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Auto Insurance Via BBM

How the scam works:

A scam is circulating these days regarding cut-rate auto insurance policy solicitations coming via Blackberry Messenger (BBM). It is legitimate companies' good names on which the scammers are relying to add legitimacy to their scheme. Criminals pretend to be representatives of these great insurance companies.

Victims are receiving messages from these scammers which direct them a telephone number or an email address to contact for auto insurance well below the average. Once the victim has made contact they are advised to pay their premium through an email money transfer service. Of course, they never receive paperwork or proof of coverage because there is no coverage.

One last case was reported in Canada, by the The Financial Services Commission of Ontario. FSCO is warning consumers that an individual is claiming to sell auto insurance on behalf of DMW Insurance Ltd. and contacting victims via BBM and providing them with a phone number and/or email address to call for cheap insurance. According to FSCO, the following email addresses and phone numbers have been used in relation to this scam: and (647) 719-4161, (416)-529-1424, (647) 837-3586. Victims were directed to pay their auto insurance premium via an email money transfer service.

DMW Insurance Ltd., a legitimate brokerage registered by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, has confirmed that it is not affiliated or associated with this individual.

How to avoid:

Never respond to a solicitation for auto insurance that makes promises of unbelievably low rates. You should also never pay your premiums for any type of insurance through an email money transfer service or in cash. These payment types are not considered to be an insurance industry standard method of payment. Most payments are made via check or credit card.

It is also worth noting that consumers who purchase insurance from unlicensed agents are not protected under regulations that govern the licensed insurance companies and they will receive no protection under the Insurance Act either. For the most secure auto insurance purchases, contact a licensed agent and purchase your insurance through them.

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