Missed Text Message

One Question Text Message Scam: How It Works

Be very careful these days. Similar to the One-Ring Call Scam, this One Question Text Message Scam targets cell phone users all over the world regardless of the service provider they have. Perhaps you receive a text message with a question and – as you don’t recognize the number – text back an answer or simply the question “Who is this?”. What can go wrong if you do that? A lot.

Watch the video below to see in action the Unknown Text/Call scam exposed, or read on:

One Question Text Message/Call Scam Video

You start exchanging messages, as the conversation is ambiguous yet promising. Little do you know that you are being charged an arm and a leg for messages sent and received, as the scammers use a Premium texting feature. How does that work?

Watch the video below to see in action how this sneaky premium line operates:

How Premium Rate Numbers Work

One Question Text Message Scam: How To Avoid

It’s okay if you don’t recognize the number, but if the message it’s not clear enough don’t reply back. Think about it: if you text to a person who doesn’t know it’s you, wouldn’t you mention it from the beginning? If you suspect a scam you need to report it to your cell carrier.

The scam is also very similar to the calls that people worldwide have been receiving from Tonga or any other exotic country. Meanwhile, watch out for these text message scams.


One Question Text Message Scam: How To Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Unknown Text Message Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How To Protect Yourself More:

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13 thoughts on “Missed Text Message”

  1. Well, since maybe 5 years ago, I never answer calls if I’m not familiar with the numbers. 90% of them are scammers and spammers. I always look up the numbers at Google and some sites like http://whycall.me to check if people have reported the numbers as spammers, and then I can safely block them without even talking to them.

  2. The bank’s Web sites Net exchanges police all have so much to answer protection scammers ..and If you get scammed you are on your one no one cares..

  3. I got a missed call message from this no today 61288970818 as I have several calls a week from this no in the past I had blocked the no so it only comes up as a missed call in my messages I also have a lot of other no ‘ similar this week I haven’t answered as the nos don’t look real so thy wasting time ringing my mobile no

  4. I got call with this number: (240)473-2851. The person said that we own the IRA tax and need to repay back.The guy said he is the IRA employee. I instantly notice this is the scam.I told him that I would report the issue to local police.He was right away put down the phone.
    Please be aware the similar scam!!Remember that phone number!!
    Channel 4 trouble shooter,please investigate the issue!!

  5. When in the UK if you get a missed call from a number beginning with 0843, 0870, 0845, 0871 or 0844 don’t call back some of these numbers charge you. There is a scam at the moment that a caller gives you a missed call and you call back they claim to be your network provider (cell carrier) and can’t find your details, all the while charging you a premium rate

  6. I received a missed call last month and heard automated horoscope advice..I waited for sometime, hoping someone will pick up and then hung up…. the bill arrived today..and am shocked to see $30 charge. I have reported the incident at 800notes.com and http://www.spamcallfighters.com

  7. Since a few days i’m getting 3-4 missed calls a day from +91 95 72 421123 I once called this no. but its telling that the no. doesn’t exist . I don’t know what the matter is.

  8. I recieved misscall from no. +95732232536. Fraud no, and when i call my bal deduct 15 rs. So what i do, i want to going trai and c.b.i

  9. In Ireland a person gets a missed call on their mobile phone, phone only rings once so unlikely call gets answered. The number being used at the moment is +38681897041 (but this can change)

    DONT RING BACK! Looks like an 086(which is a well know irish mobile company’s prefix ) when number is called caller is ringing a Premium rate number scam in Slovenia!
    Caller will be charged 150 euro plus onto your phone bill .. Happening a lot in Ireland at the moment

  10. I keep getting calls from strange numbers like "74519" and I don’t usually answer them…but one day the call keep happening….I mean it would go to voice mail and then start ringing again. Finally, I answered it…there was nobody on the other end but my camera clicked on and went to video (I ALWAYS keep my camera to photo)…I never put the phone up to my ear, when I answsered it I used the speaker….it really shocked me to have the camera automatically video taping my house….I immediately ended the call and turned my phone off for the rest of the day. I haven’t received anymore calls from any number like that sense.

  11. I received two text messages yesterday (Easter) asking who I was, that they had received a text from me and they didn’t recognize the number….I didn’t have them in my contacts either. The first one I responded to not giving any information but asking who they were…I was provided a name and that the person was a contractor supporting the troops overseas and that he received a text from my number with an attachment that he couldn’t open…I assured him I didn’t know him and that I didn’t send them anything (that was a local number to my area). The second message came later in the evening saying the samething…they had received a message from my number and they wanted to know who it was….I just deleted it off my phone and didn’t respond.

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