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Recognize Thieves Scam

How the scam works:

It only takes one compromised Facebook account for scammers to use and attract in their trap hundreds of other passwords and login credentials.

Imagine you receive a message on Facebook from your best friend, saying that their house got broken into last night. You might take that seriously, right?

The Facebook: Recognize Thieves Scam is a phishing attack coming from an account that criminals had the chance to hack into. Then they send individual messages to all the people listed on the Friends list, saying they have been robbed but fortunately they have the burglary recorded on the security cameras. "Our house got broken into today. We have pictures of the thieves on the security cameras. Do you recognize any of them?", asks your 'friend' as he/she provides a Tumbler link.

The link opens a fake Facebook page that looks very realistic, where you have to put in your credentials in order to log in and access the content. As you might have the impression that you got logged out from Facebook, you might try to reconnect again by giving the scammers your email and Facebook password.

How to avoid:

As this phishing scam still does its rounds as you are reading this article, do not open the link. Just call your friend informing him his account got hacked into. Never provide your personal information via social media hooks. If the promised pictures send you to a domain name that doesn't even come close to a reputable website, you can rest assured you are a targeted victim of an attack.

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