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This scam occurs when the dealer delays paying off your car because of their floor plan. A floor plan is a credit line for dealerships to buy vehicles. It allows them to go to auctions and buy their inventory without paying for it up front. read more

This is another common trick at the car dealership. The salesperson tells you he won't get paid his commission if you don't purchase the package that comes with the car (the add-ons). read more

Beware of the "Dealership Preparation Fee" scam that can happen to you when you purchase a new vehicle. read more

Renting a car may seem like a good option but it can also add complications to your trip. Commonly faced problems include finding the best deal or deciding whether you need insurance. Here are 6 tips you should know. read more

Donate a boat to charity but avoid crooks. This year, one of the biggest scams around is the Boat Donations Programs or Donate Sailboat scam. Let's dive in. read more

How the scam works:
(with video below) Some people rent cars when they are going on a long trip and don't want to overuse their own vehicle read more

How the scam works:
Scenario 1. Depending on the state you are living in, some tollbooths have been removed and now charges mount on the car itself t read more

You are in a dealership and negotiate the price of a car with a salesperson. You really love the car and try to get off as much as possible.Suddenly, the agent's cell phone rings and it is clear that the caller is interested in exactly the same car. read more

Note on the Back Window Scam aka the Windshield Banknote Trick. You go to your car and jump in, ready to drive off. You turn on the engine and naturally take a quick look in the rear mirror, when you see a note stuck in the window. read more

You are hesitant about the price of a car you like in a dealership. The friendly dealer comes to you and says, "You know what? If you can bring me written proof of a lower price elsewhere in town, I will match the best offer you get. I promise". read more

A car dealer might say he is doing you a favor. Instead of having you pay the one-time fees while closing a deal, he will authorize for you to pay them over the life of the lease. Where is the scam? Here: read more

Questionable car dealers add an extended warranty into a leasing deal. The thing is, the extended warranty is already factored into the monthly payments! Alternatively, scammers get their victims to buy warranties that are... read more

Whenever a car is leased, there are several tricks that put more of your money needlessly into the dealer's pocket. A common tactic is for dealers to offer a fantastic lower rate, which in reality is much higher. How? read more

How the scam works:
You are attracted by a car that's for sale at a great price, even lower than the MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price). You read more

How the scam works:
(with video below) You might be a victim of this scam if you live in London, UK. The Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ) is an area wher read more

Motorcycle donation and fake charities. This year, one of the biggest scams around is the Donate Motorcycle to Charity. Let's take a look. read more

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