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This Free Cruise Call Has a Scary End: The Timeshare Nightmare

(with explanatory video below) You receive a phone call. It's a tape recorded message with an invite to call a number or it could be a live operator, as well. The agent informs you that you have won a free cruise to Florida, Caribbean or any other nice warm destination. The thing is, the cruise really does exist... so how does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see this new twist of the Timeshare Offer Scam exposed:

Timeshare Scam Explained Video

You have heard about all the scams when it comes to free trips so you decide to check out the cruise online. To your surprise, you find out that it is legitimate and the agent is a real employee! That's a relief, right? But wait...

All you have to pay is a tax of $200 or so (justified as transfer fees, gratuity, booking charges, etc.). Reluctantly, you give them your credit card number and - sure enough again - soon afterwards receive a plane ticket to the city of departure for the cruise! That's a nice surprise, too.

timeshare orlando


The trouble is, the ticket is just a companion ticket! It means that you can't use it unless you are going with a companion paying the full fare. At this point you wonder whether to give up, but you've already paid $200. The cruise really does exist and so you feel that you and your partner can go there together for the price of one. It's a good deal, right?

This is what happens: you fly to Florida and they meet you at the airport, very professional. They take you to a beautiful hotel and they tell you about the departure of the cruise, which is scheduled for tomorrow evening. Everything seems great.

You are also told that the next morning, before the cruise, you have to attend a 1-hour timeshare presentation. You don't really want to attend, but are told that the ticket for your return flight can only be picked up at the presentation; so if you don't go, you have to find your own way home.

With no other choice, you go there and see another 250 people in the same situation. The timeshare presentation will be very aggressive and they use almost illegal methods to force into buying. They have every trick in the book and they use them all in order to make you sign that check.

In addition, the promised 1-hour presentation extends to about 6, until they get enough people trapped into buying, relying on fatigue and mind games. The number of people who fall for this is ridiculously high.

If you fall for this scam and buy in, you will end up haveing a property in a foreign country that you could never get rid of, as refunds are never an option unless legals action is applies. Since you don't really know how to sell a timeshare, you could also become a victim of the Timeshare Resale scheme.

free cruise call timeshare offer


Free Cruise Call: How To Avoid The Timeshare Trap

Every time you receive a "free" award, ask for a contract in which are stipulated all the requirements, costs, and complete schedule, beforehand. If they refuse to do it – you know you are being taken for a ride - of a different kind.

Look online for the name of the company - see if they have a BBB rating or even profile - and write in the search engine box the word 'scam' or 'complaint' besides the name of the business.

As per resources, check out the Consumer's Timeshare & Vacation Plans from FTC and take a look at the Timeshare Regulation Market

Last but not least, if you are about to book a cruise, rely only on reputable companies.

You can also report the scammers on this page: Federal Trade Commission Report.

Timeshare Offer Scam: How To Report

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