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A scam that can be common among retail outlets in shopping malls is the Coin Roll scam. It works best with a roll of quarters. Here it is, exposed: read more

Keep yourself away from air conditioning repair scammers who provide substandard replacement parts, poor service quality, and collect hefty repair costs due to hidden charges. Here is how the fraud works and how to avoid it. read more

Got PayPal, Venmo, Cash App or Apple Pay installed on your smartphone? Beware of people seeming to be in need for an urgent call and asking for your phone. Here is what they do in only 30 seconds: read more

Beware of the Home Alarm System Upgrade Scam, going around these days. The targets are fooled by thinking they'll upgrade existing home security systems and save a lot of money. read more

Tattoo machines, fraud and hygiene are some of the most important elements that you should pay attention to when visiting a tattoo shop. Here are 7 things to know before getting a tattoo, whether it's your first or the fifth. read more

AC Repair Houston Fraud refers to an air conditioning service scam pulled on victims who need emergency AC repairs. It is a basic 'bait-and-switch' scheme that is operated by deceptive HVAC workers. Here is how it works, exposed with a video: read more

There is a very dangerous scam going around these days known as the Money Drop Trap. It could happen to you in busy places, whether you're in a mall, parking lot, or simply on a downtown sidewalk. Here is how it works: read more

A new scam is targeting married people around the nation this week with the intention of blackmailing. Crooks have begun sending personalized letters via snail mail in which they say this: read more

Let's take a look at all the scams, loopholes, and tricks that revolve around Uber. See how the scams work and protect yourself. read more

There is a new epidemic going around these days in regards to smartphones that are being sold by regular people on online platforms such as Craigslist, eBay, Kijiji, or Oodle. Here is how the scam works: read more

Before learning how to tell if a diamond is real, educate yourself about: diamond lighting tricks, lab created diamonds vs. real diamonds, certified vs. non-certified diamonds or GIA certified diamond engagement rings. read more

Criminals pose themselves as representatives of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), having nothing to do with the real organization - so beware! They are knocking door-to-door and give residents SERVPRO cards while asking for money. read more

If you are filling up your gas tank these days, be aware of your surroundings. If you think it cannot happen to you, watch this shocking theft at a gas station on video. read more

Beware of laptops sold in parking lots or at gas stations. Reports have been made that crooks walk around with great, shiny Macbooks in hand, but fake 'unopened' boxes filled with mirrors or liquids. read more

Beware of a new Census fraud in the United States called Mycensus2020 Gov Scam. Be also careful of the fake census agents going around, both in neighborhoods and online. read more

Whether you're looking for a good chimney sweep or a reputable chimney repair company, be careful about the latest scams. Watch the video in this article exposing the Chimney Sweep Scam. read more

The Stolen Purchase Scam can separate you from some very expensive items before you even have time to enjoy them. It works like this: two partners, one outside the store and one inside, wait for you to pass by. Watch the demo video in this article. read more

Beware of the New Security Company Scam, going around these days. Two men are knocking at your door claiming to be from your security company. Watch how the scam works here. read more

Beware of the Leather Jackets For Men on Sale scam, aka the Brand Name Clothes In The Parking Lot approach. Armani, Versace, Gucci and many other brands are the object of this scam. read more

This is the most dangerous scam going around this month. You find lottery scratch cards located on the grocery store stands. You pick one, scratch it, and bam! You win! Well, see how the scam works here. read more

Beware of the Tree Trimming Service scam happening these days, as questionable contractors may knock at your door to get your business. Watch the video in this article to see the scam exposed. read more

Looking for cheap coffins for sale or trying to buy caskets online in order to help with funeral costs? Beware of these 12 scams, whether it's about pine, wooden, baby or pet caskets. The cremation urns are part of it, too. read more

Whether you're looking for residential snow removal services or commercial ones, be aware of the Snow Plow scam happening this month, aka the Roof Snow Removal Service scheme or the Snow Plowing Services trick. read more

Advertised with bells and whistles in all many cities, beauty pageants are organized every month, if not weekly, throughout the year. However, most of them are questionable and are just a pure scam. Here is how they work, with a video exposing the sc read more

Be aware of the Furniture Moving Companies scam, whether you're looking for interstate, national, residential, or commercial services. Watch the video here to see the Long Distance Movers scam exposed. read more

Be aware of the Lawn Care Services scam going on this month, exposed here with a video. It is also known as the Lawn Mowing Scam or Lawn Maintenance Service trick. read more

The Funeral Insurance or Final Expense Insurance scam comes to you in your mailbox. It is a fake burial insurance for seniors program, "approved" by the Government. Or so these final expense life insurance companies say. read more

Every major city has been hit with fake devices that are attached by criminals to ATMs and the self-checkout lane machines located inside big stores such as Walmart, Safeway, or Asda. Watch the video posted here. read more

What if you look at your credit card statement and see a bigger amount than you remember charged for one of your purchases? It could happen at a bar, restaurant, or anywhere else you leave a tip. read more

This criminal activity is back on the top complaint lists, making the purchase of a RFID wallet a must as your credit card may be at risk. Here is a video with how the scam works and a Top 5 best RFID wallets. read more

People get lured into signing gym memberships after seeing a great advertised price. Watch the video in this article to see how the Gym Membership Add-Ons scam works. read more

The garage door remotes have become more sophisticated over time. This month, one of the biggest scams out there is the Emergency Garage Door Repair scam. (with video) read more

As you are enjoying a night out with your friends, a waitress comes up to your group and says that there has been tab mix-up with one of the tables from the other side of the bar. Watch the video here. read more

If you wonder how to quit smoking, be aware of the newest scam out there. A miracle product apparently works, doesn't. Watch the How To Quit Smoking scam video here. read more

Your water heater repair could cost you more than you expect. Beware of the Local Plumbers or Water Heater Replacement scam (with video)! read more

If you are locked out of your house or car, read this before calling anyone. Watch out for the Cheap Locksmith or 24 Hour Locksmith Scam. (with video) read more

Watch out for the latest scheme, the Heating And Air Conditioning Repair Service scam, aka the Furnace Repair Scam. Read here (with video). read more

The Cloned Debit Card scam has been marking an alarming growth lately. Read and watch the video here to educate yourself on how to avoid. read more

The air duct cleaning is necessary, but don't fall for high pressure tactics. Beware of the latest trap: the Air Duct Cleaning Services scam. (with video) read more

Cheap home security systems and fake products. One of the biggest scams around this month is the Home Security System or Alarm System scam. read more

Besides the traditional rip-offs when fictional drinks are added to your final bill, there are a few other tricks that bartenders pull when pouring your drinks. There are many scams out there, but today we are going to focus on seven of them. read more

How the scam works:
You and your partner decide to have a special night out. Choosing a nice classy restaurant, you pull into the lot when a nic read more

International Driving License Scam is aimed at newcomers, international students, or foreign workers in the United States. Crooks meet victims in pubs or at working centers and pose as representatives of any “vehicle registration office”. read more

Being a Good Samaritan offers a lot of benefits, but don't be taken for a fool. When you get to help someone in need it certainly feels good, but what happens when the target of your assistance is a scammer? read more

Rare Coins Collection. Here is a scam that targets collectors of all kinds. It is very sneaky and intelligently orchestrated that you might fall for it thinking you're doing the right thing. read more

This scam makes its rounds again hitting the small business owners or cashiers at coffee shops, juice franchises or convenience stores. It is called the PIN Pad Switch Scheme. How does the scam work? Watch the video in this article: read more

Phony Gas Inspectors. If you live in Ontario, Canada - you may become a victim of this scam, which is very prevalent these days. Beware of fake TSSA – Technical Standards and Safety Authority impersonators! read more

Every time you are hospitalized you will receive a paper (or plastic) bracelet on your wrist. The bracelet is used to identify patients, but it also contains some personal info. Watch out for this scam! read more

When it comes to the new iPhone 5, prior its launch there were two notorious scams that made the headlines:  the “Test and Keep” text message read more

How the scam works:
Imagine you are shopping on a busy street. As you are walking, carrying your purchases, you see someone right besides you hop on read more

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