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New Alleged Bounced Checks Article

How the scam works:

(with video below) Let's say you're buying a car from a dealership. You have decided on the vehicle you would like to purchase and are ready to pay the dealer. You want to use a bank draft or check to pay for the car, but the dealer tells you they can't take it.

They say that although your account might be okay, your bank has a history of bouncing checks, blaming the bank's system. They are saying this to get you to buy a car on credit at high interest rates.

This is just one of the several scams that you could be a victim of, especially if you are buying your first car. Whether you're looking at how to buy a car with bad credit or you just want to take advantage of a 'no money down cars' promotion, learn their tricks and be prepared to have everything ready. If you're wondering what do you need when buying a car from a dealership, consider getting a car buying guide first to protect youself from scams. Let's expose a few more deceptive practices.

Watch the video below to see more scams pulled by dealers and things to check when buying a car (maybe get a Buying A Car For Dummies book, too):

Buying A Car From A Dealership Scams Video

How to avoid:

If the dealer pulls the bounced check approach on you, call the bluff. You heard it here. Don't be afraid to stand up and say you know how the scam works. However, be careful that they might have tricky answers for any question you might ask.

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