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How the scam works:

Did you know that a lawsuit is filed every 2.5 seconds? In fact, for every doctor in medical school, there are three lawyers in law school. Law has been a thriving industry for centuries that shows no sign of slowing down.

It is no wonder that when you crack open a phone book or search for a lawyer online you are going to come up with a multitude of listings. With such a wide range of firms and professionals to choose from it can be a taunting jungle to weed through.

Usually we never need to look for a lawyer or attorney unless we experience some sort of crisis; at which time no one is really thinking clearly anyway. Next time you are in the market for a law firm to represent you, be sure to investigate them more in-depth than just skimming through their website.


There have been a large number of phony legal firms to cheat unsuspecting individuals out of “legal fees”, as many as one a day have been reported in some areas. One might wonder how these scammers are pulling it off and getting away with cheating so many people out of their money, these crooks have been creating their own law firm websites to give an air of authority or success to their frauds.

We have all discovered the miracle of copy and paste; one can even save things on their own computer (pictures, articles, etc.) and use them for another purpose later.

These bogus websites feature the pictures, names and even some of the company slogans of existing lawyers and staff, which have been copied from the websites of legitimate firms to be used for less than honorable purposes. They work under the credibility of others listing their contact information so that you deal with them rather than the litigate professionals.    


The scams that these criminals have been pulling off behind the fictitious legal fronts range from inheritance suits to accident compensation, and investments, but the list is not limited there. If your issue needs a lawyer to represent you, then you can almost guarantee that there is a phony law firm trying to swindle you out of money for that case.

How are they making a profit from this? Scammers require money in advance and then never deliver a service. Using advance fees, invoices for impending accusations, and investments are just a few of the “legal fees” they charge and once they get their money they are gone, and you are a victim of their scam! Obviously some law firms, depending on your case, will require upfront costs, but there are still several ways to avoid being taken advantage of by false law firms.


How to avoid:

Always meet with your lawyer in person and at their office. If you found them online call to set an appointment and insist that you meet at their place of work, finding a lawyer in a phone book might also help deplete your chances of being scammed. Though, you could run the risk of being scammed online there is a far less likely chance, if any, that those guilty of fraud have set up their own establishment and staff.

Never pay for anything over the phone or online, it is worth the trip to their office. As always, it is best to ask around and get a referral from someone you know and trust. If someone else had a good experience it is very unlikely that firm is a sham.


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