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What would happen to your business if your network was hacked? If you have data, which the majority of companies today do, you are at risk for a security breach. Check out this must-read article. read more

Are you an online casino player? If you are, you may be approached by someone promising you money just for playing casino games 20 minutes per day. Here is how the scam works, along with four others. read more

Beware of the Government Surplus Auctions Scam, going around in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. As everyone loves a good deal, scammers came up with tricks that make you believe you are in for a treat. read more

How did the most common malware evolved and became the number one threat to your device's well-being? Here is how to build a fortress to secure your device from ancient monsters. read more

The growth of e-commerce is unprecedented, as more people order products and services off phones and laptops. Technological advancements have also made it important to ensure security by using antivirus software and other protection tools. read more

As a business owner, it’s worthwhile doing your research on Search Engine Optimization. This is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic by increasing its visibility to users of a web search engine (think Google and read more

How would you react if you received an email claiming PayPal charged you for something you didn’t purchase? If you are like many people, you will pay attention to the email and probably even click it find out more details. read more

Occasionally, we check out new mobile apps that are released in the Google Play Store and iOS marketplace, especially if they have anything to do with safety and financial aspects. Today we take a look at a new app that caught our eye, FamiSafe. read more

Beware of the Google Ban aka Google Restrictions Scam, going around this week. It has two variations: the Google Settings Change and the Disabled Account. You are informed that your account is suspended due to abuse and illegal activity. See how: read more

According to a new class action lawsuit, you may receive up to $25,000 if you had a Yahoo account. The Yahoo Data Breach Settlement is due to the security breaches occurred from 2013-2016. Read below to see if you qualify and how to file a claim. read more

A new PayPal scam is going around this week. It comes as an email with the subject title: "Order was successful". The content of the message states that you have sent a $225US payment to Playwith Interactives, Inc - a random company. Here is the scam read more

WordPress is the most popular website and blogging platform in the world. Unfortunately, that means that it is also a massive target for scammers using the fake plugins. Here is how to avoid the WP plugin scams. read more

There are ways for you to guard your data if a security breach happens. Here are six security tips will keep you safe from inadvertently providing personal details to small-scale hackers in your day-to-day life. read more

If you are wondering what to do when you have been scammed online, we have an answer for you. Read this article and educate yourself about all the steps you could take if bad news happen to you. read more

Even if the criminals refine their techniques daily, they have some common elements that warn you about their nature. You can identify these red flags if you stay alert when browsing the internet. Here are the most common red flags. read more

Phishing scams are one of the most common tactics to breach personal computer security. Practice proper cybersecurity by learning how to avoid phishing. Here is how: read more

How to stay safe and protect your financial information when paying online.
read more

Criminals are becoming more sophisticated in their approach. Today's hackers use personalized messaging that targets individuals, often by name, in an effort to trick recipients into following bogus links or giving up their personal information. read more

Operating an eCommerce dropshipping Amazon affiliate marketing business can be a fulfilling and profitable venture. However, you may need to invest a substantial amount of money and knowledge to get started, but beware of scammers. Here are some tips read more

Beware of a new email scam that is going around this week. Your inbox shows you a list of undeliverable emails that you've apparently received. Here is how the scam looks like, so you can avoid it. read more

There is a new scam going around these days, targeting people using the Google Calendar feature on their smartphone. The scheme is a fake invite that makes victims believe is real so they can provide personal information and other sensitive data. read more

By searching for information on the Internet, sending emails, visiting websites, online shopping, and social networking, you leave traces through which criminals may easily break into your user's confidential data. How do you keep it as safe as possi read more

While the Internet of Things (IoT) offers many benefits, it also comes with a few caveats, one of which is the threat of data breaches. The Internet of Things: Definition and examples of dangerous side effects. Here is a must-read article. read more

There is a brand new and scary scam going around this week on social media. It preys on people who complain on social media, especially on Twitter. If you are one of them, you better pay attention to this article. read more

Here are some easy computer security tips you should consider in order to avoid surprises: new VPN, creative passwords, strong antivirus and updating software. Details about every single of them in this article. read more

Modern technology has made our lives more meaningful and sophisticated, but also more dangerous. Here are 20 easy tips on how to avoid Internet scams. read more

The real Cold War 2.0 seems to involve China, key U.S. allies such as Australia, and a technology giant known as Huawei. Here is an update on the spying situation. read more

If you are the owner of a website hosted by GoDaddy, watch out for the latest scam: the GoDaddy Account Verification Email. Let's take a look. read more

There are a few scams that you need to be aware of. Knowing what they are and what you're looking for is key to avoiding them entirely. To make things simpler, consider the base of all online scams to fall into one of two categories here: read more

Public networks are not very secure so Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were introduced to fix the problem. However, not all VPN companies are what they say they are. Some claim to be 100% secure yet still log and track user data behind your back. read more

Most people who create a YouTube channel work hard at producing great content in hopes in getting many views and engagement. However, many don't know how to get subscribers on YouTube and properly measure the rate of success. read more

Smart entrepreneurs rely extensively on outsourcing their work these days. However, be careful at these 7 signs that may give away a developer you should not deal with. read more

How safe are we with the fingerprint security option on our smartphones? Not that much anymore. Criminals found a way to make you tap the button and send money to their account in the same time. Read this article to see how that's possible: read more

Even if you are not online, your debit or credit card is electronically processed. When you stop for gas, use an ATM, or eat at a restaurant your information is vulnerable. There are several precautions you can take to keep this from happening. read more

Beware of fake online shopping websites. Whether it's about clothing, gadgets or shoes, you can file an online shopping fraud complaint and add to this fake shopping websites list. See the list of scamming websites here. read more

A new class-action lawsuit against Apple claims that the MacBook keyboards manufactured in the last 2 years are faulty. What's interesting? You could file a complaint and might be able to get some remuneration even if your keyboard works! read more

There is a new Amazon scam going on this week. What's scarier is that it's coming from Amazon Prime, which was supposed to be safer thanks to its 'A to Z Guarantee' feature. Here is how it works: read more

Venmo is a great mobile app that lets you pay someone you for a chore or as a gift. However, beware of the scam taking advantage of a loop in the Venmo system. See how it works here. read more

Do you buy stuff on Amazon? You check out the reviews first, right? You purchase according to them, yes? Well, what if we tell you that for some products tons of reviews you trust are absolute crap? Watch the video in this article. read more

Did you know that's very easy now for ANYONE to call you and make your phone display show any number they want? Here is an app that lets you change the number, your voice, and the background noise! Scary. read more

Criminals are getting into your bank account these days by stealing your phone number through the Port Out Scam. If you're looking at how to switch phone carriers and keep your phone number - beware! read more

Wonder how to get music on Spotify for free? Beware of the newest scam going around: How To Get Free Spotify Premium Account for iPhone aka Spotify Premium Free Trial. read more

There is a new way you can accidentally install malware on your computer today. It is called Rubber Ducky Attack and is more serious than it sounds. Watch the video in this article to see the compromised USB stick: read more

Scammers are hitting again, this time around through your mobile phone - so beware. How does the SIM Splitting work? Read this article and educate yourself. read more

Your Amazon Echo speaker could be at risk. Smart home gadgets featuring microphones programmed to listen for everything you say may be turned into devices that could also spy on everything you say. read more

Beware of a new scam going around this week referencing millions of Yahoo email accounts that have been hacked. Fake features on CNN and FOX News. See how it works here and what can happen if you fall for this fraudulent move. read more

Equifax Data Breach Fraud: Use identity theft protection this week while a new scam known as the Equifax Fraud Alert Number is making its rounds. 145 million people were affected so you may be one of them. How it works and how to block robocalls here read more

Many scam artists have jumped on the cryptocurrency train to unleash all kinds of scam cryptocurrencies on unsuspecting investors who think they are buying the next Bitcoin at a discount. read more

The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X phones are the subject of many fraudulent activities already. Having amazing features such as face recognition or wireless charging the two Apple products are offered arguably for free. See how the scam works here. read more

You likely purchased something on, Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Day over the last few months. If you did, you could soon become a victim of this elaborate scam. How does it work? Read here. read more

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