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Personal Assistant Wanted

How the scam works:

(with video below) With the job market being slim these days, many people are willing to consider taking a job – any job – to make ends meet. Be aware that scammers know this too and will go to any lengths to use this to their advantage. They contact you via email or websites you put your resume on. How does the scam work?

Watch the video below to see in action the sneaky Personal Assistant scam exposed:

Personal Assistant Scam Exposed Video

In the Personal Assistant Wanted scam, the victim will receive an email from a successful businessperson who must travel frequently for their job. They claim to be seeking someone who can perform various tasks for them as they are usually out of the country. They state that they will pay well for the performance of these duties – which usually amount to only part-time hours, making the deal seem even sweeter. But here is more.

They will then proceed to ask you for your personal identifying information, in order to know where and how to pay you. Of course, there is no job. They are only looking to steal your identity and money.

Esentially, the scam works like this:

Scammers buy goods with stolen credit cards, after getting personal information and account numbers from various victims. Then they send the the goods to the real owners of the cards as the mailing address has to match the one on the credit card.

Then they call the owners and claim to be representatives of the shipping company and inform them that an order was shipped in error to their address. Then they will ask for permission to send a courier (an innocent third party, you) that would pick up the item. As the victims can't see the transaction on their credit card statemtent just yet and don't even assume that the package was purchased with their own credit card, they approve.

That's when the scammers hire you and send you to pick up the item as a correspondence manager and make you send the product forward.

How to avoid:

Before giving any personal information to anyone, request a telephone interview as well as ask very pointed questions to help you verify the employer’s identity as well as how they found you. Never give personal identifying information to anyone who simply offers a “one-time excellent opportunity for employment”. Good jobs don’t just fall out of the sky. Always do your research and work only for legitimate employers. If you are really looking for a job and seek to make some money online until you find the next ideal job, there a couple of companies that are trustworthy and can offer you great opportunities:


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