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Are you vulnerable to scams through your use of social media, especially Twitter? How are you affected? Is the threat real? We'll find out the answers to these questions and more in this article. read more

Are you staying in the house these days, self-quarantining? Beware of one of the most common scams happening this week, the Food Delivery Fee. Here is how it works: read more

A deepfake is essentially a scam that's becoming an epidemic. In short, it is an image or a video that's so well edited, that will make you look in places you don't want to be. Here are some deepfake examples and how they can ruin lives. read more

While governments and citizens alike are trying to protect themselves from the new COVID-19 virus by social distancing, cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of the situation by duping us into giving them cash or access to our devices. read more

Scam artists are all around, especially now that they have access to technology. They constantly search for a new group of people to prey on. One group is their favorite – college students. read more

ALERT: Do not download any COVID-19 world map with stats. The Coronavirus pandemic has been hitting hard lately not only with the virus itself, but with a bunch of criminals taking advantage of desperate people. Here is the newest scam: read more

Who doesn't want to watch a movie from the comfort of his bed if there is no Netflix? Beware of the Full Length Movies on YouTube List scam going around these days. Here is how it works: read more

If you don't know what the coronavirus symptoms are, watch the video in this article and read about the newest scam going around, the Coronavirus Mask. read more

The most popular niche in the online shopping business is by far the clothing. However, the success of running such businesses created the opportunity for scammers to operate easy and effective. read more

It is December, so you will probably see a big Facebook or Instagram campaign promoting a secret Christmas gift exchange soon. You should watch this video to see how the scam works before it hits you. read more

Cannabidiol, or "CBD" for short, is one of the two main cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. It recent popularity brought many new vendors to the CBD Oil market. However, perform your research wisely before spending any money or consuming. read more

The Sugar Daddy industry is real, and is full of scams. Thousands of girls are searching online, daily, for men to pay their bills and for sugar daddy websites free for sugar babies. Here are five scams you need to know. read more

Scammed on Facebook Marketplace? Buying or selling stuff on the platform? Looking to report someone? Here is what you need to know, plus a series of Fb Marketplace scams. read more

Be wary of fraudulent activities related to pest control, from bed bug treatment and termite care to exterminator scams and fumigation practices. There are a few types of fraud in this niche. Let's take a look at them. read more

There is an email going around this week claiming to be from Spotify and spreading a scam that comes in a couple of variations: Unable to Bill You and Update Your Information. Here is how they work: read more

Supermarkets call them 'marketing strategies'. We call them deceptive practices. The latest one going around is the Grocery Store Voucher Scam, aka the $500 Giveaway Scheme, but let's take a look at Top 6 scams you could fall for in a supermarket. read more

You may have heard of the Weight Loss Coffee concept, also known as Skinny Coffee. If you haven't, let's take a look and pay attention, so you don't fall victim to one of the unscrupulous scams out there. Here it is: read more

There is an email going around informing recipients about a BMW lottery notification winning: a brand new car and $500,000US. Here is how the scam works - beware! read more

There are plethora of Instagram scams out there, but this one that caught by surprise many users this week. Beware of the Instagram Copyright Infringement Scam. How does it work? Let's take a look. read more

There is an extortion message going around these days threatening recipients with the release of personal information recorded by hackers on their computers. Have you received an email sent from your own email address, with your name as the sender? read more

Beware of the Facebook Fortune Program, exposed with a video in this article. This fake program is empowering people to make money from the comfort of their home. read more

Did you receive a Facebook friend request from someone who's already on your list? Or did any of your buddies tell you that you just sent them another friend request and you may want to check your account? Here is how the hoax works. read more

Whether your children play Fortnite or you're an user yourself, this is how your credit card gets compromised. Tag a parent whose kids are addicted to this game and warn them about these 7 scams, from V-Bucks generators to how to get free currency. read more

Medical Alarm Systems Reviews - do you trust them? If you consider buying one of those medical alarm devices that are very popular nowadays, beware of the Medical Alert Buttons Scam aka the Emergency Alert System Fraud. read more

Beware of the Walmart Email Gift Card scam, aka the Walmart eGift Card trick or Walmart Gift Card Online rip-off. Did you just receive a message with a gift card worth $100, $500 or $1,000? Here is how it works: read more

Did an Instagram user just contact you about a lottery? Read this article to learn not only how the scam works, but how to identify very easy if the profile of the person you're chatting with on Instagram is fake or not. read more

You get an email from Netflix. The real Netflix. It says your account is on hold - it's an authentic notice, too. You are asked to update your credit card on Netflix's financial page. The real one, as well. Where is the scam? Here it is: read more

Is Facebook closing your account? Similar to the Facebook Copyright Protection or the Facebook Privacy Notice, the No Swearing Campaign on the biggest social media platform is just a hoax. Here is how it works. read more

How do you get on Property Brothers buying and selling platform? If you are a fan of the TV series and want to get your house featured on Jonathan and Drew Scott's show, don't fall for this scam. read more

What is the best anti-aging cream on the market or the best eye cream for wrinkles? Here's a shocking truth about skin care scams, from the best skin care products reviews to celebrity endorsements. read more

"There is only one scam about this", say organizers of Sex Island Experience, a 4-day/3-night shocking travel escape promising 30 clients to have sex with 60 girls, drug-friendly environment and unlimited alcohol. It proved to be the whole thing. read more

Facebook has a feature called “Trusted Contacts,” which allows any user to choose 3-5 friends who they trust to help recover their account in the event of a lock-out. Here is an article with a video on how the works. read more

How to see who viewed your Facebook page? Or Instagram profile? Or Twitter's account? Be aware of a new mobile app that promises that but instead spams all your friends and connections. New twist. read more

Sex Island Experience or "Incredible sex surprises, drugs, free alcohol and yacht parties" is how a 4-day experience in Trinidad and Tobago is advertised these days. A victim of the scam has spoken. Watch the video here. read more

Is Facebook going to start charging for messages? Beware of a new Facebook billing hoax that is going around this week, called the Facebook Charging Fees scam. Read how it works here: read more

If you have an Airbnb account you probably know that every time another user sends you a message an email comes in your inbox as well, notifying you of the conversation. Well, here is the newest scam, from a fake user calling herself Sofia. read more

Kate Middleton has apparently partnered with Dr. Oz to create a skincare product called Advance Final Skin, an anti-aging wrinkle cream that keeps you young. This scam may get you good - here is how it works. read more

As Facebook Messenger has now over 1.2 billion users and you are most likely one of them, beware of this latest scam involving a video. How it works, how to avoid, and how to report - inside this article. read more

If you have a Gmail account be careful about the latest scam, catching victims unprepared these days. Giving away your Google credentials is dangerous especially since Google owns other websites that require the same log-ins (YouTube, Android). read more

There is a new scam going around this week. It will most likely hit your computer while browsing the Internet so beware. It references gift cards from reputable gas stations and is based on the Target Gift Card scam approach. read more

The Facebook Violation of Terms scam comes as a message claiming to be from the Facebook Support. It informs that your posts have been in violation with the platform's Terms of Service. Here is how the scam works, with a video: read more

This is the most common Facebook scam out there. Even chances of winning the lottery are higher than winning this. read more

Are you looking for an online masters in education? Or perhaps best online colleges? Or maybe for some distance learning courses? Beware of dangerous scams happening these days, mostly coming out as fake online universities and colleges. read more

Due to iTunes' constant growing popularity, scammers are victimizing tens of thousands of people around the world. There are 3 variations of the iTunes scam: Frozen iPhone, Fake Website and iTunes Email Purchase. read more

You may be receiving a message from a Facebook friend or family member about a government grant that is widely available these days. Beware of the latest scam in the social media world! It could also come to you via Instagram. read more

People always wonder: "How do scammers hack into my account?" Whether is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, today we're going to expose some of the methods, so you can protect yourself. Read this article and watch the videos. read more

Are you trying to log into your Facebook account and a notification says you have entered an incorrect username and password? Beware of the latest Facebook scam - here is a criminal caught on tape. read more

How do your change your Facebook color from blue to whatever your want? How about Facebook Pink for the ladies and black for the gents? Beware of this scam that just came back this week. read more

Identity theft happens when your personal information such as your name, social security number, or credit card number are used without your permission. This means opening new accounts, renting or buying properties, filing fake tax returns, etc. read more

Beware of the Food Delivery Near Me Scam when you order food online. In this article you will learn how the scam works and how to avoid it. Also, get a list with Top 12 food delivery services and apps you can trust. read more

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