15. I just invest $866 and other amount in asj Forex global which is doing trade by meta traders 5. always they instruction what should be trade in Forex market.but now their website no withdrawal is available.they not answer any positive result.i feel we victimise by them

  16. Captain Ahmed Azab

    I was scammed by Supremeship . I invested USD273 in Supremeship platform waiting for it to grow after a 10 days. The platform closed When try to login I couldn’t and I contacted with them. ( customer service) they told me to add USD100 to upgrade, and they don’t want to give me back my money.

  17. Scammed by a fake Goldman Sachs app.
    Here is the unregistered website
    Here is their fake Telegram account user name. Someone please help the took me for 3 ETH and 970 Tether USDT. And now they say i need to deposit 3 ETH in order to unlock my account. I just know im being scammed please help me.

  18. Never you fall on the trap of Bitfarex is the worst scammer ever seen. I lost 1100 dollars that I invested in their platform. I requested for withdrawal and was requested to add an amount equivalent to the $1100 I deposited. Later I was ignored by their customer service

  19. Grand investments pty ( has scammed me 12000 USD. Beware it is a total scam! Never invest in this platform. They just wait until you invest a significant amount. Please please don’t invest if you love your money. The moment you invest a small amount you will receive a bonus offer of up to 70% if you invest more. You see this and you invest and then you loose all your money. Pleaseeeeee pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase don’t invest if you love your money!

  20. I was scammed by unexinvest. I invested USD2000 in unexinvest account waiting for it to grow 20% after 24 hours after a month. When try to withdraw my money they said to topup USD5,000 to upgrade, and they don’t want to give me back my money. Please help me recover my money back.

  21. Van de Voorde Patrick

    I created an account on the site and transferred money there.
    I did a few trades and want to transfer my money back to my own account but the site does not accept my transfer.
    I have tried to contact them via email or via the platform but get no response.
    Can you help me?

  22. Benjamin Nseye

    I was scammed by I invested 50$ in bitcoin waiting for it to grow 20% after 24 hours after 6 days. When try to withdraw my money they said to pay 300$ to upgrade, and they don’t want to give me back my money. Please help me recover my money back. His telegram is
    Email: [email protected]

  23. I made an investment on a platform that does not report that I need to make more deposits in order to withdraw the profit from my investment.
    How much did I deposit? I was robbed by someone impersonating the company support.
    I emailed the company and they didn’t refund my money.
    If you can help me. I thank.

  24. Used Fiverr and found this guy from Bangladesh who supposedly helps you trade BTC. Put $1000 of BTC into then the fraud trader stopped communicating with me on Telegram.

  25. Necesito ayuda, el martes hice una inversión de 19,8USDT a Mundotrading487 y según las normativas recibiría mi dinero en 48 horas, ahora para retirar debo de referir a 3 personas o sino debo de invertir el doble para retirar… Necesito ayuda, por favor, es injusto como estafan a las personas, sin saber el esfuerzo que hacen para ganar su dinero.

  26. Juan Carlos urbano osorio

    Orlan finance
    Me dicen que mi cuenta tiene un problema que debo crear nueva cuenta y que debo activarla con 63 dólares más los deposite y ya me eliminaron todo y adios

  27. Pankaj kumar saxena

    They ask 8000 usd to withdraw my mining profit .I deposit 8k usd but they did not confirm my deposit and ask 5000 usd again to recover deposit which I did not pay as unocoin confirm the deposit and they hold my whole profit.i did not deposit as I lost trust and I was sure they will ask again and I did not want to loose any money more

  28. Daniel Convers

    it is reassuring to know that there are sites like yours, I am sad not to have consulted your page before making my investment.


    After 10 assistent trading ETH they stopped trading assistance because they had many request and asked money 50 k $ . I din’t give othet money and they joined to senior group with advice trading . I read this and made a self trading with this values but softwere didn’t started . So I repeated for 5 times , none . After 3 minutes I saw my capital to 0 from 14,500 $ . These advice are a hoaxs as another broker saw that . SCTCEX drived software tgat is alterated . Help me

  30. Good day . I have submitted my information and scenario but no one has been in contact with me. I cannot let these people get away with it. They are so arrogant that the agent I dealt with keeps sending me instagram messages asking how I am doing after they know I am aware that they scammed me.

  31. Geoege Kvantaliani

    I invested In 246 USDT and 60Usdt equvivalent Bitcoin. they transferrd 120 Usdt and thats all

  32. I was scammed by Fundamints. I must forever make more deposits before I can withdraw the supposed profits. Earlier I thought I was mistaken and I would finally get my profits today. But still I must fork out more money and then they will release the profits.

  33. Charles Lafferty

    My partner noticed the add on Martin Lewis Facebook website and naturally thought it was a safe site but after paying £219 and gave personal details there was no more contact from this website and email address [email protected] posing as Compliance Appliance at Prime Coin.

  34. لقد تم النصب على ناس كتيره في هدا الموقع و نريد استرجاع كل اموالنا منه

  35. The scam was about signals for futures for crypto currency. So I was supposed to pay $50 to enter a VIP group where signals to long or short crypto currency will be posted daily. So I paid and made 1 successful trade based on the signals. After that all the signals where wrong and had big losses. I told Harrison about my losses and he said send me $250 so I can recover the losses for you then send you back double within 1 hour. Sadly I was then kicked out of the groups and blocked. That’s it. That’s the scam. Fake signals and fake VIP groups for signals. I thank Harrison for scamming me because now I’m more serious with my trading and I trust less people now.

  36. in april 2019 I was called From Stefan from ccxcrypto and they said its secure to invest,Than Daniel called me on serbian and everything was good till few days before new year when site dissapered and I couldnt contact them.I invested 7500eur
    In october 2021 Michael called me and show me my account at ccxcrypto which than was 88000$Than I invest 9000eur to unfreez my and my friend account and send me money on my bank account.There were 150000$ but they wanted 5000$tax?? So I stepod and reported bouth scam to the Court and hightech police but nothing happened still

  37. I was lured into the Cryptoxpats site to copy traders and learn how to trade crypto. I was tagged in a FB group that I follow for investing advice and recommended to try this investor who teaches the basics of crypto trading. Followed his instructions to deposit some funds via btc deposit address. Once deposited the site crashed repeatedly and then the ‘trader’ who convinced me he would teach me requested more funds to pay his commissions on my ‘earnings’ but I had to pay from outside of the platform (meaning people could be scammed into sending more funds!!!)

    I have not traced back all of his FB site and the linked sites, including the ‘friends’ who referred him and all of the sites are fake.

    Please help shut down scammers like this.

  38. Hello,
    I want to be from Bangladesh. I open two accounts on this site. I deposit 200 USD in two accounts. But I was cheated on that site.
    I am a student. I have managed and invested money with great difficulty. Please bring me my money back. I would have benefited a lot.
    My name is Anukul Das. My email: [email protected]

    Thank you

  39. Ruth Masilang

    Fetbase pro is holding my money 3000 dollars. Wanted me to pay 20% or 600 dollars to withdraw my money. PLEASE HELP ME RECOVER MY MONEY.

    1. Bitpinefex is holding my money after I paid to their bitcoin company address. S person that I was in contact with said that was suspension my account because I sent two profs of verification of deposit. I sent one to the person I was in chat with the other was sent to the company web site per the requisite from their website. It was just a duplicate. I know where the money is that I sent to their address is. I can look that up from my cashapp account if shows where it is. How can I got my money back. If they are going to continue to not respond to me and release my funds. This is BS and I’m being very polite and respectful. All help is very gratefully appreciated thank you

  40. Pankaj Singh Rawat

    Lost my everything in tronbyb app in which I did investment arround 1lakh INR and now also scammer using my account for withdrawal money from tronlink platform i have detail of that also.

  41. I am from Kenya. I invested with a platform called using a big name “Edward Jones Investments.” Tried to withdraw my profits only the support to tell me that the min withdrawal is $1500. I reinvested and on reaching the $1600 and tried to withdraw they told me that I have to pay 15% commission from external wallet address. On asking for refund they didn’t respond. Am just a student and got the money on loan. if anyone can help get a refund I will appreciate.

  42. Hello
    I invested 3000 euro in site,i was promised to receive a profit in 24 hours,but next day they asked a KYC verification fee of 859 Euro which i did not pay. They keep pressing me to pay KYC verification fee in order to have my money unblocked. I do have 30000 usd in account.
    Although i asked them to return the amount invested i could not convince them.


    Hi Spam detector,
    I’m Joseph from Kenya. I invested ksh.100,000 in Two accounts in The First account in invested ksh. 40,000 on 5th of Dec 2021 & the second Account I invested ksh. 60,000 on 20th Jan 2022 with Hopes that returns will be 300,% in each account. As at now I have tried to get access to my accounts but it’s not yielding any results but it’s showing*..404 Not found*…. I’m worried of losing such amount of money please Help me recover. I have tried to contact my uplines(Referrals) but sadly none of them is picking my calls neither replying to my texts. Please help me. Emails: [email protected], phone No. <,+254729623519.

    Thank you

  44. Hello,good evening, im from philippines, can anybody help,assist me, to get back my money, i have lost $2,440, for this they called investment ( , i have recieved message in my email that says confirmation of my withdrawal worth $18,020 to my binance e wallet address on july 04,2022 but until now it didnt add up or arrive.. i really needed it back because it was a borrowed money that i invest to them, here in philippines its a big amount for me, now im back to square one, i hope to rise again in this downfall situation,please help me.. thank you very much..

  45. I lose $440 in at the agent Doverlyin Pat who works for the platform does not exist
    Her data on Telegram are
    Works at NFT project plan company
    @Doverlynpatimvestment username
    Please help me to return funds

  46. I invested $440 in parts, to Doverlyin Pat from the Nitrobit platform i gues
    Telegram @Doverlynpatimvestments
    please help me to return the invested money

  47. Я инвестировал в этом сайте. Почти 3000 долларов потом, когда сума поднялась до 7000 долларов. Они мне попросили выплатить 50% второго страховочную сумму, и они меня обманули.money back.
    In order to ensure the safety of the funds in the account, you need to pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount in the account, take a selfie with your ID card and submit it to korbitcoin Exchange. Cancel the abnormal behavior of your account. такой я палучил текст от них. Буке астарожни …

  48. I hope and trust worthy this websites since I test a lote website here..I can feel safe for their rank and I Identified some scammer!
    Thanks you so much.

  49. Ive tried to follow the instructions on verifying my wallet to make a withdrawal and it wont do it. I have money trapped in there and can not get it out. The help center is worthless and wont get back to me.

  50. Меня обманули 2 сайты,обе платформы. 1) biwinfund обманули на 2000$.
    2) я здесь тоже инвестировал 2000$. Обе платформы меня обманули.
    Я в biwinfund ,в этой платформе инвестировал 2000$,поднял до 28391$. Потом они меня заморозили и потребовали ещё 1000$ чтобы разблркировать мою страницу. Я не стал потом инвестировать. Меня в эту платформу заманивала девушка азиатка из Инстаграма. У меня есть её ватсап,я и сейчас с ней общяюсь.
    Вторая сайт,nh-chain тут тоже самое,я сюда тоже 2000$ инвестировал и поднял до 21779.87$. потом здесь тоже заморозили меня,и потребовали меня вложить 5% от выигранного суммы. И я не стал инвестировать. Если сможете помогите мне пожалуйста.

  51. and Is a biggest fraud They freeze account and ask deposit 100$ and up after deposit nothings happen PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS SITE please warn YouTubers or social media influencer Not to promote fraud activity many people believe it if real!

    1. Well, there is s guy on Instagram Paul Hilse paulhilse_ that says he can help you make from investing $100 in to $ 1.000 in one week if you add them on but this platform it’s a scam. I just lost my money. They trick people, now he is asking another $200 in order to withdraw, lol. Don’t know if we are talking about the same guy, or maybe using his name and account but be careful people. auslightcapitalinvestment. com it’s a scam and paulhilse__ on Instagram. They trick people, taking their money and details.

  52. froze all wallets, they asked for 10% deposit to activate new contract. Didn’t work, withdrawls don’t come trought, deposits can be made though. The helpdesk said to make another deposit of 10%, didn’t do that. Fraud!

  53. john carmelo miraflores

    i deposit $245 in this website after that they show my money grows to $7000 in just 12hrs and then they asking for withdrawal fee $700.i dont have money to pay for that withdrawal fee and im not sure if i can take my the manager block me on messenger because im asking to return my $245 and they can take my profit

  54. thé platPhorme IS scam
    The amount of 0.8 bitcoins in the account, then my account was suspended suddenly and I can not login, nor reset the password, nor communicate with them because they have no way to communicate and the account was suspended

  55. Dusan F. Fabian

    Every time we communicate they want me to activate “all desk” app and let them do the refund to my account. When I did it they deposited CAD$ 4800+ to my checking account. A month later I have discovered that the deposit to the checking account was taken and charged to my VISA. Luckily TD bank was very help full to resolve this fraudulent transaction.

  56. is a scam platform . I lost $250 . They wont allow me to withdraw my funds ,They said I should give another $305 in order for me to withdraw !!! Scam . I hope someone can help me with this . I can still open my account in that platform . But I cant withdraw ..

  57. hi, i have been a victim among more than 300 other people with a scam. they had a platform called FIRE and the site was
    lost there in USDT more than 5.5k, other people have lost way more. we think that the scam went over 1 mil USDT

  58. Zebenay Bussa

    Thanks for your willing. Victims scammers are increasing in number recently. Please help us to recover our money. We appreciate your unreserved support in this regard. Thanks.

  59. Jan Fitz Tolentino

    I hope this site really could help me recover my money, though it’s not much but it’s still a money that I got from my blood and sweat of my work.
    Thank you in advance….
    More power to you and may God will always bless your kind hearts.

  60. A Jessica Allen appeared on my telegram app contacts talking about fliping cash $100 to get $10k, so I contacted her, as I thought she must be in my contacts because I know her or someone who knows her. She went into a little bit about the scheme which was based on every transaction was a purchase using bitcoin. I received an account where I could check my investment on all appeared to be ok until I wanted to withdraw monies I was hit with you need to pay 15% of the total investment etc which I did. But guess what? Still wouldn’t allow me to withdraw money. Web site disappeared and Jessica Allen is asking me for more money for a better return.
    These bunch of bastards are absolutely ruthless. Taught me a good lesson.

  61. Deepak Tiwari is a complete scam they are all money, there website is also gone now.
    I used to withdraw money normally, but it was always a very less amount, Before the time came to withdraw the amount of maturity from one of their investment schemes, they stated about the tax laws of Italy and then stopped the withdrawal. Please everyone do not fall for all these crypto scams, I lost a lot of money, i had also taken money from other people to pay the tax in the end so as not to lose my original invested money ?. I don’t know how i will pay them back and how it will go on from now on.

    1. Exactly the same happened to me. Also dont know how to pay back my friends and family. TRX.STYLE is a SCAM!!!

    They have swindled all the money from the user. Please check their website they have already cracked their website.They have cheated every user’s money. All their license information is fake.Is it possible to do anything against them now? They have embezzled money from target people.I lost all my money. Is it possible to take any legal action against them now?Please helped the people’s. website link:

  63. Gayathri Bandara

    I have been contacted through a normal SMS and it led to a WhatsApp conversation and then it was transferred to telegram platform. They got me bet on platform and it was a total fraud. They make you win lot of money but neve allow to withdraw. Please do not get scammed thorough this platforms and lose your money.
    ** is a big scam

  64. I had invested on this website my account balance becomes $984
    You are saying that the account is suspended
    website not opening

  65. I lost $435728 on the fraud exchange platform, called
    their scams continue by asking to pay more as required by my country’s tax regulations, in order to make withdrawals.
    it is still operating, so be aware!

  66. Fauzan Slamang

    I’ve been contacted by Jessica Browman on Instagram who mentioned she’s from I’ve invested 1000zar into my Luno account and transferred into the account.. She mentioned that if you invest 1000zar you’ll withdraw within 3 days 10 000zar however after a day I received an email from them saying I need to upgrade to the standard account for 310USD due to high profits being generated and upon contacting them they are sticking to their guns and I tried withdrawing twice but they keep declining my withdrawal.

  67. Md Rofiqul Islam

    I was invited by sms from Otofpr Limited to invest on their company. At first, they pay but suddenly they’re gone with our money. Even my too!

  68. I was contacted by a woman Lucas Athena Papademos through the dating application Tinder. After chatting for a few weeks we talked about investments and cryptocurrencies. She talked me in to investing. So I invested $10k on 06/01/22, $30k on 06/16/22, and $50k on 06-22-22 ( a total of $90k) on the foreign exchange platform (CME). They claim to be part of the renown Chicago Mercantile Exchange and use the same trademark. Lucas Athena Papademos walked me through setting up my account with CME and showed me how to transfer funds through my Coinbase.

    Upon making modest gains in the exchange I attempted to make a withdrawal on 06/24/2022. I was denied. Upon contacting CME to ask about the denial I was told that I had fraudulent funds in my account and that my account was frozen. CME told me that I had to pay a $21k fee or I will lose all of my earnings.

    Also, on 06/16/22 I applied for a loan through CME for $50k. I asked for terms and conditions they replied with APR info. Upon getting the loan CME said I had to deposit $50k through an outside source to repay the loan or my account would be charged interest @ .3% of my account balance and I cannot withdraw funds until the loan is paid. This accounts for the $50k investment on 06-22-22.

    Lucas Athena Papademos is the set up contact who talked me into investing with the platform.
    WhatsApp # 1 (607)298-9138
    Phone # 1 (872)222-6868

    1. Hussein elsokkary

      I got approached by a Chinese lady just after opening an account with Binance pretending that she is a crepto trader.
      I got to know her through Tinder.
      She advised me to open an account with CMARKL as they have a new coin called TOETH that is only available there for trade. 
      She also informed me that she has an expert team of analysts who give her daily market trends. 
      She advised to to slowly increase my investment in the platform to be able to get leverage 
      She was helping me with the trades and making lots of profit 
      Now the balance in the Cmarkl account is 118k  but I’m unable to withdraw anything because the account is frozen 
      The cmarkl team are saying I have to pay capital gains taxes to reactivate my account 
      And they gave me an account to transfer 13k to unblock my account on cmarkl.
      I can still see the funds in the account but unable to withdraw.
      The lady WhatsApp number is +31 6 44 28 65 11

      1. Hussein, this is absloutely true. What you have mentioned i have gone through the same. I was approached by a chinese lady and her watsapp number is + 44 7557 417682. She will convince you to deal on telegram. Her Telegram ID is Nicole_8088. My account balance shows 104k but i cannot withdraw the funds. They said i have deposited money from different IPs and hence it may be money laundering case. In order to verify my funds, i should make a another deposit of $9100. This is absloutely illogical.

    2. The exact same thing happened to me. I meet a South Korean lady allegedly living in the US on POF who I chatted with for a day or two and we moved our chats to WhatsApp, I actually found her profile and initiated contact. She had an imports business in South Korea and has an Uncle that helps her with sending high value hand bags, shoes, clothing back to Seoul. We chatted for a couple weeks and talked about cryptocurrencies. Her Uncle was a retired professor of finance and had a successful model in making a profit in cryptocurrency. She showed me screenshots of current trades she was allegedly making and the large profits she was making. She convinced me to try a small investment and stepped me through everything to get set up and I got a relatively large gain back. I even withdrew some of the return. I later added more funds to the account and made even more profits but this time I left it in to let it compound and make even more profits. When I decided I wanted to withdrawal some of the profits I was told my account was frozen because I needed to pay the taxes on the profits. I thought it was odd they just don’t take the taxes from the profits. It took a couple weeks for me to come up with the money to pay the taxes but I paid it. Looking back at this, I didn’t get any proof that any taxes were paid either.

      After I paid the taxes they, cmegroupter online service, said I needed to pay an “in-activity fee” because the account was sitting idle to long with no trading going on. I thought this was absurd. I asked to see some kind of customer guidelines or policies so I could read it and learn what kind of fees I was going to be charged. They just said I need to pay the fee or my funds would be frozen again and wouldn’t be released to make any withdrawals. It took another week or so to get the amount to pay the fee. Before I paid it I asked again how much the fee was and if they would release my funds so I could make my withdrawal. I was again assured it would be unfrozen when I paid the fee. I paid the fee and when I tried to withdrawal my funds they said I can’t withdrawal any funds because I wasn’t a ‘premium member’. WTF!!! I was then told I need to have $100k of total deposits to be a ‘premium member’ and I only had $54k of deposits. I reminded them I had already made a withdrawal a couple months ago when I had much less in the account and they said I only get 1 ‘trial’ withdrawal if I’m not a premium member. Again I asked for the customer guidelines, or policy, that explains all these fees and conditions and again I get threatened to deposit more to reach the $100k premium status or my funds will stay frozen.

      I was just told today, August 5, 2022, by the lady I was chatting with that ‘updated’ their app and I needed to download the update, she sent me a link for the update, ( I was using the website before and not the app. I went to the website and it no longer exists! There wasn’t even any info saying they have a new page address now and a link how to get to it. It is just gone!!! I did a search on the new link she sent me and didn’t find any information about it except that crypto exchanges are starting to move toward the .xyz instead of .com addresses. I reluctantly clicked the link she sent and my phone warned me the address was not a trusted site and gave me the option to cancel or continue. I immediately cancelled! I put the address through on my computer browser and nothing came up about it. I plugged it into my address bar and it redirected me to and came up with the cmegroupter website but it looked different now.

      Now, looking back at the events that got me here, I realize this is a scam. I feel so stupid for not recognizing this sooner. I should have known it was too good to be true. It is obvious to me now this was a scam and they are attempting to hold my money hostage. There are so many things that I didn’t recognize as red flags at the time. Like, changing her number every 2 months or so. Receiving pictures of places she’s visiting but no selfies of her there or none with her in the shot. If she was in the shot there wasn’t anything identifiable in the background to confirm she was actually where she claimed to be. Maybe it was because I initiated contact with her that I ignored all the warning signs?

      This turned out long but I hope this helps someone else before they get scammed like I did. Has anyone had any success in recovering some of their money? Please share if you have.

    3. Athena Papademos contacted me via Tinder last week. Same as you. We texted for about a week on Telegram. There were all kinds of red flags about her. For instance, all her pictures were stolen from an Instagram account of woman from Denmark, Kamilla Broberg. But I was willing to continue the conversation as long as she (they) didn’t ask me for money. Suddenly, after agreeing to finally meet for a first date with lots of promises of good to come, she (they) began insisting that I invest in whatever scam she was offering up in order to prove my worthiness to her. Fortunately I had the good sense to say no. There is still a facebook page of Athena Papademos using the stolen photos Kamilla Broberg. The initial contact info via the messaging app were: 347-669-8897 and 818-252-9108. The Telegram account is listed under the name, @athenaleahlucas, 347-669-8897.

      Good luck!

  69. I was invited via twitter to a telegram group called Most Trusted Binary Options. They invited me to make an initial investment. After deciding on the package that was offered to me, I chose to invest $200 to earn $2,000 or more in 24hrs. After 24 hours, they told me to create my profile on a platform called This page seemed legit but then I realize there is a legit page with the same name but without the s at the end and these people were leading you to believe they were the same investment company. As the days passed, they asked me to pay some fees to supposedly be able to withdraw the profit, which never happened. They make you believe that your investment continues to grow and they keep asking you for more money for fees to be able to withdraw. In the end I ended up paying about $300 which was the last thing to finally withdraw more than $9,000. I paid them and after 5 hours the person told me that since it took me a long time to pay, I should pay an additional $500. In total I lost about $2000 on this game.

  70. By chance, I was attacked by HDU via Facebook. they preached about the business on telegram this led to the decision by investing money in it and worked for weeks they closed the website without reason by collecting money from a group of people who are invited to their website.

  71. I have been scammed by Sierra Financials and have a large quantity of evidence to prove they are not a legit company. They are not registered or licensed, their office details do not exist, there are no contact details besides emails, there is no newsroom access or market briefs. Your account manager opens trades for you, builds confidence then trades opposite to the market trend to try and liquidate your account. Open bids are manipulated, closed trades get reinstated, I have no access to my trades which are currently trading at $32K equity. I have voice recordings, screen shots, time lapse accounts and history of trades. Withdrawal requests are going unanswered, they have stopped communicating and I have no choice but to start exposing these scammers. Tom O’Delly and Steve Mow. They call from VOIP phones, seldom send emails and lure you in with ‘manipulated contracts’ that are extremely attractive. They say they are operating out of Cyprus? I will post a you tube video as well as expose voice recordings I have saved. Close your account and do not get fooled (like I was) into sending another cent of you hard earned savings. Scammers of the highest order. I will be willing to share all the information I have to expose these fraudulent actions.

  72. Chythanya B Asokan

    I lost around more than 1100 USDT in a fraudulent website called ..I was invited by a young lady named Patel Amita through telegram they were having many plans from 10% principal amount with in 24 hours and the minimum amount is 50 Usdt they slso have 30% 75 % and 250 %
    They are really fraudulent and I don’t recive my withdrawal..the customer care were telling 1st to add 1000 usdt and the withdrawal was successful and the very next day they was telling to add 890 usdt to approving my withdrawal..that’s then only I can withdraw. It is totally a fraudulent company

  73. Hi, I was told to join , Initially I deposited $1000/ for Plan 3 with 75% return after 48 hours. Then I got an email from [email protected] to deposit $1000/ for security and deposit, only then I can withdraw this 75% return + $1000(Principal) with in 24 hours. I deposited and via chat support they asked me to deposit another $1000 as it was $999/(Which can be shown as investment in plan 2 with 35% return after 24 hours), I again arranged money and deposited $1015 as security, then I got a message on chat support that my deposit is delayed by 24 hours so I need to deposit another $800/ penalty, to withdraw my amount. I have deposited that amount also, so In total I have deposited $3800/(approx.) and now I got an email from [email protected] that I must deposit $2000 (Fee for double IP address issue) with in 24 hours to withdraw any amount, otherwise my account will be deactivated. Please take legal actions against this scam company and no one should fall into trap.

  74. I’m not sure what’s going on with robinhood but 1 year and 1 month ago supposedly i lost 400.00 on my robinhood account,at least the company says so because they just now ,13 months later charged me back that much.the only problem is I never lost or made 400.00 with they are wrong or are taking my money,13 months later I find out about this.its not possible.I WOULD have been the first to know,but this month they took 400.00 out of my account with no warning or any notice what so ever.i understand this company has to have security ,but getting in touch with a real person can be very frustrating and is very time consuming me I’ve tried and not sure what is going on but it’s not right.

  75. Kevin Bushell

    I’m an Investor,

    I am in a few TELEGRAM GROUPS and I was invited to Join an Investment Company name: VICT-HOLDINGS ( These are the following plans that were available on the platform: PLAN 1 minimum investment $50 USD 4% interest after 24 hours, PLAN 2 minimum investment $500 USD 8% Interest after 48 hours, PLAN 3 minimum investment $1000 USD and there were other high plan(s) available of which I can’t remember!

    Wyland Roy Lori is the individual who invited me to join this platform, sent me a screenshot of his earnings via Telegram and told me I could start investing on PLAN 1 with the minimum of $50 USD 4% interest after 24 hours… I joined after having many discussions with this individual… When the investment period expired and I received my interest; I was not able to withdraw my funds from the platform… I made contact with Support via whatsapp and had a very long chat session with them which brought me no resolution…. First; I was told by the support that I needed to invest $350 USD more to upgrade to PLAN 2 and have the option to withdraw all my funds… Then I was told I can invest $200 USD more instead… After a few days the website went down and Mr. Roy (my Sponsor/Upline) told me they are updating the website and it will be back soon but refused to provide me a timeframe and the contact number for Support… Mr. Roy (my Sponsor/Upline) told me only large investors like himself are allowed to have that special phone number when the website is updating.

    Mr. Roy (my Sponsor/Upline) informed me that the website was back up (after almost 2 days) and I needed to upgrade to PLAN 2 so I can withdraw my funds from the platform… I ask him to help me upgrade and he did by transferring $200 USD to my account via his secret contact; he only needed my username… When I logged into my account I saw the $200 USD added to my account ($256 USD) and he told me to deposit $250 USD to upgrade to PLAN 2 and I will be able to withdraw all my funds… I was so grateful for his help I agreed to make the deposit of the $250 USD Upon enquiring from him if he wanted the $200 USD returned; he said no, which I found was very strange… He also kept reminding me to inform him after making the deposit and was trying to find out when exactly will I be upgrading.

    I finally deposited the $250 USD yesterday and received the blockchain confirmation that the USDT TRC20 deposit wallet for the platform was successful; but the funds never reached my account… I immediately contacted the support and provided them with all the details of the transaction being successful and the last thing they said was; “HOLD ON” They never got back to me… A while after chatting with Mr. Wyland Roy Lori and explaining the situation; the website went down and is still down up to now…. Mr Roy was also encouraging me to deposit $20 USD more; to enable the $250 USD to be deposited into my account… I left him many messages via TELEGRAM but there’s no response. At first; I thought Mr. Wyland Roy Lori (my Sponsor/Upline) was just another affiliate marketer but now I strongly believe he is playing a major role in this scam.

  76. Jose Hernandez

    I was invited to invest in kinsbi by a young lady Jiaya. She communicated at first through twitter and then what’s app. I seen the price rising even after being a little Leary. She convinced me to invest. When I tried to withdraw, the said I must pay a fee. I can still log on and see the assets AEFS. Any help would be a blessing

    1. Hello, I was reading your comment and I believe I am in the same situation. Did you make any progress on recovering your funds?

  77. Hi,
    Ich habe mehrere Tausend Euro auf der Seite investiert. Die Homepage/das Dashboard sieht gut aus in macht einen seriösen Eindruck. Ich sollte ein Vielfaches meiner Investitionen wiederbekommen. Leider soll ich nun noch mehr zahlen bevor die Auszahlung gemacht werden kann. Schreit nach Betrug. Hilfe!

  78. I got tricked by a young asian girl through WhatsApp +44 7470 800 373 and +44 7470 937 760. Everything began like a mistake sending me a message by mistake. We were speaking by writing, voice messages, and even a few pone calls. Of course, we changed pics and videos too about our normal life. Dinnering with friend, meals, weddings, and so on. The conversations were really fine and funny, so I did not refused her at the first step. She claimed she is a millionaire because of Bitcoin since a few years ago, and her uncle is an expert in finance, one of the developers in Binance. She told about herself also as an owner of a couples of beauty centers in China, in Beijing. She convinced me to buy crypto currency on that website what I am reporting: PAYL currency. She also even showed me pictures about her investments into the platform. The website surface made at first look good quality but when you start researching more about them, news, etc… in their menu everything empty. Their only contact detail is a Gmai: [email protected]

    1. This is identical set up as same script, makeup salon in London, good looking girl pictures, made money with bitcoin, uncle Jas all the onsidevsecrrts. The number of +44 7708 982 068

    2. This is identical set up as same script, makeup salon in London, good looking girl pictures, made money with bitcoin, uncle has all the I did secret. The number of +44 7708 982 068

    3. Alberto Mory Tudela

      Empress Globe es la más estafadora porque te meten a una capitalización que dura 14 dias haciéndote creer que estás ganando cuando no es cierto y terminado el periodo te piden que pague el 5 % de impuestos de ITF del valor ganado pagas y luego te piden que pague el impuesto de tu país que supuestamente es el 1.5 % cuando ni siquiera se paga porque no es legal ni tampoco ilegal pero también lo pagas y al final nunca llegó tu retiro y terminas siendo estafado y lo peor de todo es que están por todos lados con otras plataformas y la plataforma nunca caen si cambian de dirección o te eliminan

  79. Sameer Ansari

    Hi again the person who called me is named Alex Chev on Telegram but he told me his name is James Black. I lost 200 dollars and I would like to have my money back. The website and email address is and [email protected]. The debit on my cellphone reflects as ES SOLO Holdings Ltd Kinshasa

  80. Hello,

    I was in the miningpool , everything was well going, since yesterday they froze my money, my friends money , his father, my wifes. Every UsDT money is frozen. It is in total 66.000 they are saying that we have multiply accounts connected to one person to benefit the 30% commission. But thats is not. We did nothing illegaly. They are saying you need to fill up 33.000 usdt to verify your credit score and you get back the 66.000 in your wallet. Please what is going on here.

    1. sorry to say that mate but have been scammed. don’t pay nth more because you won’t see even the 33k if you pay that. report it to the law enforcement. can’t do much about that.

  81. I asked Oasis Recoup Tech to help me recovering 2.302 BTC; not only I gave to them €7000 (wasted ), but they asked me more money without solving anything.
    I would stay really far from them, If I were in you.

  82. Ich habe 3000euro investiert und kein Cent zurück bekommen, /in be 22Trading Platform.Auf meinPlatform steht, das ich schon 35.000 verdient, aber bekomme habe immer kein Cent. Und ein von dem, fördert von mir no h weiter Geld, damit ich diese35tausend bekomme. Ich verstehe das nicht, und sieht wie Betrug aus. Ich sitze jetzt ohne Geld und kann keine mir helfen finanziell. Danke

  83. Jerome Okeoma


  84. (

    BE AWARE COMPLETE SCAM WEBSITE!!! Made all of their requests (3 ETH deposits to be able to withdraw my income) and after talking for one day with online support (who has Guaranteed me that after the address is verified by the deposit I would be able to withdraw) on the 5th attempt the withdrawal request states “Contact support. Your funds are frozen since you need to be premium to withdraw-deposit 1ETH LOOOL) I’m laughing in disgust. I can send screenshots of the conversation and transaction hash of everything they robbed me. I’ll do my best to try to recover it but if I can warn others that is good to keep your hard earned money safe. I’ve conducted a Google search before sending the deposits and since I saw the company name on financial news to raise capital thought it was legit (no negative review anywhere…) so even careful people can be scammed if there aren’t red flags… Wish you best of luck then mine!!

  85. My account was removed deliberately and all the money I deposited worth $17k was gone from Customer Support all of a sudden will not reply to my inquiries.

  86. is scammer they contacted me insta and said me invest in a platform for high returns saying 100 % safe and legitimate said no minimum investment later they kept me increase my investment and at one stage I was out source so I said I can’t anymore let me withdraw my money again they asked me pay 20% of my profit and withdraw and after few days stay stopped using their wats app number and another guy blocked me in wats app. Adham and Scott roberts was their names and adham contact number +1 (530) 280-0003 and Scott number +1 (534) 202-8249.this are the numbers which texted me in what’s app. I’m unable get back my 300usdt please help me and others dont fall for them.

  87. I fallen in the scam since Aug 2021. I lost 10000 perfect money USDT (est over 10000$USD) to earn perfect it is investment platform. I have paid lots of hidden fee to withdraw my money back but I can’t, I really need help to take my money back so please help.

  88. I invested 800$ in Tron24capitals. They are scammers. I have payment bills (money transfer) web address, crypto agent no, account no and everythings. Please help me

  89. $800 has been spent on me and my team, my team has taken all the amount with me, I have suffered a huge loss, am still giving pills from the front, no clear answer, please take my money back

  90. TerryAnn Hinds

    I have been scammed by and Alex Gonzalez who tell you to send money via wire transfer when that’s done the person receiving uses it for their bitcoin then gives it back 2 weeks after, he then invests it , shows you your profit and tells you that you need to pay an additional $558 to support who is always away to receive a pin number for your money to be released. I found out they are not registered with the SEC.

  91. Salvador Medina

    Mr Ben Henry my manager demanded too much money. He got almost 100k pesos in me promising after payment I can received my money but for almost less than 10 times of paying him he has always alibi or reasons for the delay and he always saying to pay again.
    Please help me recover my money.

  92. Yes im a crypto fraud victim too,
    And the agent still online finding more victims online
    His target is Philippines
    His name is anna sadie,and shes changing his profile to atract mote victims.
    I hope that you can stop this kind of people
    363 trading consultant that’s there platform

  93. Rajesh Raisinghani is the biggest fraud crypto trading platform.I myself lost 14500 usdt. The two person’s Lisa and Mark are operating the system and through Whatsapp chat they talk to your and provide orders to trade in BTC/USDT and both these made huge losses to their participant. they are not giving me the withdrawl of 6458 usdt which they have frozen the same in account and are asking to deposit 3000 usdt to release it.
    Both of them operate from Hongkong +85259844494 and +85267621162 below is the chat :-
    Yesterday I made a withdrawl of 6548 the same has not been credited to my binance wallet till this time. Why?
    [6:07 pm, 14/06/2022] Lisha: Our platform is very formal, and the funds in your account are also protected by the system. It’s also a good protection for each client’s funds, your money is still in your account, but now you need to disengage safe mode.
    [6:08 pm, 14/06/2022] Lisha: Once safe mode is removed, your withdrawals will be returned to your investment account
    [6:16 pm, 14/06/2022] Lisha: Now you just need to do as I said, after completing the 3000USDT recharge, after 2-3 orders, the funds you withdraw will be returned to your investment account.
    You have also withdrawn many times before, and all of them have successfully reached your account. You can rest assured, this time as long as you do as I said, you can withdraw your funds immediately, and it will reach your account again 2-3 hours after the withdrawal
    [6:38 pm, 14/06/2022] Lisha: Rest assured, as long as you do as I say, I can guarantee that your funds will go to your investment account
    Our company also hopes that we can maintain a long-term mutually beneficial partnership, but this is because the platform has activated a protective barrier for your funds to avoid the loss of your funds. This is just a protective security measure
    The funds you withdraw are still in your investment account, you just need to remove the protection immediately
    Friend’s be aware and don’t invest in it

    1. Hello Rajesh
      Any progress on your case, I have been scammed by Mark & Lisa with same phone numbers for $100k.
      I should have read your post earlier and saved myself but i want to complain and after KBX2000 they changed to GRTTEX.COM and now close to nov 30th they changed their website.
      you can reach me on [email protected]

  94. Candice Marais

    To anyone reading this comment, please do not make any payment with so called “Earning Trade”. It is a scamming platform where you can pay as little as R1,000 (immediate payment) and wait 24hrs and boom you have invested R19,000. You receive an email saying you need to deposit R4,000 within 48 minutes to “activate” the withdrawal. Then when it’s “activated”, you can withdraw to your paypal or to your bank account. Can anyone please tell me if you have to “make” a deposit in order to “activate” the withdrawal ? I was told by a friend that she has never heard of “paying” to activate a withdrawal. So I’m guessing that if you get your “investment” it is supposed to allow you to withdraw “free” of charge ? Please can someone give me a guideline on this ? You can contact me via mail [email protected]

  95. I have been scammed around 1500€ with a n investing website please help me.
    I got the same as some comment with the VAT to pay and after I will get the money but after paying and paying nothing happened on the website they told me I have 5000€ to withdraw but I can’t

  96. Ho investito quasi 6000€ 600 USDT in Continentalgenuis tramite il mio sponsor Renato Ennio ci sono dei piani di investimento ma ogni volta che dovevo ritirare i profitti si sono inventati tutto premetto nei piani c’è scritto giornalmente senza avvertirmi che per ritirare i profitti servivano referall fatta la carta aziendale spesi altri soldi 1000 USDT mi dicono hai superato l’equilibrio e devi passare ad ambassador (ultimo piano ma servono 2000 USDT per gli incartamenti fatto il deposito ti dicono che serve un nominativo per la successione in caso di mia morte di cui deve avere la carta d’identità aziendale io come referall avevo fatto investire a mio fratello lui trova i suoi referall ma nel frattempo avevo contattato l’amministratore dicendoli che per me era una truffa è che si inventavano cose per non farmi mai prelevare intanto mio fratello appena fatto il suo ultimo referall dal supporto online mi viene detto a me ed a mio fratello è nipote che avevano bloccato l’account perché l’amministratore mi aveva denunciato all’azienda perché gli avevo detto che per me era una truffa non finisce qua per sbloccare tutto mi hanno chiesto 7000 USDT in totale 3000 io 2000 mio fratello 2000 mio nipote e dicendomi avete tempo 48 ore o l’account vostro verrà per sempre chiuso

    1. (

      BE AWARE COMPLETE SCAM WEBSITE!!! Made all of their requests (3 ETH deposits to be able to withdraw my income) and after talking for one day with online support (who has Guaranteed me that after the address is verified by the deposit I would be able to withdraw) on the 5th attempt the withdrawal request states “Contact support. Your funds are frozen since you need to be premium to withdraw-deposit 1ETH LOOOL) I’m laughing in disgust. I can send screenshots of the conversation and transaction hash of everything they robbed me. I’ll do my best to try to recover it but if I can warn others that is good to keep your hard earned money safe. I’ve conducted a Google search before sending the deposits and since I saw the company name on financial news to raise capital thought it was legit (no negative review anywhere…) so even careful people can be scammed if there aren’t red flags… Wish you best of luck then mine!!

  97. Invested $2000 for short term 10 days, then when trying to withdraw i finally received the following email:
    Hello Sir,
    This is to inform you that your Account Insurance fee and VAT fee is yet to be paid and processed. In accordance to that, it is important we keep you aware that your withdrawal yet to be processed successfully as we could not finalize this action because you are currently a Level 2 Investor with unpaid mandatory fees.
    This being presented impromptu Sir, we apologize greatly for any inconveniences caused. However, your account at the moment does not have the capability to complete such transactions (pending withdrawal) until your insurance fee and VAT (Value Added Tax) fee which sums up exactly 40% (10% Account Insurance Fee and 30% VAT Fee) of your total available funds $2,835.00 (40% of $2,835.00 = $1,134.00) has been paid successfully. In all, be informed that 80% ($907.20) of these fees will be reimbursed after 5 working days as agreed by the Board of Directors.
    Note that, your withdrawal will be processed and approved directly into your cryptocurrency wallet address right away, once your new deposit of ($1,134.00) as stipulated has been deposited and confirmed. Kindly be informed that we have had several cases where investors claim the need to have these funds deducted from their balance although it is important we make you understand that this is impossible and it is mandatory that you proceed to make the complete deposit required for your unpaid fees. Thank you.
    For further enquiries, kindly reply this mail or contact our live support team.
    Best Regards,
    Bit-stocks Limited Support Team.
    Bit-stocks Limited
    There is no mention of fees / vat etc on the site at all, only when you try to withdraw do they hold your funds as ransom untill you pay the 40% fees/vat. SCUM !

  98. Fernando Prado

    hubo cambios de políticas posteriormente solicitaron 20% de nuestras inversiones para retirar. Al final nos decían que los depósitos se realizarían esto a principios de mayo sólo algunos recibieron y algunos faltaron de 3 a 2 retiros pendientes por depositar y al final nos bloquearon los accesos a nuestras cuentas.

    Más de 23 que nos comunicamos y más ha de haber.

  99. Heinrich Humaran Juarez

    Hello my name is Heinrich Humaran Juarez, and I am from Mexico and I wanted to tell you my story! ?
    A few days ago a guy from Instagram told me that his boss from Bitcoin in theory would contact me due he would help me to invest! ?
    So a stranger sent me a message, in theory a manager of Bitcoin as he presented called Austin his phone number is +234 913 925 5708, then after this he offered me that I can invest with him and he would help me grow up and have great profits ???, so well, the thing is that I rejected him, due I have not yet a work and I explained him, I cannot due I am not ready for this, cuz I know investments are not that easy to get a profit, and after a lot of insistently words, I proceed, but I asked if was possible just with 100 USD, then the weird thing of this, is that this guy ??? told me for that to get gift ? cards in Apple gift cards, in a weird website called or something like that, and then told me to send him the code and that’s why I did, cuz he told me, he would supposedly convert into cryptocurrency and to proceed, then after this I got an email ??? this email, told me ??? that the minimum was 300 USD, so I was scared and angry ??, and I told him I cannot do that, due I need that to pay my graduation ? and so on from my university ??, and well, I told him, if I give that, I would be ruined ☹️☹️☹️ and I would have to get a job and so on, then after that, I received a supposedly email ????? yesterday where it says that I must pay a tax to register my account of 500 USD, and I was angry and scared ? and I mean, I told him I can’t and that my remaining money to survive was just like 50 usd ???? and my aunt had sent me all that money ☹️??? to pay my graduation ? , and well now this guy in theory I gave him buying gift ?? cards again, the 50 usd and then he puts the remaining amount the 450 USD and in theory sent me screenshots and all that! ???? And I proceed and today he told me to create another account in that website etraderhubs, cuz the one he requested me to create at the beginning was wrong cuz was Celestial_Jack123 and he told me without the “_” and I create it, and then ?? suddenly there he told me to checkout and somehow it appears magically 9000 usd, and he told me, I can proceed to withdraw my money ??? and well, when I was trying to withdraw the website requested me like 1000 usd not to tax for get my money ????, and well Idk he told me to search for the money anywhere cuz I told him if he or any agent could lend me or if J can use that money to pay that tax and he told me that no way ??? and then ???, he is pushing me get money somehow, and well I am really afraid this may be an scam, I mean I told him I cannot, and I am getting a job in case the money cannot be given back ??? but I mean, if this is fake I would be in debt for being an asshole and try this is cryptocoin for being a fools and so on, so I would like that someone contacts me and let me know is this is a fake, or any help you can give me or let me know if the website is reliable, please let me know, cuz I really need that money and if I must get the money but it’s real I could try to look for it, but I need to know it’s genuine, if not I won’t proceed and focus into the job to get my money for my graduation, cuz this is really stressing and I really regret of have give a try to this of Bitcoin and so on, everyone told me It’s a scam but please let me know, due this is getting me crazy and I really need to know if this is a scam or not! Anyone?

  100. I was redirected to the Crypto Circus website through an article on Facebook. they would make initial phone calls to help set up digital wallet accounts on Ndax, then transfer the funds out to their platform. they would show that some initial tradings were profitable, then it becomes endless pushing and persuation to demand more input of funds. after investing in a couple thousand CAD, I was able to make one initial withdrawal for a small sum. When I asked for a second withdrawal, I was been told that the money was been tied to to purchase future contracts…

    After several attempts of me trying to demand for my money back. the agent ghosted on me on the phone app Telegram which they used for communication. the next day though, another scammer from Crypto Circus called and said he was from some anti-fraud national department and wanting to help retrieve my loss, then the bs story goes on…

    CRYPTO CIRCUS is def a scam!!!! people be aware. i ended up losing $5800 CAD in total. since then I have spoken to my Regional Police Station and the Officer I spoke to told me a lady that he spoke to the week prior, had lost 1 MILLION DOLLARS through online crypto scam (with a 10 million dollar personal net worth). I asked if the lady cried over the phone, he said she just sounded very depressed…. who wouldn’t be?! Im pretty miserable for the $5800 i lost to these scammers!!!

    this is a great review article by the authur and gives people a place to leave comments that can be shared so less people will fall victomized. thank you!

  101. I’d prefer you contact me by text, my english is not so good, the phone call would be misunderstood, sorry!
    Best Regards!

  102. Candice Marais

    To Whom It May Concern

    Please kindly make use of email or whatsapp as I’m hearing impaired (deaf) with hearing devices to help me hear. I cannot hear very well on the phone for “calls” and same applies to audio messages via whatsapp. Please make sure to send me a whatsapp or email instead to follow up with me on my scam report about Earning Trade

  103. On May 30, 2022, at around 4:22 pm while strolling into my phone I found an inviting website to work. I was been looking for a job for quite some time and have had no luck. Due to my current situation as I am a victim of Domestic abuse with no income at all. I tried to reach the website. The person who was talking to me at that time is ANNIE. She spoke to me in the chat using WhatsApp and introduce me to a little about the company. After she told me to download an app called “TELEGRAM” with which I am not familiar.

    Upon starting using the Telegram app she started organizing a transaction and then proved that the company is legitimate. She taught me how to activate my PAYID and use phone number money transferring by sending me videos on how to do it. I was starting believing when they start sending me money after I finished the transaction. First, a transaction I did was 3 tasks. By finishing it I had commissioned AUD11.00. Next, they will send you and amount that you will pay then you will have a commission if you pay AUD 60.00 you will get your money for AUD80.00. AUD 500.00 commissioned AUD 650.00. The last transaction I did was AUD1000.00 to earn AUD350.00 but that is not what happened. While finishing the task 3 out of 10. I need to recharge in the amount of AUD 1694.30. I was not certain what was going on at that moment as far as I know that is not part of the company policy. So, I reached out and asked why I need to pay for it. But because of their charming promises I fell into and paid for it automatically right after I heard her explanation if I will finish the transaction I will get my commission.

    Since there is only 2 tasks left I continued then the worst thing happened. In my last task, I need to recharge AUD 5425.00. At that time I have no more enough money. So, I was refusing to send them more and continued it. But Annie was persistent in convincing me if I will finish the last task I will get my money back. She ended up offering to help me with AUD3,000.00 just to continue then I will find the additional AUD 2,425.00. She persisted in me borrowing money from any of my friends then when I finished I will get my commissions. In order for me to come up with that amount as I only have left AUD 900.00. I did what she told me so I asked 10 of my friends then there were 2 who lend me money for AUD1,500.00 in total.

    On the 31st of May, 2022 that’s the money transaction that I transferred AUD 2,425.00. The money was received on their end at around 1530. As I start playing I finished the transaction then it popped up directly that I need to finish 1 more task. In this situation, I need to recharge AUD 6,000.00. I was starting asking Annie why it happened, and what was wrong and she can only answer me that I need to find more money to finish the transaction. At that moment, I
    realized I was totally broke and begging for my money back. All the responses I got from her are asking for more money from my friends to finish and can withdraw.

    I was still asking for my money back while can opened my account. After a few days my account in their system was not available anymore. Telegram and WhatsApp is the only way to communicate with them now.

    I do not believe in Scamming cause I always thought that scamming is your choice. But when you are under their spell and with their promises, especially, what’s going in my life now. I just want to find a job online and ended up losing my savings and even owing money from my friends. Now, I am totally broke and waiting for someone to help me. I and my son is sick. I do not know what to do as I feel that everything falls behind the worst in me.

    Hopefully, this scammer will pay for the damages they did to me. I become more stressed and alone in this sitation. I feel like I am a loser and worthless.

    All I want is to find a job to sustain our needs. Especially, I do not know when I can stay in this house.

  104. is a scam I lost $5300. They keep telling me that my profits is safe and that I need to pay $2500 for pin to withdraw and now the cost for the pin is $5000 because I waited.

  105. Fernando Prado

    Caondelimited, $200 usd me solicitan depositar 500 para actuvar mi cuenta sin otra explicación… a la fecha no me deja retirar
    lamentamente suena tentador, al inicio te cumple y despues te condicionan…

  106. João Frederico Branco

    It’s a Scam

    It’s impossible to withdraw your money.
    They keep asking for more and more, Insurance, US laws, to be verified, to be a premium member (since I have more than 0,3btc in the Wallet – which I did not!!)
    Let’s hope I can recover the money. Now they ask 4500USDT. No…

  107. Chris Van Severen, oplichting. In het begin alles heel goed. Daarna moest ik plots 5000dollar storten, als ik nog mijn profit wilde ontvangen. Dit zonder verder uitleg. Dit gedaan, 5000 dollar weg + mijn inzet van 12000dollar.
    Dus opgelet met

  108. Taranjyot Singh


    Beware of these crypto adresses, they have looted me. The name is Jessica from uk and bitcoin network agent from Be safe, and try to avoid these.

    If anyone can help me, please contact me. I have lost over $5000 as an international student.

    Above websites are all scams i lost 40K $ to if any one can help do contact me but not scammers please

    is a scam. I was introduced to it by someone on Twitter(Twitter name ; @johnson5453 ) and made deposits after investing for some months they told me to top my account before I can make withdrawals which I did but couldn’t get my withdrawals. I have spent 800$ With withdrawals fee and all in the platform. Please help retrieve my money back. Thank you!


    je n’ai pas aimer votre évaluations sur le site vous lavez évaluer à 58,6|100 pourtant le site vient d’être scamer. il a disparu avec nos investissements.

  112. Eth-TRX Mining is a total scam guys don’t ever deposit your funds because they earn from yours .. And they give you withdrawal limit for something like half month then everything will turn restricted needed to be reactivated, please don’t add in your more money plz

  113. Gege kamwanza is a scam.
    I invested first deposit They hided cost around the invest profit was reflected in the application when I asked for pay out stories started there a lot of cost was rised almost 6000$ I paid everything buy still not receive my cash They comme with new story which as a broker They should have advise from the beginning.

  114. Gothemdigital TRUFFA , come altri siti che ho visto segnalati , ma con lo stesso sistema di raggiro . ATTENZIONE GENTE , Queste persone giocano con la vostra avidità . Non cedete al rischi .. sono solo numeri e programmi Compiuter , specialmente non credete a commenti e falsi .. amici.. su Telegram e altri social. SONO TRUFFE …

  115. is a scam. The deposit goes through, the money goes up nicely, but when it comes to payout, that’s a problem. I invested 10,880 there. When I wanted to withdraw on the first day, they said I have to reinvest for 6 days first. After 5 days, I made over $ 200k. After 5 days, they said I had to roll over my plan to reinvest and pay $ 3,400 as a fresh deposit. I did that, but they say the payment didn’t arrive. Today is the 3th day and on CoinMarketCap I can see that my payment reached them an hour after I ordered it on June 1, 2022. I write them e-mails with proof of payment and they do not speak up. They constantly invent some new regulations, limits, thus hindering further reinvestments and withdrawals.

    1. Same with They keep asking tax payments and then allege that my credit score with them is insufficient and asked for more 27k to bring to 100 to make withdrawls.

  116. Please avoid defolios! They are a scam . If you come across Deanna Christal on TikTok please avoid her . She is the one that invited me to open an account in defolios. I was never able to withdraw my profit. They kept putting fees after fees. I lost over $4,000. Please be careful!

  117. \ does not let me withdraw the money I deposited apparently because I have no right to do it if I do not deposit EUR 10.000. I have deposited EUR 8.500 which I take for loss. I hope the denunciation and legal action could help to recover my money and all the other victims. Please, let me know what should I do to proceed with the legal actions.

  118. Do not deposit money on this site shamining is a scam and you can lose your money. At first they let me make two small withdrawals on my investment and then they began to say that my account had suspicious movements and they bvlouqeroned me. After a month the site stopped working

  119. Salochini Moodley

    I was told to download the Luno app, and transfer funds into that then transfered to the intertrade account. To withdraw I had to pay more money than I invested. Please assist me. thank you

    and Discord Giveaway channel.
    Sweatcoin APP – i was promoting them (they suppose to be released to market this summer),
    received reward – drop, got new account in web.
    In order to take reward – i have to deposit first. Seems kind of logic, but it’s not.
    Lost 458.5USD

    Biggest scam ever, they change site rules and investing rules everyother day, blame on hacking and firewall improvements, and for that they demand you to reinvest the money invested already, so if you have 1.000 usd invested in order to rtrive the interests you need to reinvest again 1.000 usd to reactivate the account.

    They dont refund yoru money

  122. Websites, are scams as well! I lost around $7,000. Be aware of these scamsters and they connect in Whatsapp or Telegram! The website looks very profession and all people in the trade are all scamsters and encourage to participate. Please be aware and dont lose hard earned money!

  123. I Am just trying to get some help with the company ZICFX , they never gave me a chance to withdraw and
    they are holding my funds.

  124. Bitcoinmineoption is not good. They said my profits is $2900, and I send my bank details. On their dashboard I can see my details and that they deduct $30 I’m left with $2870. I send an email to say why it’s not appearing on my account and they telling me to deposit 4200ran to change dollar into rand the money is pending

  125. Sir plz help me anyone plz I have scamed website scamed around 11000 dollers plz I am 15 year,s old plz ????



    1. Margie Banquil

      It has happened to me to, not in, but the way you describe what was going on, its the same in what my situation has, that its a scam.

    2. Jay Rothstein

      I had the same thing happen with Said I made $6500 with a reinvestment, unfortunately which I did add, 1st trade then told me it will take a week to process and receive my 1st trade profits. Second trade apparently made over $29k and because of that I needed to pay a 18 % UK tax fee. Contacted the UK gov. and they said that does not exist.

  127. Avoid especially Jordan Kelly who put me in touch with Lucas Meyer ( who was to be my “Account Manager” (Thief that he is).
    These Scamming Ba*****’s will steal your money as they stole mine.

  128. Mount-Trading is a SCAM. they lure you in on ‘prize winnings’ by following your local groups you’re apart of and using the name of the group in the big and exciting email. they hardcode the bitcoin amount into their platform so it shows the amount in your balance, its not actually there. they tell you , you need to deposit a minimum amount to the account before you can withdraw. I did so, being gullible and excited it was that easy to access such an amount of BTC as a ‘prize’. and it just continues from there, you keep trying to withdraw and they keep coming up with different excuses and reasonings as to why you can’t withdraw until you give them more money. lost $1200. single father, thinking I got lucky and won prize money for being in a trading group. Help me retrieve this please.

  129. Yellow card is a scam, ( it claims to offer its services to the poor but instead scams them, everything seams legit until it is time to withdraw.

  130. I have lost around USDT 15000 in such scam In Feb 2022 Month, same Modus operendi, Please beware of such high Profit Scam from Crypto curruncies , There Scams are booming Due to Could as They are creating Different Trading Websites for Luring Peopel like us from Social Media. , beware of these Websites,,
    If any body can recover this Digital Assets , Please Contact ,Find out a way How we can Recover our hard earn monet from Such Websites.

  131. Arka Roy Chowdhury is scam i invested 200 dollar total now they saying my money stuck in their system so i need to deposit 400 dollar more to withdraw my money.
    Please help

  132. This email below
    [email protected]
    Is legit a scam, i was a victim of this platform,i lost almost 43,000 in philippine currency, when i purchased standard miner, they required us to pay for electricity cost, in which not disclosed before, please help me return my money,….

  133. I Started my trade on, assistant name was Karishma, analyst was mark cruise, they showed me trading and profits of 30k usdt and asked for commission of 10700 usdt, they said pay the commission and immediately all the amount will be released, i paid the commission and after that they are not responding to my calls and messages, Dear Friends be careful when you do trading on and they are one of the biggest frauds. their contact numbers are 7690821347,7797920338, 8807035386,9091518313, 9565611293, 9205746720.

    1. Hi sir,
      Even I got cheated by them is there any other option to get that funds released from bitsetc

  134. COTPS is (or was) a total scam. The website doesn’t even exist anymore. People have been scammed for over a billion dollars and nobody is talking about this! Our countries government did not do their job in regulating this investment company and thousands of citizens have had their accounts totally just disappear. Someone, or some people, are somewhere walking around as new billionaires out of thin air while investors are left with nothing and no explanation from COTPS.

  135. Theodore Selnes

    Began with an Malaysian girl who after a couple of weeks of chatting on whatsapp via facebook dating service showed me financial sheets showing tremendous profits per Mr Gordon George as her mentor in the bitcoin arena. After, with no bitcoin experience what so ever thought I would throw $1,000 to test the waters, When asked about withdrawals they returned with a hundred dollar return to set the hook and I bit throwing another $1,500 and again $2,000 into the mix…then to make an expidited withdrawal and pay 30% commission to Richard Taylor as my investment advisor they asked for another $2000. I drew the line and refused, just wanted my investment amount back and I would be happy.
    Now cannot withdraw, when I try the account is frozen and when asking for assistance from service center they refer me back to Mr. George to reclaim my money. He has not responded to my requests for withdrawal of funds which now according to the website is $8,600 but no way to transfer back to my checking account.
    Don’t know what to do next…If you can assist please help as the funds are needed urgently for some medical issues that have recently been diagnosed for treatment as dialysis for kidney failure and potential surgery that is pending due to my insurance co – insurance and to be put on waiting list.
    Help me if you can?
    Theodore Selnes 630-468-0770

    1. Sammy bajraktarevic

      Hi my name is Sammy
      The Meta-era exchange is 100% scam
      Me and another 10 people that I know invested money with Meta-era exchange and after some time they lock your account and they stop communicating with you

  136. Peter Thompson

    Scam ALERT!!!!! NAB-COINS.COM don’t believe a word they say they will run a couple of successful trades , pressure you to add more funds, run a bunch of bad trades, then when you ask for your funds back they disappear.
    If anyone has anymore information on these FKRs please share

  137. Christopher S. Allen This site is a total scam. If Riaslin or anybody else ever tries to get you to invest in this crypto mining site DO NOT get envolved with them. I had 98.1 USDT in my wallet & after a few days of getting about $1 of Ethereum return per day I told Riaslin (the girl that encouraged me to invest in this site) that I had concerns about doing so because of scams similar to what she was proposing & sent her a screenshot of a warning on a site describing exactly what ended up happening to me, & within an hour or so later ALL of my USDT was sent out of my wallet without my doing so. Be wary of this site or that person. Of course she hasnt spoken to me since. PLEASE BEWARE!

  138. please I get the money from my friend . i deposit more than 0.05BTC in TOKENS-TRADE and now i can’t withdraw my money . i will go to the imprisonment if i didn’t get back the money soon or i will kill my self . please help me please

  139. I think meta-eraex is scam.
    First time I’m transfer my money about 200 usdt. And trade profit 100 usdt ( have 300 usdt)
    second time. I’m transfer my money about 500 usdt and trade profit up to 200 usdt( have 1025 usdt)
    then I’m want to test all my money 1025 usdt. But I’m wait 12 hrs. Result is fail.
    second time I’m try again withdraw 0.45eth . In the same first time
    third time I’m try again withdraw less 510 usdt. Result success (feel good) have 515 usdt
    i feel withdraw very hard. I decided again withdraw all my money. Result I’m wait applied pass 60 hours. Is nothing
    feel very bad
    I’m contact website by email. It tell me.
    you must authorize bra bra bra.
    I’m think. It not make sense. This my money you don’t have the right to freeze or lock my money
    it is very bad

  140. I invest more than 2000 tether in
    And now they told me you have to invite more people after that you can have your money
    Is scam

    A lot of my friends lose their money in that platform

  141. I paid initial 200usdt on cryptomaxfx trading and they say they will do the trading for me and it becomes 3500usdt after 48hrs. In order to withdraw it they will ask for another 150usdt for activation fee. Then once you pay this they will say they will processed the withdrawal. And then again they will say you need a hash key verification for binance. You will need a third party who can make it and their service cost 300usdt. After 24hrs they will say that you just paid for the code and ypu need to pay 160usdt for the verification. I stopped here cause i have nothing left. But I feel they will ask for another payment.

  142. Muhammed basheermukkanni

    I paid 172075USDT to get my profits of 211111USDT. They asked again the tax of 30%since already paid money is stolen by their staff.. And now asking me to pay 30%which may goes beyond the money i earned.. Now I’m drained and lost all asset i have. Now they ask me to wait for some news from their end

    1. Muhammed basheermukkanni

      to the above site
      I paid 172075USDT to get my profits of 211111USDT. They asked again the tax of 30%since already paid money is stolen by their staff.. And now asking me to pay 30%which may goes beyond the money i earned.. Now I’m drained and lost all asset i have. Now they ask me to wait for some news from their end

    2. the scammer asked me to pay 53000 usd to get my money back before May 16, i did not pay any cents, they hacked my account on May 16 and cost me loss all of my money, my account balance from 212,000 to negative 21,000. can we do anything? thanks.

  143. Salve, qualcuno ha perso qualcosa con la società Benezcapital? Fa investimenti in bitcoin piani da 150$ a salire.

  144. Has anyone lost anything to bitkort? I lost pretty much my life savings and I live in the UK?‍♂️

  145. Lawrence Morison

    I have been scammed by AIBINARY.CO.UK. I was extremely stupid but it is a very sophistocated process with a very believable website and testimonials chat line etc

    1. chan kah peng

      Me too. I lost to the same company. I lost USD2600. I went online to search info about the company and realized it is a scam when I used scam detector website. Did you make any police report and are you from malaysia?

  146. I was found on Telegram by someone in a crypto chatroom I frequent. I was told about and how I could earn big interest investing BTC. I was suspicious and held back for a week but because of this person’s unrelenting pressure and also the fact I could not find anything on this company being a scam, I figured I’d give it a try. I send them $300 and invested it in the basic plan. I cycled through 2 weeks and made my weekly interest withdrawals without a hitch. My ‘sponsor’ than talked me into taking it to the next level and said would partner with me. They deposited supposedly $500 into my account and I deposited another $250. I then Invested that money in the EDGE Plan which was the next level up, for a week and tried to withdraw the interest. They refused the withdrawal of $146.25. They then added $50000 to my account and told me in order to claim the $50000 I had to deposit $10000. And since I refused to deposit the 10000, my withdrawal was locked and I could not withdraw any money. So all together I am in it for $466 total. Total in was 550 and total out was 84. Yeah it’s a small amount but still I am sure there are others that are in it for big losses. They operate under 3 sites that I am aware of ;,, and There may be more and if I become aware of them I will post here. Stay away from these sites. If some supposed sponsor approaches you, play them, mess with them, get what you can out of them but do not send any money that you do not want to lose.

  147. Please listen

    Stay away from scammers they put you on so called lucky groups all fake membes making it look legit you must add thousands of USDT to “settle” your withdrawal and it’s all fake fake python script

  148. is also a scam. A person named Arjun Gupta from Gujarat asked me to register in this platform by saying there will be 5-7% return daily without any risk. He said it is an auto trading platform. I added 200$ initally and as per his words the site shows good results. He asked me to invest more money to get more profit. Totally I invested 2001$ . On 12.4.21 a trade was started and it never closed. Still running. No withdrawal request has been sanctioned till now. Now his phone is switched off.

    1. Back in March of this year, I met a lady on Facebook dating. We became friends and she had brought up the idea to invest in crypto. I was frankly new about crypto investment at the time. So I decided to try. She encourage me to invest in this webpage called I wanted to try so I basically put funds on my Binance account and transfer my initial investment to the TSL platform wallet amounting to $299.48. That was around late March of this year. So, it looks like my investment is going well at the time. Then I suddenly receive an email from their customer service on May 9th in regards to paying a tax before June 7th if not my asset will be destroyed. I ask this so-called friend that had encouraged me to invest on this website if this was legit she says she had to do the same on her previous investment and by paying through a so-called “tax wallet”. The email indicated to contact their TSL customer service through “WhatsApp”. So, I reached out to their customer service in regards to paying my taxes. The customer service stated that I needed to pay 20% of my profit at the time and calculated on their end to pay $750 usdt for my tax and to pay to the so-called “tax wallet”. They stated that once I pay my taxes they will unfreeze my account within 24 hours and I will be able to sell my TSL crypto investment to make my profit. On May 24th I deposited $100 usdt to their so-called tax wallet in order for me to extend the payment. Just this May 26, 2022 the customer service had message me qouting “Sir, tomorrow is your last day to pay. If you fail to pay your tax, your tax will be recalculated. caution.” Therefore, the very next day I decide to pay the remaining $650 usdt to pay my taxes. And after more than 24 hours from paying my tax, my TSL account is still frozen and I am still unable to sell my tsl and make profit. TSL customer service is being unresponsive now. This fuckin website is full of scam!! BEWARE OF THE PEOPLE YOU MEET ONLINE!! LESSON FUCKIN LEARN!

  149. stay away form that platform and BNE big scam I have lost $55 thousand dollars investing in BNE you can purchase but unable to withdraw no contract person and no response to your email inquiry SCAMMERS

  150. maria Antonette

    please do not trust, they will lure you into making big money and once you add huge funds just freeze your account. please do not fall prey.

    1. Note: Stay away from and as these Crypto platforms are a COMPLETE SCAM and take the same approach as mentioned in the below posts: They manipulate the Crypto currencies on the platform so they look as though the values are soaring. Once you recharge your account, the Platform locks your account and request further recharge to release your asset, which does not happen. In this case the assets were moved from one platform (CATTO) to another WAETH:COM where a further request was made to release the asset.
      The SUPPORT desk was completely useless, only replying after I flooded the their in-try with 100 emails, then another 100 then.
      I am now working on getting my money back. If anyone knows an efficient way to do this, please assist. My asset appears to still be on the platform but is not being released, as it has a status “Under review”, which is total BS.
      What is interesting is when I enter the URL in the VLDTR field, the reply is that WAETH.COM is 100% trustworthy. How can this be?


  152. is a complet scam. Got an invite to a discord server that seem legit as they got multiple discord accounts pretending to be real people talking to each other in the server, but after making a deposit and trading a bit in this exchange I have not been able to withdraw my money and they ask me to deposit more in order to retrieve it…. absolute scam.

  153. try by all means to stay away from bhpcapitalinvest…..this one time a guy told me to inevst $67 to make more than $3000 as i did i got almost 2934$ and the time i had to withdraw was told to deposit a 10% of my profit and that was $294 that’s when i saw that no marn there was a fish going around….and took months without logging to the broker then by the time i tried to login it couldn’t login and kept saying “the folowing cresedential does not match our record”……..and one thing that made to think that it was a legit and true is because i was doing all that on my own/

  154. Terence Daley is a scam, invested 10700 thru lagit D.I.Y website only to discover dm had been hacked

  155. this website is a scam the the person on telegram called Samba_Abbas is the scammer I deposit 500 for investment and then he asked for 550 as tax fee after i paid it he asked for 230 for delayed fee i have paid it and today he is asking for 1780 to clear the bill no ideas what does that mean .

    this is his telegram please report every one you now that he his a scammer and everything he post is fake

  156. Wanchera Masiko

    I am scammed 280usdt by onlineglobalcryptotrades. At first it sounded as a legit investment for 100usd capital. I was convinced and I invested $100. The next day they demanded $80 for mining codes, I sent the money and they input $1500 as profit obtained. When I tried to withdraw the money I was prompted that the access key is required for me to withdraw the money. I was told that the access key costs $100. I sent the money successfully and but when again I tried to withdraw the money, they told me that I need to activate and verify my account, and this process costs $270. I hesistated to send this amount hopping they will come up with other costs and eventually they can demand my heart ❤️. So they have scammed me a total of $280.

  157. Stay away for it’s 100% scam, they ask you to post virtual orders in exchange of crazy bonuses, once you reach a certain level they give you special order that needs a recharge of more money, incase you fail to recharge they block you from withdrawing any money even your own and even if you recharge same thing happens you can’t withdraw. Please please stay away and take care.
    Contact person was Lisa on telegram (@Lisa111101) (@Lisa237) (+639693921136)

  158. is another new scammers on the net. They ask for investment and making profit doing data fluctuations…. then once you did deposit money they ask you to pay 30% profit commission in advance to withdraw any amount even yours own money…trying to snatch another extra money then block you and you’ll lose everything. They are scamming in the name of capital one group and black rock wealth group. So keep away… it’s 100% scam. TAKE CARE EVERYBODY.

    1. they scammed me and a friend for 5k each and when we went to take our money we invested and profit on they changed our wallet address and it didnt do to any of our wallets. now they are trying to get me to pay 1k to activate my account and start again lol said a disgruntle employee got fired and did this lol total scam

  159. is absolute scam, please stay away. (also as it seems to be the copy of
    Wim Steven was the contact person (telegram @Wim68)

  160. Catherine Seiffert

    Mistake in previous notification. The telegram person for KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange also known as is Agent Alfred not Alex

  161. Catherine Seiffert

    KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchangewith Agent Alex scammed me out of $5450.
    it sounded too good to be true. I was willing to risk $500 but as soon as I did that he said in the states the minimum was $3000.
    Once they had that, another $2400 was needed to activate account. Meanwhile if their telegram there are all these people claiming how wonderful it was and how much they made. How it wasn’t a scam.
    A month after the first idiotic thing I did, he got back to me saying I should activate my account and withdraw my earnings. I did and now you can’t withdraw until I put another $5500 into an escrow account which I am guaranteed to get back. I can’t believe I fell for this crap!

    1. Stay away from .They take your promo btc
      show profit. ask for 10% trade fee, Document fee, Tax fee. Ask you to trust them
      and promise to pay you the profit. I am still waiting, and they play with your
      emotions. Trader is Christopher Roberts

  162. digital earn brokers in telegram group.. Or.. is a scam…. They asked me to invest and said I would get profit in 18 hours.. Like I wouldnt have beleived it.. But they have multiple fake accounts from which they posed as people who got a lot of money back. So I invested 50 dollars.. and when I want to withdraw some money from account.. They said I need to transfer them 450 dollars.. I knew something was wrong.. So, I didnt reply and I didnt deposit.. Now the messaged saying the company has given me a discount and now I just have to deposit 150 dollars.. But Now I am not falling for that.. I had already lost 50 dollars.. I am not gonna lose more

  163. Crox Trading/Leslie Taylor scammed me out of over 9000.00 asked me for a high balance fee of 3000.00 because they said my balance was 43,500.00 out of my 8000.00 investment 6 weeks later had grown to 43,500.00 then they hit me for a 3000.00 high balance fee.I contacted Leslie Taylor and I asked if I sent 1000.00 would my trading continue they said it would sent 1000.00 worth of Bitcoin then my trading they supposedly closed my account and said I owed them 7,700.00 because my broker Leslie Taylor closed the account Once I paid this fee I could resume my trading. I told them I only wanted to withdraw 5000.00 and pay the 20% fee of 1000.00 and resume trading I was told I had to pay the full amount then reopen my trading account I knew then I was being scammed!!

    Complete scam, they pay your first “winnings”, then they will tell you they are on the “anniversary month” and you won’t see your money anymore.

      1. I received an SMS with the account David which has a balance of 1,011,214.98. it gave me access to the site

  165. stay away from the icon for the app is not the black background with the white squares but a blue background with blue squares

  166. BE22 Russian scammers , some European idiots also involve, always asking to invest , next they put your account in minus because they controlling it.again they will ask to invest , you would never be able to withdraw your money ,,,their name David, Dannis some other fake names,hope this money will come to them as a cancer disease to them and their family …Avoid from B22 fake trading .

  167. is a scam. BEWARE OF PEOPLE with names(Instagram): Donna K Bryant from Kentucky (donnabryant9413), Jerry Dykeman n (dykemanjerry), Shelly Lyn Zander(shelly_zander) and Alexandria Garcia (alexandriagem007).
    Their scam was really well put, Donna sent me real videos and pictures of Donna including ID pictures, social security numbers and real none deep fake videos claiming that they do invest in She mentioned my name and the date those videos were taken.. I still have her information that I hope I can turn over to the FBI soon.
    However, when I withdrew, I couldnt. I instantly knew it was a scam. I really hope they didnt destroy peoples lives..

  168. please stay away from it is a scam, they are only interested in you investing your money. after you have done that you are cant ask questions or take out your money. they will come with many excuses then they will ignore you for sometime then they transfer you to another one. in just 2 months that i was with them i had already had 5 fanatical advisers. pleased stay away

  169. Please stay away from Ashley Morrison, ashley_mqbx on instagram, is a pure scam. They will ask you to buy bitcoin on and transfer to for bitcoin mining for profits, once you try to withdraw money, you can put PayPal and bank details, after money just disappears.

  170. stay away from They try to get you to pay a 10 percent usage fee, 50 K laundering verification deposit, and a 100k deposit to verify you are not russian.

  171. is a scam.. they will ask you to deposit USDT for trading and commit you that if there is any loss.. they will compensate 100%. There analyst will put in you in loss and then ask you to deposit more and then they will compansate.. its a pure scam and they dont allow wallet withdraw as well.

    1. It’s true, i am also trapped and loss 10000usdt after sale of my residence they are cruel they said they help to COVID loss person who are suffered by COVID but they are criminals they are pushed me for suicide although only my saved me and said if die who are helps your childrens.they are killer God punished them all the money which they earn they lossed in they lives of there own they are die with all types of un cureable diseases.

  172. Please stay away from this scam website called I am really frustrated and was scammed $11,070.00. Their Binary Trader insists a fee of $2000.00 is required to withdraw my BTC Trade profit. As we all know, a fee is never required to withdraw on a legitimate exchange platform.

  173. I won an Airdrops, and my bitcoins were deposited to and now the site tells me that I can’t withdraw them unless I deposit $700 in bitcoins or $900 in Etherum.

  174., es una estafa… no se dejen engañar… a la hora de pagar te piden dinero. Es un fraude.

  175. Please stay away from this scam site called, I upgrade my account with $2550 USDT for vip1 vip2 vip3, and and as vip3 my limit suppose to be $10,000 dally and i try to made a withdrawal of $9500, then i check my transaction history my withdrawal is finished and i made a complain how can that happen and there banned me for login.
    and the worst part of it , i got an email from customer support [email protected] that i have to pay a 20% of my withdrawal fees before i can receive it hmm for what i use $2550 to upgrade, i have to pay fees again before i can receive my withdrawal,
    I just hope i can recover my money back soon, i feel pain and frustrated, this happen 2 days ago.
    Please brothers and sisters run from this site, i am now on loan.

  176. is a scam. They are using info from the real website to scam customers. They ask to pay a fee for KYC only later (after you pay the fee) to purposely add more money to your account with them (this is not bitcoin they sent to your wallet) in error and then ask you to refund it before you can withdraw. They are low down dirty fraudsters and scammers.

  177. Beaware of the scam company a1cryptofx it is an total bulshit fake company dealing with crypto currencies

  178. Roy Santos Dorado

    If somehow you encounter or you were invited to a telegram group name MONERO COIN MINING with the agent named Lawrence Adams. Please please! don’t ever get fooled in their trading schemes. they already scammed $950 from me and now im hoping that i can retrieve it from them. they will show you and give you big profits in your account but later they will email you to pay some fees in order to withdraw due to aome protocols and then after that they will ask again. Please be careful!

  179. J’ai été contacté par quelqu’un sur télégramme me référant à comme plateforme d’investissement fiable. J’ai d’abord fait un dépôt de 80$ via mon compte BTC. J’ai fait un retrait de 10$ et ça marché. J’ai créé un autre compte et j’ai fais un dépôt de 127$. Au bout de 10 jours, j’ai tenté un retrait sur les deux comptes. Mais aucun retrait n’a été validé. J’ai contacté le support WhatsApp de la plateforme et c’est quelque jours plus tard que je reçois un mail contenant la mention suivante : vous avez été amandé a 300$ pour usage de double compte. J’ai été déçu. Deux semaines plus tard le support m’a contacté me demandant de faire le dépôt de 300$ pour qu’ils fusionnent mes deux comptes et me restituer les fonds perdus. Je ne l’ai pas fait car j’ai compris que c’était de l’arnaque

  180. i was scammed on DISCORD with a bonus scam never had its a hacker scam site stolen 10000dollars

  181. is a scam, I was referred by a friend, first I deposit 1070, after couple days I took a withdrawal and was succeeded, later I deposited 480, then couple days after when I tried to take a withdrawal It showed succeeded but I didn’t received it. Contacted support they told me that it’s technical problem be patient. After hours I tried again but failed asked them for update they are saying my withdrawal bot needs to reactivated for that I have to deposit amount of 1070 , I told them I don’t have any more to deposit only 135 I have in my Binance account, he told me (Mr. Lucas) that deposit that and it will work. Once I did the deposit he came back saying I have to deposit the remaining 935 to complete the 1070. I’m still in contact with them, have access in to my account but not able to withdraw. Total I have in my account is almost 3000USD now.

  182. Michael Cascio III acts as a exchange that you can deposit funds and not withdrawal. 100% a scam in the worst way stay away

  183. I have invested in 520$
    They again said to to unlock bonus and to unlock previous withdrawals reinvest again 300$ and traped me cleverly. my all fund blocked

  184., is an absolutely 100% a scam,
    This is my story, first they require a minimum investment of $30K to be added to an advance VIP group. Which entitles you to 12-15 transactions per day at the accuracy rate of nearly 100%, this way you build up your balance at an amazing rate. Soon after, will freeze your account and ask to deposit $50K to verify your identity. Then, you attempt to withdraw funds, that when they ask you to pay 24% taxes on the requested amount. After all said and done, zero amount could be withdrawn and the virtual assistant named Alissa as well as, their customer service disappear into thin air.
    as an investor you are left to pick up the pieces,
    Please beware of that fraudulent website

    1. I am also got scammed!!!!! with (BITCOINCASH.ONLINE) Beware!! My $5489 is still stuck in my balance section. When I tried to withdraw funds, I use coinbase, so I went through all the verifications and google code, With my withdrawal password. Then they sent me an email, I have to pay $1347 tax fee. WTF!! I did not find a place from my balance Platform which would be BITCOINCASH.ONLINE to pay them the tax from the $5489, so they want more money uploaded from CoinBase. NO WAY. But my Money is still sitting there. If it still exists ! Fucking sucks

  185. Enviei 9 mil reais para conta da gainglobally e ele bloquearam minha conta e não deixa eu sacar o dinheiro e tão fazendo várias pessoas de vítima me roubaram não invista nessa prataforma mentirosa.

    Site de fraude

  186. I have invested $10000 on which is owned by NBO platform.they are giving high returns on the investment.but its actually a ponzi scheme.Please do not invest on
    They have scammed and looted several of mine and my friends hard earned money.Please do not fall in the trap of high return.They are all fraud.

  187. There was a TikTok account called Catia Fernandes and it looked real. I was in the comments and someone claimed to have her number. I added the number and texted through WhatsApp. I was told to buy $1,010 of bitcoin. I bought the Bitcoin through the Edge app and I was then told to send the Bitcoin to in order to fund my account. A day later i check my profits and it said I had gained $900. Everything seemed too good to be true. I told my friend at school about it and he did his research and he sent me this website and I found out that, that website is not legit! I then confronted the person who was posing as Catia Fernandes. And they stopped responding. I tried to withdrawal my money from the website and it said I didn’t have approval! I don’t know if this Catia Fernandes is real. She has a Instagram too and it looks legit. I think I was probably scammed by someone who was pretending to be her. Nevertheless I should have known none of this was legit if it was through WhatsApp lol. I want my $1,010 back!

  188. I invested up to $4000 with club9 in their website Now, the website is not working anymore. Their Telegram account muted everyone. SCAM. I am looking for a way to get my money back.

  189. I invested with EuropaTradeCapital, apparently my portfolio grew astronomically. I needed to make a withdrawal, but that was only possible if I invested more money. You can keep giving, however, taking is another story.
    Just another scamming company. Its depressing how many ways scammers can enter our lives courtesy of a so called ‘efficient high tech society’! At least cavemen either ate or got eaten by the wild animals they shared the planet with. Nowadays there are vermin-predators everywhere and you can’t even see them coming! Not sure how these scamming creatures sleep at night!

    FRAUDE & SCAM you loose all your money by invest in them, withdraw is impossible and they keep asking for additional fees. James Patrik is lovescammer through tinder for them

  191. Please do not invest with the three companies: ( Agent_Marie06 on Telegramm) ( Agent_Anderson on Telegramm) ( Acount Manager Bernard Doran)
    They did not let me withdraw. During the investment time( after frist deposit and before withdraw the profit) they all three companies forced always my deposits for Signals fee, account fee and cost for transfer code….
    But when I wanted to get my profits or my money back they forced that I needed to deposit about 50 % of my profits ( I did not want to pay any more and they did not want to pay me back. I lost about 7000 US Dola by three companies.
    They are all 100 % Bitcoin Scam companies.

  192. Please be extremely careful about this platform or website – “” from the mainland China and as soon as you wired money over then you will lose everything and basically they designed some game-play and someone from those social medias will approach to you then introduce this investment opportunity to you and we will ask you to trade the item called “YLB” which is manipulated behind the scene … so eventually you will find yourself either lose everything all of sudden or you are not allowed to withdraw any funds you invested before and this is an EVIL website and they have been conducting criminal activities and we got to find ways to stop them!!!

  193. My husband invested $475.00 ca. to a company called Proligon. The lady that phoned us talked so nicely and was interested in our life and other personal issues. She said that was a small amount but it would grow quickly and we were not to worry. Her name is Rachel Wilson ([email protected]). Our money grows to about $750.00 ca. Rachel then sends us an email asking how much we were ready to invest, $5.000, $10.000, or $ 20.000. She said she would send the papers right away. ???? Now we are puzzled! We reminded her that we are pensioners and did not have that kind of money. Then one of the owners of Proligon calls us and asks how well Rachel did for us. We had nothing bad to say. He then suggested we stop our account until we could invest a larger amount and withdraw our funds. Here is where the real scam begins! To supposedly withdraw our funds they needed all our credit card information plus several other pieces of identity. Our account was frozen then Ryan, (one of the owners of Proligon), contacts us and tells us our refund would be completed in 48 hours! Yeah, right! We heard nothing more, were never able to contact Rachel Wilson, (probably a fake name), again. We sent many emails but got no response. We then tried to phone the numbers listed and all the numbers were no longer in service! We had the rude awakening that we had been scammed and they had all of our information! Now we are in the process of canceling our credit card and trying to freeze access to our accounts. PROLIGON is a SCAM! They are cheats and liars who prey on trusting people who just want to make a little income on their pensions. THE PEOPLE AT PROLIGON ARE PARASITES AND THIEVES! DO NOT TRUST THEM!! THEY WILL ROB YOU JUST AS THEY ROBBED US!

  194. Mercurytradefx—Stay away! After you invest, you keep reinvesting every 5 hours and your account grows substantially. But you try to with draw and they suddenly want a Gas Fee Task?? whatever that is. Want me to put in another $1500 for GFT to be able to withdraw!

  195. Tanveer mehtab

    I had invested $5000 and also payed commission of $ 4500 for the earning the analyst made me to earn $49163. The website I logged in to is and the analyst was Cruse Mark and Jess. But whenever I attempted to withdraw funds it fails. Also this website is using Bitstamp logo for there application, I had raised complaint to Bitstamp to written multiple mails to the group including CEO Mr Julian sawyer and COO Mr Sameer Dubey of Bitstamp but even they are not bothred about the theft of there logo and other legal files.
    Finally after following up every day for 2months with Cuise Mark they removed me from the whatsup group and also stopped accessing to the application. I have all the images of the transactions and communication. Today the analyst blocked me in whatsup and I don’t have any access to contact them….I’m totally in a depression…

  196. is scaming
    Website don’t believe that mr grace his name 3 of that main in company they ask bitcoin to pay invest but ask more money to withdraw but don’t invest there i already lost 2000 us dollars they don’t believe thi are scammers ..

  197. Alexander Larkin

    They took my USDT out of my coinbase wallet without permission and locked it in an event in which i all of a sudden won 15 ETH and they now require me to deposit 13k in Income tax money up front or mining fee two different answers so far. I have complaints with FBI, IC3, FTC, coinbase, hosting company. IP address
    We’ve flagged this malicious dapp to our security and investigation teams to take the necessary action against the third party involved.
    After an extensive review of the transaction details, your Wallet’s history, and the addresses associated with it, the unauthorized activity you reported appears to have resulted from a signed transaction that approved a malicious third party to transfer funds from your Wallet on [2022-01-25 00:43:43].
    You can review that approval transaction on Etherscan using the link below:
    This transaction gave the address [] access to the funds held inside your Coinbase Wallet. For a situation like this, you can use this Ethereum token approval checker that allows you to review and revoke any token approvals for any dapp associated with your Coinbase Wallet ETH address:
    To use this tool, first, you’ll have to link or import your Coinbase Wallet app to the Wallet Extension. To do this, please visit:
    You can easily revoke any approval or decrease the approved amounts if you notice suspicious contracts, by doing this, you’ll execute an on-chain transaction and incur a network fee. For further information, please see

  198. I have invested $ 300 in and they charge immediately for fess signal and many more. I’ve spent over $ 5,000 and won’t pay my money still new fees. watch out for them

  199. Through impersonating the on a telegram channel ‘Coin Bureau Insider’ and copying the messages from the (legit) there, they propose investments with high return on with the agreement that one cannot withdraw funds the first four weeks. Then , no way to get ones funds back. Investment fraud.

  200. Stay away from Claiming to be a subsidiary of Riot Blockchain. Steals website of Arrano for Node Mining. Chinese lady Blanche is a scam. She claims to be directed by her financial planner Aunt who is on the board at Greyscale. She may contact you thru Facebook, Telegram or Whatsapp. Avoid at all costs. I think she may also go by the name Shiqi Liu

    We lost $130,000 CAD. They have their own platform and have the access to the account. Their name called RICHARD WALKER! TIM FISHER or FISHERMEN , CONNOR and the others! Please do not fall into this people!

  202. Don’t join the come with a potential of making a significant amount of money with them. However to start you need to deposit $1000 of crypto to start. After a week the will show it has grown by over 1000% and will say that you need to pay 20% of that in crypto since they can’t take it from the gains. If it takes you a couple days to pay that amount they will show you that your account has grown and need to pay another 20% on the next weeks of income growth. They will tell you that you need to completely pay it before they can put into a deposit for you. Out $3000 plus transaction fees for the crypto. Also if you “working” directly with them they will say its based on the markets and they cant pull it out and only keep investing it. You are unable to get your initial investment back.

  203. Avoid Total THIEVES, SCAM. Will take your money in Bitcoin, make promises, send nice Text messages and then ask you to increase your account to a Standard from a Starter account in order to WITHDRAW the alleged Earnings which they will tell you exceeds the limit for a Starter Account but the website says nothing of the sort.

  204. محمد محمود محمود ابراهيم الجندي

    the valuecoinex doesn’t open pls, i need to help to withdraw the amount  

  205. محمد محمود محمود ابراهيم الجندي

    hello , i ve big problem .. the big problem .. valuecoinex are not open

  206. !!!Avoid Complete Forex scam. They at first look professional and you will see incredible profits. However upon withdraw of any funds, profit or initial deposit, you will be requested to pay more money to get your withdraw processed. They claim it is for taxes or any other number of fees. However the listed withdraw amount minimum states $0.10, but in reality the site will not let you withdraw less than 50k. I invested over the course of a week 1 btc and several $k in other tokens and coins. all in all after initial depost, I was told I could not acces my 60k withdraw without first paying 7200 in fees that would be deposited into my account. The money shows in account however the withdraw never came through. Then another email stateing a new charge and more money to release the 60k. Sadly it took that to make me realize I had been scammed, though I felt it in my gut the entire time. I hope others do not fall for this. They employ seperate ‘FOREX’ traders as go betweens on the site. My ‘broker’ was Russel Osmond. At least that is the claim to his name, I do not know if it is true name. His facebook profile looked legit and he had comments on posts. However on deeper investigation those comments were the same 10-20 people almost each time. This is a very well laid out scam. Cryptozat says it is located in the UK, however upon closer insepction and not listed very easily it states that they are not regulated. I was a fool for not understanding evertything before ‘investing’ money into their brokerage. Please do not fall victim to this. Hopefully this will help someone and bring regulation that protects retail investors such as myself and others.

  207. Abdulla Abdullayev

    I lost more than 100$ in they even contact you from somwhere And say that i make much money in that website and you invest that, I invested 100$ and i made 110$ to check, it worked and it made me believe, then this person told me the numbers and I made 12000$ wehn I want to withdrawal as before it said that you have to pay 10% fee, and you can’t cancel process your money is not in the website or in your wallet, but I told you should get that fee which I made as a profit, if you want me to give it from my own account it means the money i made is not real, I hope someone can help me, I live in Azerbaijan and I spend more than 200$ to make this investment, but it is a big amount of money for me:(

  208. and their coin ERE AND TRXXKK AND TR8X8 ALL SCAMS. Took all money and asked again after 10 days to invest 30% more to not stample us as hackers. All redicolous when they are all self scams and hackers.

  209. After 2 months they block your account whitout any reason they stolen me 1500 dollars, DON’T INVEST ON TRX.HT

  210. They set me up for 2500 dollars and I didn’t get anything and the support doesn’t want to give me a solution

  211. Anna/Ana Tenieshvili

    My name is Anna Tenieshvili. I am from Georgia.
    One of my telegram friends whom I trusted very much advised me to invest in
    Since September 18, 2021 I have invested 3300 USD, I tried to gain status of active depositor as it was supposed to enable me to earn more. Now, on my account I have 12864 USD, when I wanted to withdraw 3300 USD this week I could not do that. 
    The point is that this week I have discovered I am not employed any more, since that both my telegram friend and started to make obstacles for me in withdrawing my money. I was sent an email from this company saying that if I don’t pay 30% of the total amount, which is more that 4000 USD they will flag my account what means it will be closed. 
    Please, be informed is cryptocurrency platform, my telegram friend instructed me to open Trust wallet to transfer money to Trust wallet, to buy bitcoin through it and then send it to bitcoin address (bc1q4923dka77rhpzu078lavwvwx5nl55cwnw90ap3). In order to withdraw I had to press bitcoin on this site and enter my Trust wallet bitcoin address something that I cannot do now when I really need my money. Therefore I understood it is scam investment company.
    Please, help me to withdraw my money, I mean only the amount of 3300 USD, I invested as now they are everything I have and I need them for my living. I mean I don’t want their earnings as I have about 12864 USD including their earnings now, I just need my 3300 USD back.
    I have all transactions in my Trust wallet registered, and pictures of my account on which is open only up to March 14, if I don’t pay them fine of 4000 USD.
    Please, help me to return my money, this is everything I have now. The amount of 3300 USD is huge for my country and I was saving it during years.

  212. LM real estate investment located in Altrincham UK run by Oliver is a scam. They stole money from many investors with the promise of high returns.

  213. Primedextrade&FxBinarymining stole $500 i learnt the hardway any site that demands you pay fees is a scamm

  214. I was scammed by, they stole $10,000 from me, don’t fall for their lies because they ask you for money to withdraw your capital and profits and they are pure lies they just want to scam you more

  215. Joel Ocampo Casao platform is not impossible to open until right now and my co-Algoscalp member are waiting also if the are going to recover into normal. Thanks.

    1. I am a victim of demons developers of algoscalp would have burned Their souls in hell ??

  216. Took $5000 USD, claimed my account was locked due to suspected fraudulent behavior. Which of course was not true. Refused to answer any email about how to resolve. Basically just an excuse to steal my funds. Never again!

    1. It’s true ..I’m in the same situation they deleted my account and no longer respond to my messages..The trading platform is the IQTRADESOPTION…they did it with the help of a supposed IRS agent

  217. Stay away from “”. I have been scammed out of 20,000+ XRP coins. and there doesn’t seem to be any recourse. The website is still up and running and preying on other innocent investors. I should have read carefully, as the English is flawed. It looked like an official Ripple website, with Brad Garlinghouse’s photograph and all. It was also up on Youtube – do not trust that site as a source of reliable information. I am feeling totally abused, and scammed – and I am ashamed . . . . There must be something the authorities can do to shut these people down!!

  218. STAY AWAY FROM This is a “mimic” of the real, which deals in crypto currency’s. This organized criminal outfit, 1st stole my identity and charged up all my Credit Cards. Then they also tried using my info for other financial gains, but fortunately I had caught on and shut everything down. Turns out they had already hacked into my MacBook Pro and IPhone 12, got into my key-chain, and changed every password, email addresses etc and locked me out of everything.
    They then stole $400,000.00 USD IN CASH TURNED CRYPTO. I got some photos, over 1,000 pics and voice videos of this entire revolution.
    If anyone has a lead on some real BAD ASS computer forensic Hackers, please let me know. Big payday, if you can help get my money back. Please shoot me an email and we can chat on WhatsApp. If anyone else has been a victim of also let me know and we can start a group to brings these folks down!!

    1. Masood Quraishi

      Ryan – my story is just like yours – so if you find any forensic hacker please let me also know. I have lost USD 200,000.00 in cash deposits and I cannot withdraw my money in – USD 135,000.00
      Look forward to connecting with you.

      1. same what happen to us we lost $130,000 CANADIAN! With this SAFECRIPTOWORLD.COM
        We tried to get back our money but they got angry, and did not call again. They access my husband account and loss it all!

        1. I loss 150,000CAN too, they accessed into my account and cost me loss all money, what did you do, thank you

  219. Stay Away from total scam – they will not payout unless additional deposits are made from initial deposit; they requested 20% then 30% and now 200% of the available balance on your account. They will not pay you out stay away you will loss your money

    1. Exactly did the same with me. Lost $3580 deposited and along with the profits made $9120 which they are claiming I have earned. But for that they are asking more money $250 to be deposited as Taxes and other withdrawal charges etc.

  220. I was invited to invest in telgram by a person unknown to a platform called,
    In a begining I invested 600 us an they gave my back the invest plus an earning of 120 in 5 days. Then when I tried to gain with a higher plan of invest called gold. I sent them 1543 usd in BTC, then start a series of problems with them, they asked me 500 in more trough their support page, I sent this 500 in more trying to recover my money but it never happened, then they wanted that I give them the 12 seeds of my wallet!! to configure a method of payment direct, I didn´t accept that. I´m loosing all that money now…Please be careful with this tyope of scammers  yope of scammers

  221. Devastated right now. A friend of mine convinced me to invest in a company she said she made thousands from. All these stories are so familiar. They asked for money to deposit, then a mining fee, then an upgrade fee to access the profits. I just want my money back. I’m really struggling since the person that encouraged me to invest is someone I know personally and first met face to face. She said she was friends with the broker. I absolutely have to recover my funds.

  222. I forgot to add to my last comment, he has several other accounts also. I have blocked about five of them when he kept harrassing me on them all asking for more money. These accounts are all the same person.
    brenttoolz, randy.miike088, orralcode, rodn.ey9441, rodney_john11077.
    He may have others too. All on Instagram. Crypto scammer and so-called hacker.

  223. brenttoolz on instagram, formerly zedttech_09, is a total scammer. Robbed me of close to £10K and always promised to pay me back but never did. Will promise to unsuspend social media accounts but will ask for more payments because of something called a “verifcation timing” what times out before “completing the process”.

  224. lost 12k at einstein exchange , their gone now , they were in Vancouver bc now I will try netcoins in vancouver hope none of those other turds are there

  225. is a scam guys be ware. They want u to deposit and sthey show u a good looking platform. They will nale u deposit money and they will never pay u. Scam, scam, scam ?

  226. This website is threating me because i left this review,Awful customer service, this company stole $17000 dolars and never got it back, on fall for this scammers, they will let you do transactions and after that they will keep asking for more amd more money for a “KYC verification and insurance thing” DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAMMERS AND STEALERS, I LOST ALL MY MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY AND STILL NEED TO PAY FOR INTERESTS FOR THE LOAN I ASKED TO BE ABLE TO GET MY MONEY BACK, i dont know why the other guy said he could get his money back and all the others saying that they getting paid, THATS NO TRUE THEY ALL ARE THE SAME PEOPLE, i will open my yoitibe channel and make sure more people know that this company DONT PAY,

    They are a group of thieves running a pyramid
    scheme through a shell company. Please sue
    me for libel Francis or Noel, or whatever your
    name is. You won’t because you’d have to
    return the money to your victims to prove
    otherwise. To the others on here, the scam is
    coming unraveled, you can’t continue to prop it
    up much longer. The lies you spread hoping

  228. This is the website I invested 100 dollars in crypto currency in USDT at …. and the thing went well my account showed a return …I reinvested the money for a week and then I thought I would withdraw the profit that the company had made me. Then the thing came up that I had to pay 100 dollars to activate my account, I said ok ok, although it is not mentioned in the advertisement.I paid and I wanted to transfer the money and then the answer came that they needed the KYC verification which cost 88 dollars and of course I had to send in my photo and my details and my driver’s license photo and my address card.I paid but I asked that I didn’t have to pay anything else? The answer was that no, as soon as I transfer the money I can withdraw my profit.Ok and I have done that then I ask why I don’t get my withdrawal? I was told to pay the maintenance fee of $140, I paid this too but then I asked 3 times if I could withdraw my money, of course the answer was 100%.But of course I couldn’t, first they said technical problems and now they want me to pay $92 for P2P activation. But I didn’t pay it.In the Telegram group they praise the company. When I posted that I hadn’t received my money for a week, I was immediately banned from the site.

    Stay away from them. They start as a part-time job on Facebook, after a while they say that don’t have tasks anymore but u can invest. The first time they give you the profit to attract you, then later ask u to recharge more and more till they disappear. Lost 600usdt with them. They change the WhatsApp nr quite often not to get caught.

  230. Just want to get it out there about this crypto currency platform and a lady on Facebook (platform manager). Do NOT get scammed or pushed into what happened to me…. I entered $500 as “Capital” (the lowest they will accept) to from a lady (Manager) on Facebook. Her name is Michelle Charlotte. We spoke for over 6 months she got me to trust her and her platform. All over her Facebook profile it was people thanking her for her Management on the platform and showing pictures of profits she had made them. People were also showing photos of cars, houses, etc…people even posting videos thanking her about savings their finances. Everything looked so legitimate. She even goes as far as praying to the Lord for her customers. Seemed very nice all the way up to the point of my widthdrawal then she became very nasty demanding that I deposit more and more money for commissions and then thousandths more for withdrawals. Even went to the extent to tell me the company was mad at me for taking so long to send the withdrawal funds to their wallet. She turned from a beautiful nice lady to a very extreme bossy woman demanding more and more funds.

    1. Vasha Jaggernauth

      I had the same experience with where my mentor assured me and they kept asking me for fee payments like withdrawal, commission and tax fees and kept promising me once I make these payments the profits will be transferred to my account immediately. I lost a significant amount of money to them and I want to recover my funds. If there is anyone who can help me do this please let me know

  231. Just to let you know to stay away from that trader website:
    They just got $344.67 dollars Canadian from me. The scam is you deposit your $250 dollars as they claimed. And when you want to draw money they told you that: the software lost your money and they have no money for you.

  232. I wish I had known about Scam Detector earlier. This tool is a MUST to have. This could have saved me a lot of money that I did loose. I highly recommend this site and most of all the Website validator tool.

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