Economic Stimulus

Economic Stimulus: How The Scam Works

This scam has been making a comeback this month, due to the insanely COVID-19 crisis. Typically, you receive a message, text or a voicemail informing that the country’s economy finally recorded a surplus at the end of last year, well-deserved after the crisis – and there is money to be given away as an economic stimulus. However, now the scam has inversed the scenario, announcing that you can benefit from the stimulus by applying for financial assistance during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The recipients of the message are encouraged to visit a website where they should register and check for eligibility, to get the money. If you get accepted (everybody is) the scammers also require you to pay a “governmental” tax in order to receive the big fat stimulus check.

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Watch the video below to see in action a different variation of the Economic Stimulus scam exposed:

Economic Stimulus Scam Video


Economic Stimulus Scam: How to Avoid

Do not fall for this scam; this is not how official economic stimulus plans are announced. Here is the official list with Government grants for individuals and businesses, as well as many financial assistance links for citizens from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Check the daily newspapers, whether is online or on paper. News from the Government doesn’t come via phone calls.


Economic Stimulus Scam: How to Report

Make your family and friends aware of the Economic Stimulus Scam by sharing it on social media using the buttons provided. You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) using the link below:

Report To The FTC Here


How to protect yourself more:

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21 thoughts on “Economic Stimulus”

  1. We get calls from the ‘economic stimulus’ people three and four times a day. The last one (This morning around ten, 1 July, 2016) had the caller as "Saskatchewan’ and the number was 3063855303. This happens each and every day, sometimes several times a day. The number is always different. ANY way to make this stop would be wonderful.

  2. I have received a message from these people every day for the last 3 months. I have received a message at least once a week for the prior three to four years. Several times the caller ID showed my home phone number or 000-000-0000. I think short of sending in a Delta Team to blow up and execute these Phone-parasites nothing will change.

  3. I got rid of all robo calls by getting them on and saying to them "home grown Al-Qaeda agent I have received encoded message, send all calls, flea bomb my white house and kill kill the fleas within". Using keywords I have initiated an NSA wiretap" . Repeat over and over. I made a recording to play They no like NSA and go away.

  4. These scammers are still very active.
    I receive the "financial stimulus" call routinely.
    The last 2 days from 419 381-1999. The 381 exchange
    is in my immediate neighborhood. Both calls at same
    time 2:52 pm. When I ask to be removed from their
    call list, they hang up. When I call the number,
    I get a home answering device saying "you know what
    to do- leave your name and number". I am "awaiting"
    my call this afternoon- probably at 2:52 pm, but
    will also report the scam to the appropriate agencies.

  5. I really don’t need the money, I own my own business and I’m starting to get financially well off.

  6. Cymtjia Thomas

    On March 7 2014 I received a call that I was to receive 7200 from the government all I had to ho is load 200 on a green dot card. So they can verify who I am. I did not believe it do I checked the web.

  7. (888) 382-1222 Call the do not call registry and file a complaint. If we all keep giving the do not call registry the numbers these people are calling from eventually this government agency might be able to track these scammers down.

  8. Receive daily calls (TN REMOVAL LINE-616-980-203), 616-6132079, NASHVILLE 615-208-5637, VO9421310150002#616-613-2079, AND a series of 800 numbers leaving like messages concerning financial stimulus. Has gone on for months now!

  9. I’ve received 4 calls telling me this is your last chance for the stimulus package. The message never completely records but it’s obvious it’s a scam. I don’t have caller ID so how would I report these calls?

  10. I keep receiving these calls and its so stupid…obviously anyone can tell its a scam because they leave the msg."This is your last chance for the stimulus package, so far I have received 7 last chances? The msg is a recording probably obtained from a legitimate source to make it seem real. Good thing we are smarter than the idiots making the calls. I don’t answer any number that I don’t recognize, so scammers, save your energy.. I also have reported this to the Attorney General’s office.

  11. I got a call twice from 616-980-2063, TN Removal Services. In looking up the number it says Grand Rapids, MI. The recorded message that "this call is for the financial stimulus, take advantage before the next billing cycle, this is your final notice".

    They don’t call that often, but it obviously won’t be the last time that they call.

  12. I get this call 2 times a day,we are on a Do not call list,how can we find out who they are,class action suit,???????

  13. On August 1, 2013, I got the same call, but I have caller ID and the caller was from Zeeland, MI –Telephone number 616-613-2227

  14. I too got call on my cell didnt RING! This is your last time we will call you.It was the FIRST time. There number is 616-613-2126 ANYBODY??

  15. My phone doesnt even show im getting a call, but then i get a VM? Listen to vm and i get half a message about a financial stimulus to press 1. Since there No number showing then there is No way for me to report or block these calls.

  16. Terry, I would say definitely call the Dept of Energy. The fact that they don’t have anything on their website should determine you to contact them for sure. Hopefully it’s legit, but there is a good chance it’s not. Let me know, I’m very curious.

  17. Terry Balawender

    Telephone call 4/9/2012 from "Go Green Initiative Funding" sponsored by the Dept of Energy and local utility service providers. Set up a 1 hour home visit with their agent to determine eligibility for $5,000 in govt. rebates. Qualifiers must own their own homes and agree not to sell within 3 years, provide electric bills and meet with their agent. Unable to find any info from APS or Dept of Energy on this program. Is this a scam or legit?

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