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Tow Trucker Referral

How the scam works:

You have been in an accident and after you’ve dealt with the police, a tow-truck comes to pick up your damaged car. The driver of the truck is a nice guy and, after he mumbles things like “Too bad, this was a beauty”, or “I know what you are going through”, he comes up with the best solution for fixing the car.

He hands you a card with an autobody shop’s name saying, “These guys are just amazing. They will fix your car in no time and they are not even expensive. Believe me, I have been in this industry long enough to know that these guys are your best bet”.

Shops pay tow truck drivers to refer them to people. Since the number of customers they get though this method is huge, they can then charge excessively for the damage repair. That “not expensive” statement was just a bait to get you hooked.

How to avoid:

Go to your usual shop, get quotes, or use your friends for referrals - not somebody you will never meet again.

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