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Relocation Expenses Scam


Criminals Target Chefs, Bartenders, Engineers And Cruise Workers 

In this tough economy, finding a job can be extremely difficult. When you receive a job offer, it can be very exciting. Even better, receiving a job offer to work in an exotic hotel or an oil company in a foreign country - such as Malaysia or Guinea Bissau - could be better luck than most people could imagine.

However, this could be a very sophisticated employment scam targeted to fleecing unemployed people who cannot afford to lose their money. In this scheme, the victim is contacted by a "Human Resources" executive of a luxury hotel or cruise line seeking a chef or bartender. It could also be anything from a design engineer to a foreman or oil executive. They mention that they saw your resume listed on a job board. They send very legitimate looking documents, including an employment contract spelling out all the details of the position.

They often call and do telephone interviews with the victim, using the real name of the actual HR representative for the company. So when you see the Malaysian country code and check the Internet for that specific HR manager, he/she exists and you believe it! Everything sounds good, but of course, there's a hitch. There are two variations of the scam:


1. 50% Deposit For Travel Expenses Scam

All they require for you to start working is a 50% "deposit" of your travel expenses, for which you will allegedly be reimbursed when you arrive and begin working.

Of course, once you arrive you discover that there is no job and the people at the hotel have never heard of you. You are effectively still unemployed and now out a lot of money as well.

This scam was reported to us by a Serbian chef who was just about to move to Malaysia, until he looked up online the number of the real HR manager at the hotel and he called her himself, using the number of the hotel. Indeed, the real manager confirmed she was not the one sending the fake contract.


2. Pay $300 For Letter Approval Scam

In the second variation of the scam, the scammers look through Facebook profiles for people who are chefs, bartenders or any other skilled job. Once connected and getting their trust, they invite the victims to apply for the new promising job. After accepting it, they ask for $300US to be paid for your 'offer letter approval', as seen below, from a fake Princess Cruise Company.

Malaysia job offer chef bartender cruise Princess Cruise


In this particular case, victims receive the job offers with the following text, full of grammar miskates that people from non-English speakinmg countries don't notice:

"The Princess Cruise Ship Company Tower is occupied with Restaurant, Pastry, kitchens, Conference Hall, Central Dining, Gift Shop, Exclusive Night Club, Bar, Staff Accommodation, Lodge Suits etc. Princess cruise company is presently employing workers that can possibly arrive to occupy job posts on the date stipulated on appointment letter to allow for selected candidates.

All Selected candidates from America and other concerned countries are automatically entitled to Monthly Net Salary / Take Home Salary, Weekly Allowances, Accommodation / Hospitality, Free Flight / Air Ticket from your country to Ontario Canada, Holidays Per Year, Medical Treatment, Free English Language Tutorial Class for Foreign Nationals, Life Insurance Registration, Free 3 Square Meals / Fruits, 24 hours free Water, Electricity, Gas, Heater, Extension of years at service and all other standard facilities guaranteed by the USA Constitutional Labor Law and USA Immigration and Citizenship supported by America National Government.

Kindly sign the offer letter if you accept the company proposition and forward back to your Hr Mr Mohammed."



Job Offers From Malaysia Scam: How To Avoid

If you receive a job offer from anywhere you can't conduct an in-person interview, do not take the caller at face value. Investigate the company yourself online, then call the online contact number and ask for the person who interviewed you to verify the veracity of the interviewer. Do not merely ask the caller for a contact number; they can give you any number to reach them and you have learned nothing. Never send money up front to travel somewhere for a job. Legitimate companies will foot the bill for your relocation expenses.

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How To Report The Corporate Discounts Scam:

Make your family and friends aware of this Malaysia Job Offer scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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