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Note on the Back Window

How the scam works:

As weird as this sounds, it's a scenario that actually happens in parking lots. Crooks target people with bags, purses or other valuables

You go to your car and jump in, ready to drive off. You put your bag on the passenger seat and turn on the engine. Naturally, you take a quick look in the rear mirror, to make sure you're safe to move.


That moment, you see a paper note stuck onto the back window. You get out, leave the car running and go to the back of the car to pick up the note. All of a sudden somebody (hiding behind the next car, pole or tree, etc) gets into your open door car and steals your bag.

Alternatively, scammers put fake banknotes in the windshield, under the wiper blade.

How to avoid:

Stop the car and take the keys out. Be aware of your surroundings.

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