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Stripper/Escort Wannabe

How the scam works:

Young, good looking females searching for a job in the night business should be careful. Some escort or modeling agencies will say they have a high number of employers lined-up for your services, but if you want to have a chance to start right away you will have to pay a registration fee or an advertising expense charge.

Even more, they will be required to send pictures or videos, most of them needing to feature them naked of half naked - perfect for a blackmail. Not to mention that 'agents' will blatantly ask the girls for 'auditions', if you know what we mean. Depending on what the 'agents' are into this for - money or sex, or both - the victims are taken for a ride while hoping for cash or fame.

Unfortunately, there are tons of naive girls that way.

How to avoid:

Find out where the agency is located and pay them a visit. Do that but not before researching them online. Finalize the details of the first job agreed on and then pay the fee. If you can’t pay them a visit and they ask you to wire the money, look for something else.

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