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Deaf/Mute Panhandlers

How the scam works:

(with video below) As you are enjoying your walk in a popular location as a tourist or shopper, someone who appears to be in bad shape approaches you with a piece of paper or a paperclip and a pen, pretending to be mute, deaf, or having a different physical handicap. On the paper you can see the names of a few charities, along with some signatures from previous tourists. The panhandlers are not mute or deaf, they are just perfectly normal people scamming others.

Do you wanna know what's hiding under that black coat? Just watch the shocking video below to see in action the Fake Panhandler Scam exposed.


Fake Panhandler Scam Exposed Video

In a different variation of the scam, they stick the massive paperclip with the charities into your hands, so while you're holding it they could pick your pockets. As two or three young people get close to you to see what you're typing, they will EASILY get into your pockets. However, there are many other tricks that scammers do to get your dollar.

How to avoid:


Don’t feel bad-- the cities of Paris, Rome, London, Milano, and many others are sick of this problem. Oftentimes, the paper and the pen keep the tourist busy for a few seconds, while the children might even be pick pocketing the victims. If you want to have fun, refuse to donate and while they're leaving you alone and turn their back, you can say: "I changed my mind." If they turn, say "I thought you're deaf?!"

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