Fake Travel Agency

Fake Travel Agencies: How They Work

This is one of the most common travel scams out there, along with the travel club membership rip-offs. It happens especially when hot destinations are on everybody’s mind. Criminals create great looking websites for “new” travel agencies offering amazing deals. Wouldn’t you like to brag to your friends that you found, say, Italy tour packages including airfare for only $650? Or that they found timeshares for sale at $289/year? Or that they offer a fabulous Southwest Airlines giveaway?

In this article, we take a look not only at bogus travel agencies but also at ones that have a business license but use deceptive practices. Most importantly, we will show you how to know if a website is fake or not.

So, how do these scams work? Watch the video below to see the Fake Travel Agency scam exposed:

The scammers use travel pictures stolen from the Internet to promote their destinations. They create fake travel agencies for a month at a time, get hundreds of avid tourists who pay for plane tickets on the spot, and then close down the “business”.

Is it that simple? Yes. Let’s continue.

Websites are created in such a high quality that is really hard to differentiate a real business than a fake one. Tricksters then proceed to buy a bunch of Google AdWords or Facebook ads and close deals on spot. After a month of work ‘in’, they collect, shuts down the website, and create a new one. And the show goes on.

But that’s not all.

how to travel for cheap

In a different variation of the scam, criminals create duplicate websites of real travel agencies. They use legitimate logos and offer amazing travel deals, luring the victims into filling out an application with their personal information, including credit card numbers which are charged right away.

But we have good news.


How To Tell If A Travel Website Is Fake

There are two great ways to avoid all the fake travel sites. Let’s show you how to easily detect and block them at the same time.

1. There is a powerful tool that notifies you if a website is real or not. You should safely install a browser extension called Guardio HERE (we tested it, it works and is worth every penny). It automatically blocks 100x more harmful websites than competitors and 10x more malicious downloads than any other security tool. That includes fake travel websites, too. Very effective.

2. If you feel a website might be suspicious, feel free to verify it using our unique Scam Detector website validator below:

How To Avoid Fake Travel Deals

Before you book your next holiday vacation, search on-line for the name of the provider and for several reviews. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Use recommendations from your friends or visit a local travel agency.

If you choose the online option, rely only on reputable companies that have great feedback for their good deals. Also, ask top travel influencers if they have any feedback on the company you have doubts about.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to consider unique bucket list trips such as The SPARK Experience, a new annual viral event for people who are selected to join according to their charisma and life lessons, regardless of their age or jobs. You can enter your name for once-in-a-lifetime trips to Thailand Italy, Brazil, Transylvania or the Maldives on their site. Here is a quick video about one of their experiences:

New Example of Questionable Deal: When a $37 Airplane Ticket Turns Into $235 with FlightsTicketGo.com

We received a desperate email from a reader, called Arne I., who booked a national flight on www.flightsticketgo.com for $37.50, but in the end, the charges were $235. Arne explains:

I booked a domestic ticket (Davao-Manila Davao) which as per their webpage would cost US$35.50 which is a very good fare, about 50% of what others offered for same/similar flight“.

However, when I paid the amount charged was US$129.63 FOR HOLD TICKET FEE or 55% of the total fee with a balance of US$106.06 to be paid to get the actual ticket! Total price US$235.69 or almost 10 x the price given on their website!!!! I contacted them by email for cancellation and refund of the US$129.63 “HOLD TICKET FEE” but they refuse and just give me the runaround….​

FlightsTicketGo.com has plenty of negative reviews online.

Another Fake Flight Agent Example

On TripAdvisor, one traveler named Louisvella said: “I just tried to book with flightsticketgo from Bangkok to London Gatwick. The price on their site was $144 when I booked it came as $469.20 and money was taken from the debit card. Then a second payment was required to get the ticket $384. Tried to ring them several times on the 2 number that they advertise. One in Singapore and one in the UK but no reply.”

Another reviewer, Elma C, wrote about the fake flight agent case:

It’s been 3 days that they aren’t replying. I’m now convinced they really are a scam. Hopefully, we could help each other regarding this matter. I’m not from the US. So if anybody from the US out there please report this site. Let’s prevent more victims on this one.”

To justify their charges, FlightsTicketGo.com has an explanation of their fees on their website here. However, many clients complain that the total charges are not showing on the checkout page or on the confirmation email when users buy their plane tickets.

How To Report Fake Travel Agencies:

Make your family and friends aware of this scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here

Be also aware of the Airline Ticket Confirmation Scam.

How To Protect Yourself More:

If you want to be the first to find out the most notorious scams every week, feel free to subscribe to the Scam Detector newsletter here. You’ll receive periodical emails and we promise not to spam. Last but not least, use the Comments section below to expose other scammers.

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selma hrynchuk
Selma HrynchukSelma is a fraud prevention specialist renowned for her expertise in private eye investigations and a remarkable partnership with law enforcement agencies. Beyond her investigative triumphs, her public speaking engagements and written works have empowered countless individuals to protect themselves and stay ahead of deceptive schemes. Selma's legacy shines as a tenacious agent of change, unyielding in her commitment to battling fraud and ensuring a safer world for all.

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  1. I used services of Flybookie.com once. Though I was hesitant to use their service because of unbelievably low fares, I ended up booking with them and did get a valid ticket. Now, I have a trip coming up again however I am not sure If I should take chances with them again.

  2. I want to report a guy selling fake airline tickets under the name of Filipe de Queiroz:
    On 09/26/2020, I made a post asking about air tickets on the facebook group called “Brazilians in Ireland”.
    On 09/27/2020 the profile “Filipe De Queiroz” came, by private message, to offer air tickets below market value. “Filipe” introduced himself as a criminal and migratory lawyer as well as immigration workers in London, England. After consulting the official website of British Airways, the airline company, where the ticket appears to be legitimate, I bought the first ticket for £ 300 on 9/29/2020. The ticket states that the flight leaves London at Heatrow airport on January 28, 2021 at 11:10 am and leaves for Rio de Janeiro international airport on January 28, 2021 at 8:05 pm.
    The second ticket was purchased on October 15, 2020, when “Filipe De Queiroz” came, by private message, to ask if I was interested in a second airline ticket and that as I bought the first ticket he would get a good discount on the second ticket ticket (150 GBP). This flight scheduled by British Airways says that the flight leaves London Heathrow airport on September 23, 2021 at 12:25 and arrives in Rio de Janeiro on September 23, 2021, at 20:05.
    After a video call, on October 16, 2020, an iPhone 12 Max cell phone was also purchased, for a value of GBP 620, when “Filipe De Queiroz” said that his parents were investors in the Apple brand and that , so I got cell phones below market value.
    The purchase of the two tickets and the Iphone cell phone were made in sterling by bank transfer in two accounts provided by “Filipe De Queiroz”.
    After about 7 days of the last purchase, of the iphone, I realized that everything was just a scam and decided to research about Filipe. I mixed the names “Filipe De Queiroz”, which is his Facebook profile with the Instagram profile “filipemendesrjj” and found out that the person is Filipe Souza Mendes de Queiroz, the same person I talked to on video and that appears on Instagram and Facebook photos.
    Immediately I texted him saying that he was a famous international scammer, along with some news photos about him. Philip was nervous and cursed me. I block him and his profile has been active since 2015.
    The tickets I consulted on the airline’s website are no longer valid or have disappeared. And the cell phone never came.

    Authorship and Identity
    Filipe Souza Mendes de Queiroz is famous for applying his scams on social networks in several countries. He, too, does not mind showing his face to his victims. He acts personally or virtually, according to reports spread over the internet. He was arrested in Peru in Miraflores in 2015 for the same reason, selling airline tickets that do not exist.
    After consulting the internet I can say that Filipe Souza Mendes de Queiroz is the same person from the “Filipe De Queiroz” profile that appears on Facebook as well as the same person that appears on Instagram as “filipemendesrjj”. It is also the same person I spoke to by video call and it is also the same person who appears in the internet reports. It’s the same person who sold the fake tickets and sold the cell phone that never came.
    Filipe Souza Mendes de Queiroz also has passages for qualified theft in Brazil.

    3 transfers to Filipe
    My lack of knowledge about buying airline tickets led me to believe that I was buying a legitimate ticket. Upon entering the British airways website I realized that my ticket was there. Even after a month, my air ticket was confirmed as confirmed. It was then that I decided to buy the second ticket. Plus the cell phone.
    Filipe proved to be very authentic in his conversations as well as we speak by videos, we agreed to go out in Dublin when the quarantine was over and said that I owed him a few beers for the favor he was doing for me.
    He also left it open to his social networks for me to see his family as well as his friends.
    We talked by video call.
    That was the only care I took – I was aware of the author’s identity but that was not important to him.

    The steps I took
    Immediately after realizing that I had taken a hit, I sent and contacted the revolut for information on what had happened. The revolut asked me to go to the garda and do the report.
    Because I believe that the case should be registered internationally. I made the occurrence online on the Interpol website, police in the UK, police in the USA and the police in Brazil, all in the area of internet crimes.
    The bank revolut on 09/11/2020 said that my case is under analysis.
    On the 9th of November, I am trying to contact British airways which is very busy but I keep trying to wait for an answer to the tickets I bought and I have the receipt.

    Evidence and materiality
    -Facebook conversations
    -Post on facebook
    -People who know him
    – Instagram
    – Copies of transfers
    – Report to garda
    -Report to revolut
    -Report Britsh Airways
    -materials about Filipe from the internet

  3. ExpressAsia Travels scam

    Do not use this travel agency it is a scam and fraudulent. ExpressAsia Travels Tours Pte Ltd. Fake website.

  4. We have contacted an internet dutch Travel Agency specialized in Maldives, Maletravel.nl and booked a live in boat for five days, five people. Because of what appeared a problem between their Maldives agency and theirselves, we had no boat and now we are asking for our money back, no reply.

    Please publish the following short notice, so if someone looks for that name in the web, can be forewarned.
    Be careful with Maletravel.nl, a dutch Travel Agency they offer trips to Maldives, but when we arrived to Male in a trip arranged by them, we were left alone in the airport, no live-in-boat booked. We had to pay our hotels and meals for five persons. Now we are asking to get our money back and they will not answer our emails. Be aware of any travel agency with the following telephone numbers +31 633084731 and +20 1102093196. It seems they open different web sites trying to catch clients. We have documents proving all this.


  5. Resort Daddy is a scam they ripped me of charged me 299.00 for a trip i did not order Also I DID buy a package for Orlando. but it is not bookable

  6. Empire Dynasty Travel. Booked a trip through this place for New Orleans. Paid all fees and purchased there insurance packet just incase I may have needed to cancel. Had a death in my family and they gave all excuses to not refund my money ($860) then stopped responding to emails and returning calls. Contacted the insurance company that I paid for and couldn’t get my money back. DON’T USE THIS TRAVEL SO CALLED AGENCY!!!

  7. Fun City Travel – I just had a call from this company, such a bunch of scammers. Be warned. The salesman went through his routine and I declined his offer, he was very passive aggressive and tried very hard to make me feel like I was being silly or paranoid.
    When I suggested I don’t do business with companies who just call me out of the blue with too good to be true offers he said he was calling from Nevada and not a foreign country so I should trust him. I explained that there are plenty of scammers right here in North America. I asked for a website, which he provided along with his name and employee ID. I told him I would need to investigate before making any decisions. The site has no information of any value on it. I did find some reviews that were all very negative. I will just hang up if they call again. It is so sad that this is how some people earn a living.

  8. Collin Koortzen

    I’ve been offered a job in the USA by Katie Line, Hotel Indigo Atlanta. They’ve offered to pay all travel expenses, except the work permit (I’m from South Africa) that has to go to their travel agency, Travels Edge, Atlanta (USD 999.99). Could this be a scam?

  9. Dears Let me take the liberty to add to the above thread as those guys are not exclusive to the mentioned company but also they have another cover which a school based in Abu Dabi and which they have created a whole website for called (Al-Qadisiyyah Gem Brains School) and their website is http://aqgbschooluae.com/

    After doing some tracing to the website I found out that the website is hosted in Russia

    Country Name
    Russian Federation

    According to : https://www.site24x7.com/find-website-location.html

    What I found out that now they use recruitment sites to get your information as the said (Monster Gulf Job seekers website)

    The Email I recived was as follow,

    Dear Candidate,
    We have reviewed your online profile on Monster Gulf Job seekers website. Fill this Job Application Recruitment Questionnaire and send alongside your updated CV and other supporting details. Once your updated application is screened and shortlisted, a member of our recruitment team will call or email you to schedule the next step. If your application is unsuccessful, you will receive a regret email. Candidates are screened and short-listed on the basis of the job requirements, such as qualifications and experience related to the position applyed for.

    JOB APPLICATION (Personal Information):
    Names(As in Passpot):……………………………………………
    Date of Birth:…………………………………………………..
    Marital Status/Number of Children:…………………………………
    Current Location/Address/Mobile No:………………………………..

    Experience/Academic Qualification/Education (Previous Employment History):
    This information may form a part of your salary assessment. Do you have documents to support you claims (We may need them if shortlisted)?
    Current Job Position:…………………………………………….
    Total years of working Experience:…………………………………
    Relevant training/development activities attended in the last 6 months? YES/NO…..
    Which Job Position Are You Applying For:……………………………
    What is the range of your current Monthly Salary (USA $)?………..
    What is Your Expected Monthly Salary (USA $)?…………………..
    Please indicate why you are a suitable candidate for this post…………

    Are you willing to relocate to UAE,if employed?……………………..
    I hereby certify that the information given in this application form is correct and accurate.
    I have not omitted any relevant details, and I understand that any discrepancies in my application will terminate it.
    Applicant’s full Name/Date:_______________________________________________

    Eedris Mustapha
    Recruitment Manager
    Human Resources Department

    As seen they dont even mention a position and after replying to them you will recive serveral emails as follow,

    (EMAIL 2)

    Dear Applicant,

    Thank you for your application and the interest you have shown in Al-Qadisiyyah Gem Brains School.

    Your application is currently going through our review process, and if you are shortlisted for the position, a recruitment team member will contact you directly to discuss the next step of your application.

    This direct recruitment exercise is urgent and shall be treated swiftly. We are recruiting BASED ON WORK EXPERIENCE, EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND AND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING.

    We will be using the contact details you have supplied in your resume to contact you. Swift response will be required to complete and process your relocating document if selected.

    Please be advised, if you have not been contacted by one of our HR representatives within 7 days thereafter, unfortunately we will not be progressing with your candidature at this time.

    However, we will keep your details in our applicant database and contact you if your skills and experience are suitable for any future positions.

    Thank you for considering employment with Al-Qadisiyyah Gem Brains School, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    Kind Regards,

    Recruitment Team

    (EMAIL 3)


    I am directed to inform you that the Board of Governors of the school have accepted and offered you an opportunity to work at AL QADISIYYAH GEM BRAINS SCHOOL UAE (AQGBS). This is an Affirmation that your experience and qualifications were found successful and satisfactory to secure you the position,
    The mode of selection was based on the following;
    1. CV Screening
    2.Information on employment data sheet/profile.
    3. Work experiences.

    Please find attached your Employment contract soft copy for your perusal and acceptance. Upon review and acceptance of this Contract agreement Package, sign on the last page and send us the scanned copy of the Acceptance (Last)Page to Email: (info@aqgbschooluae.com or alqadisiyyahschhr@gmail.com).
    Contact The GULF LINK TRAVEL & TOURISM LLC – UAE now through their Contact details below for the acquisition of your UAE Work/Residence Permit Papers to enable you to live and work in U.A.E., Send the signed Copy of the Acceptance page to the Travel Agency by email: gulftravels-workpermit@outlook.com
    CONTACT PERSON: AZIMA SHAIKH (Processing Officer)
    Zayed First Street Ground Floor,
    Al Mashghouni Building,ABU DHABI U.A.E
    Tel: +971 528 089 510
    Email: gulftravels-workpermit@outlook.com
    CC: travel@gulflinktraveluae.com
    Also update us with the process between you and the Travel Agency in case of advice where necessary. Ensure you provide them all required documents and fees promptly for the fastest process of securing the work permit papers. Any Expenses you make in the process of registering your documents shall be refunded back to you immediately you submit your expenses report to us via email: info@aqgbschooluae.com or alqadisiyyahschhr@gmail.com. Be informed that once the process is completed your hard copies will be delivered to you through your postal address.
    As a new staff, you shall attend an orientation training Program for 7 days on arrival for work sign-on. The orientation training program will avail you an opportunity to read and acquaint with the school’s Mission Statement and Values, the staff handbook and your job description. We expect all our staff to exhibit these core values namely; Productivity, Talent, Ambitions and Character. We ensure that all our staff especially our International employees are comfortable.
    Meanwhile, Should you require more information, please feel free to contact us immediately. Congratulations once more on your successful emergence!

    Best Regards,

    Eedris Mustapha
    Recruitment Manager
    Human Resources Department
    Al-Qadisiyyah Gem Brains School
    MC16, Mohamed Bin Zayed City Abu Dhabi UAE
    P.O.Box: 43959,
    Tel: +971 589 577662
    Fax 0589577662
    Email: info@aqgbschooluae.com

    After sending an Email to the GULF LINK TRAVEL TOURISM LLC on gulftravels-workpermit@outlook.com
    you will receive the following email,

    We received your application and confirmed from the human resource department of your employing Institute, here in United Arab Emirate concerning the processing and issuance of your working permit/entry visa. We therefore confirm further details as follows.

    In order to commence processing your working and residence permits/entry visa into UAE, you have to complete the copy of UAE applicant working/entry visa application form.

    Return to us as scan e-mail attachments, along with the below identification documents:-


    You have to complete the registration form and send along-with per requisite Processing,Government/Immigration charges below:

    A) Work Permit Fee: ————————–USD 650.00
    B) Courier /Dispatch: ————————USD 100.00
    C) Residence Permit Fee: ———————USD 450.00
    D) Release Documents: ————————USD 350.00
    E) Entry Clearance Fee: ———————-USD 250.00

    Total: USD 1,800.00 (For Single)

    For Family visa Processing; you will have to pay the sum USD 2,950 and this will cover for you and your entire family, Also include the passport copies/photos of all your family members.

    Based on the institute expatriate policy; employee is entitled to personally pay for Resident/Work permits papers which is USD 1,800 that is for single applicant, OR if you are coming with your family, you are advised to make only the payment of USD 2,950 which is the fees for Family Resident/Work Permit.


    Amount:……………………….1,800 USD for (Single Status) / AED 6,580

    Amount:……………………….2,950 USD for (Family Status) / AED 10,850

    NOTE: As soon as you make payment scan to us a copy of the payment slip together with all processing requirements for confirmation purpose and for immediate commencement of your traveling papers process.

    We will send you by courier service the original work permit/entry visa and all the hard copies of documents to your forwarding address, please indicate your preferred postal address while reverting with the work permit requirements.

    NOTE: We have a mandate to procure your papers within a stipulated time and this is in line with our procurement policy. Make sure you submit all requirements for easy processing as we have a mandate from your sponsor / Employer to complete the process within (12) Twelve working days and do not keep appointments more than 6 working days after first contact.

    Fill and send the WORK PERMIT FORM to us, including the requirements/charges for immediate commencement of your work permit/residence permit papers process.

    Please note: Kindly leave the PARTICULARS OF SPONSOR / HOST and the RESIDENCE ADDRESS Blank/empty,they are for office use.

    Kindly send all required documents as soon as possible and The processing will take max 4-7 days period.

    Thanks in advance for your kind understanding and co-operation as we whilst immensely for your soonest co-operation.

    Yours faithfully,

    (Processing Officer)

    While doing some research on the emails I came across for some IP address that is connected to many fraud crimes (IP address you can check this IP with https://whatismyipaddress.com (LOOK UP IP section) AND YOU WILL BE AMAZED

  10. We were on an evening boat cruise in Miami, when we decided to take part in a raffle aboard the cruise. They told us that the winner would get to go on a cruise in the Caribbean, so of course everyone on board was excited to enter. The guy running the raffle came up to us after we submitted our raffle tickets to confirm that we were a couple- that should’ve been the first sign of warning. We said yes, and then were announced as the winners- with a big caveat. We had to go and sit through a 2hr lecture about something.

    He also asked us to put a deposit of $40 which would be refunded after the sales presentation. All the while confirming that we would not have to buy anything to get our free cruise. We were too excited about our win and decided to go to the presentation. The $40 deposit was a second warning, but we failed to identify.

    The sales presentation was at Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort located at 16701 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160. We decided to go and check it out, being sure that we weren’t going to sign up for anything. But after getting there, we had to sit through an unrelenting lecture about their service. The 2hr talk ended up taking about 4 hrs! Our sales person ( Tyler) requested us to not use our phone during the presentation, as he wanted our undivided attention. We realized after this entire drama that the reason he did not want us to use our phone was that he did not want us to google the company. He started off the presentation by talking about himself and his family. He showed pictures of his family and talked about his brother – who was a veteran. There were at least 20 other couples like us in the room with sales people giving their sales pitch.

    They ( the salesmen) were trying to sell a new “product” . THis product was called “Holidays Lounge powered by Carnival”. He said four companies came together to form this product and the four were – Advantage Services, Interval International, Sunset Resorts and a fourth one which I don’t exactly remember – i believe it was “Cruise” or something like that. He explained all the advantages that this would provide us. Below are some of the stuff our salesman mentioned verbally:

    1.We would be able to go on vacations at $449 for one week at a 4 or 5 star hotel of our choice anywhere in the world booked from the interval international website as long as we book in advance.

    False. After digging a bit , found out that Interval International is a timeshare exchange website and not a travel website.

    2.The four companies formed this new product.

    False. If you read through their contract you will find that they say neither Carnival Cruise nor Interval International are affiliated.

    3.They are not a timeshare company.

    Technically I don’t think they are but when I checked my credit card they were categorized as “timeshare”.

    4.They had 2 million members .

    Not sure if this false, but that’s a lot of people to scam.

    5.They are affiliated with Carnival Cruise.

    In the presentation it gave me confidence in the company when they told that they were affiliated with Carnival Cruise . After the presentation when I googled them, I could not find anywhere online that Carnival Cruise is affiliated with this company.

    During the presentation we did ask him regarding cancellation, but he managed to deflect the question by not talking about it.

    We kept saying no, but they kept pushing us- each time lowering the price or adding other incentives (we’re adding on Getaways, we’ll give you Dream Week, we’re letting you take over another couple’s plan because they upgraded- so huge savings for you, etc). They started at ~$25,000 and came down to $4,599. After 4hrs, we didn’t really care anymore and just wanted to leave (this wasn’t exactly what we planned for our honeymoon!).

    We finally succumbed and just agreed. Then came the paperwork… We had to sign what felt like a full tree’s worth of paper, so of course we didn’t have the patience to read through all of it, especially after sitting there for hours already. They made a big show of our membership with champagne and photos.

    When we finally got to leave, it was with an air of feeling both thrilled to finally leave, but also being duped and forced into something we didn’t want to do. We discussed it a lot that day plus googled the company to see how the reviews were. We found out that there were a lot of complaints on the “Better Business Bureau” website and not even a single good review on the world wide web. I do understand that every company has bad reviews but what was surprising is that there wasn’t a single good review about them.

    We decided the same night we wanted to get out of it. We looked through the mountain of paperwork they gave us and realized if you want to cancel, you have to do it in 3 business days! Luckily we acted quickly- we called the people who got us into this mess (Tyler and Chloe), but they didn’t answer. We also emailed and called the Holidays Lounge customer service line to say we want to cancel. They did answer and allowed us to cancel since we were in the 3 day window.

    Afterwards, we got calls from multiple people at Holidays Lounge that we had talked to when signing up. They all tried really hard to convince us to not cancel. But it’s a lot easier to say no on the phone, when you can hang up if the other person annoys you too much! 🙂 After a lot of persistence, we finally got our money back. It took nearly 3 weeks from the time we signed up to the time we got the refund, but we’re finally done with this company! Never falling for a scam like this again!

    Below is a link to “Better Business Bureau” which shows all the complaints on this company:


    Below are details of the company to beware of:

    Holidays Lounge, LLC

    558 W New England Ave,

    Suite 210 Winter Park FL 32789

    Telephone: 786-866-5754

    E-mail: info@holidayslounge.net

    According to https://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2royok/holidays-lounge-llc they are around three years old.

    A google search for “holidays lounge” yielded multiple Holdiays lounges website with different names, each of them slightly varying from each other. All these websites hardly have any data in them. Below are the websites:









    It looks like there is a network of these companies.I haven’t digged into all the companies but I did check one other company – Ascendant Holidays, LLC. I found their website – https://ascendantholidaysreviews.info/ very similar to one of holidays lounge website – https://holidaysloungereviews.net/

    Also found that they have similar blog posts:

    Ascendant Holidays – https://ascendantholidaysreviews.info/ascendant-holidays-enjoys-arubas-carnival-excitement/

    Holidays Lounge –


    Its so weird that two companies can have very similar blog posts.

    When you look at the website http://www.corporationwiki.com you will find that there are a network of these companies inter-related to each other.

    Below are some of the companies in the network:

    Holidays Network Group, LLC

    Holidays Lounge, LLC

    Florida Resort Xchange, LLC

    Ascendant Holidays, LLC

    Resort Sales Consulting, LLC

    Sorag Inc.

    Promotora Sunset Beach Clubs, LLC

    You can find above network at:




    Last but not the least, the cruise certificate ( which we won in the raffle) is shown below:



    To view this content, click reload.

    A google of the company “ Vacation Tour & Travel” also showed that they were a big cheat.

    Below is a website which shows they have around 96 complaints on the company:


    Again, they have a Carnival logo on their gift certificate just to gain confidence of customers. They are not affiliated with Carnival Cruise at all.

    We did not bother calling these people up for our free gift certificate.

    Hoping that this blog post will help people in the future to stay away from this company. This post was written on January 19th, 2019.

    You can find the full review here: https://harryztriton.wixsite.com/holidayslounge

  11. info@vipgenuinetravels.com
    this email add I saw from facebook pose
    I grab it because the agent offer me a job
    located in sydney.Now the sending me a
    copies of letter of employment and I signed
    it already and they want me to pay the couri
    for visa documents.The agent want me togo
    nearest VFS Office for the carrier.
    is this true?
    someone can give me an advice?

  12. https://www.cheapspecialairfares.com/ (Gurpreet Singh)/ Amitava Basu (Airfares arena) are a big chain of fraudsters. They operate as different names (Amitava Basu/Supriya Mahajan/ Sahil/Pramod etc) /businesses (Airfares arena ) and conduct fraud business using spoofed whatsapp numbers (201-701-9241/914-226-4921) with fake US addresses and fake US numbers. They respond to our online inquiries on sites, make some false bookings (unpurchased tickets on airlines sites impersonating us) and these tickets will eventually cancel in 24 to 72 hours failing validations. Meanwhile, they will ask for our credit card info, bank statements copies, other personal information. Will make us believe there is a problem with our credit card processing, push us for money transfer with stories. And with the credit card info we already shared, they will start doing all fraud .They will start transferring our money to their accounts in India , make several unauthorized purchases and we will be looted for good ,if we don’t monitor our bank transactions. At the end, we will end up loosing the money transfer, no tickets, their thefts on credit cards. Beware of these fraud agents. Never do a money transfer.

  13. Have just booked and paid for a holiday with otsbooking.com. We have since found out that the hotel we booked with is not even open on the dates we chose and when contacting the hotel they said they have not heard of the company. Looking at comments on trip advise it seems that they have scammed people all round the world. They do not give you a phone number or head office It seems they are based in Turkey.

  14. Does anyone know anything about http://www.resortdaddy.com? Saw an ad on Facebook for a 4 day/ 3 night trip to a Florida resort for only $197.00 per family plus a free 5 night cruise. Sounds to good to be true but crazier things have happened. Just wanted to make sure the website is legitimate before i pursue it.

  15. FunCityTravel.com / Fun City Travel is a scam. I went far with the telemarketer on the phone before I realized it was a scam. The obvious tip-off is that they claim that their offer is "sponsored by American Express" – when I pressed them on how I could verify that, they finally had to admit that they were saying that because they accepted American Express! They made a big deal that I should feel secure because they have a credit card merchant account, which is very hard to get (give me a break). They also said I could always call my credit card company and get my money back (as if they wouldn’t fight a dispute charge). Overall, many misleading statements from the salesperson, so clearly the company is not honest and I would stay away. They also repeated the information they had for me which was old addresses and email, so clearly they purchased my information off some cheap and poor quality list.
    They also do the typical "but wait, there’s more!" trick on you if you seem reluctant, even offering $1000 travel credit to a travel site. The salesman said it was like cash, not a coupon. I knew something was too good to be true, so looked it up and it turns out the way the credit works is not straight cash, it’s a misleading way to say you got a discount. Search $500 Travel Savings Card amazon reviews and you will see.
    Stay away from Fun City Travels!

  16. Tracy Thompson

    SO to @Keith Cottrell, I do not know about these guys, but I do know that the information thay gave me for a tourist vis was bogus. I also did a Google Map search on the address and it is a restaurant. So indications are that it is fake.

    To the lady that asked about Huotao travel, if you do a map search, their address is in the middle of a forest!

    Folks, there are more ways to scam you than you can imavvgine. DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!! otherwise kiss your $$ goodbye. The Internet is a tool that will save you lots of $$ if you use it. DON’T BE STUPID!

  17. Top Global Travel Agency is a scam travel agency. The website was hastily put together and doesn’t work right. It’s real location is also hidden. Why hide a business location if it is legitimate? Someone earlier asked about them. A woman from a dating website was trying to get me to buy tickets through them. The prices weren’t adding up but my real issue was their website not working and hiding their location. Giving them any financial information would end up with your accounts emptied.

  18. Corporatetraveldeal.com is legit they work with BookVip.com that have close to 4 million likes on FaceBook both great companies

  19. Cerise Russell

    Please please beware of Direct Cheap Flights with a guy called Kevin Osbourne he is a scammer. Posting fake flights ans acting as if he is giving you a great deal. He gave us flight numbers that we looked up and was totally different times. He said we needed to give a deposit. Due to the deal we foolishly gave in paid a deposit. Obviously no he is nowhere to be found. When we did finally catch up with him he hang up. Please beware of him. He also took a full payment from my uncle and now he has lost all his money. SERIOUSLY JUST STICK TO OFFICIAL SITES AND DO RESEARCH.

  20. Sameer shaikh

    Not fake travel services

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  21. Do NOT use https://travelvisabookings.com!
    My husband ordered for me Flight,Hotel & Insurance Package and wrote the wrong last name (I still have my travel passport under my maiden name). I contacted them RIGHT AWAY in live chat, via website contact form and via customersupport email to let them know about the correction.

    I told them that I have a visa appointment soon and I need the papers ASAP. So 3 hours of delivery (as they promise on website) was exactly what I needed and could only wait for.

    I contacted them again 2 hours after my purchase and correction to remind about me. Both times they said they would take care of it and deliver everything on time.

    It’s been more than 4 hours since my order and correction. I contacted them again saying that they didn’t deliver as promised and I either need the papers right now or the refund.

    This time nobody even responded me via live chat – they just ignored me, just like they apparently have been ignoring my order all along!

    Now I’m going to miss my visa appointment because of them and not even sure if I can get another one in time to still make it to my June trip.

    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE SCAM! Don’t fall for it, stay away!

  22. 8rental.com not legit transport reservation website, it’s a total well-elaborated scam. Website proposes cheap prices for car booking in Europe when you go for it they ask you to pay reservation amount online and then disappear. The phone +44 20 36 085 792 are not working. No legal information about the company, where it’s headquautered, who are the owners. The persons with whom I communicated seem to be fake identities. Do not use them!

  23. AVOID SERENITY FLIGHTS and SUNSHINE TRAVELS. I booked a return ticket from London to Lagos due to depart on 23rd March and I never received my ticket! Not only have I lost my money but I’ve also missed my cousin’s wedding. The consultant said his name was TIM WALKER but I doubt this is his real name. Other names the fraudster has gone by include DAVE SMITH and SAM. I booked my ticket in 9th February and paid via Bank Transfer directly into the fruadaters account. As we both bank with Barclays I was naive in thinking it was safe. Immediately I paid ‘Tim’ called me to say he received the money but they were closing for the week and would issue my ticket on Monday. Monday came – nothing. I called and was sent a fake confirmation email. I requested my e-ticket and he was using all manners of excuses. He even said that he is not a fraud! The story continues but please AVOID and beware. Serenityflights.co.uk and sunshinetravels.co.uk are both linked and both FAKE. I’ve just read a previous comment on here from 2016 where another person says they were a victim of a similar scam by Serenity Flights. now know that Sunshine Travels are a part of them. I wish I was aware sooner. I’ve been robbed of my money and my peace. Please beware and spread the word. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

  24. Nicola Williamson


    Hi ALL

    Just like Julie (December 2017), I was nearly duped into booking flights to Kinsgton with KEVIN from http://www.Directcheapflights.co.uk. THEY ARE a fraulent company and do not exisit nor do they have ATOL and IATA numbers. He tried using TIME TRAVEL and BRIGHT Travel as another company he worked with and using their incorrect licence numbers (I called them both and knew nothing of this company) THIS IS A COMPLETE LIE!!! DO NOT USE DIRECTCHEAPFLIGHTS!!!!!!!!

  25. Otis Travel is 100% legit. I’ve booked with them several times. Great deals with great customer service. I saw Andrea Zatarain’s comment come up in a search, so I wanted to let her know that. Not sure if she’ll see this, but perhaps it will help someone else.

  26. Anyone has an idea about booking4cheap.com they always offer holidays in hotels in a very cheap prices but i have never booked with them any one has an experience with this website?

  27. What about Exciting Travel Group offering jobs via email and requesting for your passport and other i.ds? I read some money laundry , ilegal fake agencies operate this way. Has anyone heard about ExcitingTravelGroup?

  28. @Ahmad, La Web booking4cheap.com es totalmente falsa, busco la forma de saber como a encontrado tantas fotos de los hoteles.

  29. I booked 7 international tickets Moscow – Bogota and paid 7631 US$ in full but later received email asking me to pay extra 6243 US$. I contacted them for cancellation but received emails only offering me pay extra.

  30. just wondering if anyone has heard of ‘Make my vacation’ and can tell me if this travel site is legit or a scam?

  31. Huotao Travel Express in China is running a scam in which people pay for travel for women to come to the West to meet potential partners. People pay money for travel and the person never comes. They keep asking for more and more money.

  32. Received an email from Corporate Travel Experts, called and spoke with someone. It sounds too good to be true. Any knowledge on them? Their website is corporatetraveldeal.com and their phone # is 888-960-5523

  33. Robert Allinson

    A year ago I got an email, where I was invited to a holiday on the French Riviera, at amazing prices, I liked the idea and I discussed it with the family and agreed to deposit the money in the account they asked for, because everything turned out to be a fraud since the "travel agency" that contacted us did not exist and we lost our money. In the end we learned that he was part of an organization run by a certain Philippe Ballesio, who is followed by several cases of scams.

  34. Thanks for your response

    I’m happy to inform you that we are prepared to affirm the reservation. In any case, before that, I have a few inquiries, kindly discover them beneath:

    Do you accept credit card?

    Due to past experience, we want to make full payment now, will that be accepted?

    We have arranged an agency fee of 45% of total rental fee with our clients as our commission so you need to increase your room rate to accommodate that. Could you please send us another quotation with our commission so we can send it over to our customers?

    We get our commission when you get the full payment, I trust that won’t be an issue with you

    NOTE: we have worked things out with our clients and we can assure that there won’t be any cancellation once the reservation is fully confirmed

    Please let us know if you are still interested in making the reservation for us base on the above stated conditions

    Best Regards,

    Richard Matt
    Euro Travel Agency Ltd

    T 020 7245 9649 Address: 94 Parkwood Road, Isleworth, TW7 5HD

    F 084 4774 9990 Site: http://www.eurotravelagency.com

    E info@eurotravelagency.com

  35. Eric Hadley-Ives

    I posted on March 31st, 2017 to share that my experiences with Dynasty Travel Solutions had not been as bad as some others who posted reviews. I have an update.
    I purchase for more than $500 and less than $600 a package that included: (1) a three nights stay in a resort area that included a sales pitch for a time-share deal; (2) a 7-night cruise; (3) a 7-night condo stay at a resort; and (4) a 2 night stay "getaway". I requested the three night stay in the Myrtle Beach, SC area during the first week of August. It took Dynasty Travel a long time to get me a place, but they came through with a hotel near an interstate and shopping mall, away from the beach, but that was fine with me. The time-share presentation was fine; nothing high-pressure about it. We had to pay taxes for the hotel, and those were over $100. We purchased a room for some friends who were traveling with us at a budget beachfront hotel while we were staying, and paid about $400 for their three nights. So, at this point, we had paid approximately $649 for a three night stay that would have cost us $400, but we had to endure a sales pitch, but we still had the 7-night cruise and 7-night condo stay and the bonus "getaway".
    Now that we had endured the timeshare sale, we were permitted to schedule the cruise and 7-night condo stay. I told Dynasty Travel Solutions I was ready to do this, and they said, "fine, we’ll send you the package". I received a brochure from yet another company ("Atlantic Travel Alliance") and a coupon instructing me to send $5.95 to "Resort and Cruise Offers" at 13014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, #2, Tampa Fl 33618. Reading the fine print, I noticed the following:
    For the one-week condo resort stay: After I mail in the "Registration and Validation Form" I will receive Registration Activation Form, which must be returned with $100. After mailing in the "Activation Form" (not sure if this refers to the "Registration and Validation Form" and $5.95 or the "Activation Form" and $100), I must complete the travel within 12 months. I must submit a choice of two dates for my week in the condo resort; and those dates must be 30 days apart, and the earlier of the two dates must be at least 60 days after I make my request. There are blackout dates. I can’t do the week at the condo in any time that comes within 7 days of a Federal holiday or Easter. So, plausible times to schedule are starting a week after Easter up to a week before Memorial Day; or a week after Memorial day to a week before July 4th, or a week after July 4th to a week before Labor Day, and so forth. BUT, the fine print warns that the offer is subject to seasonal surcharges (how high those might be is not explained). ALSO, I’ll be responsible for $299-$399 in resort and usage fees. Also, I’ll be responsible for unspecified amounts for local fees, taxes, compulsory gratuity for daily maid service, energy surcharges, and security deposits. SO, to get this week in a resort, in addition to the $549 I paid to Dynasty Travel Solutions (of which some portion was supposedly going to cover the cost of this), I am looking at another approximately $500-$600 for the activation deposit and resort fees and taxes and surcharges and so forth, and dates around holiday are blacked out. My opinion is that I could do just as well on Orbitz or Booking or Travelocity or Priceline, and this isn’t really a good deal. It’s not a scam, but it’s not a good offer. But, maybe the 7-night cruise is a good deal?

    For the 7-night cruise: I must pay $75 for a reservation activation fee. I must seek a cruise on a date at least 90 days after my reservation request. I must complete the cruise within 12 months of submitting the reservation activation form. I will be charged fees that START at $439 per person and GO UP FROM THERE. The Dynasty Travel Solutions website warns of a (reasonable) $75 fee and (reasonable) fees between $49-$129 per person. In addition to the fees that start at $439 and go up from there (per person), I will also pay fuel surcharges and port fees if I travel out of somewhere other than Miami, Port Canaveral, or Los Angeles. So, the cruise for seven days, for two persons, for which I’ve partly paid Dynasty Travel with that $549 will cost at least $950 more, and possibly much more with fuel surcharges and port fees.
    Total costs of the package:
    $549 to Dynasty Travel Solutions
    $100 taxes for hotel plus my time for the time-share sales pitch
    $180 for reservation activation fees for the cruise and 7-night condo stay.
    $400 for the resort stay (but possibly significantly more)
    $880 for the cruise (but possibly much more).
    $291 my estimation for taxes and fees when staying at the condo resort plus port and fuel charges on the cruise
    Plus, the hassle factor of mailing things back and forth, the blackout dates on the condo stay, and so forth.

    That puts the total for this package at about $2,400. When the Dynasty Travel Solutions person called and made the offer for these vacations at $549, I thought that with the sitting through a sales pitch and so forth, and with the likely fact that we would be going on unpopular cruises and traveling to the resorts in the "low season" the price was reasonable. I expected to pay additional fees, and thought the total cost might be $1,000 or even $1,200. But, when you look at the fine print and realize that you paid $549 for the "special offer" of paying $2,400 for these vacation offers, you realize it’s a terrible offer. It’s not a scam, but it’s very dodgy. I’m especially concerned that the Dynasty Travel Solutions website and offer makes no mention of the hundreds of dollars in resort fees we would need to pay, and the Dynasty Travel Solutions website actually has misleading information about cruise fees being perhaps as high as $129 per person, when in fact the fees per person are at least $439 and possibly higher.

  36. Hello,
    We are a Travel Agency and we have received dubious emails in poor English from Richard Matt from Euro Travel Agency. http://www.eurotravelagency.com, info@eurotravelagency.com. He asked for an expensive hotel booking with a commission to be given back to him, which is a common internet scam for professionals.
    The same Richard Matt seems to have recently operated the same way under another travel agency name, see http://davidphenry.com/html/Elite_Travel_Agency.htm
    Be aware!

  37. Does anyone here knows or have tried E&E Sky Travels located in pampanga? I cant find any reviews about them tho they’ve been operating since 2014.

  38. Dear friends
    Be aware of travel companies ….ASSARR TOURS
    I recently got cheated by a travel company named ASSARR TOURS whose link I got from FB.
    They designed a Dubai package for my family which cost 1.15 lakhs we were happy with the pricing and inclusions which was less than other tours and travels.we paid the money 6th-50,000,8th-55,000and 14th -10,000=1,15000 on Dec 2017 BANK AXIS BANK
    A/C 917010064111658
    IFSC CODE :UTIB0002764
    and got the receipt and vouchers for the flight tickets and hotel bookings .
    Two days before the travel date I checked the hotel and flight …..both stood cancelled ! I was shocked as earlier when I had checked online the bookings had been made our names.
    I called 9565065604 FRAUD GUY NAME IS ARRAV SHARMA (MANGER),SWAYAM KAPOOR (SENIOR EX) ANA RAJVEER SINGH( M) D their sales executive who was co coordinating with me since the beginning.No answer …all my frantic calls went unanswered,they even removed their mobile no’s from their website.
    It took a while to realise I had been DUPED ….very cleverly with sweet talks ASSARR TOURS cheated me ,I lost my money ,peace of mind and my vacation with family .
    So friends please be careful when planning a trip

  39. Received in the mail two scratch & win vouchers from Sweetest Gift Holiday of Malaysia. We won 2nd prize of USD $190,000. What a great scam. These people should be locked up.

  40. Does anyone know about SKYGO travel who claim to have offices in Bristol and Leeds however their Bristol address on google maps seems to be a residential location. There are also lots of grammatical errors on their privacy policy which rings alarm bells to me. They’re offering a deal which is too good to be true.

  41. Hi Dear
    We are Iranian travel agency that are active in nomadic, cultural
    heritage, rural tourism and around Iran.
    With local food and bread
    We are environment lover and want peace and clean space for all people in worldwide.
    Please visit my country.
    With kindly
    Website: http://www.parsetravel.com
    Golestan seir sharif travel agency

  42. Please does any body knows anything about adrianne tours and travel ( adriannetours.com ). I wish to travel to Austria but i have to do my visa with this guys. Please are they genuine. Help me

  43. Hi, is anyone aware if Otis Travel is a scam or not? they gave me a really amazing price for mine and my husbands flight. They emailed me the flight itinerary with all the details and everything and i matched it with the flights at the airline and it all matches but it just seems to good to be true?

  44. I paid £1100 for a return ticket to Johannesburg with a travel consultant named Micheal Clark from Cheapest Air flights. It’s been 5 days he still hasn’t sent me the tickets and all the phones we have been communicating with are not going through, I think I have been scammed. Please help does Cheapest Air flights even exist.

  45. Here is another ‘victim’ !!! I have bought $300 AUD worth of vouchers for 5 seperate holidays. My preference was cruising, so, airfares return to Oz, and cruise prices… with an unbelievable discount of at least 30% saving!! yeah right!! the people involved are no where to be found now I want to utilise them. the name is INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL, 445 Sydney Rd. Melbourne. This company gave me an ABN number… upon looking this up, it relates to a travel shop in Coburg, BUT it is not the company they call themselves.. I feel sad for the owner, who was very kind to me, but assures me it is not her. Her business is Coburg Travel… This will reflect on her in time, and like me, and many other of us scammed, feel this is has to stop… But how? I am living in NZand have rung every agency I can think of, including the Vic Police, who have referred me to this sight. Nobody seems to give a ********************

  46. Please does any body knows anything about adriane tours and travel ( adriannetours.com ). I wish to travel to portugal but i have to do my visa with this guys. Please are they genuine. Help me

  47. Received glossy brochure in mail with two scratch cards. One announcing I had won USD190,000.00 it is under company Supercell Holiday

  48. Manish Jajodia

    Cheated Rs.72000 for Dubai Tour Package
    Dear Sir
    Mr.Hemant from http://www.travellerstrip.com contacted me on 24th July 2017 (Sunday) since I was looking for a travel package for traveling to Dubai with my Family (my wife and my son). He gave me a quotation of Rs. And gave 10% discount on the same.
    He told initially I can pay 50% amount.
    I paid 50% amount (Rs.46000) through my credit card on 25th July 2017.
    After few days when I called him asking about my travel bookings (Flight , hotel etc.) , he told there is a problem and now his company is asking for full 100% money in advance to give 10% discount.
    I told that this is not a professional behavior and that he should stick to him commitment.
    After that I spoke to Mr.Rohit from the same company and he made me pay another Rs.26000 on 29th July 2017 and told that by 31st July at 11 AM (Monday) I will get the travel bookings or else the company will give me back my entire amount that day itself.
    I did not receive any booking at the said date and time and after so many follow ups , Mr.Rohit told that I will get my full money Rs.72000 by 1 PM on 3rd August 2017. He took my bank account details also for the same.
    On 3rd August , I did n number of follow ups but did not get my money.
    Noone is picking my phone calls and also not replying to my emails also.
    Please help me with this matter.

    Mr.Manish Jajodia
    Thane (W) , manish_jajodia2006@yahoo.com
    1) Invoice
    2) Payment receipts – Rs.46000 & Rs.26000
    3) Email proofs

    Contact details of http://www.travellerstrip.com
    1st Floor , Plot D-2 , 3 & 4 , PP Towers , Netaji Subhash Place , New Delhi – 110034
    Mr.Hemant – Mobile Number – 07065316764
    Mr.Rohit – Landline Number – (011)69000158 ; 69000153
    E mail ID – sales@travellerstrip.com

  49. It appears 2nd prize of USD190000 is very common. I too have "won" this amount from Underworld Holiday Malaysia.
    If you "win’ like this don’t give up your day job.

  50. I have purchased the certificate from sky travel international, Mexico, did anyone has experience?
    I am in process of booking my first vacation.


  51. Brinkanderson

    Can you tell me if Going Places Travel Agency in Duluth Georgia is legitimate? It doesn’t appear that way.

  52. I guess my lucky scratchie for US $190,000.00 from Island Dream Holiday Kuala Lumpur ,posted with brochure and Malaysian stamps really isn’t going to give me a happy retirement. Has anyone else been given the same opportunity from Island Dream Holiday?

  53. Michel Carrier

    Homeland Exploration Tours in Ghana, operated by Kofi Nartey, website: homelandtoursgh.com, seems to be a fake travel agency. They contacted my company, Decade Transmitters Inc. to supposedly purchase FM transmitting equipment to help setup a radio station in Ghana. Everything about Mr. Nartey looks like a scam, and they tried to buy with a fake credit card.

  54. Just received Brochure from FREEDOM FOX TOURS. Received 2 scratchies and won 2nd Prize of $USD190.000. SCAM: SCAM: SCAM!

  55. Can you find out for me if Going Places Travel Services of David M. Marple at Duluth Georgia is legitimate agency offering to rent or lease my vacation resort? Thank you.

  56. I was spammed this morning with an email that initially captured my attention, but ended up being a junk Clickbank bait. It advertised "How To Book 1000 dollars Flights for only 20 dollars or Less". When I opened the email I was shown "The hidden airline loophole that lets you book any $1000 flight for $20". When I clicked on it I was taken to one of those Clickbank shit pages with videos that you can never stop. Some dude created "Fly Free Academy" and gives you the bullshit. Beware!

  57. Mega travel services got to know Mr Kevin Landman’s insecurity and doubt about our business after reading comment on fake travel agency on 5th of March and we immediately contacted and made refund to him straight away. And Mr Taylor McGregor, yes we are legit business and has been serving since 2015.

  58. Hi All
    Has any one book through zuji before: I am suspicious about the URL https://affiliates.zuji.com.au/FlightSearch. It is the affiliates that worry me. I think this crook is using affiliates to replicate Zuji as a genuine URL website. I think this website is trying to obtain customer personal details.
    I have not booked my flight yet but suspect this is a fly by night website by using URL affiliates. Why do they ask for passport detail? Genuine secure website will not allow you to go backward to previous page after you submit your detail. Even though the URL https indicates a secure which i think it is a fake secure URL.

    Any one tell me is this site a genuine site?

  59. I also "won" USD $190,000 on a scratchie in the 13th anniversary Life Support Vacation scam. I wonder how many others have won second prize?! Based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. http://www.life supportvacation.com
    Total scam.

  60. Just received info from Airborne Travelling, which included 2 x scratchie Tx. Hurrah! We won second prize of $ 190 000! Of course it is a scam.

  61. Kareena Kingston

    I just won a 13th anniversary prize from airborne travelling on a scratchy for usd 190,000.00

  62. Annette Hunter

    Hi, I received a 13th anniversary scratch and win ticket. After scratching off it said I have won USD 190,000.00. Travel company is Life support vacation, Malaysia. Is this a scam

  63. Kimberly wilson

    Hello my name is Kimberly and iam a scam hunter I help people who have been a victim of these types of scam if you have any questions or need help help getting your money back or even just verifying the company’s I can help we also do date scam we have a great research panel so if I can help please contact me at 754-702-3509 or email me at securesolutionsc@gmail.com

  64. This is regarding Sky Travel International…. STAY AWAY!!! If they call you and offer you a too good to be true deal RUN FAST!!! They called me claiming they had got my information from Bookit.com and tried to sell me a good hotel pakcage deal to Mexico. Basically they took my money, sent me false information, and gave me the run around when trying to contact them. I should have known, but now I do.

    They were quick to call me back about signing the package deal, but when it came to asking questions they did not answer.

  65. T R Singh 7408250091

    Dear All, A travel agent based out of Delhi and Chandigarh, by the name 13meratrip.com is a fraud agent and has not paid our money for which he has taken credit . He is a fake agent and agency is totally fake. His number is 9716400000, and other other number is 8729039511, 01724603555. They are cheat do not do any business with them. Complete Fraud.

    SOME OF THE NUMBERS – 1-786-220-0601 – +52 998-340-5062 – 1-800-956-3963 DO NOT TAKE THESE CALLS SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS… THEY OPERATE BETWEEN 11AM -10:30 PM EST.

    I believe that http://skytravelinternational.com is a total scam. And that I got scammed! They sounded legit and even have a fairly nice website. Of course they rushed me and I couldn’t search enough about them when I signed up. The problem came later when I found out that not only did they take out the deposit from my cc, they took out the balance 2 WEEKS later which was to be done on instalments OVER 3 MONTHS, I have called them many times in which they tell me their Customer Service Specialist will call me in the next hour and doesn’t or tell leave me on hold for anywhere between 7 and 24 minutes only to drop the call. I’ve sent emails that were ignored as well. I feel like such a dummy. I don’t fall for scams but I guess there is always a first time…. unfortunately I can’t afford to loose money right now.
    Beware of Sky Travel International !!!

    1-786-220-0601 – FLORIDA
    +52-998-340-5062 – MEXICO
    1-800-956-3963 – MEXICO

    I believe that http://skytravelinternational.com is a total scam. And that I got scammed! They sounded legit and even have a fairly nice website. Of course they rushed me and I couldn’t search enough about them when I signed up. The problem came later when I found out that not only did they take out the deposit from my cc, they took out the balance 4 days later which was to be done on instalments. I have tried to call them many times in which they tell me their Customer Service Specialist will call me in the next hour and doesn’t or tell leave me on hold for anywhere between 7 and 24 minutes only to drop the call. I’ve sent emails that were ignored as well. I feel like such a dummy. I don’t fall for scams but I guess there is always a first time…. unfortunately I can’t afford to loose money right now.
    Beware of Sky Travel International !!!

  67. Farida Fernandes

    This is regarding Global trips Limited we got scammed! my sister paid £ 1550/- to them via bank transfer, we never got our tickets as we came to know later no that they are fraud. They are still operating from this number 020 3002 3689 please please do not associate with these guys….we lost all out money! devastated!!!!

  68. I believe that http://skytravelinternational.com is a total scam. And that I got scammed! They sounded legit and even have a fairly nice website. Of course they rushed me and I couldn’t search enough about them when I signed up. The problem came later when I found out that not only did they take out the deposit from my cc, they took out the balance 4 days later which was to be done on instalments. I have tried to call them many times in which they tell me their Customer Service Specialist will call me in the next hour and doesn’t or tell leave me on hold for anywhere between 7 and 24 minutes only to drop the call. I’ve sent emails that were ignored as well. I feel like such a dummy. I don’t fall for scams but I guess there is always a first time…. unfortunately I can’t afford to loose money right now.
    Beware of Sky Travel International !!!

  69. kelly ashurst

    Can someone tell me if travel shop is legitimate as I’ve booked flights paid a deposit just rang Emirates and I am not on there booking, he assured me by the 7th may I would have a booking reference

  70. Imperial Resorts
    There are similar agency so the reviews look good very well played be careful they hook you by mentioning the Hampton.
    Total scams

  71. I was also contacted by Sky Travel International today, they offered 3 trips for $799US as I was asking them to call me back so I can discuss it with my husband. They will call me back tomorrow…I searched the phones numbers they gave me – both in the states but the guy said he was calling from Cancun. Still not sure if it’s real of not.

  72. Can someone confirm if sky travel international is a scam or not ? My partner got the same phone call saying there is a special promotion and for $1250 he gets 1 cruise and 1 all inclusive resort and because he was so patient, they threw another cruise in. When he told me I thought it sounded like a scam so we started researching more on it and haven’t found any reviews but what’s on here and their website. He has been emailing back and forth with the agent who originally called him. Then this morning the agent called back saying they are a real legitimate company who’s been around since 2014 and to give them a chance. Scam !? Help !?

  73. Hi everyone iam the owner of Secure Solutions Consultant Group i help people who have been a victim of Travel Agency Scams I also help stop the harassing phone calls from the scam agency’s trying to get people to pay more money for vacations that they never took or will not be using they really target the Elderly and thats why i started this business to help them but if anyone would like more information please feel free to call me i no several agency’s that are fraud but i can also help with agency’s that are legit and also offer great- -deals to travel so please feel free to call me at 754-702-3509 or email me at securesolutionsc@gmail.com

  74. Update as of April 24 / 2017, the Sky Travel International group hustled me hard today. Not yet able to confirm if it’s a complete scam or just a hard hustle but they don’t give you a resort list or any information as to cruise lines available unless you give them the entire payment and fill out a pdf signature form. They give you the weirdest run around after you’ve given them your ccard info. Again, not sure if they are legit, but everything screams that I just got scammed hard.


    Can you find out for me if Going Places Travel Services of David M. Marple at Duluth Georgia is legitimate agency offering to rent or lease my vacation resort? Thank you.

  76. Did you ever hear the saying, if it sounds too good to be true chances are that it is. Besides which, unless you recall entering some contest instead of having your area code win something for you then its a scam kids!
    I asked them if I could verify the trips with the Airline and they said if I hung up I would lose the offer so I said okay hold on and went to their legitimate looking website, BEWARE OF A WEBSITE THAT OFFERS YOU NO EMAILS TO CONTACT AND NO PHONE NUMBERS. DON’T BE FOOLED, THESE GUYS ARE SCAMMING YOU OUT OF YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO.

  77. I just got a call from SKY TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL. They claim the website skytravelinternational.com. Sounds like a complete scam, very pushy. Offering me 3 vacations (resorts and cruises) for $ 1199. They claimed I was selected in a very selected special package deal or something. They didn’t leave me time to think about what they were offering me, just wanted my credit card. Be aware!

  78. I was looking for Flights to Lagos and came across this site called Tripadvisor-flights.com and their website looks very clean and nice. I called them up and they gave me a really good price, too good to be true. I became wary and asked for their company house number and asked if they were connected with Trip Advisor and the guy called John said they were an independent company in the UK and have no association with Trip Advisor. This didn’t sound bad, I asked for the company registration number. It turns out that the company registration number belongs to the actual Trip Adviser and there is no company called Tripadvisor-flights and it also turns out that their website is only about a week old with a very short life expectancy ( which is common for scammers). I then asked for their ABAT number. I am still waiting for a reply. please do not get fooled just because it’s called Tripadvisor-flight, this is a scammer and we were lucky not to fall for them but please don’t book with this people unless they give you a ABAT number and a proof that they are a legit company.

  79. Eric Hadley-Ives

    I booked travel with Dynasty Travel Solutions, and called to make my first reservation, and I didn’t really have any trouble getting in touch with a real live human being. Others have complained about difficulties getting through to a real agent to make travel reservations with Dynasty Travel Solutions, and I just want to say that in my case, this was not a problem. Also, the customer service persons I have dealt with at Dynasty Travel Solutions have been pleasant and responsive. No doubt customers have a range of experiences in dealing with this company. My experiences so far have been good.

  80. Could you please let me know if the following Travel Agent in China is legitimate
    Huotao Travel Express
    Block 11A, 48 Dexiang Road
    Jinwan District
    Telephone 8615625081304

  81. Luciana Telles

    I am brazilian and I was invited to a interview based in UK. They asked me to contact a travel agency that would be responsible for my needs and I would be refunded when I get there. The name of the travel agency is http://www.elioratravels.com and the domain is very recent, something is weird. Is it a real agency. They asked me to make a deposit of US$1,600.00

  82. I just received a phone call from THE ULTIMATE RIVIERA TRAVEL ( http://www.ultimaterivieratravel.com ) offering me 2 vacations all inclusive for 2 adults and 2 children. For $99 one time fee and also $999 ! Then I said I could find a trip for much less online, she then in a matter of a second put me on the phone with the main guy ( supposedly) who upped my travel to 3 vacations (one was an area they weren’t the owners of) that I had said I wanted to visit and I wanted to have a villa over the water. He said he would give me 3 all inclusive vacations now for the low price of $549. The destinations they mentioned were Bahia Turqusa, ( this was where they had the villas over the water we could stay in) then it turned into all the resorts had villas overlooking the water. Charming Villas is what he called them. The other destinations were Reef Playacar and Reef Coca Beach. 3 – 6 day 5 night vacations for now $549. And a one time processing fee at the time of the vacation. Good for all 3. Then after awhile longer it turned into 5 vacations. The two added in were Riviera Maya and Grand Sirenis Resort Casino and Aqua games. I sensed this was a scam from the beginning and began looking up information while on the phone with him. His name was Andy Rey. The women’s name was Alita. So what turned into 2 vacations with 2 and a half years for $999 turned into 5 vacations for $549. Also I looked up where the (855) area code is from and it is from USA or Canada. Granted I asked him if he lived by the resort and he said he lived in Cancun and worked there. So how does a man who lives in Mexico have an area code of my home town and then on the website it is the (855) USA and Canada number? Oh and then having to give the card number today, I explained it was impossible husband had credit card and I could not get a hold of him at work. He turns phone off. While actually hubby was in bedroom sleeping. He changed his story he would make a notation to call tomorrow while hubby was home. Because I really sounded interested. But I felt in my women’s intuition…Scam, scam, scam! I got this off the public records website.
    "What city has the area code 855?
    No city has the area code 855. It is a toll-free area code used throughout the United States and Canada. The calls are free to the caller because the receiving party pays the long distance charges. CONTINUE READING" The number on their Mexico website is 1855-400-8203. Beware and I see others on here feel it may be a scam too!

  83. Please review Mytriptorussia.com. I just received an email from them at my business address. They have a website that looks exactly as you describe (great video, big promises, etc.). They even have a name and address tied to the email. A quick google maps search shows the address is in a rundown area of Los Angeles. If these guys were any good, they would have a least picked an address that shows some more believable non-descript office instead of a residential shack.

  84. Belinda Stoner

    Do NOT, under any circumstances, buy a vacation package from Dynasty Travel!!!!

    I paid $798 for a package a few months ago. When I tried to schedule one of my trips, I had trouble getting anyone to answer the phone. After a couple of days, some guy finally did answer. But he told me that "the person who takes care of that" (the scheduling) was not in and would contact me in a couple of days. I became suspicious. My credit card company obtained a full refund, and I thought that was the end of it.

    Nope! I was contacted by a Dynasty Travel customer service rep who asked me to remove my bad review from this site. He even offered me a complimentary vacation for doing so. I declined.

    A couple of months later, I began getting calls (from "UNKNOWN CALLER") threatening to "take me to court" for a vacation package I had supposedly "put a deposit on" several years earlier. I told them I had not made any vacation purchase, did not owe them any money, and advised them to go straight to hell. The caller then proceeded to give me the numbers of the credit card which I had used to book the vacation with Dynasty Travel. He told me they had a recording of me agreeing to the charges and that they were going to charge me for it whether I wanted them to or not. I advised this person to commit an anatomically impossible act. He responded that I was a "b****" and hung up on me.

    I continue to receive calls from this so-called company, which I believe to be a part of Dynasty Travel. As a precaution, I’ve cancelled that particular credit card. And I would advise everyone to hang up immediately if contacted by these scammers.

  85. "Mega Travel Services" apparently based in Reading UK – Total Scammers

    I found this travel agent online and after leaving a message via an online chat option, I was contacted regarding the flights I was looking for. They offered me some great options for my destination, and said they could hold the reservation for me with a deposit of £40/person. It was only after I paid the £160 that I began to get suspicious because even though they claimed to be ATOL protected, there was no logo on their website which seemed legitimate. This prompted me to ask more questions, and I was given the "run around" with regards the ATOL certificate which would apparently be produced after I had paid the £1100 balance for the flights. I checked the apparent reservation which had been made with the airline, but they said it was worth nothing, it meant nothing. I went back to Mega Travel Services and questioned them more, but when I heard people arguing in the background while on the phone, I knew I had been taken for a ride. I immediately requested a refund of the £160 I had paid, she said it was no problem but quickly got defensive and ended the call. I have not heard from the, since and cannot contact them now.
    I find it appalling that people can do this. I am a single dad to 3 children, this would be the first time in 6 years I have been able to take my kids to see the rest of their family in SA, I seriously could not afford to loose that £160. I don’t know how some people sleep at night considering the lives that they affect.
    I’m guess I’m fortunate that I caught on early, else it could have been a lot worse…
    Stay well away from June Grey @ Mega Travel Services!

  86. Any one heard of times tour world or times trip from mumbai (india)

    They call and ask u that u have won a lucky gift from snapdeal and u will get prize after u book a holiday package from their website i.e timestourworld.com. once u book the package for worth rs5999 u get nothing..
    Their website is still working.

  87. I am Greek and I was also invited to a interview based in UK. They asked me to contact the same travel agency elioratravels that would be responsible for my needs and I would be refunded when I get there. The name of the travel agency is http://www.elioratravels.com & they are not a real agency. They asked me to make a deposit of 1,500.00 EUR for the tickets without knowing my country or city of residence. When I told them that it hardly costs 500 EUR, still without telling them my country of residence they made me a new ofer for 480 EUR. SCAMBAGS for sure !!!

  88. Yeldos Aituganov

    Please need to check on travel agency "Travel Job" offerings a job as Port Warehouse Worker? Do they exist or is a scam?
    Official site: www. travel-Ana-job.com
    Telephone number: +44(208)068-45-38
    Address: Leadenhall Street, East London, London, EC3A 4AF

    Ports, warehouses worker
    Work location: Newport, England Work experience: Not required
    Locality: Full-time job
    Meeting of supplies • Weighing • Unloading of goods • Packaging of goods • Fish cleaning
    • Availability of foreign Passport
    • Age from 18 to 55 years • Knowledge of Russian and English at a minimum level.
    Conditions: • Official registration • Contract of 3 months • Number of working hours 50-60 hours / week Accommodation and flight: • Due to the company Salary 1800 $ per month- Within the company- The salary is paid once a week.
    Could u check on this agency?
    Best regards
    Yeldos Aituganov

  89. Barbara Samuelsen

    I had a phone call from Riviera Saying that we would receive three vacations to travel all over the USA and the world and it will be available for 3 years.

  90. Need to check on a company Holiday Travel offering a job as Tours provider? Do they exist or is a scam?

  91. I booked a ticket for an amazing price from Las Vegas to Medellin, Colombia, through JustFly.com. I couldn’t believe how cheap it was. I was so excited and made my plans for the trip that day (accommodation in Medellin, etc). Then I received an automated email from JustFly.com offering more savings and deals for my Rio Negro trip (which was not my destination). I thought that was just a mistake, so i ignored it.
    The next day I received another email from JustFly.com saying my trip was cancelled. I called them and one lady said my credit card couldn’t be processed. I called my credit card company and they said there is nothing wrong with the card but they noticed a little transaction processed by JustFly.com, but refunded. So I think the system automatically booked by mistake my flight to Rio Negro, not Medellin, as suggested, and they blamed it on the card and cancelled it. I am not saying JustFly.com is a scam, but I just thought I’d share my experience, so if you are booking with them there might be some glitches.

  92. Has anyone had dealings with a company called TRAVEL AGENTS GROUP LIMITED, based in Manchester UK. the company was only incorporated in November 2016, they claim to be able to reclaim monies from travel firms who fail to send the ATOL certificate ? claim to be able to reclaim 1000’s of pounds ? it does seem too good to be true ? has anyone got any information they could share ? many thanks.

  93. The Travel Agency is my Family Travel Agency, i have been working with them for long, am just assurance that you are safe,the Travel Agency is a 100% legitimate Agency

  94. Is Novaland Tour a real tour company? They don’t even take credit card payment. you have to do bank wire transfer or pay with credit card through PayPal


    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I attended a presentation with an unrelated company and Holiday Travel of America was the company that was supposed to honor a vacation & travel package. They say they "never received any voucher" from me. I literally took a photo of the actual voucher before I sent it off. I forwarded them the image which they could easily verify with the company I received it from had they felt the need to. They just continue to lie and say they "never received anything" and can not honor it because they supposedly do not have the voucher in hand. This is complete BS. What the reality of the matter is, is that they do not want to honor anything they don’t have to so they do not have to spend the money. They will find any excuse to not have to pay out for what they are supposed to do. I HAVE PICTURES and PROOF, and yet they still do not want to honor it.
    STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. As you can see in other reviews on BBB and other sites like RipoffReport, etc., they do this to myself and many other customers frequently. Pure SCAM.

  96. I can see, some have travel with TigerRejser Travel Agency. I will help you with the right add, phone number, and the name of the person who owns the company. Today 15/01/2017 The Company name is ( Tigerbus Rejser A/S, Parkvej 47, 6100 Haderslev. CEO: Niels Hansen Kudsk, Parkvej 47, 6100 Haderslev. Board chairman : Inge-Lise Kudsk , Board members : Hanne Bornø Kudsk, Hyldebærgrenen 58, 5500 Middelfart. Niels Hansen Kudsk, Parkvej 47, 6100 Haderslev. Deleted secondary names: Tigerrejser A/S. Funds in The Company is 2.000.000 kr. Good Lock with it

  97. Elsie McManaway

    Is it Cheapair is fake? I booked on them but when I tried to dial them their given phone numbers are all incorrect.I booked on them to Auckland but I don’t how to contact them.I wen’t to qantas office at manila airport but they said I have to contact them, how can I contact them if their numbers are wrong.

  98. Angel Mae Arandilla

    I just want to ask if where i can I check if Morales Travel and tours in panabo davao delnorte is not a scam, the owner is Richard Morales

  99. I had a very bad experience with this travel agency which i would like to share. This agency provides referral commissions to its customers if the pkg is done by the recommended party. I got a package of Kerala made by Holiday Circle/ Southern Holidays situated at Noida whose owners are Sreedip & Suresh. Full payment was made to them. Problem started from the very first day. Tempo traveller broke down in the way & they had to get down & push. They faced problems with the hotels also. In spite of several calls to them they did not offer any help. This trip was completed in september 2016 but till now they have not paid me the referral commission promised by them. They dont answer my calls & have put my number on the block list. This type of agency is cheating people & their business partners also. I request you all to be aware of this type of agencies.

  100. please be aware the travel agency named sunlight travel and joy travel uk.. they are good scammers.. agent name berry.. a very kind scammers.. very helpful to take your money just one click..

  101. please avoid the sunlight travel and joy travel uk.. they are both scammers.. i was scammed by this agency they work together.. i thought they are liable but liars.. the name of my agent is berry i pay in full amount as i want to secure and get my e ticket straight away.. he said the airline will issue the ticket after the promotion then he call me after a week he said the promotion is finished so they can issue the ticket now.. but after waiting none then he said they will issue after easter.. until a called the airline but they said there’s no reservation under my name.. after that i was convinced that joy travel and sunlight travel are scammers.. so please be aware this agency and now i search for this is not found anymore the website. the agent name berry is a good scammers..

  102. Beware of Leisurexperience company from Malaysia that offers travel club and car spa program for RM5k investment. Operating under MLM concept but no license. Few of their uplines has come out from the company with no incentive returned back to investors and opened up another one called Timeless Leisure also a Malaysian travel club. Beware!

  103. BEWARE, BE WARNED AND AVOID http://www.fanaticstravel.co.uk or http://www.serenityflights.co.uk with phone numbers 02081232820 and 0208 144 1038 which is run by DAVE SMITH. On the 7th October 2016 while looking for a flight, i can across above websites and subsequently made a call to above number. Spoke to someone by the name of Dave Smith who looked for flights on my preferred dates and requested i place a deposit to reserve the booking. Dave forwarded a barclays business account in the name of Prime secure services Ltd which i searched online to see if it has links to any fraudulent activities, however nothing came up. Also same search on http://www.fanaticstravel.co.uk and http://www.serenityflights.co.uk returned no result. Anyway i proceeded and transferred half the amount into the account provided by Dave Smith which he confirmed he received. When the balance was due, Dave provided a different Lloyds personal account in the name of Bradley Murray and his excuse was that they are having issues receiving payment into the original bank account he previously mentioned.

    I proceeded and transferred the remaining balance which i followed up with a phone call to Dave and again he confirmed receipt.

    Before all this, Dave had requested all passenger details and passport numbers which made it all look genuine. I sent an email to Dave asking him to call me and update me when i will be receiving the tickets, which he called back and said in 15mins. 15 mins turned into couple of days still no tickets. I wrote to Dave advising him, i’ll instruct my bank to recall both payments i made which he later called again to advise tickets will be available in the next 3 days max, failingly he will make a full refund plus additional £300. I gave him the benefit of doubt and surprisingly no ticket has been received. I have now instructed my bank to recall both payments and filed a criminal report with the police with all our phone recordings and email correspondence.

    I have now been advised by an investigator that http://www.fanaticstravel.co.uk and http://www.serenityflights.co.uk are both turnkey websites and all information such as being ATOL protected is a scam as they are no records of the company/agent being registered.


  104. Is Greencitrustravel.com a scam. Supposedly won a free cruise,but can’t really find out any information about them. Scam written all over it.

  105. I have also received a "12th Anniversary" scratch it – and won USD 180,000. This one is from the "Royal Succession Tour" company "www.royalsuccessiontour.com" Web site only created in the last 3 months so has a real stink of SCAM.
    112-G, Jalan Prima SG 3/2, Prima Seri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor, Malaysia.

  106. Hello sir/madam
    i got a domestic worker job in usa via sponser for my client told to me your 50% amount will be sponser and another 50% you can pay it. He gives one travel agency email id and name migrationtravelamerica@outlook.com agency name is migration travel america united states. Please refer this agency and give me the details.

    Below details agency sent to me…
    Yours Faithfully,
    The Management,
    Migration Travel America United States.
    Copy right 2016 Migration Travel America U.S. All Rights Reserved.
    Terms & Conditions Website Terms & Conditions | SL Migration Club Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy | Careers

  107. Dynasty Travel Solutions LLC

    Good Afternoon, This response is in regards to comments posted by Belinda Stoner as well as "Irwin". First and foremost in respects to Irwin, Yes we are a legitimate company. We are registered on Sunbiz.org as a legitimate travel company along with documentation for a seller of travel and licensing. More pressing, in regards to Belinda Stoner and her concerns, we "Dynasty Travel Solutions" do apologize for the inconvenience. During Mrs. Stoners attempts to contact our company we were undergoing a tropical storm. This storm had caused our phone lines as well as internet to crash the week of 8/17/16 – 8/23/16. Mrs. Stoner had purchased her package on August 12th 2016 which was only 3 business days before our systems had gone down. The fact that Mrs. Stoner did not receive her welcome email was a spelling mistake on our part but as noted she promptly received it. Our welcome email contains all the essential needs for any purchaser from Dynasty Travel Solutions. Included will have your package components, customer phone numbers, terms and conditions, as well as your unique transaction components for the purchase. All of our bookings are based on availability at the time of travel and in order to not false advertise we do not list the resorts that can accomadate you in writing. We would not want a guest to assume they can book a specific destination with a specific resort only to be let down. As for the lack of customer service we always do our best to make contact with the guest and we did speak to Mrs. Stoner on August 24th. We knew her concerns and wanted to see if she was still interested in the package. She was not and requested a full refund (Not her credit card company) and we granted it the next business day on August 25th. We authorized the refund on August 25th but it is not always returned back on the account right away due to the customers financial institution and their policies. Our packages generally take about 10-14 business days to arrive at the customers address as we do mail our packages out in bulk. Regardless if you are in Florida where we are stationed or British Columbia, Our estimated time of arrival for your package will be 10-14 business days from your date of purchase. We did contact Mrs. Stoner again to see what we could do to make her experience more pleasant, such as offering a complimentary vacation package, that she had politely refused. We asked Mrs. Stoner to remove/edit her review into a positive one as we had described the obstacles that came across us and meeting her needs as well as reiterated the solution that had happened regarding her case. She agreed but ultimately did not follow up on the agreement. Thank you for your time and if anyone has any further questions please feel free to address Dynasty Travel Solutions directly.

    William Sams
    Chief Financial Adviser
    Dynasty Travel Solutions LLC

  108. Update: My Experience With DYNASTY TRAVEL

    I posted a review on Dynasty Travel on September 1. I paid $798 for a package that included several vacation getaways. When I tried to schedule one of my vacations, however, I had trouble getting through to a real, live person. The one time I did, I was told that the "person who takes care of that" was "not in" but that she’d call me back "soon." I was worried that I’d been scammed, so I had my credit card company intercede on my behalf. I was given a full refund. Later, Dynasty Travel contacted me. They asked me to remove my review, as it has caused them some "bad publicity." They even offered me a complimentary vacation if i’d remove it. I declined; if they gave such horrible customer service to someone who paid $798 for a vacation package, I’d hate to see what would happen with a freebie. Furthermore, there was nothing in my review that wasn’t true. I no longer believe that Dynasty Travel is a scam, but I still think they have very poor customer service. If you do buy a vacation package from them, be prepared to spend several days trying to get someone to answer the phone when you decide to book–and another several days waiting for someone to call you back. If you’re willing to put up with that for a vacation that would probably cost a little more to book on your own, then go for it.

  109. is funtravels a scam? i just got a call to go on a 3 day vacation with my fiance and all i have to do is attend a 90 minute presentation

  110. Qassim Abdullah

    SCAM – BEWARE of ABFA travels or SUNLIGHT TRAVELS – they are the same people – they are untrustworthy, dishonest and unreliable. They offer attractive deals, cheap holidays, flexible payments – book now, pay later!!!! They have no intention of delivering – their plan is to demand for more money later and if you don’t, they take a massive cancellation fee!!!. I bought 6 family tickets on 5th Sept 2016 and paid a deposit of £600. I cleared the balance of £2400 as agreed before 26 Sept. As soon as I transferred the money, the guy emailed me saying that KLM had cancelled the bookings without any warning and i had to pay £1400 more if I wanted to go on the same flight. I refused and the next day he offered me £1000 extra which I refused. On the third day he offered me to pay an extra £800 which I refused and I demanded a full refund. They refunded £2700 and said they needed 16 working days to get back the cancellation fee from KLM. After 16 working days they said KLM has refused to refund. It wasn’t my fault if KLM cancelled or raised the ticket prices which I don’t believe at all. The tickets are still available for the same price through other agents. Finally, the guy attempts to seduce me to make another purchase and the £300 will be credited through the new purchase. I told him I had lost confidence in his company and I just wanted my money back. He got angry and said I am not ‘helping him!!!’ I told him I’m taking the matter to court and he said he doesn’t want to speak to me again. I have referred the matter to the Online Dispute Resolution and I am chasing them all the way to the small claims court. They can’t get away with it. They are licensed to trade and they have to obey the law of contract and the package tours regulations 1992. BE WARNED!! BE AWARE!! THIS IS A SCUM!!!

  111. A fake travel agency called : http://fanaticstravel.co.uk/, By the name of David Smith, Or they can change this to any other name with a phone number: 02081232820, Beware they are thieves and professional scammers, Who will ask you to pay via personal account, Avoid and expose them to your friends and relatives to fight the criminals.

  112. CHEAPOFLY is a scam. I was surfing 3rd party sites to buy tickets to Fiji. They called me, which was really weird. They wanted to know why I didn’t complete the checkout procedure of the tickets I was looking at. I bought tickets through them. They did indeed buy tickets on Fiji Air and then cancelled the tickets before my flight. Fiji Air did not notify me even though they directly sent me confirmation emails. CheapOFly continues to answer their phone and talk with me every day about returning my money. It has been several weeks. Scam artist.

  113. I have had 4 years (approx once a year) of a company telling me I had someone pay $996 on my behalf for a 3 part vacation and that it has already expired but they (out of the goodness of their hearts) are extending it because they would rather me take the vacation than for them to " reabsorb" the money. I tell Emma I can’t talk right now as I am at work, she puts the manager on the line. He proceeds to tell me that they have extended this much longer than normal and he can NOT call me back and if I do not act today, I will be out the $998 invested (by someone I barely knew) .Then the "what we need" part comes into the conversation. All we need is booking and processing fees of $698 but are willing to cut that in half for me today. I said I am unable to do that "out of the blue". Well, in that case, I will give you my own family discount and it will only cost you $198 if you pay now. I once again said, I am unable to do that at this time. Well, when will you be able to do this and I will call you back. (Funny how they couldn’t do that at the beginning of the conversation). I asked the name of the company again and he said Travel 1. Our coporate offices are in Orlando and our "expired account" dept is in Palm Beach County FL and we are one of the larest vacation companies and have been in business for many many years. I hung up with them verifying my phone number and address and they setting up a return call next Tuesday. I googled the comapny name without finding any results. Needless to say, they will not be getting any of my money today or next Tuesday!

  114. Christopher Pickett

    Just got a call from a company called leisuretour.Com where they offer me a big package for an insanely cheap cost. Started at $698 but after talking to the "supervisor" they offered to knock it down to 350. The claim covers typically a Florida Vacation of 5 days 4 nights at an "all inclusive" resort on the beach (supposedly 4 star resort). Also included is 3 other locations like Vegas, Bahamas, and Mexico all for $350 just for advertising by word of mouth! But wait, there’s more! Being a military Veteran I was offered additional options like a 4 day 3 night "flex cruise" and another all inclusive resort. When I said I needed to speak to my wife about it, they pressured me by even going so far as to say by getting this deal, my wife would "give me a special night" out of happiness, but I had gotten a call a couple years ago from another company offering pretty much the same deal but for $698 and under "Travel.com". Fortunately I decided to stick to my guns and asked them to call me back later so we could talk about it with my wife. I then went ahead and searched for the website, however I could not find the site, and the direct page LeisureTour.Com doesn’t exist. At this point I really believed I was a mark for some kind of scam. They will call back later so I will see if I b can’t trap them in their own lie.

  115. There is a scam called VACACIONES y VUELOS USA Canada, they offer the cheapest flight. they have a web that looks real. 2 guys operated from peru, you pick the date of your flight they send you the number of the reservation with AIR CANADA or UNITED of course after you have paid the ticket trough WESTERN UNION and then you receive the message with the ticket reservation number… .. but after a while, without you knowing, they cancel the ticket and you end up at the airport with no seat no plane. and the horror start right then. They will tell you is a mistake from the airline. they keep talking to you for months trying to find another ticket , until you get exhausted physically and emotionally and you stop contacting them. They even offer to reimburse your money trugh western union, you accept, they send you the number or code to go and get you money, of course is no money at all, the number does not exists.– You lose you money your trip they humiliate you and they feel nothing, cause they have no feelings at all , they are sick people , who enjoy this game. Remember they are in Peru, they may change names but I when they full me their name was Ricardo Salas and Polo.

  116. I was contacted by phone by a company calling themselves Dynasty Travel Solutions. They told me they were trying to sell vacation timeshares and offered benefits for sitting in on a 90-minute presentation. For $798 I’d receive a vacation package for 4 that included: 5 nights and 4 days at one of their US timeshare locations; a 4 day, 3 night Bahamas or Mexican cruise; an 8 days and 7 nights stay at one of their timeshares located in the US, Hawaii, or Europe; and a voucher for a buy one, get one free airfare ticket. I paid for the package but never received the email confirmation. When I called the customer service number, I was told, "Oh, sorry, we had your name spelled wrong in the email address." They promptly sent me the link for my "welcome package"–which was just a vague page telling me how lucky I was to receive such a great deal from them. I tried calling the booking number to reserve a date for our 5 day, 4 night stay, but I kept getting a recording asking me to leave a message. I did, but it was never returned. I tried calling this number the next day, and a real, live person answered. But he said he couldn’t book the vacation for me. He’d take my number and "the representative who takes care of that" would get back with me. Well, nobody ever did. I called my credit card company and reported a possible scam. They gave me a temporary credit for the $798 charge and said they’d contact Dynasty Travel on my behalf to ask for a refund. They also told me to send an email to Dynasty Travel requesting a refund–which I did–but I got an email message saying that my email "was rejected by the recipient." The next day, a representative from Dynasty Travel called me to book my vacation. I told her it was too late, that I thought they were a scam due to their ridiculously poor customer service, and that I’d even sent them an email canceling (my welcome package DID say I had a 30-day right to cancel) but that the email had failed to go through. She apologized and said she’d "take care of" canceling my package and refunding my credit card. Six days later, I received their Welcome Package in the mail (I was supposed to have received this within 5 days of paying for my vacation. This was 14 days later.) I still don’t know whether this is a scam or a company with an incompetent skeleton crew of a customer service team. More importantly, I don’t know if I’m going to get stuck with the $798 charge. My advice is, hang up on these guys if they call you!

  117. can u check this agency for me if it is crossx Tour Travel agencyscam?!

    Crossx Tour Travel Agency check that out if its legit and legal ?!

  118. Michelle Chambers

    below recounts exactly what happen to me on Aug/2016…….the only different is I stop the lost after the 69.00×2 activation fee after spending 199/00×2 for a trip to Jaimaica called I was told they need additional 1300.00 for taxes and fees felt like I was already in the whole so no need to turn around but before sending the final requested amount got into a heated discussion with customer service. that was a joke….never sent the final 1300. chuck the other fees up to life lesson. Will never fall for that again

    I received a fax at work offering various travel package promotions. I called the number and Nicholas Nolan sold me a 2 night stay in San Diego airfare included for 5 travelers at $249/person . I was told that once the money cleared my checking account I would be sent instructions to mail a money order for the booking fees which were $69/person. (After that I would only owe the taxes which were $48 per person.
    Once that cleared I got an email from farewell travel/A1 Consultants asking me to activate my certificates by mailing money order of $69/person booking fees to True Marketing
    550 Maxey Road #24068
    Houston, TX 77013.
    Once they received my money order I was emailed a form to complete to provide the names of my passengers and other travel details. They were then going to work up a "quote" which was only supposed to be for the taxes I owed and any applicable surcharges. Once I accepted the quote they were going to email me my travel confirmations and airline tickets. What I got was a very unprofessional and odd email with screenshots of a United Airlines flight time and date and then it listed the hotel I requested. The quote they gave me was for $3,090.62 which it said included what I already paid. I wrote back asking what they were talking about because I already paid for the packages all I was supposed to pay for was taxes of $48/person. They said they know nothing about the package that I bought and to contact customer service. Customer Service stopped answering their phone or email. Every reply I sent afterward the person was rude and said there was nothing they could do. I looked up flights the same dates and United Airlines and it came up to $1709 including tax and then I looked at the same Hilton for the same dates and it was $996 for 2 rooms, 2 nights…. exactly the same thing they were giving me but for much less – $1992.00 – not to mention that I already paid them $985, so in the end they would be asking me for almost $4000!! This is an elaborate scam. I tried calling the sales agent again and they lied about my agent being there when they thought it was me, but when I called back as someone looking to buy they put me through, until he answered then he put me on hold and a different lady picked up. I asked what’s going on and she said Nicholas is in sales that she was the manager, Maria Gonzalez but when I told her my issue she said she’s not in Complaint Dept and someone would call me back which of course no one did. There appear to be 3 different companies involved in the process, and each one shifts blame to the other. I now believe this is intentional. But my husband looked them up and we found that every website of theirs is exactly the same, even the logo, just a different company name and URL. We made a complaint with the FTC and the fraud division at my bank, but they said they wouldn’t be able to do anyt
    – See more at: http://scam-detector.com/article/fake-travel-agency#sthash.upcw0VFz.dpuf

  119. Can you tell me if TodaysWorld Travel (1-888-707-3117) is legit? I cannot find any reviews on them besides what is hosted by them on the web.

  120. A1A Marketing is a big scam. Run away as fast as you can. Once they get your money you’ll never be able to contact them again

  121. Kjell Stryken Victim

    BEWARE of KJELL STRYKEN and CROSSX Agency Travel and Tours for they are both scammers. May God show mercy on their souls.

  122. Kjell Stryken Victim


  123. Beware of Speedy Tour Travel From Kuala Lumpur/ Adrain & Taylor Holdings Hong Kong. Send scratchie tickets and you have won US $180000, was suspicious at first but they are very convincing. Brochure and tickets are of good quality. They congratulate you then it starts. first there is a payment of US 3200 to be lodged with the coourt of Hong Kong as a security deposit( Because the money is leaving the country) Then comes the entertainment tax US $6660 and last but not least the bank transfer of 1.5% US $2250. I have contacted Honk Kong Police , the address is fake , and it seems to be out of China. Watch out for the following names (possibly fake as well) Adrian & Taylor holdings: Vincent Kong, Alexander Ma, Jason Lui (Lie, how apt) Speedy Achiever Travel , Hugo Khoo, Their promotion is suppossed to be 12 year celebration in business. What a joke, but unfortunately the joke is on us!

  124. Hello!
    I just wanna seek help to check whether the traveling agency told by my sponsor for my travel / work in San Francisco. The name of the agency is CROSSX TOUR TRAVELLING AGENCY, Located at 411 19th Street San FrancISCO CA. Please help me check it’s legit….thabks

  125. The so called Amnesty international business Misery started on 13 July 16 at around 11.00 EAT. As far as the whole team is concerned, Mr. John Gillespie called Amnesty International Kenya and requested to speak to someone in their office to recommend a travel agency in Nairobi which Amnesty International UK can use for their travel services

    The receptionist transferred the call to Mr. Stephen who is the Assistant accountant. He told the receptionist to transfer the caller to their Amnesty International Regional office as he was not in a position to help. The caller said that whatever he requires concerns the Kenya office and therefore insisted to speak to Stephen.

    The call was transferred to Stephen, and the caller told him that Amnesty International U.K was in need of a travel agent located in Nairobi that they can work with and asked Stephen to recommend one.

    Mr. Stephen told “John Gillespie” that they are currently using three travel agencies namely, SAT GURU,RICK SHAW and RAPTIM .

    “John Gillespie” requested to know among the three who would be the best Agency and Stephen quickly answered that they are currently working with Raptim Travel who are very efficient. “ John Gillespie” immediately asked Stephen to give the Name and the Contact Person in Raptim. Mr. Stephen gave Charlie’s cell phone number and Raptim Office Land line.

    John asked Stephen to call Charlie and inform him that their Office Amnesty International UK would call him in regard to travel services.

    Stephen immediately called Charlie informing him that “John Gillespie” from Amnesty International U.K would call him requesting for travel services. He also told Charlie once done with “John Gillespie” to call him back.

    At around 1200 pm Mr. John Gillespie called Charlie and explained that he was recommended by Amnesty International Kenya Office to try our travel services on temporarily basis. As usual we are very excited with a new client and we wanted to do our best.

    Charlie quickly asked “John Gillespie” to send an email request immediately. The so called John wrote the email that they needed our travel services, Charlie called him and asked him to draft an email requesting for the credit facilities and mode of payment.

  126. I have a scratchy ticket telling me I have won a large amount of american dollars, but i have to provide a number that i have, when i am supposed to have had dealings with their company OVER THE YEARS .What duo you recon. ( SCAM or no SCAM

  127. Hey I got this pamphlet in the mail about a discounted cruise to the Bahamas from Royal seas cruises
    I had to pay the booking fees but just wondering if anybody out there got this same pamphlet and wondering if it’s legit?

  128. Hello! please help if Crossx Travel and Tours located in California is legit. thank you in advance.

  129. Can you check is Starlight Travel – Cape Town with the owner named Mrs Brunotte is real please. Contact number +27720497058. Say they only opened in May 2016.

  130. Hello,

    I made a booking to travel from Sydney (NSW) to Townsville (QLD) on June 14,2016 and my travel date was June 22, 2016 using http://www.smartfares.com

    I got the ticket and seat confirmed and the amount was taken from my account. I tried to check in online on June 21, 2016, when the actual trouble started. The Virgin Australia website didn’t allow me to check-in. I contacted the agent through phone but I couldn’t reach so I went online chat. The next moment I got an email that my credit card was declined and so my ticket was cancelled. It was a shock as I had booked all my appointments and lodging based on this booking. So I sent my statement to the person I was chatting and he said he will check.

    He came with 2 options and that were changes in my ticket which I never asked for but he offered and even though it made lots of loss in my part I accepted and he told I have to pay an additional USD 86 but I was charged AUD 190 which should have been only AUD 117. I tried contacting the officials but till today I have not got any reply.

    The website also states any transaction fee will be repaid but nothing of that sort happened. The website tries giving attractive prices but are fraudulent. I think I have enough evidence all statements and the confirmed itinerary sent , I want my money refunded and I had to sit and argue for more than 2 hours for clearing the mess and I lost a days work as my new timing was as early as 7 30 am but actually I opted the 12 noon start. I was so depressed during that hour and I had a lot of loss due to their misleading behaviour and ill behaviour without responsibility cancelling the ticket for no reason.

    Please help me with the issue, how can I proceed further to claim my refund, is it possible. This is the second time I am into such a situation.

    The first time it was with another website, it was in December. If I can take any actions I can provide ample details about that site too. Please help me get my hard earned money back and take action over these irresponsible websites.

  131. Mohammed Ashparaz

    I really need help from you , i got mail from Cobil recruitment and service corp. now they saying that i should consult with trip range travel service uk. For futher processing and demanding 1080 gbp

  132. has any one dealt with a company called globaltravelpoint.co.uk to buy airline tickets/ flights on line please

  133. Detroit forever

    I commented earlier. Here are more cruise companies that are reported by travellers on the ripoff website – beware!: Blue Star Cruise, Azamara Cruise Lines, Ultimate Excursions, Away to Paradise Vacations, Carnival Cruise Lines, Cruise America, Caribbean Cruise Line, Holiday Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International.

  134. they have now start the business with https://justtrip.co.uk/ 0207 993 2970, http://fastlinktravels.co.uk/ 0203 667 3157 & https://flightsadvisor.co.uk/ 0203 769 1702
    they are now going to make people foolish again this year so be carefull to be become a fool
    initially they have the names travelcareltd ltd, fast link travel limited, caretravel ltd
    people behinds them are Mr Anwaar Ul Haq & Mr Muhammad Ali below the link is mentioned
    they have the non genuine fan pages over here
    mostly pages they have remove due to their deeds
    behind them there are more people involved definitely because how easily they scam people and innocent people are get riped off

  135. Detroit forever

    Well, I did some little research and here is what various travelers reported as scam companies, whether is about deceptive practices or just simply not providing the service. All these companies are listed on the ripsoff report page. Watch out for these sneaky travel agencies, folks: American Vacations, AFC Holidays Dubai, Priceless Times, Millennium Travel and Promotions, Inc., Farewell Vacations, Explorica Travel, eDreams, Grand Discovery Travel, Crystal Travel Tours and Holidays, Global Vacation, Sweet Dreams Vacations, and Go Global Travel.

  136. Here is another one to avoid, people: Priceless Times Vacations travel! They do Cancun trips and pulled a scam that they should be put in jail for! Can’t believe I fall for it.

  137. Has anyone dealt with a agency called jenyawu out of China ? I’m talking to a woman online in China and supposedly her employer recommend this site and I’m in California and they want 1300 usd for visa and plane ticket? Are they a legitimate company?

  138. Natalie Brookks

    Please, Please, Please, run from The View Travel. Scam, Scam, Scam. Bilked me out of $!, 600 for a trip to
    Dominion Republic in August. Tried calling them over and over. Then I turned them in to the Report Scam site. They called me and told me I don’t pay attention and other ugly thing, then slammed the phone in my face.

  139. I was scammed by FAREWELL TRAVELS. They will take your money and not provide you with a trip at all. My agent was Garrit and after reading a few blogs he was the agent to a lot of others they have you pay via check and money orders so that you will not be able to get any of your money back or even dispute it with your bank. PLEASE BE AWRE OF THEM. I figured this out after deciding to google them after the customer service rep was so rude when I inquired about flight information. Something didn’t sit right because they kept telling me that someone from a different department would be calling me regarding booking a flight.

  140. We purchased four tickets from bejotravels.com, but we used 3 tickets as our child due to illness wasn’t able to travel, so after coming back from india we asked them to refund us our child ticket fare they said it was non refundable. they are not giving our money back for it.

  141. Beware of fraudulant travel agency in Sri Lanka
    Posted by: cabhavesh on Apr 15, 16 at 7:55pm
    Posted in: Asia

    we used Sun Ray Travel (http://sunraytravels.com). Nicky – 00 94 (77) 450 6721. It was our big mistake to appoint such cheap people, they have ruined our holiday..!

    Such a non professionals and cheaters..!

    Nicky appointed – Sanjay – +94 (77) 031 6646 as our driver / guide and he is the worst person we can imagine.

    He was taking us to only worst places where he has commission arrangement..!!

    For Yala Safari he told us price of Rs 19,000 which is actually costing around RS 11,000..!! We rejected his offer did it from other person and next day morning he rejected to continue trip and confiscated my luggage..!! Finally we did police complaint and got luggage back..!! Then we appointed another travel agent for rest of the trip..!!

    Its not finished there, he tried to get our location from new travel agency to harm us..!! They did this to claim last installment of package which was due on last day and they stopped services before 3 days..!!

    OMG.. I request to inform any one who is traveling to Sri Lanka not to use this people to avoid such a bad experience. Unfortunately this website do not have option to upload pictures otherwise I could have uploaded picture of my police complaint and picture of Sanjay.

    Police was really very helpful in shorting put matter very quickly.

    Have a happy and safe holidays.

    PIJUSH MAITRA 9830423835 BUDDHADEB PAL 9051072555
    SARMISTHA PRAMANIK (9051945487/7059322823)….DUMDUM
    SIMA MARIK (9230223562) MEDINIPUR

  143. http://www.bejotravels.com/ is a scam.
    This travel agency is a scam. All the feedback thats on their website was written by them just to lure customers. They cheated me $1400.
    I got a call from them when i requested for travel quote through a website. After several calls even though i was hesitant i purchased my flight ticket because of the price they offered. However the ticket was not valid at the airport and had no other choice but purchase a new flight ticket at airport with the double the price i already paid.
    They are fraud travel agents trying to cheat customers.


  144. natalie Brooks

    I was scammed by this fake travel agency called The View Travel agency. Their e-mail I have is "customerservice@TheViewTravel.com". I paid approx. $1,020 on debit card, to secure a trip for 6. I then sent another payment of approx.$411 for another payment. The trip is for June and they have shut down all communication with me. I am now having to refund out of my pocket the money to the other 5 people.. even got a contact# Natalie Brooks Id # is 23237308. I booked in November 2015. Their number is 1 855 274 3336. Address 1600 Broadway STE 1600, Denver , Co 80202. Please get a warning out that this is a fake travel agency. They really put me in a bind. Thanks

  145. Hi,

    Good day,theres a person post on facebook name JOSEPH EMERIC a job hiring in CORTONA INN & SUITES ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA indicate with email addres to send their CV/resume and then when i see the post i send my CV/RESUME ,After that i receive an email that i have all the qualities that needed for there hotel and i am qualified to work at CORTONA INN & SUITES ,ANAHEIM CALIFORNIA,,
    The next day,again i recieve an email and they said that their company or hotel is registered to a AU PAIR AGENCY called EXPRESS TRAVEL CONSULTANT and again i receive another email that theres a payment total cost of 1300$ for my Visa and other processing document,and the next day again i receice another email wrote that only half of 1300$ that i need to pay coz the CORTONA is one who shoulder the half payment,,,
    Im just thinking if its true/legit or scam

    Guys i need to know if someone knows this kind of employment,

    If this is a SCAM or LEGIT

  146. I also received a fax at work with what seemed to be awesome travel promos. I called (800-687-8590) and I spoke to a man named Dylan. He sold me a 4 day, 3 night stay to Cancun at an all inclusive resort at $170 a person with airfare. He told me they needed payment from a checking account to make sure that payment is legit and that I can pay the rest of the vacation on credit. The check cleared about 2-3 days later under "Promo Travel" but it was supposed to be under FT vacations. I then received an email from A1 Travel Consultants stating that I had to pay a $69 activation fee per person that I had to mail in with money order. The address I mailed it to was True Marketing, 550 Maxey Road #24068, Houston, TX 77013. I mailed the money order on 2/2/16 and was supposed to receive an email within 7-10 business days to finish payment for the vacation. It had already been more than 2 weeks and I had not received an email so I called to make sure they received it.

    On 2/19/16, I called the number (844-255-5530) on the email they sent me about the activation fees but no one ever answered. The voice mail says they are connecting you to someone but eventually it says that no one is available and to leave a message. I called the first number to speak to Dylan but the lady who answered the phone said he was not available. She asked if she could help me and I said I just wanted to know if they received my money order for the activation fees. She put me on hold for about five minutes and said that they had received my money order and that I should be getting the email to complete payment for the vacation. I received the email later that day and started reading through it but something did not feel right. Travis had said I could pay the vacation in payments but the email was saying not to ask for a quote because full payment would be due within 24 hours.

    I googled ‘farewell vacations.com scam’ and found several websites reporting this company. I called my bank and they said the money order was cashed on 2/9/16. I am currently working with my bank to see if I can get my initial $340 payment back but it is also being investigated. I will not be able to get my money order for $138 back as that is pretty much considered cash.

  147. bejotravels.com is a scam site. They asked me to deposit money through pay pal and provide me good deal for ticket to India. Its more than 48 hours they are neither providing ticket nor picking up the call back. Stay away from them

  148. I believe we have been scammed by A1 Travel Consultants out of Texas. Can someone guide me to what I should do. Can I get my money back?

  149. Bobbie: I have the exact same problem with Farewell and A – 1 Consultants; even the same salesman Dylan # 205 extension. Bernadette and many others for customers service. Bernadette told me I was threatening her when I let her know I would be disputing this matter with my bank. Lets band together and get these people investigated; but how?

  150. I got a call from a guy selling travel shares from a company called Travel Universe and it´s the same as Diamond Resort and all the rest trying to get money for something you will never be able to use. It´s all a scam so stick to your regular travel agencies you use to use.

  151. I received a fax at work offering various travel package promotions. I called the number and Nicholas Nolan sold me a 2 night stay in San Diego airfare included for 5 travelers at $249/person . I was told that once the money cleared my checking account I would be sent instructions to mail a money order for the booking fees which were $69/person. (After that I would only owe the taxes which were $48 per person.
    Once that cleared I got an email from farewell travel/A1 Consultants asking me to activate my certificates by mailing money order of $69/person booking fees to True Marketing
    550 Maxey Road #24068
    Houston, TX 77013.
    Once they received my money order I was emailed a form to complete to provide the names of my passengers and other travel details. They were then going to work up a "quote" which was only supposed to be for the taxes I owed and any applicable surcharges. Once I accepted the quote they were going to email me my travel confirmations and airline tickets. What I got was a very unprofessional and odd email with screenshots of a United Airlines flight time and date and then it listed the hotel I requested. The quote they gave me was for $3,090.62 which it said included what I already paid. I wrote back asking what they were talking about because I already paid for the packages all I was supposed to pay for was taxes of $48/person. They said they know nothing about the package that I bought and to contact customer service. Customer Service stopped answering their phone or email. Every reply I sent afterward the person was rude and said there was nothing they could do. I looked up flights the same dates and United Airlines and it came up to $1709 including tax and then I looked at the same Hilton for the same dates and it was $996 for 2 rooms, 2 nights…. exactly the same thing they were giving me but for much less – $1992.00 – not to mention that I already paid them $985, so in the end they would be asking me for almost $4000!! This is an elaborate scam. I tried calling the sales agent again and they lied about my agent being there when they thought it was me, but when I called back as someone looking to buy they put me through, until he answered then he put me on hold and a different lady picked up. I asked what’s going on and she said Nicholas is in sales that she was the manager, Maria Gonzalez but when I told her my issue she said she’s not in Complaint Dept and someone would call me back which of course no one did. There appear to be 3 different companies involved in the process, and each one shifts blame to the other. I now believe this is intentional. But my husband looked them up and we found that every website of theirs is exactly the same, even the logo, just a different company name and URL. We made a complaint with the FTC and the fraud division at my bank, but they said they wouldn’t be able to do anything about the money order and can only open a case over the initial EFT from my checking account. Results from that are still pending investigation.

    customerservice@farewellvacations.com – Farewell Vacations
    fulfillment.information@gmail.com – Fulfillment Center
    bookings@fulfillmentscenter.com – Fulfillment Center
    customerservice@a1travelconsultants.com – A1 Travel Consultants
    customerservice@theviewtravel.com – The View Travel
    customerservice@globalvacationoffers.com – Global Vacation Offers

    (855) 274-3336 – Global Vacation Offers
    (844) 255-5530 – Farewell Vacations
    (866) 923-1114 – Global Vacation Offers
    (800) 360-3863 – Global Vacation Offers

    http://a1travelconsultants.com/ – A1 Travel Consultants
    http://farewellvacations.com/ – Farewell Vacations
    http://theviewtravel.com/ – The View Travel
    http://globalvacationoffers.com/ – Global Vacation Offers

    550 maxey road #24068 Houston, TX 77013 – (Maybe True Marketing)
    100 S 4th St STE 550, Saint Louis, MO 63102-1897 – Global Vacation Offers
    5380 W. 34th St. Suite #165 Houston, TX 77092 – One Stop Promotions aka Global Vacation Offers

    We are going to submit this to local and state officials and the news. If you have any other information please let us know.

  152. THE VIEW TRAVEL HAS CONNED ME OUT OF $786??plus $138 activation fee for a total of $922!!!!
    I really need my money back and want to come together with others in a class action suite. Call DENVER BBB , Susan has a large file. Put in http://www.KDRV.COM. ( Denver Colorado FOX NEWS STATIION. They exposed this company with a wonder interview! Check it on on fox web site. Put in :Travel Scam. You can read the transcript and see video!!

    Also they said their corporate office, listed, is 1600 Brodway, Suite 1600 Denver Colorado. Regus Corporate Leasing , never heard of this company,

    So, So much more!!!!

    It’s said they may really be out of Texas???

    When exposed as scam and request money back they ask "did you know you were being recorded? Did you hear no refunds? Did you get what YOUR SALESMAN TOLD YOU IN WRITING?"

    When that continue to hang up or not answer, you stay priersistent and MAY get customer service. They are extremely rude and tell you the person taking your check info was reading from script.! A carefully worded SCRIPT!! Again when you say what was promised , they ask…DO YOU HAVE WHAT YOU WERE TOLD IN WRITING???

    They say finally… Send an email to REFUNDS@THEVIEWTRAVEL.COM. No response. Be persistent and you get a script , ending in we are sorry for your p

    Are we doing anything about this folks?? Are just complaining? What can we do to STOP THEM AND ALL. PRO/ star Promotions ((actual band on travel certification ) who is scam as well! They show and help companies like the view travel market their business on Internet, faxes, etc. They also collect/sign back of your electronic check!

    They change their phone number every month they send out a new flyer … 48 hours let… Only so many packages left etc. again so so trip or resume ration., rehire , sales promotion including flyer, their beautiful corporate headquarters, their wonderful internet sit, and their (sales) personal assistant helping you selects which trips would best meet our needs!!!!

  153. We thought we were booking with Cheapoair turned out it was Cheap0airs , they took £1600 from our bank account , do not touch them they promised us our etickets and weve received nothing , can’t believe I’ve been scammed .


    They are scammers.. Scammed me for $1250..

    Stay away…. They will lure you by offering great discounts and also book a ticket, but never issue the real ticket.

    After booking is done, you don’t get Booking confirmation. They make you wait and ultimately no ticket is issued.

  155. i have been scammed by the view travel and A1 travel consultants both same company i paid for a trip to cabo for 450.00 they took my money and then when i called to get my itinerary ,flight,travel dates i kept getting hung up on noone available, never a return phone call ,they would not even give me a name on who i was speaking with just gave me the runaround over the phone . Now i have to somehow try to get my money back i am going to report them to the BBB .If anyone has any resources to report the company as a scam please let me know thank you

  156. Beware of travel hobo site..my money is stuck..I have not received any genuine tickets yet and the agents are saying their server is down which does not makes any sense to me. .I cannot make any further bookings as I m scared I will lose money from both ends

  157. Mike J F , regarding
    TigerRejser Travel Agency Blomstervej 58, 8381 Tilst, Denmark.

    I share you’re worry and suspicion regarding this company. I recently received email asking me to work for them as a "Travel Coordinator". My job was to receive their clients checks, MADE OUT TO ME, deposit these checks into MY account, and Western Union them the cash. I was to keep a small percentage of the cash and they promised me a "salary" payment in 30 days. They also would require me to "help" with out-of-pocket expenses in rebooking flights and/or hotels of customer wasn’t happy with accommodations.

    It looks like that if customer doesn’t get what the company promised, I would be responsible for repayment as I was the one who cashed the check and I was the Payee to whom the check is made out to.

    I replied to email offering to make me an "agent" of the company and received a followup call from a 453 area code. (Google THAT area code and see what you find!) The party calling me had a strong RUSSIAN accent, not a Denmarker. He did not want to send me a signed hardcopy of our agreement.

    I too would like to know anyones experience with that company.

  158. I was going to purchase a cruise package through theviewtravel.com until they said they only accept check by phone. What legit company does not accept credit cards? If it is a scam I could get my money back from my credit card. I could not get my money back if I paid with a check. FYI, theviewtravel.com website was only started on July 15, 2015.

  159. I’m considering booking a trip through a "company" called, VT Corporate Travel with a website "theviewtravel.com" Can anyone tell me if this company and website is legit?

  160. Martha Oyebadejo

    Beware of Just Trip travel agent, I booked holiday to Nigeria and I paid the money into their bank account on the 24th of June they are claiming up till now that they did not the money I paid into their account. My bank has confirmed that the money was transferred into the right account.

  161. Bolsover Travel Links Ltd is a chinese travel agency that claims to be part of Bolsover World Travel but i can’t find anything except Bolsover Cruises….i feel this may be a scam…is there any information regarding this….

  162. ulltimatetravels.com are fraud travel agents! I booked a Tour Package for Amarnath for myself on 31st July 2015 which was meant for travel on 1st Aug 2015. Before booking I called their office and cleared everything including all the details and they told me that the price will be INR 10,500 inclusive of all for Srinagar- Amarnath- Srinagar trip. I asked them mode of payment and they directed me to one of their other websites where I made the payment of 10,500. After making the payment I called them again to check and see if everything is good so that I can go ahead and book my flight tickets from Delhi to Srinagar. They confirmed and said, “You can book your flight tickets and send them to us,” and I did the same. Everything was good till this point, very pleasant. Then I called them again to confirm everything including my pickup and helicopter tickets. And that’s when the person gave me a different number and asked me to call that number and talk to “Rupali”, who is the owner. I asked him the reason for that and he said that she just needs to confirm a few things. SHE TOLD ME THAT I HAVE TO PAY 5000 EXTRA IN ORDER TO PROCEED ELSE SHE CAN ISSUE ME A REFUND AND I’LL GET THE MONEY BACK WITHIN 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS. THEY TOLD ME THIS AFTER I BOOKED MY FLIGHT TICKETS (WHICH WERE NON-REFUNDABLE) FOR INR 8200. So, as you can see I had no option but to agree. This is where I lost INR 5000 Then they told me that I need medical certificate to which I told them that they should have told me this before booking and they said that the will arrange it for me at Srinagar Airport. NEVER HAPPENED. I ended up paying INR 1000 in Baltal to get that as without it you cant travel. According to their itinerary, sightseeing is included but again I paid INR 1500 extra for that. So basically I ended up paying INR 7500 extra for no reason, else I would have lost INR 8000 for my flight tickets. So they know very well how to put someone on spot and extort money from them. Mind it in hotel also I got the WORST POSSIBLE ROOM. IT WAS LITERALLY UNDER THE STAIRS. I enquired about everything there and found out that in reality all this would have costed me even less than INR10k had I been a little careful. SO GUYS PLEASE BE AWARE OF SUCH AGENTS.

  163. Att Elaine MacKintosh – have just worked out that "mystic express vacations" is a scam. Check out https://malaysia.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110415150212AAceBzq who uses the SAME words as Mystic does in their brochure! And plenty of other reasons – their domain has only been registered since July 15 and their "finance division" that has a Hong Kong address is registered to the SAME address in Malayasia, and the domain registered August 4th!!!

  164. Yes Elaine MacIntosh I got same! so for a joke I rang the number. I talked to a Derrick Chong (ha supposedly) He even gave an email address that I had to send a copy of my winning ticket to and he would ring me back as soon as he had verification. I’m still waiting for call! I was curious to find out at what stage they were going to ask for my bank acc details.

  165. Elaine MacKintosh

    Has anyone heard of Mystic Express Vacation in Malaysia? We received a brochure with 2 scratch cards in the mail. One of the scratch cards says we have won second prize of USD$165,000. Their website is http://www.mysticexpressvacation.com.

    The card states we would have to provide information for further verification and may have to pay taxes or other mandatory charges as a result of the award.

    Seems a bit fishy!

  166. Hi another travel agency they are saying tickets are cancelled then they make you buy another one.Called Travellerhelpdesk orLBF. I haven’t been refunded.

  167. Please help us—is Sky Club a legitimate travel business in UK
    They have charged our credit account
    Several thousands of $ & we have no flight or trip confirmation #’s which they said would follow after tHey received the bank funds
    Can anyone advise please

  168. Fraud by fake travel agent "The Amazing Trip", Rohini Delhi- owner Sandeep Biswas, Amita Verma

    This fake travel agent Sandeep Biswas of The Amazing Trip, Rohini, Delhi, is actually exposing himself by his post (pursuant to my review), and well enough. Kly bear with me. Read on and form your opinion:

    (1). My father got the reference of this travel agent (along with 6 others) from Just Dial services when he called them on 22222222 as a text message from Just Dial to my Father’s registered mobile no.

    (2). This agent offered the lowest quote attracting my father to the deal. They insisted on cash payment but my father, thankfully, insisted on making payment through his bank account to the bank account of this agent believing that this will ensure safety for the payment.

    (3). The agent later sent the tickets to my father for Delta Airlines. 3-4 days later when my father logged on to Delta site to reserve seats and exercise his meal options to his shock he discovered that there were no such tickets! This was confirmed by customer care too. When my father wrote an email protesting to Delta Airlines, Delta Airlines by email informed that THESE TICKETS WERE CANCELLED ON ACCOUNT OF FRAUD BY THE TRAVEL AGENT INASMUCH AS THESE TICKETS WERE PURCHASED BY THE AGENT USING STOLEN CREDIT CARD DETAILS OF SOME PERSON. DELTA ADVISED MY FATHER TO SEEK REFUND FROM THE AGENT. MY FATHER HAS NOT RECEIVED BACK ANY MONEY. IT HAS GONE BACK TO THE ACCOUNT OF THE UNKNOWN PERSON WHOSE CARD WAS USED BY THESE SCAMSTERS. SO THEIR BLUFF STANDS EXPOSED.

    (4). This fake agent very much has the address of all of us and he is very obviously trying to fool the readers.

    (5). When my father contacted this agent he put up a story that he had sent my father’s money to his partner in Bhopal who ran away with the money! He kept on repeating this story for over 25 days that he will pay my father after he gets the money back from his partner! He then began to avoid my father. (this story by this scamster Sandeep Biswas about giving my father’s money to a Bhopal Agent is exposed as another fraud because as per the agreement they have with Just Dial they are not supposed to assign any business they get from Justdial to any other entity…. So there goes busted another bluff!) So you can see these guys are not only seasoned crooks they are also liars of the highest order.)

    (6). My father paid the money to this agent on 18th May, 2015. After this fraud came to light the agent kept making stories for over 3 weeks without making payment. My father was struggling to arrange for money to buy fresh tickets as his trip to USA in June was necessary. My father left with no option was forced to file an FIR. On 18th June, 2015, (3 days ago, and just 1 day prior to this post by this scamster) and after one month of taking money this agent wrote an email to my father, admitting his fraud and wanting to pay back as the criminal offences by him were apparent . (So readers can well understand what games this agent is trying to play on a public platform. A copy of his email can be taken from me anytime )

    (7). Despite the email, this fake agent has not made the refund in my father’s account yet despite my father having responded to his email that he will take back his case if payment is refunded in his bank a/c.

    (8). My father has been compelled to buy fresh tickets through another travel agent, shelling out money a second time.

    (9). But look at these crooks. Having received negative feedbacks on consumer portals and Justdial from me he has commenced an unnecessary vilification campaign against my father, reminding me of the adage “ulta chor kotwal to daate”. The brazenness of these crooks even in the teeth of the fraud being exposed is as “Amazing” as the name these crooks gave to their business “The Amazing Trip”. Truly, these crooks have taken my family for a royal ride.

    (10.)And by his allegation of assault by this crook Sandeep Biswas on his so called “female staff”, this crook is not only lying (as no such incident has happened) but he is giving another introduction of himself to the world!… of being sissy and pansy and seeking to hide behind like a coward citing women. We all know this age old tactics of crooks… they would commit crime and hide behind the shield of women.

    (11). My father has been a man of integrity through out his life. He has served the Tata Group for over 40 yrs in different senior capacities like, Head of IT (at Tata Steel) Senior Vice President (at Tata Consultancy Services), Principal Executive Officer at Tata Power, Delhi. My father is now 70 yrs of age and is a part time professor at BIMTECH. And these shameless crooks, a few youngsters who set up such fraudulent business may be just 1-2 yrs ago, are leveling such bizarre and baseless allegations against a person 70 yrs of age, a man old enough to be their grandfather and widely respected both in the society and the corporate world.

    (12). If these crooks force a court case on us so be it. I am sure my father even at this advanced age will have the resolve to fight it. Let them rot in jail even if it means my father losing his hard earned savings and having to spend money on the court process. This fake agency and people need to be exposed. They have to be taught a lesson that they cannot con and dupe senior citizens and that too in the National Capital and go scot free.

    Now I leave it to readers to gauge whether such bizarre story spun by these scamsters can have any credibility. I can be contacted on my mobile 8506070443

  169. I also made a payment with airtravels and the are asking for more money and they are telling me they did not see the first payment I did two weeks ago

  170. This outfit Easy Vac calls from a local # even if you are on the do not call list. After they get the money in US dollars change it to Mexico pesos. When you try to book the Hotel, you are hit with excessive fees. they don’t cancel or return money. They should be investigated by the CRTC fraud scam

  171. I purchased a ticket from Air Ticket Trolley, which appeared out to be scam/ fraud, only to be find out that although it was purchased from the UK, the money was deducted in New Delhi with the name of ‘Smart Trip Tour and Trav’ Agency in Delhi, India.
    So all please be aware of purchasing any ticket with any of those 2 names.

  172. "www.travelexpertzz.com" is fake fake fake.
    once you place the quote request in sulekha.com, these agents approach you with lowest fare and will make multiple calls and will reduce quote to much lower price.
    once you give your payment information to book it they make multiple purchases of Air tickets on name of "Smart Trip Tour & Travels" and will not give you the eticket and will disappear. If you are lucky to get connected with them after 100 calls they will just say ticket will be sent in 10mins and you will not hear from them again. its a cyclic process. They very unprofessional once they take the payment. Dispute the payment if you already made it. AVOID them what ever is the fare they offer you.
    All are Indians operating with American names and are very unprofessional after payment is made.
    Agent manager: John
    Agent Employees: Kevin, Edward, Carol, Thanvi

  173. Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to let you know that I have made deposit with fastlinktravel.co.uk nad made payment yesterday, but they said did not receive the money.

    Please help me about this company whether it is scam not.

    I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

    Many thanks



    An unknown person called are office from Bhopal on 10th may 2015,straight forward asking to deal with there company that is by the name "ONLY TRAVEL" . that asked to deal with them specially cheaper flight than the market specialised in USA. The rate given by them was really cheaper as compare to the earlier rates provided by THE AMAZING TRIP to the public.

    Sudden after next day a person with name Mr.AKHILANANDA PANDAYA rang our office asking to BOOK FLIGHT TICKETS for USA.

    We simply gave the opportunity to ONLY TRAVEL to book further .

    After such booking the tickets

    1 been confirmed by THE AMAZING TRIP

    2 and the so called customer too i.e. AKHILANANDA PANDAYA


    Unfortunately over uncertain grounds the FLIGHT TICKETS been

    1 either cancelled by the party itself


    2 by the ONLY TRAVELS

    Now Mr.AKHILANAD PANDAY and his daughter Ms.SHWETAM PANDAY , are not filing any suite in any level of courts and that to anywhere in INDIA as per as the courts and the rights of any individual provided by THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA

    What they are doing is

    1 pressurising us to give the amount that is not legally bound to be paid right now before any direction been provided to us by the any court under whose jurisdiction , we are bound to be paid.

    2 physical assault with the female staff as working under THE AMAZING TRIP

    3 using their “fake and fraud” powers with us

    4 not picking up their cell phones neither they are providing there residence address to us to sue them legally

    5 even after no contact from our side to them Mr.AKHILANAD PANDAY & SHWETAM PANDAY do messages and calls to our office contacts

    And talk

    (a ) abusive

    (b) ill mannered

    (c) pounding and throbbing

    We request to Mr.PANDAY and the lady PANDAY if you think that it is THE AMAZING TRIP had really done any kind of





    Wrongful or criminal deception intented to result in financial or personal gain

    So kindly tell us your contact details with us here only

    In front of all i.e. your residential address so that we can send you a legal notice to let both of us been presented in front of magistrate , to let be come to an fare trial .

    And to let every body know about who is a cheat or a fraud.

    To all respected public and the viewers simply go through with

    1 a regular day you waked up, and went office their you find a call by unknown person that can provide you cheaper tickets to USA that too with a price lesser then the market rate.

    2 the next day a person that represt himself as customer and asked us to book his tickets to USA .

    3 sudden uncertain cancellation even after the conform complete verification by both the parties i.e. by THE AMAZING TRIP and Mr.AKHILANAD PANDAY or SHWETAM PANDAY

    Isn,t leads to a fraud with THE AMAZING TRIP

    As per as our legal advisor ,

    Mr. AKHILANAD PANDAY and SHWETAM PANDAY and even the fake company ONLY TRAVELS both are the same parties and they both are involved in this fraudelent act and by pretending that they are two different parties they both are not sharing their complete true and legal residence address

    They are trying to harras us

    “The fraud is been done with THE AMAZING TRIP not by THE AMAZING TRIP “

    If any body of you still think that THE AMAZING TRIP is culpurte

    You can simply contact us on


    Office no- 140,1st floor Aggarwal city plaza,manglam place Rohini sector-3


    Ph:- 01142883979,9211784100

    Office timming between 10 am to 6 pm

    Thank you



  175. The Amazing Trip, (travel agents) operating out of Sector 3,Rohini, Delhi, are a fraudulent agency.

    Run by two conmen Sandeep Biswas, Rahul Sharma and partner Amita Verma, they take your money and either don’t issue you tickets Or they issue forged/fabricated tickets landing you in serious trouble.

    They advertise aggressively over Facebook, Just dial, quikr and various other free and paid sites…they have a website in the name and style of "www.theamazingtrip.in".

    They manipulate ratings by giving fictitious reviews…and offer you incredibly low prices for international tickets to suck you in…

    You will not realize you are falling into a trap and the next moment everything is gone…

  176. roving editor eyes

    "The Amazing Trip" run by Sandeep Biswas and Amita Verma are a fake Agency. Beware of his agency despite the beautiful web page "www.theamazingtrip.in" and manipulated 4.8/5 rating they have managed on Just Dial Services.

    They are running an organized crime racket …. defrauding gullible customers. Recently they defrauded a senior Citizen 75 years of age causing him a total loss of well over INR 0.35 Million (Rs. 3.5 lac).

    Modus operandi is to pose as travel agents- start impressive web site- buy/manipulated high rating on Just Dial services- convince you to pay money for what you think are extremely cheap air tickets- then use someone’s stolen credit card details to buy tickets in your name- send those tickets to you by email- you will feel satisfied thinking the deal is nicely closed, recommending the agent to several of your friends!- the fraud is discovered subsequently by the airline and tickets will be canceled behind your back (obviously)-you are left in a lurch- money lost; itinerary spoilt- the agents will close down business and run away..

  177. http://www.AirTkt.com is shady booked a flight on June 8th they called and canceled the flight on the 9th I would never have known if I did not call the air line itself to get information about the flight. Then when I call the ticket agency I get a message from verizon wireless saying the server is unavailable.

  178. Have you heard a company called corporate traveler they are offering trips to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Jamaica or Hawaii for 6- days and 5- nights all meals included for $99.00 per person

  179. I am planning to book via tailormadejourneys4u.com; but not sure if this is a legit company. They are ATOL protected but I can’t seem to find anything about if they are ASTA protected.

  180. Michael Chavez

    I just booked a flight on Travelmarry to Sri Lanka. They are requesting a bank transfer, as they say the cards protection application is blocking the price transfer. Does anyone know if TravelMarry is a legit travel representative. ?????

  181. Falcon flight asked me to paid via their company HSBC account but up to now I never had ticket or money back beware their don’t have a fax number or address in their web page I have been Scam so beware of FALCON FLIGHT all I could do was reporting them hoping to get positive response from the police

  182. BEWARE OF http://www.buy-cheapflight.com!!! This page is dangerous. These scammers steal your money by Bank Transfer. They say "sorry, in this moment it’s not possible to pay via card, please use bank transfer or Western Union transfer".

    Esta página es un fraude. Roban tu dinero via transferencia bancaria o por Western Union. Te dicen "lo sentimos, en este momento solo es posible pagar por transferencia bancaria o por Western Union.

  183. I recently booked a flight with affordable travelpoint.co.uk I had booking confirmation and paid in full. He said the accounts team needed to check payment. He then later says the tickets will be with you within a few hours. Three days later I call again ( after numerous calls confirming everything OK) he tells me that the prices of the flight has changed.

    As far as I was concerned if a flight is booked and tickets were being issued then how can prices change? Is he trying to extort more money out of me? For what could be an imaginary flight? Or did he just fail to do his job and hope he can wriggle out by rebooking a more expensive flight?

  184. Alice Ann Gross

    April 22, 2015 A1A Maketing called me and I bit. I was told to call anytime, each time I have called (3) I didn’t get a real person. I don’t know what state they are in They also told me Dream Passport was a scam company. If I was scammed
    what can I do?

  185. Hi is Airbridge Travel who are based in London according to their address on the website a genuine company or is it the fraudsters.


  186. Robert mcphillips

    Is travelplanners.co.uk ok? As an Internet firm I am concerned about the recent scams reported n the press.
    I got a recent posted letter requesting I make my balance by bank transfer.

  187. I have been told that Dream Passport is a scam; A1Amarketing wants to transfer my membership from Dream Passport to A1A Marketing. There are costs involved and before I do anything, I want to make sure that A1A Marketing is legitimate. Also ARDA…thanks

  188. I have heard Dream Vacation Passport is a scam….any comments> Any comments on A1A marketing– is this another scam?

  189. Can anyone tell me about stardreamstravel.com and whether it is a scam please? Brochure came personally addressed and stamped from Malaysia. The complimentary scratch and win voucher says I have won one of two $165,000 second prizes.

  190. Nooriya Mumbai is a fraud firm They are recruiting for saudiArabia they told every one it is a good firm but here no time for food and no time for rest duty time starts 4 am finish..unlimited. .no better salary
    Too many people here still they can’t get Leve even 12 year complete

  191. Hi, I bought a ticket trough a cheapoair.ca site . my credit card was charged separately extra 30$ when I called a costumer service they kept and transferring me to billing department and disconnected 5 times. those people are fraud artist . what happens if they charge everybody extra 30$ dollars. maybe thousands of dollars in their pockets. NEVER USE CHEAPOAIR.CA NEVER.

  192. AVOID GETAWAY ESCAPES P/L. (Ph. 1300117934 and 55204930) They pose as a legitimate Travel company and have some of the same deals as some legitimate companies but they do not deliver. Here is their ASSIC information:
    ACN:160 455 630
    ABN:36 160 455 630(External Link)Registration date:21/09/2012
    Next review date:21/09/2015
    Status:External Administration
    Type:Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
    Locality of registered office: BURLEIGH HEADS QLD 4220
    Regulator:Australian Securities & Investments Commission

  193. yes, First Select Travel has Seven pages of terms and conditions and utilizes a Texas Arbitration Act. The Travel Center "the fulfillment"company charges fees, and the third company Fun Time Reservations has activation fees. What is said is they do low volume scam and dance close to the "red flag".

  194. First Select Travel is a SCAM. I called and asked ALL the questions to detect it a scam. After speaking with them several time to get a refund, suddenly no one has answers and no one calls me back and the phone just rings and rings and rings. Yet, prior to purchasing they called me back and were so "friendly" to me…they work with The Travel Center and Vacation Reservation Center. They all work tougher…do not book through them…I am highly disappointed.

  195. Beware of Amazing Riviera company. They do Not provide a reservation and keep changing the terms of the agreement so you no longer qualify.

  196. Pacific Vacations Australia $299.00 for 10 vouchers transferable flights,cruises, accommodation 4 people per voucher.Is this a scam?

  197. Reservations.com is a third party booking company with a sophisticated scam. When you search for a reservation on the internet, their service is disguised as the hotel you want. For example, if you search for Holiday Village, you’ll get a sponsored ad for "www.holidayvillage.reservations.com" If you use the site, you get a genuine reservation but—and here is the rip off—they charge your card with a fee for the reservation (fee is not disclosed) and they charge your card for the full amount of your planned visit at the time you make the reservation. Thus, they get an interest free loan of your money while you’re stuck paying credit card interest rates on the cost of the trip.

  198. Spreading the word

    Perfecto Travels! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

    Not sure if they are a real company or not, but we paid $500 a month ago and they never followed up with the trip, nor answer our calls!!!!

  199. Sergio Mikarez. I was looking for an agency MONFORT, someone recommended it to me. I’m almost sure that the owner’s name is Olga, her address is Broadway, in Chula Vista. Is the same agency that you are talking about? Please, answer me, because we are going to buy a trip there.

  200. Olga Lappel, monfort travel agency is a scam. She is in the San Diego area in California.
    Took a lot of money from a lot of people.

  201. Beware of Palacios Inn Resort (www.palaciosinnresort.com) and Lavina Trueba aka Lavian Trueba del Villa. The thief gained a relationship with booking.com, and through that I was lured into authorizing a payment for a house in Tulum, Mexico that was rented to another person.

  202. Fraudulent agent using stolen credit cards.
    He is known as John Khouri, known as Mahmoud Aboude
    Known email address use: johnkhouri@outlook.com, many others using @outlook.com ..
    His phone # (514) 241-4010 or (514) 512-8118 or (514) 546-8909
    He wish the payment to be made by EMT or bank transfer to his TD Bank account, Transit 44861 Account: 6458099

    Operating base is in Montreal – Be careful. RCMP were notified!

  203. junk fax promoting vacation scam. no company name given, I guess paying the incorporation fee is too much for these guys. at any rate, call 888 266 0196 to give them your fax number if you wish to receive more of these offers.

    no objections to the idea of getting these guys together with e-mail pests and phone pests so they can market their opportunities to each other —
    * admin@lalwt.com
    * arinayuma@sina.com
    * cindy.boucher@suddenlink.com
    * defuxiang7960@163.com
    * enquirydelivery777@gmail.com
    * hamamoto.aoki-steel@outlook.jp
    * ken.dixon@mir3.com
    * ltcoljohn.harlem33@gmail.com
    * marketing@turbo-smtp.com
    * namiekiro@21cn.com
    * namiekiro@sina.com
    * ramy@turbo-smtp.com
    * register@wtr-2015.net
    * wjosma@yodle.com
    * yamiekiro@yahoo.co.jp

  204. Just received the Travel Deal fax at work, really don’t want to go to the trouble of trying to get removed, because then they know that number is good.

  205. Odd… about 4 years ago, had an associate from work respond to one of these Faxes (1-800-505-3164)and had a delightful time at Disney World. Must have been another operator at the time.

  206. also received fax from 18005053164 that listed extremely cheap pricing for "2 people" to many destinations. be careful out there folks!

  207. This morning I received the same fax that Dr. Kathy Chartrand (last person commented on On Tuesday, September 09, 2014). Beware!!!!

  208. Dr. Kathy Chartrand

    I received a fax today but it had no fax return number on it. 1-800-505-3164 for 2trips to places all over the world. None was more than 449.98. All prices ended in 0.98. Gotta be a scam. It says to call 1-888-266-0196 to remove from "suture" faxes.

  209. BEWARE OF ORANGE TOURS & TRAVELS http://www.orangeedutour.com who says their offices are there in jaipur delhi , Kolkatta . Mr. Ashim Talukdar a fraud man who deals with different people every time . i Had a word with Mr. Gupta ( Sunil ) Regarding Some Payment Issues With Mr. Talukdar Before His Company Name Was " globalleisurevacations.com " Who Talks In a Professional Way But He is actually not , this person doesn’t stick on his commitments and make fraud , please help me out with the payment amount of 20,000/- which is pending by the end of Mr. Talukdar Since Last 7 Months. Sunil Gupta Who says He Is The Employee Of Orange Educational Tours & He Doesn’t Know The Name Of The Owner Of Company , Ashim Talukdar Is Teaching How To Make Fool Or Fraud To / With Clients & Trade Partners.

  210. can one report to police for a air ticket fraud the man took our money only did provisonal booking which we have a copy with emrites we put £650 cash money in his account we have the receipt we have his telphone number and lot of text messages from him that he will return our money but nothing I wonder if police can at least blacklist him so he cant harm somebody else.

  211. Vinayak Lomate

    I had booked Hotel at Lonavala On 10 th July 2014 for the date
    19th July 2014 at Leasure Vacation Mayur Emarald for 2 person ie me n my wife, there was no information from Your side to Hotel and we were Denied Accomodation As a result We had to go back to home without Staying
    This was happened after your confirmation code no.4071010020
    Thus this booking site is not trust worthy at All

  212. I paid for flight ticket from an agent who happen to be a fake on line. I will be happy if anyone out there can help me with ways to get back my money.

  213. As a professional travel agent a client should use due diligence to check the agency out. What is their seller of travel number, are they affiliated with ARC, IATA, CLIA. ASTA, NACTA and like organizations. Do they belong to a local chamber of commerce, all too often you may be dealing with a multi level marketing scheme. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

  214. I need help to 9196418863 if anyone has any answers on how to get a refund. No trip no money and this is for my honeymoon in July…i need help and fast

  215. Has anyone actually gone on a vacation through these package deal,,, I also bought a package and I don’t want to pursue seeing all these negative reviews.. Can someone email me and let me know if and how they got their money back?


  216. In March 2014 I paid Adventure to Remember money for an all inclusive trip. Now that I’m ready to book through The Travel Center, I can’t contact anyone from Adventure To Remember for clarification on what’s available resortwise. I’m now reading other posts realizing this is a scam and am about to email some others who’ve been ripped off so the BBB can do what’s appropriate and I can get my money back.

  217. Dave Deeg-Metz
    I would like to discuss with you privately how you got your money back. my phone number is 717=860-2448.

  218. I purchased a vacation package to Jamaica. I have been waiting since March for my reservations for my trip in June. I have spoke with Eva and Alina everyday and they constantly lie like they are going to email me reservations. This company is a scam.

  219. lharris386@aol.com

    i am going through the same scam in 2014 they are still in business why is this were is our protection from this scam I recently bought a trip to Cancun, I should have known these people were up to no good, because all of the hoops and processes you have to complete to book your travel arrangements. You start off by purchasing a trip through AT&T Worldwide Travel in which they collected a standard fee of 195.00 per person, so my total was 570.00 after, you have paid for your trip cost, you are then referred to Travel by Centennial which they are suppose to be your travel agent but, they are not. However they request you pay 69.00 per person for booking which keep in mind they do not answer questions, or help to rectifiy all particulars with your trip. So my total for that process was 270.00.
    After payment was complete, I received a package in the mail from Mexico VIP Holidays. This company use to operate under the a different name which was Mexico VIP Acacupulco, the number that was associated with this company is no longer valid, their new number is 800-621-4905. Once you have completed your certificate which they charge 49.00 to activate. I have a party of 3 people but, yet they told me I have to pay for 4 people because, there is suppose to be two people for each certificate. So I ended up paying 196.00 to activate certificates. After that long drawn out process, I was now at the final process of paying taxes for the hotel and airline ticket, mind you they added a 60.00 per person cab fee total rip off. So I had to pay a total of 594 per certifiicate for a total of 1188.00. Before I signed up for this trip, I was told my total trip amount would be 1395.00 as you can see I have exceeded that amount by 900.00!
    I have been talking to Eva Luz Oliviar Ramos, and Alina Nava for two months about my trip and everytime I get the same story, they are waiting for reservations from the hotel. I have even asked to speak with the manager Armando which he is also out of the country. I circled back to Travel by Centennial to speak to Sarah Ramierez, she also pretends like she is going to get the manager involved and never does! These people still have yet to produce my trip, do not send any money to them.

  220. I have the exact same issues with a company called Travel By Centennial, which is operated by Adventures to Remember. Myself and 3 co-workers are all dealing with them, which when I say dealing with them, I mean we are yelling and they are telling us too bad. We are trying to open a law suit against them, if anyone else wants to join in, email me at xyris18@aim.com. I bought the Jamaica trip that was supposedly something like $89 a person…. I’m now $1300 in to it and still no tickets for a vacation that is supposed to happen beginning of June. Both of my other co-workers bought the Hawaii vacation, one travel agency that was referred voided one certificate, the other charged him $1300 for the condo, then said they couldn’t get him airfare for those dates and the condo is non-refundable. Something needs to be done about this. Just in case my email doesn’t work, you can also try rxm.07891@store.walgreens.com.

  221. Ive commented here before but have never seem my text, so will try again. I too have paid for my trip and do not want to pursue any further with more and more fees. Called to get address to send complaint and the lady flat said NO ADDRESS.
    Has anyone at all ever completed and taken a trip that advertised. Can anyone tell what I can do from here on. I feel a refund is not going to happen and the lady I spoke with agreed with me.
    Will someone please respond, I will keep this site open. Thank you

  222. If anyone received any information on how to get a refund please let me know how. I just got duped for my honey moon coming in July…. I NEED HELP!!!!

  223. I have the same problem, I received a fax with a vacation to Hawaii with air for $299. 00 per person of course I paid that and much more still no package and when I spoke with someone at ETTA who schedule your trip she told me the price for a vacation to island that I didn’t choose in the beginning or dates would cost me 1300 the least. I spoke with a gentleman by the name of Robert ( 1-866-569-0547) who states he is a manger abd the Multi Millionaires tgat own the company has no time to speak to me. So I sent an email to refunds@adventure2remember.com and have not heard anything. I would lie my money back as well. I have paid $138.00 to the travel center for activation and $ 100 to E TTSI Condo express. Please help so we may get our money back. Unable to get an address for them as well.

  224. Wow…..I just sent an e-mail to Adventure to Remember’s Legal Dept…supposedly??? (refunds@adventure2rember.com). This e-mail was given to me by the customer service number (1-866-569-0547) that was on the flyer that we received on the fax machine. We have paid out to them initially, $1,500 (cruise for 7 ppl) and the of course 69.00 each to another company, The Travel Center, then more money to Grand Incentivies and also Infinity Travel!!! We are out over $2,300!! This has been going on since last Aug. 1, 2013..we have not traveled and we have not anyting but the run around and sent to all of the different companies for answers, and they of ccourse are saying that they can’t help us. Wow…where do we go from here? I hope they do respond to the e-mail to the legal dept..if that was even true. DC

  225. I want to book a ticket for my vacation by JETSCOST and kayak, they have good offer,,, did anyone knows or experience this site?

  226. Hi, my name is Patrick, and I have the problem with all of you. If we can get their address, we can all file a complaint with BBB, I have been calling them, and they kept avoiding me. Please let me know how xan anyone help find their address, my email is plouis20052000@yahoo.fr. thanks

  227. Dave Deeg-Metz Please show me how I can get my money refunded! I Just got my package in the mail and don’t want to risk pursuing this any further so I’m trying to get my $500 back. I’d appreciate it very much.
    Email is jalandub@yahoo.com

  228. Dave Deeg-Metz, we too have been scammed by ATR/Travel by Centennial/Mexico VIP Holidays. I am interested in knowing how to recover my losses. We were trying to go to DR for a wedding this Summer. Of course when I saw this deal that came into my job, I jumped on it even though I was leery about it. Now I am $519 in and refuse to pay Mexico VIP anything because "they are not able to provide any information until we register". I not registering for ANYTHING else. If anyone can help, please do. My email is m72482@gmail.com.


  229. THIS IS A SCAM! Adventures to Remember actually sent their flyer via fax to the Bunko division here in Charlotte ,NC!!! What morons!!! This makes my job way too easy!!! LMAO!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!! An open investigation is currentl in progress at a state level. This also involves the FCC as well as other government agencies at this time. Research any deal that seems too good to be true and it probably is!

  230. Dave Deeg-Metz

    We also booked through Adventure to Remember a 4 day/3 night Jamaican trip and were scammed by them and Mexico VIP Holidays. It is definitely fraud by both companies. We are in the process of recovering our losses. It can be done but I will only discuss how privately.

  231. ADVENTURE TO REMEMBER IS A SCAM!!!! BEWARE!!! They will run you in circles and take your money. They are smart by separating the sections. You pay for vouchers that come via email 1 to 2 weeks later. By then, they have charged your account. After that they give you a phone number to call to activate your vouchers, another $69 dollars. It then sends you to another phone number in Mexico to book vacation time, another fee. We stopped there because no one seemed to have any answers about the next step. The original person we spoke with lied and said they were offering a trip to Nigril, Jamaica. NOT TRUE! By the time we figured that out, we had given our bank routing numbers and almost sent in our passport numbers!! DO NOT DO THIS!! STOP IT NOW. Had to close bank accounts down and start over. BEWARE!

  232. Mickey Goldberg

    I paid ATR Corporate Solutions $600 by debit from our bank account. I then heard from The Travel Center, who then charged me and additional $276 to "activate" my travel vouchers. What I got was a pair of brochures from Grand Incentives, Inc., promising me a different, much less attractive deal if I just completed a "Resort Dream Registration Form" for an additional $398. I will not send this additional payment in until I get a clear answer from The Vacation Center about how to contact ATR Corporate Solutions for a refund.

  233. i paid for tickets to Orlando on Monday the 24th with Diamondtravels.co.uk on Tuesday the 25th i received an email saying the company had closed down. i managed to speak with the agent and he said the company has resumed and will forward my tickets on to me…..

  234. I have no way to contact the UK police but I have a flier for them that we got yesterday. Their phone number in the US is 1-800-505-3164. If someone wants to let the police know.

  235. I have an offer from Adventure to Remember. I would like to ask Neicy from the message above on December 15, 2013 if she did go on a trip with that company.

  236. Yes, I’m yet another victim. The guys are a smart as they are immoral. Beware! I sincerely hope they are brought to justice and fast. If all counts were to run consecutively this would probably equate to a life sentence for all involved. This should be hard labour of course to remind these scum everyday single day that those who paid for non-existent tickets are almost certainly honest, hard-working people like myself. The hunt is on. If you have and useful information contact the UK police UK No. 0800 555111 (Crime-stoppers) or General Police Non-emergency UK No. 101. Be nice to get some money back and to see these ****ers brought to justice.

  237. Travelchepuk are scam-bags paid £1550
    Should be travelling today and here l am
    Miserable no tickets offered was hoping to spend
    Christmas with my family
    Mark benson real or fake name you never rest in peace
    What you have done is evil son of a devil
    8 of my friends are in same situation
    Come out and defend your self
    Respond if you got the guts ..

  238. Is Adventure to remember a SCAM. I first dealt with a company called APR Solutions that requested $149.00 for 3/2nights in Vegas. After paying,I recieved a email from Adventure to Remember 7 days later saying Congratulatons and to move forward I needed to pay a 69.00 booking fee and expect to receive a activated travel voucher in 4 days. Other guess planning on attending tried to call and pay the $69.00 fee only to get a busy signal on the telephone numbers provided. Help somebody have i been duped!

  239. Please do not use Holiday Anytime ( New Dehli India) Manager- Jaswant Singh, They would take you money and not provide the services. They would not respond to your emails or calls once you pay the deposit. They know you would then request a cancellation and that’s when they refer you to their cancellation policy which is before 30 days of travel you forfeit all deposit. Please contact me if you are unsure. They rates may look good but understand that they would not provide the service hence they provide cheap rate.

  240. travelcheapuk is a scam the travel agent has scam hundreds of innocent people into paying money into there barclays account and promise to get them tickets no ticket neither did we get our money back.please dont ignore these am a victim.

  241. These people have disappeared without issuing
    Tickets l am sure they owe a lot of people don’t even think about it . I know about ten bookings without tickets i am one of them

  242. do NOT book with travelcheapuk!!! they are a scam, they have cancelled from the airline and there is no way to contact them because all their numbers are out of service.

    Mark, shawn williams you and your family will know no peace for what you have done and hell will be a home for you and all your family. Karma has a funny way of working

  243. Travelcheapukco.uk. Are a spam they are criminal. A man call him self shawn William he is a theif. Anyone rates this travel agents are criminal as we’ll.

  244. I dealt with ROKOMOTO and their recruiter Sakalinta Recruitment Services for nearly ten days. They are frauds whose sole objective is to get money out of you. First the Rokomoto website http://www.rokomoto.com was set-up as recent as August 22nd from Atlanta, Georgia. Secondly they have copied and pasted web verbage from another oil/gas company ‘word-for-word’ – only changing the company name from Afren to Rokomoto. That was the final nail for me, plus the- company Afren who they copied knows of NO relationship with Rokomoto. Thirdly their scam runs like this, ‘you the client will receive a credit on your credit card from them – which in fact it does, but then they withdraw the credit after you’ve sent them cash (that you obtained from your own credit card as advance). They tell you they are sending you money, but then the credit is stopped or maybe even send you a ‘cashiers’ check.

    Thank God I didn’t follow through with this or I would have been out of thousands of dollars. They are using either stolen credit cards or bank accounts, or accounts with no money in them to get innocent people to send them cash via Western Union to people you don’t know.

    I have reported this incident to the FBI Cyber Crime Unit as well as my local police department.

  245. Thank you for all the feedback. I almost feel victim to these bunch of loosers. Now that I am convenienced that these lazy asses are up to cheat others, I am going to make sure they pay dearly for thier deeds.

  246. qmational.oil is also a scam and they to tell you to contact City travel bureau for visa paperwork. I regret to say I lost $1370.00 to them before I realized it was a scam. They wrote me after the first money was sent western union and said the ministry was requiring me to have additional paperwork and that was going to cost me another $3650.00 but not to worry because the company would reimburse all cost. I contacted the so called company and was instructed to do everything I was told to do and when I arrived they would give me the money back. I new it was a scam and told them to stick it where the sun don’t shine. These people will burn in Hell.

  247. I to received a job offer Sakalinta and also went through a telephone interview for Construction Project Manager located Tanale Ghana at $25,000 month. I was also instructed to contact financier with Rokomoto which informed me to fill out visa paperwork which would require my Credit Card number so their bank could transfer money to my Credit Card account. Credit Cards are for expenditures not a bank account to transfer funds to. I told them I didn’t have one but I would get a transfer number from my bank for their bank to use. They said I would have to do a money transfer. Why they suppose to be sending me money. I already new it was a SCAM because I was receiving info from Rokomoto and Sakalinta at the same time and it was 2:30am Ghana time. With Rokomoto saying to make sure I followed instructions from Sakalinta. NO WAY. I just told them to shove the job as far up their A– as possible. That was final response. The phone No.
    233 260 727353 Sakalinta
    233 265 602916 Rokomoto I feel I need to add, I contacted Monster.com to cancel my account because this is my second Scam in 6 weeks First was Qatar and now Ghana and they were both similar. They also said they got my info from Monstergulf.com. So this happens a lot. Unfortunately Monster does give out our info so there is nothing secure and Monster can’t be held responsible because our resume is their for anyone to review. Be very careful because I have already lost money on my first scam but it was a learning curve. NO MORE!

  248. I got the Rokomoto thing too… and the key paragraph in their email was:

    "Be informed that employer will never charge you money with regards to procurement of travel documentations. Employer has engaged the services of a Financier to handle all expenses that may arise with regards to travel documents procurement."

    By letting you know that ‘the employer will never charge you for travel documents’, they actually introduce you to the ‘Financier’ which most likely is the person that you will have to send the cash to….Sneaky!!

  249. I too have an employment contract sent to me from rokomoto. It comes from a recruiter called Sakalinta Recruitment Services. The recruiter seems to check out, but the rokomoto website is about all that I see on the internet. The position is also in Tamale which is way north away from the oil. Anybody know about this company?

  250. I was offered a job to by Rokomoto Ghana Limited. letter for work contract sent to me by email. but want copy of passport first to get names of company that will pay for flight, work visa.

  251. I was offered a job there too within the last 72 hours, they called me on the phone but the interview was like 4 minutes long, I am going ahead with the steps, but I am using an empty bank account and letting the bank know before hand I will keep you updated on the information I find out.

  252. http://www.supertraveltime.com/

    This is a fake company run by some goons in North Delhi. They fool people by promising affordable packages and lure them into paying up huge advance money.
    In fact many have found out about the fraud when they reach the destinations and found that full payments of hotels was not done and they are in a real mess when on Vacation.

    Amit Gupta the director has been reported in no. of cases, but with his strong local setup, he’s still running this extortion business.

  253. Does anyone know if (CTA) Cruise Travel Attractions is a legit travel agency? They are based out of South Carolina. They might also be know as The Vacation Station. They have a few phone numbers…SC, FL. Thanks for your help.

  254. Have you heard of diamond travels.co.uk
    It doesn’t look right.
    There is a real website called
    but this one has an s after the travel
    No atol or iata number and the deals
    seem too good to be true.

  255. It cant be my boyfriend got this ticket, actually we both did it on Flight Deal Agency and he paid through bank transfer they said it only took 12 hours to get the e-ticket , this was on Monday the 12th and now we are on Friday the 16th!, Iam so worried and sad, it was hard for him to meet the money, this is so unfair, I miss and love him and dont even have a credit card to get an alternative ticket from a reliable company, I am Chilean and he is British and distances and some people are so cruel :((, What can we do,we feel like idiots.

  256. estela paranada

    I am thankful that i have read this. I just received an email confirming my appointment to work in Doha Qatar and i could acquire my work permits by availing of the services of this travel agency.

  257. Watch out for hi-fly travel. I paid for a flight and never got my ticket. Nobody answers the phone when you call

  258. Hmm…Stacey, I saw that deal too and decided not to buy it. When something looks too good to be true, it probably is…

  259. I would like to know if anyone has heard of Adventures to Remember based out of Michigan. Deal is 7days 6 nights in Hawaii 299.98 buy 1 get 1 half price.

  260. Hi Lola, did you find anything about this Spun Travel agency?? is their address real?? please be in touch ASAP

  261. i am about to book with pride from melbourne to rome return – quote is good for business class – any comments please

  262. I received a flyer in reference to a travel agency named Omaha Travel with cheap prices for vacation packages. How do I know they are legit? They asked me for a routing and account number!

  263. Hi,

    I hope I am not another victim because I just pre-booked for ticket. I paid £600.
    Can anyone send me any advise?


  264. How legitimate is the ravine travel agency in malaysia? I have been sent a winning prize ticket and I am very cynical about this, though they have not asked for anything.

  265. I booked two flights with Travel.com – then they’ve just ignored me when I’ve tried to change some of the flight details… ignored my emails, just get put in a queue when i ring them….

    Looking at another comment put on here I think I’ve been scammed!!!

  266. We have been given a business flight price from NZ to Zurich and return that is $2000 ea lower than anywhere else ($7,000). The company is Pride Travel Agency. Looks to good to be true. Is it!

  267. hi i am interested on traveling and came across this website who offer cheap tickets to Nigeria, but want to find out whether this website is legit and not a scam. http://www.arikairinc.co.uk/
    i have spoken to them but i am still not convinced, please can you help me.

  268. OneTravel.com is a fraud. They made our reservation online and as soon as they checked to see if our bank account was valid they cancelled our reservation. BEWARE!! of OneTravel.com

  269. flightsmasteruk.com are definitely fake. They run a scam. So are citylinktravels.com pretending to be based in Manchester.

  270. Dear MR Thulla AND Mr. Paul G,
    We would have been very much delighted if you had contacted the company before posting any kind of non sense article like this about the reputation of our company however we would like to ensure you that Travel Cheap UK has been operating in the market for the past 5 years sucessfully. You can visit our offices if you have any confusion about us or you can alsop contact us on 02070961474 for further information along with our official email address sales@travelcheapuk.co.uk.
    Senior Manager Reservations

  271. Beware of the company that calls itself diamond travels (diamondtravels.co.uk). they claim to be based in the UK, but they will not give you a UK address. They will offer you good prices and as soon as you are committed they put the prices up. When you cancel, they get a fee off you. They are crooks. Don’t fall for their low fares.

  272. SmarTours 501 Fifth Ave. Suite 1402 New York, NY 10017-6101 has a nice web site and good deals but I can’t find them on the BBB web site. Is this a legitimate travel agency.?

  273. SmarTours 501 Fifth Ave. Suite 1402 New York, NY 10017-6101 has a nice web site and good deals but I can’t find them on the BBB web site. Is this a legitimate travel agency.?