Found Your Wallet Scam

Found Wallet Scam: How It Works

This scam requires a little bit of thinking and makes it a tough one to sniff out before it’s too late. It could happen anywhere, so be careful when you travel to a different city. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see the Found Wallet Scam exposed:

Found Your Wallet Scam Video

After pick pocketing tourists of their wallet, the crooks follow them to see what hotels they stay at. Then they call the hotel reception, asking to talk to the victim, as they know their full name from the wallet.

Once connected to the room, the thief pretends to be an officer from the local Police station. The victim is directed to come down in a few hours to pick up his wallet, which was apparently found by somebody and turned over to the Police.

At this point, the victim feels a huge sense of relief, puts his heart back in his chest and relaxes.

Minutes later, the robbers call again and this time impersonate a rep from the victim’s bank, using the cards found in the wallet.

The scammer says they were just informed by the police about the situation and continue on to ask about canceling the cards. But before they do that, he – the “bank’s rep”, needs to confirm the victim’s identity – name and address, birth date, PIN, etc. It’s the PINs they want so they can get some cash fast.

At this point, the victims are not worried much anymore, because they think they’ve gotten lucky and their wallet was found.

Found Wallet Scam: How To Avoid

Banks never ask for your PIN so that should be a give away that something is up. One way to be sure you really are talking to the police station or bank is to politely tell them you’re going to ring them back to be safe. And be sure to look the number up yourself and not ask them for the number. It’s pretty easy to hop onto the computer and get the number off the website.

However, as a rule of thumb, before you are going on holidays you should always send yourself an email with all the copies of your documents, in case things like this happen. Scan your passport, ID bank cards, and store them in your inbox.

If you are about to travel soon do your homework before; research your next destination and everything you might get involved in.

How To Protect Yourself More

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  1. Dear Sir:
    Good evening. This is Yuyuan (Peter) Guo who has been a victim of the Chinese Pig Butchering Scam recently. I have been scammed $200,000 during this Chinese Scam. I lost all my life savings. I have paid attention to the fraud website and noticed that the scam website is still running. Just now, I read a news article regarding the Pig Butchering Scam in Delaware. The Delaware DOJ initiated a halt to the Pig Butchering Crypto Scams. The enforcement policemen issued a cease-and-desist order to wallets, accounts, and individuals. This encouraged me because the scam website which robbed me is still running. It may not be too late to take action against the cybercriminals. As the scammers mimic the real American Crypto Company, they are most likely in the States. If the policemen can freeze the scammers’ wallet, it is likely that the stolen money could be retracted back. I have forwarded Coinbase and Kraken companies’ emails regarding cooperation with the enforcement agency. The scammer might be possible to trace back because I know the scammers’ wallets account. I know it will take a lot of effort. Fortunately, I am in America. This is a law country. The robbers should be punished, and people’s property should be protected. At least the scam website is still working, and I know the scammer’s wallet account.

    I did not annoy anybody. My life is destroyed by the scammers. Please help.

    Thanks a lot. Have a good holiday.



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